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Remote Control demolition by privatiers .. is this the source of the toasted cars?

Back To the Future with Nikola Tesla -- 9-11 (1998)

Joe Vialls. 16 August 2003
  As most of the world now knows, at precisely 16:11:09 on Thursday 14
August 2003, every electrical device dependant on overhead or below ground
power lines, went completely dead in New York and across most of eastern
America and Canada. So sudden was the massive resistance to flow through
the eastern electrical grid, that 9 nuclear and 13 other power stations
were forced into critical shutdown, and 7oil refineries stalled in the
middle of the catalytic cracking process.  Within minutes, millions of
people felt bewildered and alone, with many suffering severe flashbacks to
the events of 11 September 2001.
Caught completely unawares, the Bush administration said the shutdown had
been caused by a power station "“fire", a claim swiftly rebutted by the
power utilities. Desperate to deflect public attention away from the
possibility of an “attack” on America, the Bush Administration then said
the shutdown was due to a “lightning strike” at Niagara Falls, a claim
immediately scoffed at by the Canadian Government, which pointed out there
wasn’t so much as a single wisp of cloud within 100 nautical miles of
While the pointless political name-calling continued, American media crews
were busy relaying television images of blacked-out New York to the rest
of the world. But as the hours ticked by, an extraordinary and very
telling fact became increasingly obvious: Despite the reality that
helicopters are by far the best camera platforms for wide-angle shots of
this staggering historical event, not one of the more than 100
night-flying-equipped news helicopters based in the New York area was
With the tantalizing prospect of “exclusive” aerial night shots showing
car headlights snaking out of New York as far away as New Jersey, no media
network would ground its helicopters unless ordered to do so by the
Department of Homeland Security. By 22:00:00 on Thursday 14 August 2003,
all fixed wing and rotary aircraft in eastern America were on the ground,
with the exception of two dimly-lit F-15C Eagle interceptors discreetly
patrolling the airspace between New York and Washington, DC.
Unaware of the Department of Homeland Security’s unannounced shift to a
full-blown war footing, millions of New Yorkers started to feel a little
of the same pressure deliberately exerted on the people of Iraq since the
illegal American invasion started in late March. With an ambient
temperature of 93 degrees Fahrenheit, more than a million dazed New
Yorkers shuffled along the dusty streets, while tens of thousands more
remained trapped underground in the subways, where temperatures easily
exceeded 100F.
Children cried aloud with fear and thirst, while adults pretended to be
brave, their hearts pounding furiously at the real prospect of being
mugged or raped in the dark by one of New York’s many ruthless and heavily
armed street gangs.
It was scary, but nothing like the real thing in Iraq. There were no
cluster bombs spreading blood and body parts across the tall New York
skyscrapers, no cannon or heavy machine gun shells shredding innocent
women and children sitting in their parked cars, and no GAU-8
depleted-uranium rounds designed explicitly to contaminate hospital wards
and the nation’s critical stocks of baby formula.
Despite these obvious omissions, the total power shutdown was probably
enough of a “first warning” to teach everybody that an America without
electrical power is an America in chaos, and an America without electrical
power is a nation wide-open to invasion and conquest, no matter how many
citizens would prefer to remain in denial.
Perhaps the whole experience and the scientifically impossible “cascade”
effect was caused by a few high voltage cables becoming overloaded with
dust, or was merely the cumulative result of a power grid badly in need of
an upgrade. No-one with a brain believes that of course, because at the
precise time of the shutdown, grid loading had decreased significantly, in
the “dip” between noonday business use and the next peak around 7 p.m.,
when most families turn on their air conditioners and cook the evening
It seems quite probable that the next shutdown will be the final warning,
with New York and the rest of eastern America deprived of power for up to
a month. Exactly how this might be achieved will be thought by many to be
science fiction, though there are a few pointers in a report I wrote and
posted on the Internet on 11 September 1998, exactly three years to the
day before the World Trade Center was demolished. Here is an extract from
that 1998 report:
“ …Say, for example, that the American megalomaniacs were planning to bomb
another hundred thousand Iraqis into instant bloody oblivion, the Munich
Group might send a telex or facsimile to an unlisted number deep within
the US Department of State, suggesting such action would be considered
extremely bad manners, and if it was not cancelled immediately, the
electrical supply to the entire eastern seaboard of America would be
disrupted, causing incalculable damage to property and commerce in the
megalomaniacs' own back yard.
“Believing such a threat to be impossible, this first warning would
normally be ignored by the megalomaniacs, in which case the Munich Group
might send another cryptic message two or three days later: "Watch
Auckland, New Zealand, very carefully". Exactly one hour after this
message rolled off the facsimile machine Omega might direct a standing
wave at the exact resonant frequency of copper, across the underground
cables connecting the major power stations to the business districts of
“With the exact level of invisible resonant energy calculated in advance,
the electromagnetic properties of the particles in the copper cables would
change immediately, creating infinite resistance and blocking the flow of
electricity to the city. Chaos would reign supreme. Weeks later when the
world's top electrical engineers examined huge sections of the cable in
the laboratory they would find nothing wrong with it, simply because there
was nothing wrong with it.
“The resonant blocking effect used locally in New Zealand would leave no
visible signs of damage. In this way the American Department of State
might be convinced, solely by the grim demonstration in New Zealand, that
it should spare a hundred thousand innocent Iraqi lives… ”
Naturally it is up to every person to make their individual minds up about
the actual cause of the total electrical shutdown on 14 August 2003, and
those interested in the Nikola Tesla aspect of the catastrophe might like
to read the full 1998 report, by clicking on the castle door below.
Written as fiction, based on fact
Tesla’s Electromagnetic Pyramids
(And The Later "War on Terror")

