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who attacked America on 9/11

In Awe of 9/11: The Time Has Come to Expose the Man Behind the Curtain

By Timothy Welton Cavanaugh

As perverted and grotesque as they were we must stand in awe to the conception and execution of the 9/11 attacks and the post-9/11 chess moves that have turned this country, even the entire world, completely upside-down. Beyond the true awesome power the effect of a terrorist event of that magnitude would have on a people . effectively making them so malleable as to accept any action(s) from their government that even suggested a return to a state of security . the choice of targets alone and which ones were and weren.t to be hit and why was genius.

The selection of targets was clearly the result of a well thought-out strategy that had the intent of attacking the very pillars of America.s strength in the world. In one September morning the United States of America, the most powerful nation in the history of mankind, had the symbolic seats of power of its economy, military and civilian government attacked. The most powerful of those three, the economy, was brought to its knees and remained there for weeks and for certain industries months and years past before normalization returned.

No, by no means were these targets random or even merely easy-hit, opportunity selections. They were meticulously chosen by probably a team of dozens of experts for the immediate and lasting psychological impacts their destruction and/or close-calls would have on the American people, and the team hit the nail on the head.

Consumerism to the rescue

Of course the economic target was the world trade center complex and surrounding city. I emphasize more then just the towers here because America lost more then simply two tall buildings in lower Manhattan that fateful morning. Often overshadowed by the spectacular collapsing of the towers is the fact that an entire city block of the most vibrant city in the nation was wiped out, supposedly by two airliners used as missiles that were perfectly aimed to crash in the exact spots on WTC towers 1 and 2 to bring them both down. It should be mentioned that these airliners were said to be piloted by inexperienced student pilots, trained only on single engine aircraft. They apparently were poor students at best who didn.t even finish the course . Yah, that.s believable. Further, following the attacks for blocks around, arguably the most economically productive city blocks in the world, normal life ceased and stayed that way for weeks and in some cases months.

In the months following this short-term economic jolt America.s economy rebounded with a vengeance. Fueled mostly by mind-numbing, patriotism driven consumerism . spurred on by President Bush.s encouragement that all American.s should do their part and go shopping . this economic infusion did the trick even though it was ultimately short-lived. This was a very important development and one that was probably predicted and therefore planned for by the conspirators. It sent a huge message to the world, to include the American people, that even attacks of this enormity could not stifle our massive economy for long.

Within days following the attacks billions of tax and private investor dollars (but mostly tax dollars) began pouring into the military, defense and security sectors. Numerous companies, mostly well connected defense contractors, that had just endured a decade of stagnant sales following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War were all of a sudden being called upon again to .protect. this nation. because America had a new enemy . the terrorist. Upon receiving these massive injections of capital in defense contractor board rooms throughout the country if you listened very closely you could hear small groups of senior executives quietly chanting the defense contractor mantra . .All hail the never-ending war..

Barely a scratch

The military target was of course the Pentagon. Unlike the World Trade Center with its complete and thorough destruction the Pentagon suffered relatively minor damage from its single airliner strike. Literally, after the predictable evacuations following the morning.s attack in many offices of the Pentagon employees were actually let back in to the building and work continued for the rest of the day. In New York two airliner impacts supposedly collapsed WTC towers 1, 2 and 7 and shut down an entire city for weeks but at the Pentagon . the seat of Americas military might . a building arguably one tenth the total mass of the WTC complex, one plane couldn.t even shutdown the entire building for the whole day. Of course this was all part of the plan.

Like the symbol of the rebounding American economy, the military headquarters of the nation with its impenetrable persona along with the iconic depiction of the diligent Pentagon employees marching back into the battered but barely-scratched building to continue the fight was an important image intended for the entire world to see. The message: If you hit us get ready to be pummeled back.

Close but no cigar

The third pillar, the civilian government, which only received a close-call by the downing of United flight 93 was in my opinion, and contrary to most, a direct hit and in fact was as psychologically damaging, even if on a subconscious level, as the hits on the WTC and the Pentagon. The 9/11 attackers got as close to hitting that pillar as they wanted to.

