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Theodolites to Battery Park !! (New York, 911 terror video)

print flyers and take them with your camera to Battery Park in New York, to the place of the location of the soon to be erected "tv fakery memorial statue".

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Do you remember seeing this video in our television?

Executive Summary:

Where was the camera-man standing who filmed famous CNN video of the 9/11 767 airplane crashing into the south tower of the world trade center. EASY! We use the two buildings (19 West Street - and - Whitehall Annex) as a iron-sight (rifle-aiming-device) and pin-point the spot. Since people who walked into Battery Park could not find the spot -- we will try to help. Really, however, it needs a surveyor with a theodolite and some mathematics to proof it beyond doubt. (You can walk into the park but you cannot believe your eyes ;-)

Surveyors, theodolite-owners please step forward!

Most of the VIDEO EVIDENCE and pictures and maps is located here:

... what follows is only additional information.

Go to

OK, now you have seen the conundrum. Naturally many people have questioned (and insulted) the "conspiracy theory" consequence, namely that the video was faked. But was it really?

Feel free to distribute this photo-sticker widely!

CNN plane crash wtc tv fakery noplane hezarkhani amateur video 911 footage

more links:
Manhatten from Jersey City:

Downtown Athletic Club at 18 West St.--will be now known as 20 West St.

19 West Street!
orange brick, 162,3m / 534.0ft, 35 floors
Yes, it seems to be 19 West street, because 21 West street seems to be the buidling this photo: is focussed upon.
a list of many NYC buildings:

Whitehall Building 17 Battery Place at West Street
(yey, they have a still from the Hezarkhani CNN faked airplane video!)
The twenty-story Whitehall Building
Height: 259 ft (79 m), floors over ground: 20, erected: 1904 Architect: Henry Janeway Hardenbergh

Whitehall Building Annex

Height: 424 ft (129 m), floors over ground: 31, erected: 1911

Now we can estimate the angle!


The Whitehall Building


Downtown Athletic Club (19 West St.)
518 ft. high

Whitehall building
259 ft

Whitehall building annex
424 ft.

One World Financial Center
577 ft.

Three World Financial Center
739 ft.

Greenwich Club Residences
427 ft.

90 Washington St.
27 floors (couldn't find the height)

Bankers Trust Building
(aka 130 Liberty St./Deutsche Bank Building)

517 ft., scheduled for demolition

As you can see in my crude graphics, the viewing angle is 20 degress.

Funny that when I enter 534 feet and 70 degrees (180-20-90=70)
it comes out at 1476 feet, and from the (seemingly precise) google map
it places the camera right on the water's edge, the VERY SAME spot
that the VISUAL RESEARCHERS found for the matching position.
(trees are in the way)

A S A (angle, side, angle)

ANGLE A (top of 19westSt) 70 degrees
SIDE c (height of 19westSt) 534 feet
ANGLE B (bottom of 19westSt) 90 degrees


SIDE a (Opposite Angle A)= 1.4672e+3
i.e. the distance between the bottom of 19westSt
and the Camera-position is approx 1467 feet.

Some speculation:

... it seems the camera position was exactly at the edge of the water (ground level)
Maybe modelled to be 6 foot above ground, near the water's edge.

I was amazed to find 1467 feet being that exact point.

Why did the VR operator omit to model the trees correctly?
You know, military types don't like flora and fauna;
... to them they are "just biologics".
And they know why! Biologics move, grow, bend, discolour, cause strange light-reflections and noises, some dolphins even outsmart you.

More links you can try:
Here and Here and Here and Here and Here

So, what happened to the planes?

We don't know! By law the NTSB has to investigate, but there has been nothing for 6 years... ABSOLUTLY NOTHING!!

"The Safety Board does not plan to issue a report or open a public docket."

I think they are embarrased, just look at their OFFICIAL REPORT (pdf):
Me thinks they could have entered a few more details, huh?
"Date of Last Inspection" seems important and innocent enough, no?

Shanksville: N591UA

Pentagon : N644AA

South Tower: N612UA

North Tower: N334AA

The NTSB is required by law to investigate, but maybe the FBI is above the law?