Joe Vialls, 11 September 1998
In 1905 physics genius Nikola Tesla submitted his US patent 787,412 which
describes “The Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy Through the Natural
Mediums”, and includes a design for a series of worldwide generators. It
is beyond doubt this patent led to the construction of the “Omega” network
of radio transmitters erected around the world between 1963 and 1982,
officially for the purpose of global navigation, though navigation is the
least important function of the Omega network.
Tesla was eloquently misleading in some of his patents and this is
probably the ultimate example. Although until recently Omega did offer
very-low-frequency navigational services they were only a secondary
function: a “security cover” for the network’s real purpose of subtly
manipulating the resonant frequency of the earth itself, and the resonant
frequency of the earth-to-ionospheric gap.
Anyone able to manipulate resonant frequencies between five and fifteen
cycles per second, to three decimal places of accuracy, can influence
every dynamic electromagnetic activity on the face of the earth and
beyond, including global weather patterns, human thought and thus human
behaviour. Put simply, Omega is the most powerful integrated global strike
and C3i (Command, Control, Communications intelligence) network ever
In late 1968 a small group of men gathered in a rambling old house
situated a few miles outside the German city of Munich. The weak afternoon
sunlight was starting to fade as they sat down at the polished oak
conference table, and despite a roaring log fire in the ornate fireplace
there was a noticable chill in the air. These men were of no particular
religion, nor were they politicians, bankers, bureaucrats or mainstream
military personnel. To use their own self-effacing term they were
"no-persons", just a group of intelligent men from all over the world
deeply concerned about the looming probability of global thermonuclear
war. The American Department of State, the British Foreign and
Commonwealth Office, and the Russian Kremlin were brimming over with
megalomaniacs quite capable of destroying all life on the planet in their
blind quest for power, unless they could be persuaded not to do so.
Global thermonuclear war was not the only problem. Since the end of the
First World War and the
subsequent formation of the League of Nations, the same megalomaniacs had
frequently expressed their determination to implement a "New Order",
bureaucratic code for a one world government. If left to run unchecked,
within a single century the megalomaniacs would remove national borders
entirely, destroy delightfully diverse national cultures developed over
thousands of years, and replace them in-toto with hordes of multicultural
drones willing to slave for endless hours in "worker's paradises" for the
exclusive benefit of a tiny but immensely powerful global elite. The first
successful phase of the New Order exercise was at that very moment in full
swing, less than a thousand miles away in the worker's paradise known as
the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
Faced with a completely unacceptable Orwellian future, the Munich Group
had two objectives: stop the megalomaniacs from destroying all life on the
planet with thermonuclear weapons, and at the same time protect the myriad
national cultures existing around the world from extinction. The critical
question facing its members was how to achieve these awesome objectives
with strictly limited resources.
The politicians and mainstream military controlled more than 90% of the
conventional and nuclear weapons so their use was not an option. Besides,
if the Munich Group resorted to such methods they would risk triggering a
global thermonuclear exchange, the very event they were determined to
prevent. Many years later this and other groups would supplement their
arsenals with micronized atomic weapons for use against specific targets,
but the primary weapon system under discussion at the 1968 Munich meeting
was quite different, and well beyond the comprehension of any professor of
classical or quantum physics.
Rising from the table, each member of the group approached a small
strongroom and removed a thick black file. The strongroom door remained
open throughout the meeting. If the security perimeter of the house was
breached the files would be placed back in the strongroom in less than ten
seconds, and the strongroom's twelve inch-thick thermite filled walls
would explode into searing white-hot flames, destroying the files, the
safe and most of the old house in seconds. Group members might or might
not have time to escape the blazing inferno but none worried about the
lethal possibility. Omega project security was far more important than
personal safety.
Each identical hand-typed file was titled "Omega - The Final Solution",
and contained details of an advanced global electromagnetic system based
on the work of Nikola Tesla, the little-known genius despised by
physicists because he did not have the "correct" academic
qualifications.Despite this notional impediment, around the turn of the
century Tesla managed to invent alternating current, the sort of
electricity we still use in our homes today, and invented radio as well.
Almost always working alone, this single man invented all of the basic
electromagnetic devices which would later become essential to 20th Century
civilization, from light bulbs and flourescent tubes to computers and
television sets. Fortunately for the Munich Group that gloomy winter
evening, Nikola Tesla also invented a great many other devices, some of
them so advanced they had escaped meaningful scrutiny.
The introduction to each file focused on specific sections of Tesla's
patent 787,412 dated 18th April 1905, titled "The Art of Transmitting
Electrical Energy Through The Natural Mediums". During many thousands of
hours of work the group had selected this patent as the core of its work,
because it had allowed them to develop a global navigation network so
advanced it had already proved irresistable to politicians and mainstream
military alike.
What the politicians and mainstream military would never be told, however,
was that the "navigation network" was in reality dual-purpose, with its
primary electromagnetic functions designed to be accessed by the Munich
group using undetectable remote control. Several passages from Tesla's
patent 787,412 were included verbatim in the introduction for special
"In the course of certain investigations which I carried out for the
purpose of studying the effects of lightning discharges upon the
electrical condition of the earth attained in the displays of electrical
forces in nature and which seemed at first unrealizable by any human
agencies; but by gradual and continuous improvements of a generator of
electrical oscillations, which I have described in my Patents Nos. 645,576
and 649,621, I finally succeeded in reaching electrical movements or rates
of delivery of electrical energy not only approximating , but, as shown in
many comparative tests and measurements, actually surpassing lightning
discharges, and by means of this apparatus I have reproduced whenever
desired phenomena in the earth, the same or similar to those discharges.
"With the knowledge discovered by me and the means at command for
accomplishing these results I am enabled not only to carry out many
operations by the use of known instruments, but also to offer a solution
for many important problems involving the operation or control of remote
devices which for want of this knowledge and the absence of these means
have hitherto been entirely impossible.
"For example, by the use of a generator [transmitter] of stationary waves
and receiving apparatus properly placed and adjusted in any other
location, however remote, it is practicable to transmit intelligible
signals or to control or actuate at will any one or all of such apparatus
for many other important and valuable purposes[or] other features or
property of disturbances of this character.
"If several such generators [transmitters] of stationary waves, preferably
of different length, were installed in judiciously-selected localities,
the entire globe could be subdivided in definite zones of electrical
activity, and such and other important data could at once be obtained by
simple calculations or readings from suitably graduated instruments."
"For the present it will be sufficient to state that the planet behaves
like a perfectly smooth or polished conductor of inappreciable resistance,
with capacity and self induction uniformly distributed along the axis of
symmetry of wave propagation and transmitting slow electrical oscillations
without distortion and attentuation [without loss of clarity and power].
"three requirements are essential to the establishment of the resonating
conditionThe earth's diameter passing through the pole should be an odd
multiple of the quarter wave length - that is, of the ratio between the
velocity of light, and four times the frequency of the currentsthe
frequency [of the transmitter] should be smaller than twenty thousand
cycles per second ...
"The most essential requirement is that irrespective of frequency the wave
or wave-train should continue for a certain period of time, which I have
estimated to be not less than one-twelfth or probably 0.08484 of a second
and which is taken in passing to and returning from the region
diametrically opposite the pole over the earth's surface with a mean
velocity of about 471,240 kilometres per second [292,822 miles per second,
a velocity equal to one and a half times the "official" speed of light]."
The rest of each file contained details of other Tesla patents and
research work, carefully prepared and combined to enable the construction
of the dual-purpose navigation network and global electromagnetic control
system. When completed worldwide, to the viewing public the Omega network
would appear as a series of rather boring radio-navigation masts situated
at strategic points around the globe with aerial wires radiating out from
the upper part of each mast, giving the appearance of a circus big top,
though one of the group repeatedly insisted, with more than a little
scientific justification, that the network should be called "Tesla's
Electromagnetic Pyramids".
Publicity material already widely circulated claimed the Omega network
capable of providing radio-navigation of such high quality that it would
significantly enhance the safery of ships and aircraft. This was quite
true. In its "security cover" role as a radio navigation network Omega
could do this with ease, and with such overwhelming accuracy for submerged
submarines that the group had swiftly sold the concept to the American and
Soviet defence agencies, though in subtly different ways, because the two
sides were bitter enemies busily engaged in a cold war.
As evening turned to night and group members were served dinner by a
trusted retainer they discussed this initial strategy, for without the
unwitting assistance already received from governments in arranging and
building the huge aerial arrays, they would not have been able to use
Omega for its primary though hidden purpose. However, once the global
network of stations was complete, the group would access Omega by
undetectable remote means during carefully designed "passive" time windows
when navigation-transmitter power was not being applied to the aerial
Each Omega station would limit its navigation pulses to a strict staggered
format controlled by dual caesium atomic clocks, ensuring that the
"passive" time windows were always available to the group. This would
enable them to communicate with each other at will, and issue warnings or
initiate punitive strikes against recalcitrant individuals and nations,
right under the noses of the two most powerful nations on earth, using
their equipment without their knowledge.
As coffee and brandy were served after dinner, the American member of the
group brought the others up to date on progress. His government had
enthusiastically embraced the chance to gain an edge over the "Commies",
and had quickly arranged covert funding for the construction of a global
network of eight Omega stations. Plans had been completed for eight
stations located in America; Argentina, Japan, Liberia, New Zealand,
Norway, Hawaii, and on the French island of La Reunion, of which three
were already operating.
All eight were needed to justify Omega's cover navigation role in the
western world, but two locations, Norway and Hawaii, were inappropriate
for full global coverage in the electromagnetic control role, which would
require a further three stations built on Soviet territory, providing a
network comprised of nine "real" Omega stations. The two stations to be
built in Norway and Hawaii would therefore be smaller, less powerful and
of an entirely different design, ensuring that their use in the western
navigation role would not cause inadvertent jamming during periods when
the nine "real" Omega stations were in use by the group.
The Russian member explained that as soon as was decently possible after
the American plans were originally approved, he had leaked selected
diagrams and other details to the Soviet Government, pointing out they
could beat the Americans at their own game if his government was prepared
to increase Omega's navigational accuracy by quietly building three more
stations to exactly the same design at Riga, Irkutsk, and Sakhalin. His
government thought this was a wonderful joke. Soviet submarines using an
American system but with even greater accuracy! Funding was immediately
approved, and all three Soviet stations were already on-air and
Each "real" Omega station was sited on highly conductive soil, with
multiple buried heavy-duty ground aerials 1115.5 feet long, radiating out
every ten degrees of the compass from the central point. Tuning was
accomplished by the primary helix, wound with special litz wire two and a
half inches thick, capable of conducting colossal quantities of
electromagnetic energy many thousands of times greater than that required
for Omega's stated navigational role.There were six smaller variometers
for fine tuning.
For the navigational role the main helix would be connected to the
above-ground aerial array via a sulphur flouride-filled bush. The
above-ground aerial array was very conspicuous, with a central mast
standing 1,400 feet high, draped with sixteen aluminium and steel aerial
cables radiating out to anchor points around the edge of the site, thus
giving the characteristic "circus big top" appearance to the station as a
Though the mast and above-ground aerials were essential for Omega's
navigational role, they were not needed for its discrete electromagnetic
control role. If at a later date one of the participating host nations
wished to remove its Omega station and could not be prevented from doing
so, the circus big top could be effectively "turned upside down", with a
tuned steel-lined oil well substituting for the central mast, and
shallower tuned steel-lined water wells at sixteen points around the edge
of the site replacing the aluminium and steel aerial cables.
The "inverted" Omega station would still operate perfectly in the
electromagnetic control role, but would be completely invisible to the
human eye. All that was needed was a powerful oil drilling rig for the
central well and a less powerful water drilling rig for the shallow radial
wells, a cable laying machine for the underground aerials, discreet
drilling crews, and local government permission to drill exploration wells
in search of oil reserves "believed" to exist in the area.
Because every government on earth wants to believe it has oil reserves,
and because the group would offer to drill the exploration wells free of
charge as a goodwill joint-venture, success was assured. Promises of free
expertise and free crude oil would prove an irresistable temptation to
every politician on earth. When the rigs eventually failed to find the
promised oil reserves and the crews apologetically departed the host
country, they would leave behind them a buried but fully operational Omega
During the long hours of night that followed, the Munich Group earnestly
discussed the fine details of Omega's electromagnetic control function,
before eating a leisurely breakfast as the first hint of dawn lit the
eastern horizon. Then they rose from the conference table and discreetly
left the old house at five minute intervals, stopping only to deposit
their files in the strongroom on the way out. By the time the first bus
rattled along the street they had all vanished completely, which was
entirely appropriate behaviour for no-persons. As Nietzsche once wrote,
"We are unknown to ourselves, we men of knowledge."
As their files and discussions showed, Nikola Tesla alone had provided the
core knowledge and
experiments which allowed them to design Omega's hidden electromagnetic
control function, for only Tesla had discovered and written about the true
nature of physics. While academics sat in their ivory towers fiddling with
theoretical equations which made sense only to themselves and their
dedicated students, Tesla was continually out in the field, bucking the
academic system by using hard physical equipment to create or evoke hard
physical events and responses.
When Einstein "proved" theoretically that travel beyond the speed of light
was impossible, Tesla proved that travel beyond the speed of light was
possible, by the simple expedient of physically directing longitudinal
waves of electromagnetic energy through and around the earth, later
accurately measuring their velocity at one and a half times the speed of
light. Nikola Tesla continually made the theoretical academic boffins feel
acutely uncomfortable, and they hated and shunned him for it.
The theoretical boffins had carved the physical universe up into
specialities controlled by several of their unconnected academic
disciplines, and by so doing had succeeded in completely obscuring
reality. For example, a man visiting his local university and asking for
an explanation of exactly how he was able to see a hill five miles away,
would be told that this was a very complex scientific matter.
The poor fellow would first be directed to the neuro-scientists and
psychologists who would explain how his eyes worked, before being passed
on to the physicists (and perhaps meterologists) who would explain about
photons and the atmosphere between his eyes and the hill. Eventually he
would probably be handed on to the geographers and geologists who would
explain the physical appearance and composition of the hill itself.
Thus the simple problem of seeing a hill five miles away had been
converted into several different packages of irrelevant academic rubbish,
capable of providing a living for at least five theoretical boffins and
their families.
Nikola Tesla knew it was rubbish, because he knew that everything in the
universe is connected to everything else by an endless loop of
electromagnetic particles, also known as energy, which Tesla proved
resonated (vibrated naturally) within identical frequency ranges. If you
hook a man up to a piece of medical equipment called an
electroencephalograph or EEG, its chart will display Delta, Alpha, Theta
and Beta "brain" waves vibrating through a range of frequencies from about
one to twenty-five cycles per second, with most of the meaningful activity
in a central band between five and fifteen cycles per second. But if you
then remove the electroencephalograph sensors from the man and push them
deep into damp conductive earth instead, you will find the EEG chart
faithfully displays Delta, Alpha, Theta and Beta waves in identical
frequency ranges.
Indeed, if the medical sensors could be suitably adapted they would detect
identical vibrations in air and "outer space" as well. Thus man is merely
an integral part of an electromagnetic whole which embraces his eyes, the
apparently empty space between his eyes and the hill, the hill itself, and
the universe. Remove or even deflect any of the billions of particles
comprising this electromagnetic whole, and man would be rendered incapable
of seeing anything at all.
The source for all of this electromagnetic activity is the universe
itself, with billions of stars emitting incalculable amounts of energy, in
turn used or replicated by the planets. Planet earth is a gigantic
electrical generator spinning around two magnetic poles from which
limitless energy can be tapped at will, provided appropriate tuning is
used, which in the case of Omega means magnifying and applying appropriate
resonant frequencies.
When the Munich Group designed the aerials for Omega's cover navigational
role, they used Tesla's 787,412 which stated the frequency "should be less
than twenty thousand [cycles]". So the group designed aerial arrays
perfectly suited to transmitting at frequencies between five and fifteen
thousand cycles per second. Man-made electrical generators provided power
for Omega's navigation transmitters, which worked perfectly, allowing
pinpoint accuracy for submerged submarines monitoring the standing waves
emitted by at least three of the Omega stations, known to navigators as a
"position fix".
What the group did not tell the politicians and the military was that
aerials which can transmit at five to fifteen thousand cycles per second
can also transmit on all other frequencies with direct mathematical
relationships, known as harmonics. The secret of Omega's hidden
electromagnetic control role was its ability to simultaneously or
sequentially transmit on even numbered sub-harmonic frequencies between
five and fifteen cycles per second, a range embracing the resonant
frequencies of the earth itself and the earth to ionospheric gap.
And just as submerged submarines could fix their positions with pinpoint
accuracy by monitoring the standing waves emitted by at least three of the
Omega stations, the Munich Group could use the Omega network to direct
sub-harmonic standing waves and thus resonant effects of virtually any
magnitude to literally any point on earth, with equal centimetric
accuracy. Exactly which effect was produced at that point on earth would
be determined by the precise resonant frequency used, accurate to three
decimal places.
Every material in the universe, organic or inorganic, has its own unique
resonant frequency, allowing Omega extreme accuracy in its electromagnetic
control role. The best known example of natural resonance is the soprano
who shattered a wine glass twenty feet away by singing a particular note.
She was singing a note at the unique resonant frequency of the glass
itself, which vibrated in sympathy until it exceeded its stress tolerance,
then shattered into hundreds of pieces. Using exactly the same principle,
if Omega directed the resonant frequency of, say, basalt rock, at a
precise point on the earth's surface at vastly increased magnitude, the
effect would be identical in that the basalt rock would vibrate naturally
with increasing force, until eventually a tremor or earthquake occurred at
that precise point.
Destroying entire regions by earthquake or tempest would be a complete
overkill for a network
designed from the outset by the Munich Group to "persuade" a bunch of
megalomaniacs to cease and desist from violence, threatened against
whichever small sovereign nation was the chosen "Terrorist State of The
Month", so the Omega network would normally be used to demonstrate the
likely catastrophic punitive response if the megalomaniacs refused to heed
warnings from the Munich Group.
Say, for example, that the American megalomaniacs were planning to bomb
another hundred thousand Iraqis into instant bloody oblivion, the Munich
Group might send a telex or facsimile to an unlisted number deep within
the US Department of State, suggesting such action would be considered
extremely bad manners, and if it was not cancelled immediately, the
electrical supply to the entire eastern seaboard of America would be
disrupted, causing incalculable damage to property and commerce in the
megalomaniacs' own back yard.
Believing such a threat to be impossible, this first warning would
normally be ignored by the megalomaniacs, in which case the Munich Group
might send another cryptic message two or three days later: "Watch
Auckland, New Zealand, very carefully". Exactly one hour after this
message rolled off the facsimile machine Omega might direct a standing
wave at the exact resonant frequency of copper, across the underground
cables connecting the major power stations to the business districts of
With the exact level of invisible resonant energy calculated in advance,
the electromagnetic properties of the particles in the copper cables would
change immediately, creating infinite resistance and blocking the flow of
electricity to the city. Chaos would reign supreme. Weeks later when the
world's top electrical engineers examined huge sections of the cable in
the laboratory they would find nothing wrong with it,
simply because there was nothing wrong with it. The resonant blocking
effect used locally in New Zealand would leave no visible signs of
damage.  In this way the American Department of State might be convinced,
solely by the grim demonstration in New Zealand, that it should spare a
hundred thousand innocent Iraqi lives.
The two most crucial aspects of the Omega network are how the resonant
frequencies are magnified to the point where they can cause incalculable
damage up to and including earthquake and tempest, and the remote
technology used to access the network itself. Both are extremely dangerous
subjects to write about, even as fiction.
In 1985, not long after the Omega network started transmitting in its
electromagnetic role, four very real Australians stumbled across a
portable remote control facility at Cape Leveque, north of Broome in
Western Australia. They asked the two no-persons manning the facility a
lot of inquisitive questions about the pair of caesium atomic clocks and
other specialized equipment they were operating, and the two no-persons in
turn asked a lot of seemingly friendly questions about them, such as their
names, occupations, where they lived and so on.
Within seven days of leaving Cape Leveque three of the four Australians
had unusual fatal accidents, and the fourth, sensing her own possibly
imminent death, changed names and went underground. To this day the
surviving member of the group lives in constant fear, though she has no
idea exactly what she is afraid of. No matter. In the view of the author
living with a limited amount of fear is preferable to being dead. Nowadays
this sole survivor says nothing about what she saw at Cape Leveque, which
is very good. She may yet live to a ripe old age.
Long before this incident, the Munich Group encountered several delays in
the construction of its nine "real" Omega stations. Though supposed to be
on-air and operational by the early nineteen seventies, two stations in
particular posed almost insurmountable problems. Peace groups in Norway
and New Zealand, incorrectly identifying the Omega network solely as a
command and control network for American nuclear ballistic missile
submarines, mounted campaigns to block construction in both countries.
Because the Munich Group did not at that time have sufficient funds or
access to either country enabling it to drill nverted Omega stations in
their place, its members could do little more than seethe with impatience.
The Norwegian station was of no real importance because it was only a
dummy in the electromagnetic role, but the New Zealand station was
critical to operations in the southern hemisphere. The Omega network would
work without it, but not at 100% efficiency.
One year after the meeting in Munich the group decided that New Zealand
was simply too hard, and opted for the critical southern station to be
built instead in the Australian state of Victoria. Unfortunately there was
now opposition from Australian peaceniks equally determined to stop this
"dedicated ballistic missile guidance system" from being built. Several
frustrating years followed and then in in the early seventies two things
The Australian Government set up an inquiry into the control of Omega
under the initial guidance of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon.
Gough Whitlam, QC, MP. In turn this sudden use of a dreaded committee,
likely to cause extreme delays simply because it was a committee, alarmed
the Munich Group to the point where it later decided to send a no-person
project engineer to Australia to examine the feasibility of building an
"inverted" Omega station if all else failed. That no-person was an
engineer using a passport in the name of John Friedrich, though he was
known to the Munich Group only as "Iago".
Over the years that followed Friedrich visited several potential sites
across outback Australia, earmarking three for future development, but
then in 1977 confidential advice was received that the official Omega
station to be sited at Darriman in Victoria would definitely get the green
light. Friedrich was then quietly infiltrated into a little known
organization called The National Safety Council of Australia (Victorian
Division), as its engineer for emergency services.
By late 1981 the Omega project was well under way and John Friedrich was
kept busy ensuring that it did not come under attack from a bunch of
well-meaning peaceniks. During the same year three other no-persons,
experts in oilfield and security operations, were quietly relocated to
Sale and Port Welshpool, sites in Victoria that bracketed the Omega
station and which would shortly become the two principal operational bases
for the miraculously expanded emergency services section of the NSCA
(Victorian Division).
The choice of oilfield and security experts was no accident. Over recent
years the Munich Group had quietly acquired significant funding and was no
longer prepared to run the risk of losing global Omega capability at the
whim of any single national government. To counter this, five inverted
Omega stations were to be built (drilled) to ensure global integrity. One
inverted Omega would be drilled in Australia, another in America and three
more elsewhere. The level of drilling expertise would need to be extremely
high, as would security, hence the three extra no-persons relocated to
Sale and Port Welshpool.
The Australian Omega station started transmitting in 1982 and the momentum
of the peaceniks slowed considerably, until a few years later Omega was
effectively forgotten by the demonstrators, who turned their energetic
attention back towards more obvious and visually menacing threats such as
Pine Gap and Nurrungar, harmless American bases used for electronic
evesdropping and missile surveillance.
Unfortunately John Friedrich had the bit between his teeth and managed to
upgrade the emergency services section of the NSCA (Victorian Division)
from a low-profile security facility desired by the Munich Group to
protect Omega from attack, to a very high-profile organization beloved by
several branches of the
Australian Government, many of whom found uses for the extraordinary
skills of the NSCA emergency personnel, whose abilities, not surprisingly,
surpassed those of the military.
This increased profile disturbed the Munich Group, and it also puzzled
them. Although the group had discreetly arranged certain monies in the
late seventies to allow the emergency services section to be suitably
expanded, they had certainly not arranged the vast sums of money needed to
expand the organization to the point where, by the mid-eighties, Friedrich
alone controlled more than 400 personnel.
It later transpired that John Friedrich had exceeded his duties by
borrowing vast sums of money from the banks, secured only by fictional sea
containers filled with imaginary safety equipment. Whether he did this for
reasons of personal aggrandisement, or because he genuinely thought that
Omega was in need of vastly enhanced security, will probably never be
The bubble finally burst in early 1989 when the deception was discovered
and the NSCA (Victorian Division) was disbanded, and along with it,
Omega's discreet security cover. A year later someone fired several
bullets into Friedrich's family home at Seaton from close range and this
seemed to be a turning point for him. Under acute stress from the near
misses on his wife and children he visited clinical psychologist Ian
Joblin, but a year after that, on 26 July 1991, five days before he would
be forced into open court in Victoria to give evidence under oath, John
Friedrich alias Iago and several other names, was found dead with gunshot
wounds to the head. A pistol was found nearby but John Friedrich,
no-person project engineer, did not leave a suicide note.
In the years following 1981 the five "inverted" Omega stations were
drilled as planned, and sit there to this day in the event that certain
national governments decide to tear down any of the original nine "real"
Omega stations. As late as 1986 contingency plans existed to drill another
three inverted Omegas, so that the cover navigational role could be
dispensed with entirely if required. Outside of the Munich Group itself,
only a handful of people know where the invisible inverted Omega stations
are located, and it is likely to stay that way.
It is extremely unlikely that the mainstream military of each host country
will ever allow its Omega station to be dismantled, because the mainstream
military is acutely aware that in the event of thermonuclear war, the
electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) emitted by the weapons will have a
devastating effect on all medium and high radio frequencies, and burn out
the transistor junctions in every satellite in orbit around the earth.
Under those conditions the only reliable form of communication left would
be ground waves at very low frequencies, which in effect means Omega and a
handful of other less powerful VLF transmitters.
In fact the Australian Omega station was recently stripped of its
navigation title but the mast was not derigged, nor were its personnel
dispersed. Instead, as the Omega website advises, the station was handed
across to the Australian Navy and is now controlled from Canberra. Well,
yes, a small part of the Australian Omega station is now controlled from
The morality of whether or not the Munich Group should have the right to
use such brute power to bring entire governments to heel is debatable, but
perhaps no more debatable than the identical "right" of dictatorships
sometimes masquerading as "representative democracies" to engage in
wholesale murder across the globe to achieve their own geopolitical ends.
When the Soviet Government decided to use crop spraying planes to
slaughter five thousand Afghans with binary angel dust it did not first
seek approval from the Soviet people. When the Iranian Government decided
to murder several hundred civilians in the Iraqi town of Halabja with
phosgene gas, it likewise did not first seek the approval of the Iranian
people. There are hundreds of other similar examples.
The essential difference between the Munich Group and the murderous
megalomaniacs who
constitute a substantial part of elected and unelected governments around
the world, is that the latter are subject to direction from forces far
more powerful than themselves. If politicians wish to be re- elected and
thus retain their lavish perks of office, they are reliant not only on the
people, but also on those who fund their advertising, and on the media who
polish their images on national and international television.
On their proven track records the latter groups are dedicated to
"globalism", another bureaucratic code word meaning a one world
government, controlled by and for the sole benefit of a tiny global elite.
Over the years the power base shifts backwards and forwards like the sands
in a desert, but the core objective remains the same. Thirty years ago the
global elite used communism as a cover and Moscow as their base. Nowadays
exactly the same global elite use representative democracy as a cover and
New York as their base. The more things change the more they stay the same.
In contrast the Munich Group is subject to no such pressures or
objectives, and simply tries to
check this headlong rush into cultural oblivion by use of threat alone,
supplemented when absolutely necessary by punitive action against those
individuals or nations perceived as being totally out of control. It
requires, for example, completely unbiased and unemotional judgement to
direct Omega to spin up a twenty trillion horsepower hurricane as a
threat, and it requires equally unemotional judgement and a very steady
hand to finally guide the awesome destructive power of that twenty
trillion horespower hurricane to its target, if all other subtle warnings
are not heeded.
With the wishes of most inhabitants of this planet completely ignored by
the global elite, it might reasonably be argued that the Munich Group and
Omega are indeed "The Final Solution", the only mechanism left which can
invisibly but inexorably bring irresistable pressure to bear on the global
elite, and thus prevent enslavement of the world. If this is the case,
then there is one man to whom we all owe an enormous vote of thanks, a
giant of a man who, at the end, died penniless and alone: Nikola Tesla.
"The will to truth, which is still going to tempt us to many a hazardous
enterprise; that celebrated veracity of which all philosophers have
hitherto spoken with reverence: what questions this will to truth has
already set before us! What strange, wicked, questionable questions! It is
already a long story yet does it not seem as if it has only just begun?"