You see the obvious target for an assault on our civilian government and one that was directly in the altered flight path of the fourth plane was the White House. Some may argue that the U.S. Capital would have been a more significant target as it houses all of our state representatives and would have likely resulted in more deaths. But psychologically speaking the White House is not only the office and functional residence of the executive branch it also is the president's home. The idea of hitting a man at his domicile could easily and certainly did resonate with all Americans. We all have places that we call home and they all house our most valued possessions to include our loved ones. Attacking a man.s castle is tantamount to war.

But the plane didn.t hit the White House! Correct, but the suggestion that it was headed there and that the intentions of the supposed Muslim terrorists was to attack President Bush.s home, where his family lives and symbolically the national house of all Americans, was enough to cause the psychological terror the conspirators wanted.

The other psychological effect of a close-call on the White House was that the fact that the attackers missed their target in a way presented the president . this cowboy boot wearing, Texas tough-guy . as the man who was almost hit by the terrorists but who indirectly stood them down. I know this sounds confusing but it.s kind of like in that episode of Happy Days where Richey Cunningham is labeled a hero tough-guy just because he was willing to fight the Fonze to defend the girl.s honor. even though he never did. In that same way President Bush took on the persona in the minds of many Americans as the tough-guy, honorable-man defending his castle.

Further, when you factor in the prevailing story of the downing of United flight 93 . that passengers overtook the plane and crashed it into a field in Shanksville, PA (which is almost as unbelievable as 19 Muslim high-jackers simultaneously taking control of four airliners using only box-cutters) . this action by common Americans is reminiscent of citizens of old rising to the aid of their king. If the fabricators of the prevailing story were a little bit more romantic they might have included a piece about the citizen heroes chanting .Long Live Bush. as the plane went down.

This was the genius of the target that didn.t get hit. By not hitting the White House the president is labeled a hero and in perception assumes all the traits that come with that label without ever have to face mortal danger. And the irony of it all is that the president was never even in mortal danger or any danger for that matter because he was one of the string-pullers.

And the rest of course is history. Following the attacks this nation was overrun with a fever of patriotic flag-weaving and vigilantly and state-sanctioned anti-Muslim violence. The American people rallied around the president giving him unprecedented public support. Support that in the coming months he would use to get passed all the legislation and executive branch policy that had been waiting in the wings for just the right moment, one that had been meticulously planned years in advance.

The legislation and policy that was passed without barely a glimpse by our legislators has since been and will continue in the future to be used to take away all of our liberties. And the end-result desired by our attackers: the vast majority of Americans (at least the working-poor and middle classes) will be subjugated into passive wage-slaves and consumer automatons and our nation will complete it.s transformation into a true fascist state.

Time to wake up people

If you haven.t gathered by now, I hold a different view of the 9/11 attacks then the 9/11 Commission and subsequently most Americans. I see the attacks for what I believe they are and for what is obvious to anyone willing to look at America without the rose-colored lenses. 9/11 was a false-flag assault on this nation executed by criminal forces within our government with ambitions of national domination through increased defense spending that will ultimately result in greater American military influence throughout the world. The intent of the attacks and the terror-threat media storm that followed was to scare Americans into giving the executive branch . the epicenter of this conspiracy but by no means the entire landscape . the power to run roughshod over our constitution, our lives and eventually our entire nation.

Without the blinding effects of the unbridled patriotism and .greatest country on earth. fervor that Americans are famous for one can see that the America that we thought we lived in is now a myth. It existed once when it was first conceived by the founders of this nation but it has been loosing it.s cohesion for decades and is now all but a figment of our imagination. The end began more then one hundred years ago when corporate forces invaded and took over our government and they have been reinforcing and expanding their power ever since.

America is in peril. These forces are clearly ruthless, powerful and will stop at nothing to achieve their desired ends. They want the control of all land, resources and even people to be amassed within a small group of elites. They are effectively no different then the illegitimate monarchies of old who imposed their will on the people of the time all for power and profit. The only difference between them and the modern-day monarchs is that today.s elites do what they do under the illusion of democracy. They use technology as a tool to control and pacify the masses all the while they are infecting our government through the buying of our politicians and the manipulation of our courts.

America is in peril people! We need to wake up and start paying attention. Put down the fantasy novel and pick up a newspaper . and read it! Unplug the iPOD and instead of listening to mind-numbing music try focusing your attention on the people who are making national decisions in your name! And for God.s sake turn off that brain-draining, intellect-poising television; NASCAR, the NFL and Desperate Housewives will have to go on without you!

