Friday, May 27, 2011

HONDURAS - President R E T U R N !!!!

Tomorrow, on Saturday, May 28, almost two years after having been ousted as president in an SOA graduate-led military coup and flown out of the country in his pajamas, Manuel Zelaya will return to Honduras.
FINALLY - people friendly presidents - non corporate slaves!  Non-CIA!

SOA Watch has been invited to join President Zelaya on his plane flight back into his home country. Father Roy Bourgeois and I will join other human rights advocates and political leaders in accompanying Manuel Zelaya on his flight back to Honduras. We are deeply humbled and grateful for the invitation to represent the SOA Watch movement at this historic moment in this struggle for justice.

The Honduran National Resistance Front against the Coup (FNRP) is planning a massive mobilization to celebrate Manuel Zelaya's return and will meet our plane at the international airport of Toncontin in Tegucigalpa. After the landing, we will converge on the Plaza Isy Obed Murillo, south of the airport, where we will honor the martyrs who fell after the military coup. Zelaya's return was made possible after the governments of Venezuela and Colombia brokered an agreement between Porfirio Lobo, the head of the current regime in Honduras and President Manuel Zelaya.

It is a privilege to accompany the people of Honduras in this moment. Their brave commitment to return their nation to democracy has come at a terribly high price: that of dozens of lives lost. The return of President Zelaya is an enormous first step, but we are mindful that much remains to be done to guarantee the protection of human rights for the people of Honduras. SOA Watch supports the tireless work of Honduran human rights defenders such as those of COFADEH, the Committee of Families of Detained and Disappeared of Honduras.

We join in the joy of the people of Honduras and reaffirm our commitment to continue to support and accompany the Honduran social movements in their struggle for justice.

Un abrazo,
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