    Beyond Good and Evil
For some drawings see the original page:
Few, if any, really know 'CDI'
The amazing thing is that nearly zero real reasearch has been done on the
*basic* technical requirements for demolishing these buildings. Just
picture GWB, with his shit-eatin grin, and it's not that damned hard to
begin to think like a trained killer! :)
...There were what, 60-something televised videos of the prior work of
CDI? I ask because this was mainstream, (regional affiliate Network TV,)
info right up to 1991. -Gone! -No further research required?
Second point. I can't think of anyone other than Hoffman who actually
attempted to do ANY math. Why? ...Did Jim debunk the process, by
deliberately offering us tainted results? Are there no architects, or
free-lance structural engineers interested in the $1M. prize to solve 9/11?
Look at the Twin Towers as One box. This is a fundemental starting-point,
since they were perfectly symmetrical edifices. The predominant material
is concrete, not steel, as we consider the problem of moving molecular
matter. Furthermore, this entire process was outlined in great technical
detail, often verbally narrated by the actual forensics experts, in these
same videos!!
"Space-beams" may well fit into the dictum, but by which path might they
have drawn these conclusions? At the top of the 'program', job #1 was
doubtless stated: "Look, we want it to look like the plane brings the
building down!" Which means, NO OTHER SOUNDS SHOULD BE HEARD! And, of
course any first day acoustician realizes this would have been a very,
very, very hard thing to do all by itself. Sound leaks.
In tweaking a P.A. system, we can observe a very interesting phenomena as
the microphone feeds-back. It 'squeals' into the upper register, at
frequencies specifically dictated by the physical constraints of this box.
The 'feedback-eliminator' readily illustrates which precise frequencies
are being attenuated, and you can also find these fundementals by simply
measuring the space.
But, when we take a 'Lower than audible' tone and force it into a
feedback-loop, it builds into a roaring sound that ultimately manifests
itself in the low audible range, right before it either blows a huge
woofer, or the amp. The audience truly fears for their lives, (not just
for their hearing.) To attenuate this phenomena, just below that level,
MUST have been a serious vehicle of consideration to all the engineers
aboard this crew. It's simply an unavoidable front-end conclusion, and it
never diminishes throughout the modeling of their prerequisite
So let's say we find a native acoustical 'null' at 31.745hz. Halve it, and
you get 15.8725hz., which is clearly inaudible. Now, if you cascade your
munitions in relational floor-groupings, you might find that 12 groups,
consisting of 9.7666 floors each, creates the perfect symetrical 'vortex',
once attenuated at the prerequsite base-carrier frequency of 15.8725Hz.
Perched atop this great invisible waveform, we may find that the cubic
volume responds perfectly at base 12., corresponding to the 9'11.2" floor
'interval' and of course the 1/2200th second blast-wave, -or whatever...
This, my friends, is the only way to approach the math involved, and Jim
nearly discovered it by working from the cloud-form, backwards. So, while
this 'space-beam' sounds utterly implausible to some, it actually fits the
HAARP model perfectly. Still, that's not what we did here. Look at the
60-cycle humm. Look at the electric risers. Look at the double-grounded
sprinkler system!
Submitted by Tom-Scott Gordon on Sun, 11/12/2006 - 4:10am.
Hot tips for your 'Armageddon Party':
*Any 12 year old can take out an Eschelon satellite with pulsed microwave
-beams, but remember kids, the data-carrier is up around 12GHz.
*A phased-array of transducers can locally compete with HAARP.
*Dial: 14.2hz for Hysteria, 17.3hz for total Mayhem!
*Hatchets and tree-trimmers will 'fix' any problem you may experience with
your cable system.
*To disable a TV Network, just smash their LNB's with a brick!
*Save your 'hollow-points' not for people, but for cellular towers. It
makes a splashing display of contemporary art!
(By all means, use your creativity!)
The Star Wars Beam Weapon By Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds
last updated, November 28, 2006
[Note: References and Sources will be posted and figure numbers will be
corrected (in sequential order) when this paper is finished .]
(originally posted: October 17, 2006)I. Foreword
II. Introduction
III. Bathtub
·Design and purpose
·Evidence of no damage
IV. Earthquakes
·Results of January quake in NYC and the 9/11 signal comparison
·Kingdome vs. Twin Towers
V. Kingdome
·Bankers Trust
·WFC2 and WFC3
VI. Pulverized to dust
·What steel was shipped to China?
·Disintegrating material
·How much Dust would a building make?
·Kingdome Debris
VII. Holes
·Chaser beams?
VIII. Stray beams?
·Toasted cars
·Peeling appearance
·Other anomalies
·Bankers Trust
·Planes ordered to land
IX. Technique
X. Eyewitness testimony
XI. Is This Possible?
XII. Conclusions
I. Foreword
This website is under construction. Due to the seriousness of this issue,
we felt it was important to present the analysis and data as soon as
possible. (Following the murder of my student, Michael Zebuhr, an
extraordinary human being, I received an email stating, "we've done it
before and we will do it again if need be.") Therefore, expect this
website to be added to and updated over the next few days. Michael told
me, "Whatever happens, don't ever stop pursuing this. It's too important."
Michael, this is for you.
October 17, 2006, Ambrose I. Lane talks with special guest Dr. Judy Wood
about her evidence for the use of high-energy weapons in destroying the
WTC Towers. "We Ourselves" with host Ambrose I. Lane Sr. on The Power XM
Channel 169
archive, (mp3-1)(mp3-2)(mp3-3)
II. Introduction
If we are to understand what happened to the World Trade Center (WTC)
buildings, we need to start with the evidence. The best theory about what
happened to the WTC should explain all the real evidence.
So what types of evidence are available?
1. Current visual evidence (are the Twin Towers gone?)
2. Eyewitness testimony (What did witnesses of diverse credibility say
they thought they saw and heard, interviewed how many days after the
3. Physical evidence in the form of actual physical items (carefully
preserved?, chain of custody? tampering?, evaluation methods documented?,
access to materials by other scientists?)
4. Photographs (validity of the object(s) in question?, how placed there?,
subsequent tampering?, photographer?, chain of custody?, photo raw or
5. Video footage (same questions apply as with photos) and
6. Expert witness testimony (credentials?, credibility?, quality of
The quality, credibility and validity of different pieces of evidence
varies. The strongest evidence is physical evidence and the strongest
physical evidence is undisputed and corroborated by other evidence. Valid
physical evidence should form a consistent whole and yield an integrated
picture of what happened.
A nearly limitless supply of photos and videos of the actual destruction
and aftermath of the WTC event on 9/11 forms a rich database of physical
evidence. These photos, for the most part, are undisputed, mutually
reinforcing and consistent with other types of evidence. Only in rare
cases, like alleged molten metal flowing from an upper floor of WTC 2
shortly before its complete destruction, are photos and videos disputed
and uncorroborated.
Figure 01. The WTC twin towers towering over the skyscrapers of lower
The World Trade Center (WTC) towers did not "collapse" on 9/11/01; they
were pulverized (blown up) before that was even a possibility. Below, we
will discuss how this was done.
III. Bathtub
The World Trade Center was built on terra firma protected by an
underground "bathtub" or foundation ring down to bedrock seven stories
below the surface of lower Manhattan. This sturdy enclosure some call the
"slurry wall" shielded the foundation of the Twin Towers as well as WTC
buildings 3 & 6. According to Wall Street Journal architecture critic, Ada
Louise Huxtable, this structure "…saved lower Manhattan from the waters of
the Hudson River" (WSJ 9-28-06, p. D8). Many observers worried about
whether the wall would continue to do its job to prevent flooding but "To
the relief of the engineers, there is no evidence that the 70-foot-deep
retaining wall around the basements has been damaged or breached, although
the collapse of the towers left one section perilously unsupported."New
York Times (link) In the SPIKE TV documentary about the iron workers at
Ground Zero, one remarked, "You know, it was amazing, it didn't really
damage [that much] if they had fallen over sideways, could you imagine the
damage to Lower Manhattan?" (video1) (video2)

Figure 1. There was no significant damage to the bathtub on 9/11. This
picture looks west from the center of the WTC 1 footprint.
Source:Figure 2. WTC Station Platform after the event; this PATH train
wasn't crushed.
On September 11 the bathtub mysteriously remained without significant
damage despite two quarter-mile tall towers allegedly collapsing on it.
How did the bathtub avoid significant damage despite a million tons of WTC
material supposedly slamming into it? Even if no material directly hit the
bathtub, serious seismic impacts on bedrock would have damaged walls, wall
corners and tunnels under WTC leading under the Hudson River because of
motion similar to that caused by an earthquake. The bathtub was not built
to withstand such colossal impact, we may be assured, because New York is
not an active seismic zone (see Figure 20). Although a disputed number,
each tower weighed an estimated 500,000 tons and the official story
insists airplane damage and fires caused each tower to collapse
symmetrically into its own footprint. No bathtub structure could remain
unscathed after a mountain of quarter-mile high material was dropped on it
twice. The intact bathtub appears to contradict the official theory of a
gravity-driven collapse in which virtually the entire weight of the Twin
Towers would crash into the bathtub.
Figure 3 shows two diagrams of the PATH (Port Authority Trans Hudson) rail
lines from New Jersey under the Hudson and up into the bottom of the
bathtub of the World Trade Center. The south rail lines that run from New
Jersey and the north lines return to NJ. The base of the bathtub is
bedrock and the Twin Towers, rail lines and tunnels were anchored to that
bedrock. If the bedrock were dramatically shaken, fissures in the tunnels
would allow water to back up into the bathtub.

