Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Uncovering BIG crimes can bring down the system

New norwegian Documentary about the MEDIA in the Iraq war:


The media, as you know are in the hands of the Very Very Rich ...

half dozen media conglomerates are sitting on the windpipe of the first amendment

A good example in a small scale:

Heard of the riots in tonga? You may be interested to know that it was a false flag operation of sorts.

The lazy scum of the local business-elite had a plan. They knew the people want more democracy. And it seems inevitable that they get it, UNLESS ..

it can be shown that these "people" are dangerous and greedy (unlike the business elite, of course) and they "cannot handle" democracy.

The provocators demand a vote in parliament, (which cannot go wrong for the elites, since it is rigged)... and that vote is refused for formal reasons. Now the riots are started with copious amounts of free beer and agent provocateurs smashing windows... of the competition. The shops of the hard-working chinese are looted, people are killed and mamed.

Foreign (white anglo-american capitlaist) armed military are flown in 'to help' keep 'order' ....


The old trick ... Business interests walk over dead bodies, and the people are easily misled thanks to a totally one-sided press and Radio/TV (business owned)

Business is good again.

The rich like to always know how much money they have: http://u2r2h.blogspot.com/2006/11/millionaires-are-our-downfall.html

Therefore, we must stop the excess of MULTIPLE ABSENTEE OWNERSHIP.

And to stop perps escaping to justice-free-zones ...


Capitalism is bad for your mind. Business florishes when you deceive. Honest, hard work, is also rewarded, but dishonest monstrous crimes are protected, because their uncovering could BRING DOWN THE SYSTEM.
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