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911 -- Collapse My Arse

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North Tower Obliteration

North Tower Obliteration
The top is already gone - what is pressing down on this massive building?

South Tower Annihilation

South Tower Annihilation
Stop calling this a "collapse"

Blown to Kingdom Come

Blown to Kingdom Come
Smoke pours up; the building peels to the sides all the way down to the ground. (Thanks to Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds for "Blown to Kingdom Come" and "peels")

South Tower Disintegration

South Tower Disintegration
If the top part is what is pile-driving the bottom part, why is it shorter than the top of the North Tower next to it? If gravity is all that is doing this, doesn't all that dust mean that the lower part is resisting the upper part? How is the top part losing mass at the same time it is driving the lower part downward in "free-fall"? And why didn't the top part fall off to the side? (Part of this may be perspective, but other pictures show the top part losing mass early on).

Do you trust your own judgment? Does this make sense?

Do you trust your own judgment?     Does this make sense?
"As the heat of the fire intensified, the joints on the most severely burned floors gave way, causing the perimeter wall columns to bow outward and the floors above them to fall. The buildings collapsed within ten seconds, hitting bottom with an estimated speed of 200 km/h" MIT Professor Thomas Eager

Strong Building

Strong Building
Those massive core columns could support the building's weight several times over. The external columns could also bear 40% of the building's weight with no wind, and also could withstand steady wind loads of 30 times the weight of a Boeing 767.

"Flight 175"

"Flight 175"
Real planes don't do this.

Jeff King explains the explosions of the Twin Towers


If only I had not read your paper, I would not have seen the doublethink in David Ray Griffin's presentation.


Bathed in his erudite eloquence, I could have been at one with the Movement, knowing that an argument blessed by the keeper of all things truthly could not contradict any other argument so blessed, so we could march on together toward the Truth. I could have stood and cheered with everyone else. Instead, I sat, appalled as Griffin talked about the empirical method yet went back and forth between a plane at the Pentagon and no plane at the Pentagon, stand-down one minute, faked phone calls the next, while also questioning whether planes were hijacked at all.

The low point of the evening was when Griffin got the audience to laugh at the government's story about Flight 93 disappearing into soft soil in Pennsylvania, then proceeded to assume without question that planes disappeared into hard buildings in New York.

There were other examples of doublethink, and not just related to the planes issue. Thanks to you, I will have to write more about them later.

And now you've done it to Morgan Reynolds, and are threatening to do it to Judy Wood.


How could you?

Thank you.

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