Design and purpose Figure 3. Slurry walls form water-tight bathtub.
PATH rail lines pass under WTC 2.
Even cracks in the bathtub would allow water inside.
Figure 3 shows an overhead view of the WTC with the PATH commuter railroad
lines under the Hudson, the walls of the bathtub in red and the subway
line adjacent to the main WTC bathtub indicated by the dashed blue line.
Figure 5 shows how stout the bathtub design was, and therefore how
important this strong structure was to the WTC. For example, the tension
tie-backs were embedded in 30-35 feet of bedrock. You can see many of the
ends of tie-backs sticking out on the west wall of the bathtub in Figure 1.

Figure 4. A more detailed map of the rail lines and WTC complex.
Source:Figure 5. Typical section shows placement of tie-backs during
construction. After concrete floor slabs were cured, tension on tie-backs
was released.

Figure 6(a). Map of the deep foundation (big bathtub) and shallow
foundation (little bathtub).
Source:Figure 6(b). Detail of the PATH WTC terminal and tracks.
Figure 6(a) shows the two bathtubs under WTC complex, with the Twin Towers
within the deep bathtub and buildings 4 and 5 mostly within the shallow
foundation. The subway went north-south through the shallow bathtub. The
figure also identifies neighboring buildings like the WFC complex, the
Verizon building, US Post Office, Bankers Trust and others. Note WTC 7 was
not in either bathtub. Figure 6(b) shows the loop that PATH trains take
within the big bathtub. Figure 7 shows a cross section of the WTC lower
levels. The PATH trains turn beneath WTC 2 and the station platforms run
parallel to the bathtub east wall, with the subway on a higher level on
the other side of the big bathtub.

Figure 7(a). Cross section of the WTC complex, highlighting buildings 2
and 3 and the seven subbasements. Note the shopping mall at the ground
level, on the right, below WTC4 and above the PATH and subway rail lines.
Source:Figure 7(b). An overview shows the PATH rail lines and terminal on
bedrock in the big bathtub. The subway line and platform are to the right
of the big bathtub wall, August 2005, no tracks or terminals were
Figure 8. The Ground Zero site as of August 2006, showing the location of
the buildings relative to the bathtub walls.
Adjusted from here:

Figure 8 shows an overhead view of the new PATH complex as of August 2006
at Ground Zero, with the west wall at the top of the photo. This gives a
graphic look at how large the PATH layout is within the big bathtub. The
rail lines and platforms remain in their original locations, suggesting
that the underground damage to PATH was not devastating (see Figure 2).

Figure 9. The nearly cleaned-out bathtub. (March 15, 2002)
Figure 9 shows Ground Zero and the big bathtub with the shallow bathtub in
the foreground, lending another perspective. Some superficial damage to
the top of the bathtub is visible in the foreground along the eastern
wall, beneath where WTC 4, a 9-story building, once existed.

Evidence of Little Damage
The big bathtub suffered only minimal damage. There was no functional
damage, only superficial: (source)
PATH trains resumed operation November 2003, only two years after 9/11.
Water is visible in Figure 2, for example, but there was no flooding from
the Hudson River, the water came from fire hoses cooling down molten metal
for 99 days [reference] and the water had to go somewhere.

Figure 10. No damage to bathtub.
Source:Figure 11. WTC Station Platform before 9/11.

Figure 12. WTC Station Platform after the event; this PATH train wasn't
Source:Figure 13. WTC Station Platform November 23, 2003.
Figure 11 shows a PATH train in the big bathtub before 9/11, figure 12
after 9/11 shows minor non-structural platform damage, probably water
damage, and figure 13 shows the updated platform and cars which look
rather similar.

Figure 14. PATH train tunnel shortly after 9/11.
Source:Figure 15. A clean bathtub.
Figure 14 shows a PATH train tunnel with no structural damage, probably
outside the bathtub. Figures 15 and 16 show a clean bathtub.

Figure 16. Overhead view of clean bathtub.
Figure 17. Four of the seven PATH train cars under WTC were not damaged.
Figure 17 shows a New York Times sketch of alleged damage to the
underground portion of the WTC within the bathtub. It seems odd that the
center of the PATH platforms were "not inspected or undetermined." Why?
Figure 2 above, for example, shows no structural damage at that section of
the platform, only water damage. We are not entirely confident that the
NYT sketch is an accurate picture of the damage pattern in the bathtub.
Interestingly, the west or Hudson side of each tower is damage-free,
according to the NYT. Also, the PATH tunnel entrances, rigidly connected
to the bathtub and bedrock, are "intact or mostly intact." Only three of
seven PATH cars were damaged. While NYT uses the term "crushed," it seems
unlikely that three cars could be totally crushed yet leave train four
cars intact (see Figure 2).
Outside the bathtub east wall and in the shallow bathtub, even the subway
suffered surprisingly little: -"Considering the devastation near the trade
center, and the fact that the tunnels were only five feet below the road
surface in some places, complete tunnel collapses were not as extensive as
some engineers had feared." Subway:

Figure 18(a). Warner Bros. store contents from WTC mall.
Source:Figure 18(b). Warner Bros. figures from WTC mall.
Figure 18(a) shows store contents from the Warner Bros. store in the WTC
shopping mall at the concourse level (first subbasement). Figure 18(b)
shows figures recovered from the Warner Bros. store at the World Trade
Center mall kept at hangar 17 at JFK international airport. Roadrunner
does not have a scratch on him despite surviving destruction of WTC 2
above him. As shown in the cross section Figure 7 above, the shopping mall
is the first floor to be impacted at the base of WTC 2.

IV. Earthquakes
New York is not located in a major earthquake zone (see Figure 19 below),
so designers would not anticipate designing and building with the
likelihood of surviving major earthquakes.
Figure 19. Earthquakes by location and magnitude, indicated by circles;
locations of seismographic stations shown by triangles.
Results of January quake in NYC and the 9/11 signal comparison
Figure 20(a) shows the amount of ground movement from a 2.4 Richter scale
earthquake that hit NYC in January, 2001. The data appear to be "raw,"
that is, unsmoothed and unmanipulated. For example, the amplitude of the
earth’s movement is nearly double the 8 micrometers of the diagram. Figure
20(b) shows a similar diagram for the destruction of WTC 1 on 9/11. The
data appear very different from those in Figure 20(a), smoother, fewer
spikes, less complex, and with no distinctive S and P waves…should also
have a delay between the two waves.
Figure 20aa. about P-waves and S-waves

Figure 20(a). Earthquake in Manhattan (S & P waves), Jan. 17, 2001,
Magnitude = 2.4.

Figure 20(b). The destruction of WTC1, Sept. 11, 2001, Magnitude = 2.3.
Does this diagram look similar to 20(a)?
Most importantly, the amplitude of the 9/11 disturbance is less than half
that of the January earthquake, despite a similar peak Richter reading. It
is almost as if the data from 9/11 have attenuated, that peak movements
have been reduced by some kind of filtering process. Does this difference
reflect real data, that is, differences in real phenomena accurately
recorded? Or have the data been filtered asymmetrically or differently? Or
have the data been completely manufactured? We do not know, but for the
sake of the analysis we use the Richter values reported. Could they have
been lower than reported? Yes.

Kingdome vs. Twin Towers
The Seattle Kingdome was demolished on March 26, 2000. Built of reinforced
concrete, it had a 720-foot outer diameter, a footprint of 407,000 square
feet, stood 250 feet tall and weighed an estimated 130,000 tons. The
implosion "created the equivalent of a magnitude 2.3 earthquake, with no
vibration damage to adjacent structures" (Liss, p. 108).

Figure 21(a). Finishing the interior of the Kingdome.
Source:Figure 21(b). Kingdome with the Olympic Mountains across Puget
Figure 21(c). Demolition of the Kingdome.
Source:Figure 21(d). The Kingdome left a debris pile 30 feet high, 12% of
its former height.
Figure 21. Here is a video of the Kingdome demolition. (mpg) (courtesy of
Portland Indymedia)
Each twin tower, by contrast, had 43,000 square feet, just over a tenth of
the Kingdome footprint, and weighed an estimated 500,000 tons, or nearly
4x the Kingdome. Both the footprint and the weight of the twin towers were
an order of magnitude different from the Kingdome, yet the
Lamont-Dougherty station at Columbia University only reported a peak of
2.3 Richter scale reading for WTC 1 and 2.1 for WTC 2, about the same as
the Kingdome.
Figure 22. Seismic record at Palisades, NY. The vertical axis is the
east-west ground speed in nm/s . The horizontal scale is time, showing a
thiry-minute interval. The top red line starts at 8:40 AM EDT and records
a siesmic disturbance at 8:46:26 EDT. At 9:02:54 EDT, there is a smaller
and shorter disturbance. The second line is a continuation of the first
line and begins at 9:10 AM EDT and shows no disturbance. The third line
begins at 9:40 AM and shows a major seismic event at 9:59:04 EDT. The
fourth line is a continuation and begins at 10:10 AM and shows a major
seismic event at 10:28:31 EDT.
UTC = Coordinated Universal Time, also known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
where 8:40 AM EDT = 12:40 UTC.
Although these data seem to be corrupted by unknown filters and a
complicit Lamont-Doherty will not release the raw data, a reading similar
to the Kingdome would be impossible if the twin towers were destroyed by
conventional means (bottom up) because much greater weight would have
slammed into a much smaller chunk of land and therefore would have shaken
the ground far more than the Kingdome did. Each tower’s collapse should
have registered at least four on the Richter scale given two orders of
magnitude difference between the twin towers and Kingdome dimensions. The
apparent fact that the Richter reading peaked at 2.3 and the disturbance
lasted only 8 seconds indicates an extraordinary high-energy weapon was
used top-down to preserve the bathtub and surrounding structures. And
where are the data from the other recording stations shown in Figure 23?
Are they being withheld?

Figure 23. Location of seismic recording stations in the New York City
V. WTC and Kingdome
Careful data on the Kingdome demolition on March 26, 2000 are available.
They allow us to estimate what the earthquake-equivalent impact of the
Twin Tower destructions should have been. The Kingdome data are pre-9/11
and unlikely to be politically corrupted.
Bedrock conditions are important in affecting earthquake-equivalent
(Richter) readings. If a structure is anchored directly to bedrock, its
demolition will yield a higher Richter than if it were not anchored in
bedrock. Why? Because if not anchored to bedrock, the energy released by
demolition is dissipated via the earth "cushioning" materials. If anchored
to bedrock, the released energy directly impacts bedrock, "pinging" the
earth directly without any dampening, allowing the signal to carry better
to recording stations. It would be like hitting your mattress with a
hammer versus hitting a tuning fork. Which one carries a stronger signal
to its base?
The Kingdome was not anchored in bedrock. If the Kingdome Richter value
was a 2.3 reading transferred through soft material, a building with 30x
the potential energy anchored directly in bedrock should have transferred
a much higher signal to earthquake monitoring instruments. Amazingly, the
south tower reading of 2.1 was lower than the Kingdome’s 2.3 despite the
tower having 30x the potential energy and being anchored in bedrock. The
difference in these Richter readings imply the Tower had only 60% of the
potential energy of the Kingdome instead of the real range of 3,000%, an
absurd implication. And the fact that the Towers were anchored in bedrock
means that the energy release should have rung through to recording
instruments loud and clear.
WTC Kingdome
steel (tons)100,000-
concrete (yd3)--
electric cables (miles)6,000-
heating ducts (miles)198
base dimensions (feet)208 by 208-
base (ft2)
Weight (tons)500,000130,000
Height (ft)1362, 1368250

(See Appendix A for data and data sources.)
Opening - Termination dates
(WTC1: Dec. 1970-Sept.2001)
(WTC2: Jan. 1972-Sept.2001)
World Trade Center Stats:
200,000 tons of steel
425,000 cubic yards of concrete
43,600 windows
12,000 miles of electric cables
Had its own zip code, 10048
Each Tower:
Had 110 floors
208 ft by 208 ft at base
Weight of 500,000 tons
1,368 ft high (north tower)
1,362 ft high (south tower)
Contained 198 miles of heating ducts
97 elevators for passengers, 6 for freight
Note: 425,000 yd3 x 33 (ft3/yd3)x (110)lb/ft3 x (ton/2,000 lbs)= 631,125
Assuming this value is for both towers, one tower would be 316,000 tons.
(March 27, 1976 - March 26, 2000)
(See Appendix A for data and data sources.)
Height of Dome: 250 ft. to apex;
Height of Cylinder: 133 ft., 6 in. to top ring
Diameter of dome: 660 ft., inner diameter
Site: 23.9 acres (includes building and one parking lot).
Building area: 9.34 acres.
Roof area: 7.85 acres.
Height: 250 feet.
Diameter: 660 feet (inside wall);
720 feet (encompassing outside ramps).
Volume: 67 million cubic feet within outside columns.
Exhibit space: 190,400 square feet (Arena & 100 level concourse)..
Structural steel: 443 tons.
Concrete: 52,800 cubic yards.
Building area: 9.34 acres
Roof area: 7.85 acres
Height: 250 feet
Diameter: 660 feet (inside wall)
720 feet (exterior walls)
Volume: 67 million cubic feet
Exhibit space: 190,400 square feet
Weight: 130,000 tons
Structural steel: 443 tons
Concrete: 52,800 cubic yards
Note: 52,800 yd3 x 33 (ft3/yd3)x (152)lb/ft3 x (ton/2,000 lbs)= 108,346
108,346 tons + 443 tons = 109,000 tons
From the Seattle Times
Dust choked downtown for nearly 20 minutes, blocking out the sun and
leaving a layer of film on cars, streets and storefronts. The dust cloud
reached nearly as high as the top of the Bank of America Tower and drifted
northwest about 8 miles an hour.
Carefully placed explosives - 4,461 pounds in all - collapsed the
25,000-ton roof like a cake taken out of the oven too soon. More than 21
miles of detonating cord exploded in a flash. The Dome's roof ribs and
columns looked like they had been electrified with lightning.
Rapid puffs of smoke followed, and the massive roof ribs that formed the
Dome's 20 arches buckled first in three pie-shaped wedges. Then came the
remaining three roof wedges, followed instantly by explosions in the
support columns and in the roof's tension ring, which had held the roof
together by exerting 8 million pounds of force around its base.
While nearly all of the Dome, which once weighed about 130,000 tons,
collapsed in on its own "footprint," chunks of concrete flew onto
rooftops. The force of the blasts broke windows at the Salvation Army and
Turner Construction buildings on Fourth Avenue South, and at F.X. McRory's
steakhouse on South King Street. Residents of the nearby Florentine
Condominiums had been taken to the restaurant earlier that morning, but no
one was injured.
A small army of street sweepers went into action moments after the blast.
Businesses around the Dome were quick to reopen, with little damage
reported. Engineers will survey adjacent buildings and structures over the
next few days to assess any damage.
The implosion registered a magnitude 2.3 on the Richter scale - a barely
detectable ground motion that naturally visits the region once or twice a
month. Scientists will use ground-vibration data from the implosion to
learn more about the Seattle fault, which runs a few blocks south of the
By afternoon, the job of pulverizing and hauling away the Kingdome was
under way, with hydraulic jackhammers breaking columns into chunks. A
couple hundred people gathered close to the site, taking pictures and
searching for bits of the building to take home.
The rubble is flatter than expected, only reaching about 30 feet high near
the perimeter of the 9-acre Dome site. The Dome once stood 250 feet high.
If the WTC had 425,000 cubic yards of lightweight concrete (72% the weight
of normal concrete), then there were 631,000 (?) tons of concrete in the
complex. This is a crude cross-check on the weight of the towers and the
WTC and suggests that 500,000 tons is not an exaggeration.
Note: 425,000 yd3 x 33 (ft3/yd3)x (110)lb/ft3 x (ton/2,000 lbs)= 631,125
Assuming this value is for both towers, one tower would be 316,000 tons.
If the Kingdome had 52,800 cubic yards of normal concrete, then there were
109,000 tons of concrete in the dome. Therefore, the 130,000 ton estimate
of the Kingdome’s weight seems reasonable.
Note: 52,800 yd3 x 33 (ft3/yd3)x (152)lb/ft3 x (ton/2,000 lbs)= 108,346
108,346 tons + 443 tons = 109,000 tons
The following account of the Kingdome demolition contrasts sharply with
the destruction of the Twin Towers, as shown below:
1. "Dust choked downtown [Seattle] for nearly 20 minutes" yet ultra-fine
dust plagued lower Manhattan weeks and months.
2. Dust "drifted northwest about 8 miles an hour," the pace of stragglers
at the end of a 26-mile marathon, yet people running full speed could not
outrun the pyroclastic-like dust from the Twin Tower destruction [see
Figure 86 on page 6].
3. "Carefully placed explosives—4,461 pounds in all—collapsed" the
Kingdome which would imply 17,158 pounds to just bring down a tower over a
quarter-mile-high but would not pulverize it nor guarantee falling within
its own footprint. If we adjust for the tower’s height of center of mass,
potential energy…67 tons of explosives would be required in this amount
imply a 3.5 Richter reading [insert chart], far above the 2.3 reported for
WTC 1 and equivalent to 67 tons of required explosives. Yet this would not
pulverize and would leave an enormous rubble pile to jackhammer into
smaller pieces, not in evidence.
Figure xx.
Adopted from this Chart Source:
4. Jackhammers?