But maybe we'll find the actual position of the Hezarkhani Camera yet...
is anyone of you guys in New York, or know anyone?


Do I understand you right in that you can (preliminary) exclude the cam-position being on a cherry-picker (however unlikely) ?????

Interesting that you asked ...

Here's something interesting,


Not only is the Bankers Trust bldg. (the black building) too low in the shot on the right, but the top of the Downtown Athletic Club (red bldg.) is a bit lower as well (the differences in the heights of the Bankers Trust bldg. are more pronounce because that building is much farther away).

The camera position is too low (or something else is screwy). Actually, you can estimate about how high above ground level a camera would have to be to match the CNN footage. This is really rough, but it's more or less to scale (the difference between the blue [CNN] line and the red [leafless trees shot] line is exagerated)...

Comparing the CNN shot and the other still, it looks to me like Bankers Trust is around a floor and a half higher in the CNN shot - so what's that - 12 or 15 feet? To get the building to rise that much in relation to the Whitehall building the camera holder has to go up more than that, since he's farther away. I'm guessing he'd have to be 20 - 25 feet in the air or so? Conversely, to get the vertical height of that building to come up by moving back, he'd have had to back up considerably more than that - 70 or 80 feet? Going out that far over the water would seriously goof up all the sight lines.

I realise that this is the opposite of what I said yesterday, but I'm starting to suspect that whoever took this CNN footage may have actually been on one of those boats while it was moored to the shore, maybe on the top deck in the back. I don't want to rule that out.

Here's what made me reconsider - when I said this:
For example, moving the sight-line onto a boat would result in the center of the Harriman Building crossing through the middle of the far-right air conditioner fan (I assume that's what those are?), when the CNN shows the sightline passing right of the midway point between the middle and right fans. There's not much room to fudge.
I was wrong. It's the opposite. Moving the sight onto a boat would move that sight line a little to the left, not over the fan like I said (I was mixed up and probably a little drunk). (IMG:
In fact, that line should really cross a little more toward the center of those two fans.
Also, I sort of struggled with how far up on the Whitehall building to bisect. Notice that the buildings lean backward in the yahoo image and forward in the pre-911 image, but they lean to the left in both. You can see what I mean here:
I had to eyeball how high up on the Whitehall building to bisect. If I was off by even a pixel or two, and the lines should have bisected the building a touch higher, then that would move both of those lines ever so slightly to the left.

But we're only talking a few pixels here.

So to answer your question, I can't exclude that a cherry picker was used, or even that he was on a boat (providing he was right next to the shore). The sight lines I drew are a pretty good indicator of position, but that CNN video is pretty blurry and there is some margin for error and, since they are based on a birds-eye view they aren't very reliable for saying much about height.

BTW, thanks for the Jersey photo - too bad that dang tugboat's in the way (!)

Posted on Aug 16 2007, 07:14 AM
good side shot from jersey city, see my blog, there is a link to high res:
(look for JERSEY)

About your intersecting iron-sight vectors:

see, weren't you astonished?? ... and astonished to match the point that our friends got with the crappy photo-camera and the wonky video camera?? With the ONLY spot [same as yours, same as mine] matching!!!

HAVING TREES block the view ... Isn't that spooky?

Yep, on a boat would mean 20ft further out AND UNDER WATER

On a boat AND 10ft above ground = no match.

Do I understand you right in that you can (preliminary) exclude the cam-position being on a cherry-picker (however unlikely) ?????

Anyway, thanks for vindicating us... (qualified preliminarily ;-)

So, who is going to phone a surveyor and New York newspapers for a LOCATION SHOOT?

Let's say trees are in the way, couldn't have grown etc .. and we get published.
What is their fallback positions?

IMHO the beauty of this TVfakery proof is that there is none. ANY HINT of fakery is catastrophic for the perps. There is fallback positions for EXPLOSIVES in the WTC
AL QAEDA planted the bombs, would you believe it! Bush said it, how weird!



Original Post: Unravelling The Fake Take on Fakes

Factfinder General on Thu Aug-16-07 06:10 AM

There's some big questions being asked about the 911 plane impact videos and for good reason: the planes have been added to genuine footage of missiles penetrating the towers and then exploding, and that is beyond doubt, IMHO.

