Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A word to the US sheeple...

it is AMAZING how the fascists
always attack ad hominem
and never argue anything.
Torture, aggressive wars,
mass murder by remote assassination
.. all based on a 9/11 inside job
.. passes them by.

They fear and attack,
all mental capacity of
connecting dots reduced
to pavlovian reaction.

Being THAT dumb makes
it impossible for them
to believe that the
is THAT clever. The mental gap
between themselves and
the perceived US stalinist
charade cannot be THAT large
for them.

The fact -- that the best science
minds used billions$ and highly
compartmentalised manpower
to plan and execute 911
under extreme 'need to know'
+ 'fear for your family's lives'
secrecy.. not to mention
the 10s of thousands elite
operatives mossad cia
nsa bnd isi mi6 who
all played their part
to secure their jobs and
our banking-dollar-fraud system
and THE OILfor years to come --
is simply not fathomable for them.

By threatening direct FALSE FLAG
terror the empire is able to
compel even the smartest world
leaders to collaboration. Joining
the mafia is beneficial, opposing
it means isolation and certain death.

Too hard to believe?
Google u2r2h judy wood
or ask someone who has.
Until you inform yourself
(and not let THEM inform you!)
you better believe nothing
and fear nothing.

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