Figure 21 (repeat from page 1). Kingdome video (courtesy of Portland
Indymedia): (mpg)
"Dust choked downtown for nearly 20 minutes" (not days?)
The dust drifted northwest about 8 miles an hour. (8 mph is about an
8-minute mile, the speed a straggler might be running on the last leg of a
26-mile marathon. In NYC on 9/11, no one could out-run the rapidly
expanding dust cloud. [reference]
The rubble height was 30 out of the original 250 feet height. 30ft/250ft =
110 x 12% = 13.2 stories for the WTC
4,461 lbs x (500,000/130,000) = 17,158 lbs = (40 people) x (10 lbs each
trip) x (43 trips).
But it's not pulverized, nor is it controlled into its own footprint.
Explosives only get the chunks down on the ground where they can be broken
up and hauled away,.
21 miles of detonating cord x (1368/250) = 115 miles of detonating cord,
extrapolating from relative height
" with hydraulic jackhammers breaking columns into chunks" =>> not
"...chunks of concrete flew onto rooftops?"
See appendix XX where only aluminum cladding landed on neighboring
Comparison of Potential Energy
If each tower was made of 100,000 tons of steel and had a total weight of
500,000 tons, then the steel is only 20% of the mass. So, if they
pulverize all but the steel in the lower 36 floors, then the lower 36
floors are fairly light. I went through those numbers and found it is 36
floors of only steel that is equivalent to the Kingdome's PE. I.e. The
bottom 36 floors of a 110 floor-building (where the entire 110 floors
weighs 100,000-tons) has the same PE as the Kingdome.
The Kingdome does not have its weight evenly distributed. There is more
density lower down, so one would expect the center of gravity to be lower
than the geometric center. This would produce a lower potential energy
(PE) than what I used. But, also, the WTC was heavier on the lower floors
than the upper floors, which would also produce a slightly lower center of
gravity as well as a slightly lower PE. So, the ratio of the WTC's-PE to
the Kingdome's-PE is a reasonable approximation.
We know that each WTC tower did not slam to the earth and register as a
3.8 Mag. earthquake. We also know that a lot of the building came down as
So, if we assume every floor contains 1/110th of the building's total
mass, the bottom 20 floors of WTC1, alone, have the same potential energy
as the Kingdome. But, when the event was all over, we didn't see the lower
floors stacked up like pancakes that had slammed to the ground. What
happened to all the concrete and marble? What happened to all the glass?
What happened to all the desks? But, what we did see was a bunch of steel
beams. So, if we were only left with steel beams, how many floors worth of
steel would have the same PE as the Kingdome?
The weight of all the structural steel in the building is 100,000-tons
[REFERENCE needed], which is 20% of the weight of the entire building. If
we assume every floor contains 1/110th of the building's total mass of
structural steel, just the steel in the bottom 36 floors of WTC2 has the
same PE as the Kingdome.
So, as an approximation, the structural steel of WTC2 makes up 36/110th of
1/5th the total mass of the building, or 6.5% of the building's mass. If
this mass is evenly distributed over 36 floors, it will have the same
proportional potential energy relative to the Kingdome that could be
expected to cause the equivalent of a 2.1 earthquake when it slammed to
the ground. Is this reasonable, considering the debris remaining after the
30X … log of 30 yields 1.5, which must be added to 2.3 Richter for
Kingdome to yield 3.8 Richter.
Figure 23(a). WTCFigure 23(b). Kingdome
Figure 23. WTC and the Kingdome with approximate Potential Energy (PE).
Log of 1 is zero…for WTC1 lower 20 stories,…yields same earthquake.
Figure 24(a). normal WTC1 floorsFigure 24(b). Kingdome
Figure 24. Twenty floors in WTC1 footprint with PE equal to the Kingdome.
(2/11th of the height and 2/11th of the mass of WTC1 would have the same
PE as the Kingdome.)
Log of 0.63 is -0.2…for WTC2 lower 16 stories,…yields 2.1 earthquake.
Figure 25(a). normal WTC2 floorsFigure 25(b). Kingdome
Figure 25. Sixteen floors in WTC2 footprint with PE equal to the Kingdome.
(14.5%of the height and 14.5% of the mass of WTC2 would have the same PE
as the Kingdome.)
Transition from total pulverization to gravity fall of large solids.
Figure 26(a) normal WTC2 floorsFigure 26(b) only the structural steel from
these floors
Figure 26(a). If 15% of the mass, evenly distributed over the lower 20
floors, (15% of the building's height). or (b) 6.5% of the mass of the
entire building's mass is evenly distributed over the lower 36 floors of
WTC2 (32% of the building's height), it would have the same PE as the

(a) normal WTC2 floors(b) only the structural steel from these floors
Figure 26(a). If 15% of the mass, evenly distributed over the lower 20
floors, (15% of the building's height) or (b). 6.5% of the mass of the
entire building's mass is evenly distributed over the lower 36 floors of
WTC2 (32% of the building's height), it would have the same PE as the
Bankers Trust
Figure 27. Note that solid debris appears to have hit only the lower half
of this 40-story building (Bankers Trust). However, the top few floors
appear to have had their windows blown out.
Figure 28. The tower is being pealed downward. Dark explosions shoot up,
while white ones explode outward. Above the white explosions the building
has vanished while the lower part awaits termination.
The World Trade Center (WTC) towers did not "collapse" on 9/11/01, they
were pulverized (Blown to Kingdom Come) before a gravity-driven collapse
was even a possibility. Below, we discuss how this was done.
VI. Pulverized to dust
The government maintains that the Twin Towers were each hit by aircraft
and the subsequent fires weakened the steel in the upper stories,
initiating a gravity-driven "pancake collapse," as illustrated in Figure
30. There are many problems with this hypothesis. The most obvious problem
with it is the near free-fall speed of the destruction of these buildings
(see Billiard Balls). A second problem is the paucity of remaining
material. Where are the concrete floors? Where is the office furniture?
Where is the office machinery? Where are the filing cabinets? Where is the
wall board? Where are the bookcases? They were not there, so most of it
appears to have turned to dust, as illustrated in Figure 31.
Figure 30. An illustration of what a "pancake collapse" would look like.
The rubble pile should be at least 1/8 of the original building height
Source:Figure 31. An illustration of what the actual destruction looked
like. The rubble pile was no more than 2% of the original building height.
Both towers went "poof."
Figure 32. Mostly unburned paper mixes with the top half of the Twin
Towers. As seen a block away, a large portion of the towers remains
suspended in air. This dust looks deeper than one inch. Most of the curb
looks filled in.

What steel was shipped to China?
It was widely reported that a substantial amount of WTC steel was sold as
scrap, put on barges, and shipped to China to be melted down. But Figure
33 shows how little steel was on the ground shortly after destruction of
the WTC towers. There is evidence that steel was transported to Fresh
Kills Island to be stored. This steel may or may not have been
subsequently shipped to China. But it could not be a large amount of steel.
Figure 33. The remains of WTC2 are in the foreground. Immediately behind
WTC2 is where WTC3 (Marriott Hotel) once stood. Where did it go? In the
background (upper-left) the World Financial Center (WFC) buildings have
blown-out windows and other damage. The remains of WTC6, an 8-story
building, towers over the remains of WTC1.

This photo is dated 9-13-2001. The sun is from the east (right side of
picture), so it appears this was taken on the morning of 9/13. While it
has been reported that much of the steel was removed from the site, sold
to China, and loaded onto barges, and sent to China to be melted down, the
steel could not have been removed this fast. So, if it was not shipped to
China overnight, where did the steel go? Most of it was not on the ground,
initially; so it had to have been suspended in the air.
Dustification of material
Figure 34. Building turns to dust.
Figure 35. Steel beams appear to disintegrate into steel dust.
Figure 36. Steel columns disintegrate into steel dust with WTC7 and water
tower in the foreground.

Figure 37. The same steel-dust phenomenon from another source and

Figure 38(a). A video clip of steel turning to steel dust. (gif)
Source:Figure 38(b). Another video of steel turning to steel dust,
although CNN’s Aaron Brown calls it smoke. (avi)(mpg)
Figure 39. (gif) People run by as steel "wheatchex" turn to dust and the
building turn to dust. This is not science fiction. (

Figure 40(a) (same as Figure 28). The tower is being pealed downward. Dark
explosions shoot up, while white ones explode outward. Above the white
explosions the building has vanished while the lower part awaits
Source:Figure 40(b). The building appears to be dissolving into powder. We
don't we see any solid parts of a falling building, here.
Figures 40(a) and 40(b) show WTC2 disolving into powder. An interesting
detail is what appear to be "bullet holes," with dense perimeters,
distributed throughout the dust cloud. These bullet holes seem to be at
the origin of the rapidly-expanding dust cloud.
(other examples)Figure 314(a).As WTC2 is destroyed, disintegrating steel
"wheatchex" showered down on WTC3, the Marriott Hotel.
Figure 314(b). Steel wheatchex turn into a brown blob. Small circles
identify a few bullet holes.

Figure 314(c). Large oval isolates brown"seahorse" shape in the zone where
the building appears to be coming apart.
Figure 314. Caught in the act!
(Note: This photo may be correct, but we are currently questioning the
authenticity of this photo because the source for it is the NIST report.)
Figure 315(a). One of Bill Biggart's last pictures, perhaps his next to
last picture.
Figure 315(b). Bill Biggart's last picture.
Figure 315. WTC3 was partly destroyed in bizarre fashion during the
destruction of WTC2. (Special thanks to Bill Biggart for this very
valuable piece of the puzzle.)
Figure 55(b). WTC3 was reduced to this 3-4 story high if narrow debris
stack. A lower section of WTC1's west wall lays across the West Side
(9/13/01) Figure 313. Most of WTC3 disappeared during the destruction of
WTC1. The pedestrian walkway over the West Side Highway was connected to
something that is no longer there. The remains of WTC2 can be seen near
the center of the photo and the remains of WTC1 are partly visible in the
lower right corner.
"Building vapor" wafts up from the WTC1 and WTC2 "piles." Where is it
coming from? It resembles steam off of a manure pile. It does not seem to
originate from a single point, but rises over a wide zone, like a haze in
a fairly uniform fashion.
Figure 41. Aluminum cladding and paper lay in the street, but where is the
steel? And why isn't more of the paper on fire? It won't be on fire for
long if that fireman gets his fire hose working. Why is it only paper that
survived and not office furniture and equipment? Most of this paper must
have been in steel filing cabinets and bookshelves.
The twin towers together had an estimated 30,000 computers for nearly
50,000 workers. So, 45,000 filing cabinets would not be an unreasonable
estimate. It is reported that 200 complete bodies were recovered out of
the nearly 3,000 victims, which is about 1/15th. At the same ratio, we
would expect 3,000 complete filing cabinets of the 45,000 should have
survived intact. Yet only one shrunken filing cabinet was reportedly found
(see figure xx).


Figure 42. Mostly unburned paper mixes with the (former) top half of the
Twin Towers. As seen a block away, a large portion of the towers remain
suspended in air. This dust looks deeper than one inch. Most of the curb
looks filled in.
Source:Figure 43. It's a pretty dark place!

Figure 44. WTC1 smoke obscures WTC 2 destruction. It's like a total
eclipse of the sun.

Figure 45. Does this look more like a pancake collapse, a volcano, or a
dust fountain "bubbler"?
Figure 02. The destruction of WTC2 envelops lower Manhattan in a blizzard
of ultra-fine dust.
Figure fruit. Dust covers an abandoned produce stand in lower Manhattan.
Figure 46. Scooping up the building.
Figure 47. GZ workers walk in thick dust atop the rubble pile, hardly
higher than the lobby level.
Figure 48. The black building in the foreground is the Bankers Trust
Building (130 Liberty Street), which has a total volume of approximately
28% of the total volume of one WTC tower. So two WTC towers had seven
times the volume of the Bankers Trust Building. How could seven collapsed
Bankers Trust buildings leave so little debris?
(182.5ft x 182.5ft x 40floors) vs. 2x(207ft x 207ft x 110floors)
How much Dust would a building make?

Figure 50. Ground-level view of the enormous quantity of dust wafting
skyward. Conventional demolition dust does not do this.
Figure 49. Satellite, color-coded image shows the enormous quantity of
dust from the WTC destruction.

