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Fascist Racists try out new PR arguments.

From the enlightened intolerance to overall hate

Bastian Engelke 05.March.2007

Again western intellectuals discuss the correct handling Islamic migrants. If they should call to armed fight, volunteerrs would be available - in Weblogs like “Politically Incorrect” they celebrate the new racism.

In the past weeks under western intellectual ones a debate broke out again over correct handling Islam and Islamism. The book report “Murder in Amsterdam” of the British-Netherlands author Ian Buruma and their recommendation in [externally] the New York Review OF Books by Timothy Garton Ash. After both had warned to meet the fundamentalism of the religion with a “fundamentalism of the clearing-up” the French philosopher Pascal Bruckner excited itself about [externally] a “racism of the anti-racists” and attacked the multi-cultism, in which he sees a “legal form of the apartheid”. Again once on the side before an overall enemy explanation toward Islam is warned and deliberation is demanded, while one sees a new fascism, which one may not meet with “Appeasement” up-pulling on the other one. Meanwhile off academic discussions some cannot expect it already to send all Muslims into the desert.

Reason and liberty bear no compromises, [externally] stress the Swedish writer Lars Gustafsson in its contribution to with [externally] and [externally] led debate. Each humans must give a clear answer and decide for or against her. In this sense it energizes the formulation of a “logic of the tolerance”, whose principles should read in such a way:

[Image] The tolerance in relation to the intolerance leads to the intolerance.
The intolerance in relation to the intolerance leads to the tolerance.

If Gustafsson marks, which is both sentences “from a future philosopher to still prepare”, responds it thereby indirectly a danger, which the representatives of the “enlightened intolerance” ignore or survey either: The confrontation of culture areas, is it in shape of states or of individuals in the roads of a city, takes place in the long run not between philosophers. The plakativen stereotyped one about, which spends Pascal Bruckner, seem less suitable to carry a enlightened debate than a dark enemy picture Islam to strengthen:

The more one before the radicalism of the bearded back-yielded, the more sharply becomes their tone. Appeasementpolitik makes it only hungrier. Hope that sympathetic consideration will disarm the blanks, misses to each basis.
Pascal Bruckner

“Bearded” and “Ruffians”, which are armed and obviously resemble with their hungry animals. What does one do with animals? Bruckner seems too forgotten before loud dreaming over the tradition the clearing-up, which antienlightenment forces are in the west at home, which above all the strange-hostile component such stereotyped one possibly comes straight quite.

[Image] Why does the Federal Republic actually worry about this disease? (...) And the German Joe Sixpack pays the whole play and the support up to the end of life of the Mr. K. ““I even so far would probably go to call it parasite. Do I lie there wrongly? Am I now a racist? Only because I am annoyed at it, to have to also still through-feed such scum?” “Outrageous is that this louse breed is explained still as the top-priority case.” “In place of the US-americans I would have given rather a measurer crop and a shave to the Mr. Kurnaz. Pore low. At the best one with the submachine gun.

These remarks on the affair around the Murat Kurnaz, which was shown in the young world from 25 January, tortured in [externally] Afghanistan and Guantanamo, originate not at all from generic term cures Internet forum of drunk skinheads from the rear province, but from comments in the popular Web log [externally] Politically Incorrect (pi). The young world continues:

[Image] The way from the upper floors of the society to the dirt of this kind is short. Who would like, arrives at Politically Incorrect over a left of [externally] the homepage of the mirror journalist Henryk M. Broder or in reverse - directly from pi to Broder.

Also one would not read with neo-Nazis, what is written pi on banners: “Pro American”, “pro-Israeli” and “for Basic Law and human rights”. But evenly also and above all: “Against islamizing Europe”. The latter corresponds accurately to the password, which spends Bruckner, if he echauffiert himself over the “Abwiegler”, “Europe the Islam to adapt wants instead of in reverse”. Which concerns the adjustment against the Mainstream, the proximity does not only point to the star of the political Inkorrektheit, Henryk M. Broder (winner of this year Frankfurt Ludwig Börne price, only Juror “focus” - editor-in-chief Helmut Markwort) that pi takes up and radicalizes a current of the spirit of the time, which is not at all so far distant from the Mainstream. Finally numerous recommendations of books of prominent German and international authors tell of the fact that one does not stand there with its theses alone (and that Amazon does not have to object anything to this selling organ). An extensive link list refers to a substantial municipality of more or less Gleichgesinnten. Even the search machine Google usually endeavored around political neutrality gives its consecrations to pi - the Blog is one of the intelligence sources of Google news.