The problem fixing itself is not an option. The people behind this conspiracy will not relent. They are ruthless and will marshal their massive power and resources against all freedom-loving governments, causes and people until achieved their goals. Our only hope is to expose them and we do this by paying attention. Read up on the political issues facing our nation and if you can.t find them demand to be kept informed by your representatives; that by the way is part of their jobs. Apply what you learn to your political and consumer decisions; there is no better way to get a profit-motivated slime-ball to pay attention to you then to threaten his pocketbook. And lastly, voice your opinion whatever it may be; the more people that participate in the process the closer we come to following the will of the masses.

The individuals behind this diabolical effort have only one true fear; that we the people will find out about their plans and call them to question. Throughout history all revolutions were sparked by the pulling back of the curtain and exposing the little man at the controls. The conspirators know very well that their power is dependent on the people believing the illusion and it is because of that reality that they put so much time and resources into swaying our opinion. And for that same reason it is why we must question all that we have accepted thus far. Dare to challenge your most basic political, economic and even historical beliefs and you will find just how deep the illusion goes.

The acceptance of an untruth as fact is not knowledge but slavery to the illusion.

Timothy Cavanaugh is an independent writer specializing in political, environmental and social justice issues (e-mail:


Do we know who attacked America on 9/11?

by Pete Johnson October 7, 2007

Americans are convinced that Osama Bin Laden orchestrated the attack on America on September 11, 2001. This .fact. has been called into question by serious researchers because very little hard, credible evidence has ever been presented to support the contention. Then Secretary of State Colin Powell promised release of a White Paper that would document the links to bin Laden, but then claimed he had .misspoken.. The White Paper was shown to British officials instead, who were quoted in their press saying, .It.s not enough to go to court, but it.s enough to go to war.. The contents remain secret to the American public.

In the days after September 11, Bin Laden released this statement. "The U.S. government has consistently blamed me for being behind every occasion its enemies attack it. I would like to assure the world that I did not plan the recent attacks, which seems to have been planned by people for personal reasons. I have been living in the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan and following its leaders' rules. The current leader does not allow me to exercise such operations.. In a separate denial, Bin Laden added "I stress that I have not carried out this act, which appears to have been carried out by individuals with their own motivation".

Of course, this could have been said to protect Afghanistan from Bush's threatened attacks, but it would also put bin Laden's later "admissions" into question, at least in the Arab states. Also, bin Laden could get added credibility among Islamic radicals by claiming responsibility for the attack even if he was not involved.

The bottom line is that the attacks on 9/11 were not acts of war; they were mass murders and crimes against humanity. As such they should have been pursued through existing international law and agreements, using an ad-hoc international tribunal similar to Nuremberg. In fact, the Taliban offered three times to turn bin Laden over to just such a tribunal, but the Bush administration officials declined on the grounds that they would not "negotiate with terrorists".

Motive, means and opportunity are not enough to convict either bin Laden or the US government of such a crime, only enough to create a suspect who has to be eliminated or chosen by all the evidence to the exclusion of others before a charge is brought, much less a conviction. The American public has never seen all or most of the evidence in this matter. We were given a culprit and a country to attack, and the fearful wanted revenge. Few knew the war on Afghanistan had been planned well before 9/11 and was already being staged by the time of the attack.

Soon thereafter, the US Government released a videotape of Bin Laden in which incriminates him. However, a close comparison of Bin Laden's face in the video to other known Bin Laden photographs brings into question the authenticity of the evidence against Bin Laden. In the video, Bin Laden is wearing a ring, which is forbidden by Islamic law, and is not seen in any previous images. The video shows Bin Laden signing a document right-handed, although Bin Laden who was armed and financed by the United States to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan was left-handed. Additional questions have arisen about the accuracy of the translation, and other individuals appearing in the video.

As reported in Paul Thompson's Terror Timeline, analyst Maher Osserian believe the home video in which Osama bin Laden admits foreknowledge of 9/11 was made around September 26th, not on the later date suggested by US officials. Osseiran argues that the video was part of a sting operation run by the US, and that the first part.making the video.was successful, but the second part.capturing or killing bin Laden.failed. This is supported by a report in the London Observer, which reported, .several intelligence sources have suggested. that the tape, although absolutely genuine, is the result of a sophisticated sting operation run by the CIA through a second intelligence service, possibly Saudi or Pakistani..