Figure 51. This is a photograph taken from the International Space Station
at 10:30 AM on 9/11/01 (according to the source, at the same time WTC1 was
Source: (Note: This photo may be correct, but we are currently questioning
the authenticity of this photo because the source for it as well as
several questionable anomalies.)
If a WTC tower were completely turned to dust, how much dust might we
Suppose the building's materials were reduced to 10% of its original
Volume of one WTC tower = (207 ft)x(207 ft)x(1368 ft)
Dust Volume (from one WTC tower) = (1/10)xVolumetower (approx.)
One square mile = (5280 ft)x(5280 ft)
Dust Volume for one WTC tower (approx.) = (1/10)x(207/5280)2x(1368x12
inches) = 2.52 inches deep over 1 square mile,
or equivalent to 1-inch deep over 2.52 square miles.
An area of 2.52 square miles would be a radius of 0.896 miles. Note that
the area would include both land and water.
Suppose the building's materials were reduced to only 5% of the original
Dust Volume for one WTC tower (approx.) = (1/20)x(207/5280)2x(1368x12
inches) = 1-inch deep over 1.26 square miles,
An area of 1.26 square miles would be a radius of 0.634 miles.
These calculations suggest that the towers had enough material to yield
dust about an inch deep and cover approximately a square mile in lower
manhattan, plus the dust carried over the Hudson River, the East River,
Brooklyn, the Upper Bay, and into the upper atmosphere. So where did all
the dust come from? It looks like it all came from the towers.
Kingdome debris
Other WTC data are consistent with an intact bathtub and low Richter
reading. Conventional demolitions do not send dust far above the original
building height, contrary to what we saw at the WTC. Figure 52 shows the
Seattle Kingdome demolition.
Visual evidence and the comments of experienced scrap guys verify an
incredibly small stack.
Kingdome debris….

(a) The Seattle Kingdome.
(b) The Kingdome implosion starts.

(c) The right and left sides are "pulled" first to fold the building
(d) The dust expands.

(e) The cylindrical wall collapses.
(f) The dust barely goes higher than the original height of the Kingdome.

(g) The pile of rubble that remains includes all of the beams and
concrete. Contrary to the WTC, all of the valuable furniture and fixtures
had already been removed.
(h) The building wasn't pulverized. It was merely cut into nice size
pieces to load onto trucks. Look at how tiny the people are relative to
the rubble pile.
Figure 52. Here is a video of the Kingdome demolition. (mpg) (courtesy of
Portland Indymedia)
WFC2 and WFC3
In addition to the dramatic dustification of the WTC buildings, many
windows were blown out from the inside, as seen in Figures 29(a) and
29(b). The World Financial Center buildings (WFC) are on the west side of
West Street, across from the WTC. The Winter Garden, between WFC2 and
WFC3, was destroyed steel debris. However, WFC2 suffered no structural
damage to the facade, only blown windows. WFC3 suffered structural damage
to the southeast corner, but no steel beams hit above approximately the
20th floor. Figure 29(b) shows exercise equipment inside WFC2 where the
the windows are blown .
Figure 29. Note the blown out windows at the WFC. There appears to be no
other damage to the façade of WFC2 on left.Figure 299. (September 16,
2001) View from the WFC2 exercise room
VII. Holes
Buildings 5 and 6 had mysterious holes in them. Because of the verticality
of these holes, their cause could not have been conventional explosives.
WTC6, an eight-story building, lost about half of its volume and there was
remarkably little debris left at the bottom of building. What happened? No
one has attempted to explain these mysterious holes.
Figure 54. Every building that was destroyed had a prefix of WTC. There
was surprisingly little collateral damage to nearby buildings that were
not targeted. The WTC buildings that were not totally destroyed had
multiple circular holes visible at Ground Zero -- especially in buildings
WTC5 and WTC6.
Figure 55(a). Notice how straight the vertical holes were that cut down
through WTC6.
Figure 55(a) looks west/northwest. Notice the substantial steel debris
from the lower floors of WTC1 lying in the West Side Highway. This debris
fell short of damaging the WFC2 façade, which only sufferred broken
windows (see Figure 29). The diagonal path of the steel "wheat chex" in
the street look as if they leaned back, jumped out of the bathtub, tried
to do a pirouette, and plopped down in the middle of the West Side
Highway, almost ready for loading onto trucks. The coherence of this wall
from WTC 1 laid out in West street in single thickness suggests that
thermite was not used on this wall. Why? Because thermite would have cut
steel, sent it tumbling down, creating a scattered trash pile of steel,
and likely sending steel beams into adjacent buildings.
The north side of the outer wall of WTC1 is standing unsupported, leaning
toward WTC6. The east side of the remaining WTC1 wall appears to be the
highest standing section of unsupported wall that remains. A "pancake
collapse" would have crushed (destroyed, buckled) these outer walls, yet
they remain standing at attention like a soldier. The floors connected to
this outer wall seemed to have slipped away as if they had never existed.
How could the floors be torn away from the walls, while the walls stay
erect, unbuckled, and unsupported? It appears that that the floors were
pulverized and simply disappeared. There is debris at the lobby level near
the standing walls but there are no floor "pancakes" stacked up.

Figure 55(b). The remarkable "lay down" of steel wheatchex from the lower
stories of WTC1 on West Street (West Side Highway). The WTC3 debris pile
is in the background, next to the unsupported WTC2 wall.
Figure 55(c). The three steel wheatchex stabbed into West Street in the
foreground and the remains of WTC3 in the background, in front of the west
wall of WTC2.
Figure 56. This photo highlights the depth of the hole in WTC6. The
"smoke" or pulverized dust from debris appears to have diminished in
comparison to Figure 55(a). While there is abundance of aluminum cladding
on the roofs of buildings 5 and 6, there is little or none in the holes.
Figure 56 shows the remains of WTC6 just north of where WTC1 was standing.
The vertical holes in WTC6 (U.S. Customs Building) have the shape of
cylindrical core samples in soil. What could have done this? Explosives
(dynamite, RDX, etc.)? Thermite? Mini-nukes? Beam weapon? Whatever it was
produced vertically straight holes while doing little apparent horizontal
damage to the balance of the interior of WTC6. In addition, the parking
garage below WTC6 remained essentially undamaged, as Figure 1 on page 1
and Figure 304 below shows.
Figure 11. Banker's Trust, a 40-story building, had pulverized dust and
some WTC aluminum cladding on its roof -- plus some damage mostly confined
to its lower floors. This same pattern prevails in other damaged buildings
adjacent to the WTC complex. (See Figure 9, below.) This is surprisingly
little damage following destruction of 110-story buildings directly across
the street. Why is there no serious damage to the adjacent buildings above
the 20th floors of those buildings? Such damage is less than 20% of the
height of a Twin Tower. What would explain why this? Disintegraion and
pulverization into talcum-powder-sized dust above the 20th floors would
explain this.

Figure 9(a). WTC5 on the left, the U.S. Postal Service building, and the
two buildings to the right (north) of the postal building, have only
modest dust and a few pieces of aluminum cladding on their roofs. A jet
engine piece was found at the corner of Murray and Church Streets as
indicated in Figure 9.
(mouseover to remove red arrow)Figure 9(b). How could this piece fly
through WTC2, over WTC5 and two more buildings, drop into that
intersection by clearing the tallest building, land under scaffolding, not
gouge the street or any building and not bump into any scaffolding
supports? The Flight 175 engine piece apparently came in for a soft
Figure 10. WFC2 had only pulverized dust and WTC aluminum cladding on its
roofs. WFC2 suffered only window damage only to its lower floors, despite
the destruction of a 1/4-mile high building across the street.
Hole Locations
Figure 59(a).Figure 59(b)
Figure 59(a) maps the WTC area, with each WTC building, some surrounding
buildings, and streets labeled. Figure 59(b) is a photograph of the WTC
complex and surrounding buildings and streets from the same perspective.
Figure 57. Some debris has been cleared, but the pulverized dust is still
emerging. If most of the steel from the upper floors of WTC1 and WTC2 was
pulverized, then how much steel was really shipped as scrap to China? Does
anyone have these figures or the receipts?
Figure wall. A view over the dome of WFC2 shows the damage to WTC6 in the
center of the photo. To the left is the collapsed WTC7. Its debris stack
is at least five stories high. To the right of WTC6 is the remaining north
wall of WTC1 which leans toward WTC6. Where did the wall go? Where did the
top 100 floors of the north wall go? They did not fall on WTC6 or WTC7
because there are no steel wheatchex there. Some of the core of WTC1
remains, but where is the rest of the core? The amount of steel on the
ground barely covers the ground.
(Thanks to spooked for this picture.)
Figure 01. The WTC twin towers towering over the skyscrapers of lower

Figure Vesey1.
(9/11/01) Source:Figure Vesey2.
Figure lobby(a). The lobby of WTC1 before 9/11.
(Thanks to spooked for this picture.)Figure lobby(b). The lobby of WTC1
after 9/11.
Figure 63(a). Red box outlines the region of Figure 63.
Figure 63(b). Red box outlines the region of Figure 63 and locates WTC

Figure 63(c). Left, pitchforks/wheetchex dimensions, right, wheatchex
dimentioned in assembled group
Figure 63. This shows the vertical cut-outs in the center of WTC6. To the
left of WTC6 are the remains of WTC1. Note the fairly consistent diameter
of the holes. The holes are essentially empty: little debris visible
inside the holes. You can locate the object above in the large photo (top
center, near cranes) and use it as a scale. (click to enlarge)
Figure 63 above is an overhead view of WTC6. This photo shows not a single
cut-out but a cluster of vertical cut-outs that coalesce together and form
a scalloped border. No collapsed floors are visible at the bottom of the
hole and the heart of the building is gone. A bomb cannot do this. The
debris inside the building is minimal and it all is at ground level, no
deeper. The base of the north wall of WTC1 is to the left of WTC6, and you
can see the remains of a cluster of core columns in the center of the WTC1
footprint. The debris from WTC1 is almost non-existent, dwarfed by the
remains of the 8-story WTC6.
By contrast, look at Figure 59(b) above to to see how much taller than
WTC1 was than WTC6 before 9/11: 110 vs. 8 floors. WTC6 almost looked like
a one-story building prior to 9/11, because it seemed so small in
comparison to WTC1.
The vertical cut-outs in WTC6 approximate the shape of circles (viewed
from above), each with a diameter of approximately 24-feet, as measured
and calculated from the known dimensions of the steel "wheat chex." Where
did the core material of the building go? Was it disintegrated and
pulverized into a fine dust? If so, then how?
Figure 63z(a). Overhead view of WTC6, with labels at particular points
that identify the corresponding location in Figure 63z.
Figure 63z(b). The same photo rotated 180° more naturally matches the
corresponding points in Figure 63z.
Figure 63z. Inside the 8-story WTC6 hole.
(photo filed September 27, 2001)
Figure 63z was taken from inside WTC6. The vertical cut-outs seen in
Figure 63 do indeed appear to go completely to the ground floor, with
relatively little debris remaining. The number of floors within the
building can be counted and eight floors are visible (counting floors on
the far side, top-down, appears easiest). The evidence suggests that all 8
floors somehow were pulverized or "disappeared." What could be the cause?
Figure 62(a). Red box outlines the region of Figure 62.
Figure 62(b). Red box outlines the region of Figure 62 and locates WTC
Figure 62(c). Fuselabe part atop WTC5
Figure 62(c). Alleged location of fuselage part.
Figure 62. A close-up of WTC5 and its mysterious holes, shortly after the
Figure 62 shows the roof of WTC5, with considerable aluminum and some
steel wheatchex on the left (south) and top (west). What could cause these
holes? WTC5 is not adjacent to a Twin Tower, as WTC4 and WTC6 were. Thus
WTC5 was less likely to suffer damage from the destruction of a Twin Tower
than WTC4 and WTC6 were, as shown by Figure 75 on page 6. A piece of
aircraft fuselage was allegedly found on the roof of WTC5. Can you find
the fuselage piece in Figure 62? If not, you're not alone. When did a
fuselage piece shown in Figure 62(c) arrive on the roof of WTC5?
The fuselage piece in Figure 62(d) made popular by Popular Mechanics is
located between the two raised roof sections of WTC5. This location in the
large picture is identified by a circle and arrow in the small photo,
Figure 62(d). There is only one aircraft item, the rest is aluminum
cladding and other building debris.
Figure 61(a). Red box outlines the region of Figure 61.
Figure 61(b). Red box outlines the region of Figure 61 and locates WTC
Figure 61. The remains of WTC4, a 9-story building, are at the lower left
and the remains of WTC5, a 9-story building, are on the right. The main
part of building 4, a 9-story building, virtually disappeared, leaving the
north wing standing.
Figure 61 is a zoomed out view with WTC5 to the right (north) and the
remains of the north wing of WTC4 near the bottom. The main part of WTC4
disappeared with virtually no debris left on the ground. Additional views
of WTC4 are shown in Figure 78 on page 6. The "new" left-hand (south) side
of the remaining wing of WTC4 is remarkably vertical and linear, appearing
to have been cut straight down through the building from above. What could
have made such a straight cut through WTC4, slicing off a large portion of
the building?
Figure 60(a). Red box outlines the region of Figure 60.
Figure 60(b). Red box outlines the region of Figure 60 and locates WTC
Figure 60(c). Yellow box locates north wing of WTC4.
Figure 60(d). Yellow box locates hole in Liberty Street by WTC2.
Figure 60. WTC4 footprint at the bottom, the remaining WTC4 north wing on
the right, and the WTC2 footprint above.
Figure 60 shows the remains of the south tower and WTC4. The entire
footprint of WTC2 is visible, but no core columns are visible. The debris
stack is hard to assess, but we can see the base of the "trident" columns
(or "pitchforks" in the ground) at the lobby level. Seeing these exposed
"pitchforks" indicates that there is not much debris remaining from the
110-story building. Little of the main part of WTC4 remains. About 20
floors from the east wall of WTC2 lie in the place where WTC4 used to be.
Near the upper-left corner of the photo, the south wall of WTC2 leans over
Liberty Street, and the mysterious black hole in the street can be seen
through the missing wheatchex. This bizarre hole in Liberty Street appears
to be the same phenomenon as the holes in WTC5 and WTC6.
Going underground

Figure 302(a). Solid red box locates Figure 302.