This is an important truth and of course such a truth will not be allowed to surface unhindered: Lo and behold, here comes the "No Buildings" Brigade to poop in the old punchbowl.

On numerous blogs, sites and YouTube videos, a clip of "fake" film footage is being "exposed" as totally fraudulent, the whole video mind you, not just the plane but also the buildings. This video that is the focus of these stunning "revelations" and which is providing the foundation for the burgeoning "No Buildings" movement, is the Michael Hezarkhani, CNN "Ghost Plane" video.



Certain people are pushing the idea that this video is proof of a "Media Hoax", because not only the plane is a fake; according to the No Buildings Brigade, the buildings have all been faked also to make a completely false composite.

The concept of faking the buildings is illogical (i.e. the concept is poop) and thus the truth of the No Planes Position (i.e. the punchbowl) is thus being compromised by a classic counter intelligence trick. When the poop is discovered, people are "put off" drinking from the punchbowl. So, I say that we had best put a bung up this jolly old "cointelpro" ass before it's too late.

Now the No Buildings Brigade have boldly come forward with the following proof to support their contention: No one, allegedly, can point to where the film was taken from, so it couldn't have been taken from anywhere. Heck, someone even recently phoned the videographer and he wouldn't tell on the location either. That obviously settles it for some people.

But wait: I can show anyone who is wondering where the video might've been shot from, EXACTLY where it was shot from.

You genuinely want to know? Well here, let me break it down for you all:

Now, many people have noticed that the well known "Carmen Taylor" photos seem remarkably similar to the Hezarkhani video. That's because the Taylor stills are joined at the viewfinder with Hezarkhani's video tape (literally as we'll see) so whatever clues we can glean from Taylor's evidence, directly relates to our Ghost Plane Video and vice versa.

Carmen Taylor Photo:

Michael Hezarkhani Still Frame:

More Carmen Taylor photos here (Note: This is a tribute collection and only the middle six photos are by her, starting with the close up of the Tower and following. The others are by photographers unknown, from different locations.)

The Taylor pictures, when compared to the Herzakhani video, reveal to anyone who understands the principles of visual perspective, that the still photographer and the videographer were standing side by side with Taylor slightly to the right of Hezarkhani as they faced their subject matter. It is also obvious, to the trained eye, that the same computer graphic model was used in both stills and video. It is an identical fake plane with identical visual incongruities.

This actuality of the side by side positioning of the two lensmen is easy to affirm using a simple visual perception principle here: the principle of line of sight. This is the factor that we will be using throughout this "unravelling" exercise and it's real easy to understand.

If you have two poles, one behind the other, and you are standing straight in front of them, you have a head on view, or sight line, and one object will be directly in front of the other. If you move to the side, the objects will begin to separate (diverge) as your line of sight changes to a different angle of view.

I think that's about all you'll really need to understand in order to follow all this (please let me know if you have any questions, however.)

For example: take a look at the Taylor Photo compared to the Hezarkhani Still Frame. Notice that though the heights of the buildings are all about the same relative height to each other, there is a slight gap between the brown brick building and the WTC1 Tower building in the Taylor photograph (we'll give all the buildings their proper names a little later on in the piece).

That is because Taylor is standing slightly more to the side of the buildings than Herzakhani, thus causing the buildings to separate a little bit more. Seeing as the Tower block at the back has diverged to the right that means Taylor is standing more to the right. It's easy isn't it?

The fact that the buildings are the same relative height to each other in comparing film still with photo, means that the lensmen where both shooting their subject from about the same height. This makes sense seeing as they were standing next to each other on what we can presume is a level surface and it is probably safe to say that they were only a few inches different in height.

OK, so with that out of the way, and having established that the two lensmen were standing side by somewhere, let's listen to what the official line is, on where Carmen Taylor took her photos from:

"Amateur Photographer Captures Attacks

By CAROLINE BYRNE, Associated Press Writer

Amateur photographer captures NYC attack. (AP Photo/Robert Bukaty) NEW YORK (AP) - Carmen Taylor had boarded the ferry to Ellis Island and was snapping photos of the Manhattan skyline Tuesday when the sky exploded.