This can be tested comfortably, by starting a search for the word [externally] Dhimmi there. “Dhimmi” one calls Monotheisten, which [externally] wait with reduced right status and are on the part of the state protected” in the Islam according to Wikipedia “. With pi it is an insult word for Westler, which capitulate in the eyes of the operators before “islamizing Europe”. It becomes involuntarily sow Irish, if the Turkish reference is worth a message on a small sausage box that contents do not contain [externally] Schweinefleisch, over the “Dhimmitum” of the manufacturer, whose products should avoid “German customers (...) in the future better”, which a commentator does not buy trefflich with “with the Dhimmi” on the point brings.

With the quoted Hasstiraden and force fantasies it does not concern exceptions, particularly since they must come from a master readership and be de-energised Erstkommentare. After a policeman was together-struck by presumed Muslim young people and pi reported, a commentator gave the advice [externally] to the police:

[Image] Gummiknüppel out and firm drauf. If that does not help to pull yet, service weapon, and then aimed new nostrils warn to punch warning shot…

Another [externally] meant, it had to finally take place “an adjustment of the police methods to the risen endangerment. Rather strike I 10 Blagen to Krüppeln than believing even to.” After another case, in which Muslim young people than force authors arose, [externally] one recommends: “And thus the others take one exhausted”, or [externally] also: “Okay, slowly becomes it time for self law. (...) For such types no punishment is too hard. If the public prosecutor's office it distributed (sic), are not we as citizens in demand.” Another sets “young people” into stating lines, as if one can be not so safe, with which one has to do it, and [externally] recommends:

[Image] These “young people” must be into Camps, where they experience times Ernst of the life. There the head is washed to them that the whole Mohammed and honour rubbish lost go and then one should it into care families or homes hand over. So one could possibly still which useful from those make.

The hate is directed radically and overall against Muslims. One [externally] means, the “Kulturbereicherer shut” - an ironical name for Muslims, common with pi - but will “normally does not slam the knife to pull without preliminary warning”. Mohammed is frequent [externally] the speech, [externally] a “Gewaltunhold” of the “Kinderficker” or [externally] “child violater”, which has “the total war desired [externally] . One [externally] complains, he has “meanwhile already a physical dislike against Muslims. If I only see a head cloth, becomes bad me.” Another [externally] means apodiktisch: “The Islam did not earn a tolerance.”. Other one [externally] explains still more simply: “The Islam embodies almost perfectly the conception of the bad one.”

Muslims are [externally] a “mobilization”, which one creates oneself “from the neck” must, [externally] “Gesindel”, [externally] “Hinternhochbeter”, [externally] “Kulturverwüstlinge” and [externally] “migration garbage” (sic), Allah, which [externally] lies and pray-reprimands “liking gladly God from [externally] the desert”, “, where it only goes”, the Islam is [externally] a “anticonstitutional world view”, [externally] a “society system”, which is “structurally in an intolerant manner, discriminating against and violent”, or also [externally] “brain laundry large sparkling wines”.

Expressly the Islam is meant - not the Islamism or the Islamic fundamentalism. The term Islamism is a politically correct idiom, [externally] it is said , which ignores, “that the so-called Islamics those is, which convert the Koran literally”. Therefore is it “protects” Islam, which is radically, oppressiv and violent. Referring to the social context, in which force and suppression take place, are made ridiculous as Gutmenschentum. The question about causes is considered already as nicking. The act of violence, which can be understood only as manifestation and precipitation about group conflicts meaningfully, is reinterpreted in a ore-racistic short-circuit to the constant nature characteristic as hostilely noticed group. [externally] Pi ideology: “do not have the one civilization and culture and the others”.

Next side: Anti-Islamic racingism, stranger hostileness, which disguises itself as clearing-up and itself uninhibited the right stereotyped ones servedforward

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