Figure 302(b). Figure 302 is located in zone 2, above. Overhanging debris
was removed before ladder was lowered into hole 2.
Figure 302. Ground Zero workers near a stepladder in hole 2 in Liberty
Street, identified by the guide in Figure 302(b). The remaining wall of
WTC2 is in the background.
(photo filed September 18, 2001)
In Figure 302 there is some strange "toasted" steel. The worker by the
ladder stares down at several pieces of discolored steel beams, and may be
saying, "What the h**l is this?" There is a long red beam that rises from
the lower-right corner that looks wavy like a serpent. Before the steel
disintegrates, does it crinkle, become wavy, or shrivel? Near the tip of
the "serpent" described above, there is a vertical piece of material that
has a gold-copper appearance. Below the ladder, there are two similar gold
pieces that are highly reflective. The WTC2 shows a strange pattern where
the lower portion of a steel column is missing, but not its upper portion.
Was gravity acting up at that point? In the background, behind the ladder,
you can see a section of intact sidewalk with almost no debris on it. This
is at the base of the 110-story South Tower, yet the sidewalk was not
crushed by falling debris.
Now we're going below ground level so let's review what we've been told:
We were shown WTC7 collapsing in 6.6 seconds and it looked like a
conventional controlled demolition (CD).
Then WTC landlord Larry Silverstein dropped an even bigger hint about WTC7
having been "pulled," oddly enough by FDNY, just in case we missed it.
Then we were told about "raging fires" that melted steel, then that the
"raging fires" merely weakened the steel enough to cause a "progressive
We were also told that much of the steel went to China, so we should pine
for data we don't have instead of looking at the data we do have.
More recently we were told about molten metal pouring out of a window, a
story for which there are no eyewitnesses (yet).
And we no longer hear that all three buildings "fell down" but that all
three buildings "collapsed" in free-fall time.
After our credulity has been strained beyond all limits, why should we
believe that there were pools or even "ponds" of molten metal in the
basements? Where is the evidence?
Rising dust and vapor from zones in the rubble continued for weeks. This
phenomenon needed an explanation. Pools of molten metal provided a
plausible explanation, but is it a correct explanation?

Figure 300(a). Solid red box locates Figure 300.

Figure 300(b). Figure 300 is located in zone 2, above. Overhanging debris
was removed before ladder was lowered into hole 2.
Figure 300. GZ workers descend into the subbasements below WTC2. While
there is extensive damage, there is little building debris at the bottom
of the hole. There is no sign of molten metal. A worker in the distance
walks along a massive core column.
(photo filed September 18, 2001)
Figure 300 looks down into the basement of WTC2 in zone 2 in shown in
Figure 300(b). This is adjacent to the southeast corner of the bathtub
wall which was damaged at the top. There seems to be a wet floor or puddle
of water. There is no steam rising. There clearly is no molten metal
visible in this section of the basement.

Figure 303(a). Solid red box locates Figure 300.
Figure 303(b). Spacing of columns underground and approximate floor height.
Figure 303(c). Figure 303 is located in zone 1, above. Overhanging debris
was removed before ladder was lowered into hole 1.
Figure 303. This hole adjacent to WTC2 (zone 2 in Figure 303(c)) is
through sidewalk and pavement. This hole contains more debris than the
hole discussed in Figure 300 above. It looks as if the debris fell in the
hole. Note the scale, shown to the right.
(photo filed September 21, 2001)
Figure 303 shows a hole outside the wall of WTC2 closest to Liberty street
and exhibits a number of anomalous effects. One example is the missing
lower portion of that beam on the right end. The three outer columns in
the center of the picture have a strange flanged appearance as if they had
unfolded, and they look cooked. It looks as if a steel wheatchex dove into
the hole. The fact that you can only see the tip of the wheatchex shows
how far down the hole goes.
The WTC2 columns are "pitch fork handles" at the lobby level, spaced on
10-foot centers. A six-foot person could lay between the columns with his
feet against one column and reach out and almost touch the adjacent
column. Large cars and trucks can fit between these columns. Therefore the
column unwrapping effect is huge. Similar to figure 302, there are
"serpent-like" steel beam remnants hanging over the hole. They look as
though they stopped short of complete disintegration. The metal in the
lower right corner of the picture, with a camouflage appearance, looks
deformed and dissolved as if attacked by acid. There is a large amount of
material distributed throughout that looks as if it were run through a
paper shredder. In the lower levels, concrete rebar is exposed apparently
because the concrete attached to it was pulverized.
Figure 311. "Hmmm...where do we start looking?" GZ workers begin to search
in the mall in first subbasement level.
(photo filed September 19, 2001)
Figure 312. "OK, here we go. Let's just start looking." This photo was
taken inside the mall. The store sign "innovation" is visible on the left.
(photo filed September 19, 2001)
The GZ workers in Figures 311 and 312 are not crawling on their hands and
knees through dense debris in ruined subbasements. They are walking
upright and not ducking beneath low-hanging ceilings. Does this look like
a 1/4-mile tall tower crash-landed or pancake-collapsed into the basement?
The lower portion of the steel from the east wall of WTC2, shown in Figure
60, is spread over the ground where the main section of WTC4 once stood.
The mall is the first floor below all this steel, yet the mall was not
Figure 304. Why are they still hosing down the "pile" in March 2002? There
appears to be smoke, dust, or vapor rising from the pile. Why? The light
streaks across the photo appear to be reflections off the window of the
photographer's aircraft. (photo filed March 15, 2002)

Figure 309. The southeast corner of big bathtub is in the background. Why
are they hosing down the pile? A reader suggests that policemen are
waiting to do forensic investigation.
(photo filed March 15, 2002)
Figure 308. The southeast corner of the big bathtub again. Dust or smoke
rises from the pile. The workers are wearing respirators, not simple dust
masks, six months after 9/11. The dust or haze is very fine and does not
settle out like regular dust would behind a vehicle on a dirt road. The
policemen apparently are sifting through debris, looking for body parts
(photo filed March 15, 2002)

Figure Thermal(a). Thermal map taken _____ after 9/11. Zone F was the
largest hot spot.
(September xx, 2001)Figure Thermal(b). Thermal map taken ____ after 9/11.
(September xx, 2001)Figure Thermal(c). Solid red box locates the F hole
shown in Figure Thermal (a) and (b). This is the same location shown in
Figure 302 and 300.
Figure Thermal (a) shows thermal imaging of WTC shortly after 9/11 and F
is the largest hot spot. This would seem to be the most likely location to
find molten metal, yet this spot coincides with hole 2 as shown in Figure
300 above, where we found no evidence of molten metal. Instead it appears
to be a damp basement. Figure Thermal(b), (September xx, 2001), shows no
large hot spots and therefore casts doubt on stories of molten metal.
Vehicle dust kicked up on a dirt road does not take six months to settle
out. Dust from traditional controlled demolition settles out quickly, even
after being jackhammered and pushed around. But the dust at the WTC was so
ultra-fine that hosing it down would have been a wise thing to do.
VIII. Toasted Cars
A reported 1400 vehicles were damaged on 9/11. These vehicles had peculiar
patterns of damage and some were as far away as FDR Drive (about 7 blocks
from the WTC, along the East River). For example, vehicles had missing
door handles, windows blown out, window frames deformed, melted engine
blocks, steel-belted tires with only the steel belts left, and vehicle
front ends destroyed with little or no effect on the back end of the
vehicles. What could have caused such extraordinary damage? Portions of
cars burned while paper nearby did not.
Figure 64. Peculiar wilting of car doors and deformed window surrounds on
FDR Drive.
Figure 65. Map of lower Manhattan shows the WTC and FDR Drive a half mile
or more apart.
Figure 66. Toasted cars in a lot near the WTC.
Source:Figure 67. Blistered car on FDR Drive with unburned upholstery and
unburned plastic window molding.
Figure 68. Front half of a car burned with a shiny, unburned rear end.
Source:Figure 69. What burned and dragged these cars and mangled the left
rear wheel? Where are the door handles?
Figure 70. What was this thing across the street? Was it a car? Was it a
van? What caused that line of burn marks on the hood of the car in the
foreground on the right? In the left foreground, the remains of a vehicle
sit atop a white sedan. Are we looking at the front or the back end? It
looks like the front end and if it is, its engine is missing. We can see
daylight through the wheelwell.
Peeling Appearance
Many vehicles had their outer surface peeled away like a sardine can. In
some instances, clearly there is more than peeling paint was involved. It
appears that the sheet metal delaminated as though something caused the
material to melt or disintegrate at a certain depth. In some cases it
appears that there was more heat damage inside than outside and vice versa.
Figure 71. What happened to the axles, wheels, and tires? On the doors, it
appears that a heavy layer of paint peeled down from the top, yet the
paint on the lower part of the doors has not been peeled away. Wow did the
wheel get under the rear suspension?
Source:Figure 72. The car with the flat tire appears to have "wilted" from
heat, from the top down, leaving a peeling appearance on the back end. The
SUV on its right is missing all its window glass except for the
windshield. The vehicle on the far right has no trace of tires, no door
handles, no tail lights, and no windows. Why?
Figure 73. The peeling on the side door appears to be delaminated. Sheet
metal is not laminated, so why would it do this?
Source:Figure 74. Why does this ambulance have melted inside doors? The
inside looks to have suffered more heat damage than the outside. What
would cause that?
Figure 75. Oddly enough, there were also toasted cars at the Pentagon on
Source:Figure 76. This is the same vehicle shown in the previous figure
after the fires were extinguished. Why is the passenger door burned? Note
how the hood is curled up.

Other Anomalies
The pictures below document a wide variety of damage to vehicles,
including total incineration of vehicles, toasted and disappeared engine
blocks, steel-belted tires with no rubber and only steel belts, deformed
wheels, missing grills, broken and missing vehicle windows and mirrors, no
door handles, wilted doors, and unburned paper next to burning cars.Figure
firetruck. caption
Source:Figure hazmat.
(9/11/01) Figure 66(e). Why would the front of this fire truck wilt?
Source:Figure 66(h). Is there something attractive about engine blocks?
Why not fuel tank?
Figure 77. The building on the left appears to be the Post Office and the
building on the right appears to be WTC7. WTC5 is the building on fire at
the end of the street. The mail truck (parked on the left side of the
street) looks burnt. (Click on photo for enlarged view.) Why? If this area
is hot enough for spontaneous combustion, why isn't the paper on fire? The
cars on the right side of the street are also toasted. Why?
Source:Figure 78. Why is this windshield crumpled up? Curiously, the
interior of the car does not appear to have any foreign objects that came
through the windshield. Did the windshield explode outward from too much
internal pressure?
Figure 66(a). Cars along FDR drive were randomly toasted. These cars are
at least 1/2 mile away from the WTC towers.
Source:Figure 66(b). Wheels appear to have steel-belts from the tires
still on them.
Source:Figure 66(d). A steel-belted tire without the rubber
Figure 66(g). This fire seems to be very selective.
Source:Figure 66(f). If the chop-shop folks stole these tires, why would
they leave the steel belts of the tires?
Source:Figure 66(l). No door handle? But check out the new wax job on the
Figure 66(m). Wilted doors (among other things)
Source:Figure 66(n). No door handle on the wilted-warped door?
Figure 66(o). Why doesn't the paper burn?
Source:Figure 66(p). No window? What happened to the rear-view mirror?
Figure 66(q). Why is the rubber window gasket hanging outward?
Source:Figure 66(r). Sans windows. (But nice tire!)
Figure 66(s). Why is the paper shredded but nothing else apparently
Source:Figure 66(t). What blew out the windows without damaging the rest
of the fire truck?
Figure 66(u). The window gasket is on the outside. What blew out the
windows? What dislodged the front grill?
Source:Figure 66(v). It didn't blow out just the middle portion of the
windows; it blew out the windows all the way back to the frame where it
was mounted.
Figure 66(w). Hosing down the windowless fire truck
Source:Figure 66(x). Final cleaning of the windowless fire truck
Figure 66(y). Why is this car burnt?
Source:Figure 66(z). Why is this fire truck burnt and missing the front
Figure 70. From FEMA report: [Link(pdf)]Figure 71. Bankers Trust Building
on Liberty Street, across from WTC2. (FEMA picture)
Figure 72. From FEMA report: (Fig6-10.) Why is this beam shriveled up?
This seems to be a common theme. [Link(pdf)]
Planes Ordered to Land

Figure 73. Timeline of events
The timeline info to be moved to an Appendix-1]
a.m.): Rookie FAA Manager Bans All Take Offs Nationwide, Including Most
Military Flights? Mineta Asserts He Issues Order Minutes Later
9:30 a.m.: United Flights Are Instructed to Land Immediately; American
Follows Suit
(9:45 a.m.): Senior FAA Manager, on His First Day on the Job, Orders All
Planes Out of the Sky Nationwide
(After 9:55 a.m.): Langley Fighters Receive Vague Order to Protect White
10:31 a.m.: Military and Law Enforcement Flights Resume
10:31 a.m.: NEADS Does Not Pass Along NORAD Shootdown Order

IX. Technique
How'd "they" do it?
==>> What was the order of events and what were the events?
Here it is:
1. WTC5 (the warm up?)
In the Rick Seigel film, 911eyewitness, a broad and diffuse puff of
"smoke" is seen rising from "near the base" of WTC2, shortly before it
goes "poof." Could "they" have been warming up the gizmo, giving it the
final "proof of concept" test drive, using WTC5?
2a. WTC2
2b. WTC3 (the first part)
2c. WTC4
3a. WTC1
3b. WTC3 (finishing the job)
3c. WTC6 (the whole job?)
4. WTC7 (the encore presentation?)
Figure 74(a). Was the top deliberately tipped over? Note the diagonal
shearing of the building, ending at the upper right edge (upper blue
arrow) where it detonates as the building tips. In the video, there is a
large chunk of "wheatchex" that is left standing, momentarily. The
appearance is rather odd and warrants further study. Another tipping video.
(Note how good this face looks in this photo above compared to the photos
Jones uses of this same face that were to have been taken before this
photo was taken. )
In the above video, it can be seen that the initial detonations on the
left side are all along the floor that is pointed out by the red arrow. I
would expect that the floors which align with the lower blue arrow (on the
right)Figure 74(b).Figure 74(c).
With less stress (upper right arrow of Figure 74(a)), why is it failing
and why is it exploding?
A few years ago, I thought this was equivalent to, "oops, we got the wires
crossed." And, I thought it was an excellent "save." But now, from the
above videos, it is fairly clear that a "save" could not be orchestrated
withing the time in which this event took place. It must have been planned
this way! But, why?Figure 74(d). Demolition starts bad: the top 300 feet
of WTC 2 tilted as much as 23° before being Blown to Kingdom Come.Figure
74(e). No one had ever attempted to demolish a building nearly the size of
a twin tower, and smoke from WTC 1 helped to distract and cover up
problems in destroying WTC 2. Figure 74(e).
WTC2 "fell" first and the top tipped first, before it "fell." Why?
It appears that this was done to minimize damage. Note the following

