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The same game the world over: Stop nationalists from creating DIFFERENT OWNERSHIP STRUCTURES from US-style capitalism. Foreigners need to be able to own and control the workers worldwide.
ANY independence movement, unions, worker-councils (yugoslavia!) all must be killed. The banking system of PRIVATE CREDIT CREATION and legal multiple absentee ownership is to be worshipped. Any hint of a competing system will have its support-base burned, by any false-flag deception imaginable. Does this ring a bell?

Here another example:

EELAM TAMILS: Highlighting crimes against peace

By: Chandi Sinnathurai TamilCanadian - November 22, 2006

When the Co-chairs [U.S; E.U; Norway and Japan]met in Washington, D.C., there hardly was any policy change as far as the Tamils are concerned. With alarming unanimity the Quartet announced that “…the LTTE is a terrorist group responsible for massive bloodshed, we hold the Tamil Tigers responsible… we are not neutral in this respect.”

One must be grateful for the crudeness of meting out such lop-sided spaghetti western justice — At least we must be thankful for the openness of attitude on part of the diplomats, in which admittance to non-neutrality is claimed. There was sadly, no concern for the lives of the Eelam Tamils.

Hundreds upon hundreds are slaughtered either by the state forces or by state sponsored Para-militaries. Over 1000 Tamil civilians have lost their lives since Rajapaksha regime took on the reins of power since November 2005. This includes members of parliament, intellectuals, humanitarian workers, human rights activists, writers, journalists – any one who dares to raise their neck over the parapet!

Multitude of Tamils have become victims of the ‘crime of proximity’. If you happen to be in the vicinity of a bomb blast or some thing of a similar nature; and if you are a Tamil then, your survival rate is zero.

Tamils have succumbed to aerial bombardment in the North east. The whole of the Jaffna peninsula is facing forced starvation owing to the Alpha 9 closure – notoriously nicknamed as the “road to perdition”.

Yet the burden of blame is on the Tamils. Surprised? Not at all.

There is a logical corollary to these one-sided approach. There are of course, many a historical precedence. But I would for the sake of brevity, underscore just that one central point.

One is compelled or compressed to view the world according to the ‘gospel’ of Washington. One ought to reflect on the American goals. One is coerced into identifying with the aims and principles NOT of the UN and the international law, but of the US. Remember the almighty refrain: If you are not with US then you are against US.

Eelam Tamils ought to be working very hard at illuminating the western public that there is a sharp difference between terror and resistance. The Tamils [Tamil Tigers] have every right to freedom, self-determination and independence as derived from the UN charter. When a people are systematically denied of that right and are victimised by systemic state terror, then of course, they have the moral right to defend and resist by taking up arms as the last resort. People through out history have resisted against racist regimes and colonial powers.

It is only right that any intelligent person would think that the world powers are labelling the Tamil Tigers as terrorists for a convenient reason. If the Quartet are willing to support overtly the Sri Lankan terrorist state then, it reveals their moral imbecility.

More over, it tells the Tamils that they are more concerned not about the balance of power but with the balance of terror. That is the stark-naked difference here. This nuanced minor detail impinges on geo-political master plan of the US.

Diaspora Tamils ought to advertise targeting the western public that the goals of the Sinhala regime is identical in its odious doctrine and ideology of Hitler. It is ONLY the Tamil Tigers who have had the temerity, political acumen (thanks to annar Palcinkam) and military strength to out wit the majoritarian Sri Lankan Armed Forces. So the quest of the Sinhala forces along side the pressure of the international community to circle around the single question of disarmament of Tigers is unreasonable at worst; bloody minded at its best. It is like asking David to stand before Goliath without the singular sling and five polished stones. If David looses his aim then the whole nation will be polished off the earth! That is how serious the ground reality is for the survival of the Eelam Tamils.

There is however among other truisms a singular recalcitrant fact, the Diaspora ought to keep repeating in advertising the struggle to the western public: The Tamil Tigers is the Tamil army with a (De facto) state. The current stratagem of the Rajapaksha regime is to wipe out that reality. In the name of local and national security; supra-national and regional security the argument that the Tigers are a “security threat” is a hollow drum. It is for the Tamils to show the world how hollow this argument is.

The De facto state is a symbol and reality that challenges the Sinhala hegemony. Therefore, the difference here is Sri Lanka is a state with an army; while the Tigers are an army with a parallel state within the traditional Tamil home lands. Now this fact of reality is a sore thumb to the Quartet and the Sinhala regime.

Most of my readers are aware that I have consistently held a dim view of the so-called Oslo inspired peace process. One of the reasons for my humble stand was that I identified many similarities between the Sri Lankan Sinhala – Eelam Tamil peace process and the “Oslo peace process” between Palestinians and Israelis.

In his most recent publication Chomsky writes, “…Shlomo Ben-Ami, considered a dove in the Israeli spectrum, published an academic study in which he out lined the goal of the Oslo ‘peace process’: to establish a ‘neo-colonial’ dependency for the Palestinians, which will be ‘permanent’.” Things have hardly changed in their plight even after so many years. There is however another note worthy lesson here. The Palestinians have been portrayed by the mainstream corporate western media as the treacherous terrorists who preferred violence instead of choosing peace.

The Quartet’s posture with the Tamils is no different.

The Sinhala regime and the Quartet are very worried about Colonel Soosai and his sea Tigers. They fear the capture of Trinco may be caused by underwater demolition and other strategic manoeuvres. The surveillance of international sea lanes is paramount in their mind. Indian installations in Trinco and other geo-political interests of the region might be jeopardized. That is a concern – imagined or real. In order for these fears to not become a real nightmare they have to now give military support and delivery systems to the Sinhala regime in order to neutralise the Tamil Tigers. And in the course of events, the deal might also include the international community to be pretending to be asleep while the genocidal intent of the Sinhala regime continues without any international condemnation!

Hence the Quarets had to play their tune without any concealment in Washington.

Finally, I have used the word ‘advertise’ in this piece purposefully. The Diaspora lobby must break into the mainline PR/advertising world and of course, raise funds if need be, in order to advertise the real plight of Tamils and expose the egregious propaganda of the Hitlerite regime of Sri Lanka to the western public. Things have moved on from terrorism to horrorism in Sri Lanka.

And it is now that the Tamils must make that all too important difference.

Published: Nov 23, 2006 12:07:58 GMT

Multiple absentee ownership (SHAREHOLDERSHIP) should only be allowed if the RESPONSIBILITY TOWARDS SOCIETY (common good) is meticulously taken care of FIRST.
It should probably be forbidden to own large amounts of material/land. If there is a limit to what one can own - people will come to their senses and take pride in community with others.
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