Add to this that FBI Director Robert Mueller, in a speech at the Commonwealth Club on April 19, 2002, said: "In our investigation, we have not uncovered a single piece of paper - either here in the United States, or in the treasure trove of information that has turned up in Afghanistan and elsewhere - that mentioned any aspect of the September 11 plot." Interestingly, Osama Bin Laden is listed as a wanted criminal terrorist by the FBI, based on numerous bombing attacks here and abroad, but not for 9/11, a crime for which they claim to lake sufficient proof for a conviction.

One obvious way of linking Bin Laden to September 11th would be to tie him to the hijackers themselves. For example, there are official claims that Mohammed Atta was associated with Al Qaeda. Although the FBI identified 19 suspected hijackers immediately following the attacks, but according to the British press eight of those identified have come forward to contend they are living in Saudi Arabia and Egypt and were not on the plane or part of the plot, leaving the true identity of the hijackers and their sponsorship in doubt. Clearly, at least these eight were flying and living under stolen identities, if not all the suspects. No autopsy or DNA matching with remains ever forensically identified any of the hijackers. The hijackers' names were not on the initial passenger manifests that were released by the airlines after September 11th.

Of the remaining hijackers, several have reportedly been traced back to Al Qaeda, but there is no direct evidence of a link to Bin Laden or his command structure. To reconstruct their activities before 9/11, as the Commission's Final Report does, without questioning the point at which their identities were stolen, is one of the major faults in their analysis. There is no way to know who is using which identity at any given point. Also, the only evidence ever presented to the 9/11 Commission linking the hijackers to bin Laden was a series of statements taken during indefinite detention in an undisclosed location from the alleged "masterminds of 9/11", Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Ramsi Yusef and Ramsi bin al Shibh. Mohammed was being water boarded according to a CIA Inspector General's report, and there is no reason to think the others were not being tortured, since others with far less alleged connections to the event were interrogated using these methods. The Commission relied on these statements despite the fact that they were refused access to the detainees who made them, their prison handlers or even the translators who reportedly created the documents. It is on this house of cards that their conclusions and Bush's War on Terrorism have been built, along with many other unsupported claims.

The 9/11 money trail leads to Pakistani military intelligence (ISI), rather than to Al Qaeda. The fact that the CIA covertly financed the Afghani Mujahadeen who fought the USSR via the Pakistani intelligence (ISI) in the 80s and 90s is well documented. This was the foundation for the rise of Al Qaeda, since those funds went to Osama bin Laden in those years through his mentor and opium kingpin Hekmyatar in Afghanistan.

India's intelligence agencies reported that Omar Saeed Sheikh was the bagman for 9/11 (wiring $100,000 to Mohammed Atta in Florida, in August of 2001, which the FBI initially called "the smoking gun" in the case. Soon thereafter, they discovered that the money trail lead back from Saeed Sheikh to the head of Pakistani intelligence, General Mahmoud Ahmed. On his return to Pakistan, Ahmed was forced to resign. At this point, the US news media lost interest in the story, even though (or because?) it was revealed that General Ahmed had been in the United States meeting with high level military, CIA and State Department personnel, up to and including the day of the attacks. Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was one of the few to report on the transfer, and was investigating the story in Pakistan when he was kidnapped and killed. Although Omar Saeed Sheikh was convicted of Pearl's murder, the Pakistani police told Pearl's wife that the real assassin was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who also "admits" this in his tortured confessions.

Despite the often-repeated official conclusions, questions still abound regarding the true facts of September 11th. The families of the victims have said that the 9/11 Commission investigation failed to answer 70% of their listed questions. The Final Report is documented with over a hundred pages of footnotes citing documents and interviews which will not be released to the public until January 2, 2009, by order of Commission chairs Lee Hamilton and Governor Thomas Keane, a date which will mark the waning days of the current Bush administration, allowing the President to block release without political cost, as one of the final acts of his administration. However, the question of who orchestrated the 9/11 attacks is fundamental to our understanding of our history, our real enemies and our dangerously flawed responses here and abroad since that fateful day.

-- This article is based, in part, on conversations with independent researcher John Judge, founder of the 9/11 Research Project based in Washington, DC, and a former staffer for Rep. Cynthia McKinney.

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