Figure 75(a). Error zone for WTC1
(mouse over to remove error zone)Figure 75(b). Satellite Photo
(mouse over for building names)Figure 75(c). Error zone for WTC2
(mouse over to remove error zone)
Map adopted from
Realizing this is the first time a quarter-mile high building has been
destroyed in this manor, the "easiest" approach is desired in the event of
a learning curve.
Considering Figure 75(a), if WTC1 is destroyed first, it would be good to
stay away from WTC2 (purple zones right and down, Figure 75(a)) to avoid
complicating the situation for the subsequent job. However, if WTC1 tips
north, it risks damaging the Verizon building and WTC7. If WTC1 tips west,
it risks damaging WFC2 and WFC3.
Considering Figure 75(c), if WTC2 is destroyed first, it would be good to
stay away from WTC1 (purple zones left and up) to avoid complicating the
situation for the subsequent job. However, if WTC2 tips south, it risks
damaging the Bankers Trust building. But if WTC2 tips east (to the right),
it only risks damaging WTC4.
Because of its close proximity to WTC2, it can be assumed that WTC4 will
be destroyed anyway (collateral damage)(green zone). Similarly, because of
its close proximity to WTC1, it can be assumed that WTC6 will be destroyed
anyway (collateral damage)(green zone). So, to minimize damage, the
optimum choice would be to destroy WTC2, first, while tipping the top
portion to the east. If that tip of WTC2 is "Blown to Kingdom Come," the
remaining portion of the building may be more manageable.
How much to tip
If the top portion of WTC2 is allowed to tip to the east (where it can be
destroyed), the remaining portion of the building is a shorter, more
manageable, size. So, if one were to pick the level at which the building
would be "hit," the choice would be based on the maximum that would fall
withing the error zone ("spill-over zone" ). For WTC2, the error zone (or
spill-over zone) was much larger than for WTC1 (see above).
Figure 76. If WTC2 fell on it and squashed the main building, where is the
part of WTC2 that did this?
Figure 77(a). Near the corner of Church and Liberty immediately after the
event.Figure 77(b). Near the corner of Church and Liberty shortly after
the event.
Figure 78(a). Figure 78(b).
Figure 78. How can WTC2 falling on WTC4 pulverize both? It's unbelievable
what a clean cut there is, separating WTC4's north wing. If WTC2 slammed
into WTC4 with enough force to pulverize both, it certainly would have
produced an equivalent earthquake much greater than that of the Seattle
Figure 79(a). Figure 79(b).
The red circles show regions where there are holes into the
sub-basements. The purple circles show regions of probable holes.
Figure 80(a). Figure 80(b). Hole in the street picture
Figure 80(c). Holes
Figure 81. These look like healthy beams, not damaged/failed beams. These
folks are suspended only a few stories above the ground. (little to no
rubble pile below them)
X. Explosions
[explosive testimony: thank and reference DRG and quote sample testimonies]
Figure 82. Getting it started
Figure 83. Decoy squibs?
XI. WTC1 and WTC2 vs. WTC7
What does CD look like?
Figure 84(a). Scooping up the building.Figure 84(b).
Figure 85(a). Figure 85(b) Traditional CD doesn't do this.Figure 85(c).
Traditional CD doesn't do this. Figure 86(a). Figure 86(b).
Figure 86(c).
“Office fires can’t do that”
listen to (1:10-1:17) or (0:49-1:18) of "Blown to Kingdom Come"
Rubble pileFigure 87(a). Figure 87(b). Figure 87(c).
Figure 88(a). WTC6 from across Vesey street. WTC6 is an eight-story
building and it dwarfs the rubble pile of WTC1.Figure 88(b). You can see
the remains of WTC1 on the other side of WTC6. (WTC6 is in the foreground.)
Figure 89(a).Figure 89(b).Figure 89(c).
Conventional CD doesn't totally pulverize buildings
Figure 90(a). Indy's Market Square Arena goes out in clouds of smoke,
collapsed in less than 15 seconds. The blast was heard up to 25 miles
away. Monday, July 09, 2001
Figure 90(b). What remains of the Kingdome
Camelot! (Camelot is where it only rains at night and the leaves all fall
into neat little piles.)
Figure 91. WTC7. An excellent job, for sure! No parts spattered on
adjacent buildings.
Figure 92. WTC7 left a bigger pile than either WTC1 or WTC2
Note how small the people are relatice to the "pile."Figure 93. WTC7 was
not pulverized.
Note the remaining wall-board that remained.
Figure 94. This file cabinet "probably survived because it was in the
basement." Click on picture for video (courtesy of
(c) (d)
Figure 95. Note the print on these compressed pieces of paper.
XII. Eyewitness testimony
Interview Date: October 1, 2001
I guess that's North Park. It's a big green, grassy area, and there's
nothing there. As I was running up here, two or three more cars exploded
on me. They weren't near any buildings at that point, they were just
parked on the street. The traffic guys hadn't gotten a chance to tow
anything yet, cause this was all during the first hour I guess of this
thing happening. So there were still cars parked on the street that were
completely independent of that. Three cars blew up on me, stuff was being
thrown. I went home all bruised that day. Thank God it was only bruises. I
just ran into this park along with a bunch of other people, and stuff was
still blowing up, I don't think I looked back, but you couldn't see
anything, everything was just black. I was running and I was falling over
people, cause people were crawling on the ground cause they couldn't see
anymore. I just kept on running north. I could smell water, so I just kept
on running towards the water, cause I knew that my coat was on fire, and I
figured well, if I can see a boat over the water, I'm just gonna jump onto
the boat and take that thing to Jersey, cause no one wants to blow up
Jersey. Stuff is still blowing up behind me, as I'm running. I can hear
stuff exploding. I could hear rumbling, the street under me was moving
like I was in an earthquake. I've been in those, so I know what they feel
like. It felt like an earthquake. There was no where safe to go. As I was
running north in this park, and then I could start seeing again a little
bit, and I just kept looking in the sky. Cause the captain was saying
there's another plane heading in our direction, I was looking for another
plane. I saw something in the sky, it was a plane, but it was way out. It
looked like it was over Jersey or something, then it wasn't there anymore.
I saw a small fireball, and it was gone. I saw two other planes. One came
in one way, and the other came in the other way, and there was a plane in
the middle that was way far off in the distance. Then the plane in the
middle just disappeared into a little fire ball. It looked like the size
of a golf ball from where I could see it. And the other two planes veered
off into opposite directions. I just kept on running north. About fifteen
blocks later, I had no idea that that was just the first tower that had
come down.
We went across the lobby of the hotel, going north, and we exited and made
a right going towards the second tower, the south tower. We must have
walked about 100-200 feet to revolving doors, which led into a hallway to
where the mall was. I could see maybe 20, civilians and I believe Ladder
25, which was about another 100 to 150 feet ahead of us. As we came in
through the revolving doors, the lights went out. A second or two later
everything started to shake. You could hear explosions. We didn't know
what it was. We thought it was just a small collapse.
As I looked straight ahead of me, I saw total darkness. Everything was
coming our way like a wave. The firefighters that were ahead of us and the
civilians that were ahead of us totally disappeared. We turned around. We
were all pretty much within ten feet of each other: lieutenant, chauffeur,
roof, OV, can. As we turned around, I ran probably maybe ten feet and
that's when the body of the building or body of the collapse hit, and we
were flying through the air basically. I must have flown 30, 40 feet
through the air. Then total quiet. You couldn't breathe. You couldn't see
XIII. Is it Possible that Such Technology Exists?
Figure 96(a). microwave oven
First discovered 1945 by Percy Spencer
First Radarange 1947 by Raytheon.
Figure 96(b). Laser pointers are so common that they have become keychain
*First demonstrated in mid 1950s (1951, 1954, 1959). Figure 96(b). Laser
pointers are available in different wavelengths
*The "LASER" was in concept form as early as 1905 and 1917, but came to
the "proof of concept stage" in 1953 with microwave energy but not with
visible light until 1957. So, it was only fair to consider the range from
1953-1957 as the true "proof of concept" time. The concept was around
since 1917, but not proven. You can say that it was technically proven in
1953, but truly proven by November 1957 by Gordon Gould, graduate student
of Dr. Charles Townes.
References for this technology: here and here
Figure 97(a). This does not look like a prototype. (screen capture from
video below):Figure 97(b).
Iraq - laser weapons documentary Figure 98. Videos
References related to above video: Microwaving Iraq
The Tactical High Energy Laser, built by Northrop Grumman Corporation for
the U.S. Army, shot down multiple mortar rounds Aug. 24, proving that
laser weapons could be applied on the battlefield to protect against
common threats.
In tests representative of actual mortar threat scenarios, the THEL
testbed destroyed both single mortar rounds and mortar rounds fired in a
salvo at White Sands Missile Range, N.M.
THEL Multiple-Rocket Shootdown
In tests at the White Sands Missile Range, the Northrop Grumman-built
THEL, jointly developed by the U.S. Army and the Israel Ministry of
Defense, has shot down 25 Katyusha rockets, singly and in salvos.
Source:Northrop Grumman Figure 99. Videos of shootdowns using a High
Energy Laser
Video (wmv) The Star War in Iraq -- Maurizio Torrealta e Sigfrido
Ranucci, RaiNews 24
May 19, 2006 Transcript (rtf) Source: uruknet -- VideoLaser-based
unexploded ordnance
and landmine neutralization system
Source: Zeus-Sparta - "War from Space" -- (google video) -- (May need a
newer-version web browser.)
For more evidence, please see the information on the page, Appendix_2.
Could this have something to do with Zero-Point energy?
John Hutchison in "Free Energy - The race to Zero Point" Shows more about
the Hutchison Effect and footage of it in action. Levitation of objects,
fusion of metal and wood and other bizarre effects.
Why did Donald Rumsfeld, in January 2001, have a premonition predicting
9/11?In January 2001, a commission led by Donald Rumsfeld warned of
growing threats to U.S. space assets from so-called "rogue states." The
commission cited the dangers of a Pearl Harbor-style attack in space. It
recommended that the President be given the option of putting weapons in
space to protect U.S. assets. The article noted that Rumsfeld, upon taking
over as defense secretary, "put in place many of his commission's
Source: FAS, other
Figure 100. There are a lot of wavelengths here to choose from (i.e. it
need not be just one frequency).
XIV. Conclusions
Here are the principal data that must be explained:
The Twin Towers were destroyed faster than physics can explain (free fall
speed "collapse")
The protective bathtub was not significantly damaged by the destruction of
the Twin Towers
The rail lines, rail cars and tunnels had only light damage
The WTC mall survived well, witnessed by Warner Bros. Road Runner and
The seismic impact was minimal, far too small based on our comparison with
the Kingdome controlled demolition
The Twin Towers were destroyed from the top down, not bottom up, unlike
The upper 80 percent, approximately, of each tower was turned into fine
dust and did not crash to the earth
File cabinet with folder dividers survive
Office paper was densly spread throughout lower Manhattan, unburned, often
along side burning cars.
Vertical round holes were cut into buildings 4, 5 and 6, plus a
cylindrical arc into Bankers Trust and into Liberty street in front of
Bankers Trust
All planes but top secret missions were ordered down until 10:31 a.m.
(when only military flights were allowed to resume), after both towers
were destroyed, and only two minutes after WTC 1 had been destroyed
Approximately 1,400 motor vehicles were towed away, toasted in strange
ways during the destruction of the Twin Towers
The order and method of destruction of each tower minimized damage to the
Twin Tower control without damaging neighboring buildings, in fact all
seriously damaged or destroyed buildings had a WTC prefix, and no others.
The north wing of WTC 4 was left standing, neatly sliced from the main
body which virtually disappeared
The WTC1 and WTC2 rubble pile was far too small to account for the mass,
unlike that of WTC7
Eyewitness testimony about toasted cars, instant disappearance of people
by "unexplained" waves, a plane turning into a mid-air fireball and
electrical power cut off moments before WTC 2 destruction, the sound of
The possibility that a technology exists. Since invention of the microwave
for cooking in 1945 and laser beam in 1955*, commercial and military
development of beam technology has proceeded apace, so use of high-energy
beams are likely
What theories are available to explain these phenomena?
We can identify seven theories:
Natural causes such as earthquakes and hurricanes
The official theory of airplane impact, fires and weakened steel collapsing
Conventional demolition with explosives such as RDX, dynamite, etc.
Demolition via thermite or its variants
Fission or fusion nukes (and clean bombs)
Beam weapons
No one proposes that an earthquake destroyed the Twin Towers from the top
down. The theory is contradicted by nearly all the data above. For
example, no earthquake can toast cars in inexplicable patterns.
In fact, the data refute theories a to e–natural, arson, official,
conventional and thermite demolition–in particular the intact bathtub,
minimal seismic impact, and "dustification" prove nothing close to 1
million tons of material slammed down on the WTC foundation and its
sub-basements. The debris stacks left where the Twin Towers once stood
hardly covered the ground. The rescue dogs and workers did not climb up a
tall pile but had to repel down to search for survivors. The arson and
thermite theories fail to explain every data point, but all the unburned
paper in particular refute any high-temperature base hypothesis.
The nuclear theory fails because an explosion powerful enough to turn most
of each tower to dust would have seriously damaged the bathtub, probably
flooded lower Manhattan, and spiked a high Richter reading. It violates a
number of data points, including the observed top-down disintegration. And
if a nuke were at the top, it could not progressively destroy lower floors
and there were only a few steel beams tossed onto adjacent buildings and
none above the 20th floor. Lots of aluminum cladding was tossed onto
neighboring buildings’ roofs but no steel beams. How could a nuke be so
selective? It could not. Nor can a nuke explain the toasted cars.
All the data are consistent with a beam weapon. Take the round holes in
buildings 5 and 6. A high-energy weapon by definition could cut into
buildings, destroy material and leave discreet boundaries in the
buildings. We have know of no other explanation that has been offered for
these peculiar holes. Similarly, some 1,400 cars were toasted in
inexplicable patterns, and no alternative explanation to energy wave
reflections has been offered. As Sherlock Holmes declared,
"When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains,
however improbable, must be the truth."
XV. Acknowledgements
The authors wish to thank a number of people for their help in solving
this mystery. We especially want to thank Bill Biggart's widow, Wendy, and
his good friend Chip East, for sharing with us those last photos taken by
Bill Biggart along with the story about them. Somehow, I know that Bill
knew just how valuable those pictures would turn out to be. Thank you Bill
Thus, the weapon appears to have bored through the building to the ground
level – but no farther. Removing a significant portion of the mass of WTC6
left a more manageable problem to remove the remainder of WTC6, which was
a tricky challenge to avoid damaging the bathtub and parking garage
[reference from S].
Final note:
Figure 101. But, clearly the bathtub survived. This is a view from the
footprint of WTC1. Notice the parking structure that was under WTC6

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