"We thought it was fireworks," said Taylor, who had borrowed a Sony digital camera from her son for her five-day visit to New York from Ft. Smith, Ark.

Taylor, who works as an auditor in a nursing home, captured United Airlines Flight 175 as it shattered the south tower of the World Trade Center complex, just 18 minutes after American Airlines Flight 11 smashed into the north tower.

"I looked up again and this plane went by so I just put my camera back up. That's when the second explosion took place," she said.

"We were terrified. We were wondering if the Statue of Liberty was the next target and that's when people started streaming out of their buildings," Taylor said.

Taylor got off the ferry and showed her digital photos to the swarms of dazed office tower workers. One man suggested Taylor use his office nearby to e-mail her pictures to her local television station KHBS.

Two of her photos, one showing the scene just before the plane hit and the other immediately after, were distributed worldwide by The Associated Press."

Now we can infer from the fact that the article states that: Taylor got off the boat and showed the digital pictures to the dazed office tower workers, that the ferry boat never left the dock and that the boat was stationary when Taylor took the photographs of the Tower explosion. At least so the article would have us understand.

We can easily test the merits of all this info using our sightline trick, but before we do let's see what info there is as regards to where the Hezarkhani video was taken from:

The NIST report: NIST NCSTAR 1-2 WTC investigation an page 53. states that Hezarkhani took his video at ground level, from near the Castle Clinton National Monument. It also indicates that the camera person was south of the subject matter and facing in an easterly direction.

Now interestingly enough the Ellis Island Ferry docks just outside the Castle Clinton National Monument. See here:


Now let's acquaint ourselves quickly with the landmarks within the video and photographs: Furthest back we have WTC1 and WTC2. In the foreground is the Whitehall Building that sits on the borders of Battery Park:

Whitehall building


Sandwiched between the Whitehall Building and the WTC Towers is the

Downtown Athletic Club


The other important visual landmark is the group of foreground trees that are visible in some of the photos and in the later portions of the video.

Now consult the location of these landmark details on a map such as:


and cross refer with other maps:


WTC and surrounds

then relate that to an aerial shot of Manhattan, like this:


Then, if you refer back to the original video and photo material and compare, by paying particular attention to how the edges of the buildings align, you'll begin to develop a clear understanding of the direction the camera-persons had to be pointed, in order for the buildings to have stacked up together in the particular way that they did.

Now to find the distance from the object that the camerapersons where at, you can again refer to photographs. Using differently angled shots to cross refer and verify, you can gain an understanding of this position by replicating the necessary sightline, following it from the buildings and tracing it down to its root.

Locate the particular buildings in your photo, draw a line through the relative heights of each building and follow that line from building to ground to get a reasonably accurate understanding of how far away the camerapersons where standing from the buildings in order for them to obtain the necessary relative heights present in the shots.

(Manhattan skyline Government exhibit graphic)



Any which way you project it, in my estimation, the sightline points to the same place again and again and that place is the docking place for the Ellis Island Ferry that we can see in the downshot of the Castle Clinton National Monument.

Though the Towers were no longer standing when this next shot was taken, one can clearly imagine that if you were standing on the deck of the right hand ferry, you would be perfectly placed to take the shots in question:


As a matter of fact here's a shot taken from an almost identical location to where Taylor and Herzakhani must have been standing, i.e. from a docked ferry near The Castle Clinton National Monument:


Link to large:

Judging from the placement of the buildings, using the sightline principle, Taylor and Hezarkhani would have been just a bit more to the right, but the relative heights of all the landmarks to each other including the trees is a perfect match.

Here's a typical ferry:


Now the ferries start departing for Ellis island from 9:00am most days.

Getting to Ellis Island
"The Circle Line-Statue of Liberty Ferry provides transportation to Ellis Island from Battery Park in New York and Liberty State Park in New Jersey from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily, with extended hours in the summers." <>

It is safe to presume that Hezarkhani and Taylor knew what time the impact was scheduled, and thus it would be easy for them to arrange to be standing on one of the decks of a docked ferry, with their equipment at the ready, in the perfect place at the perfect time.

Now we know Taylor didn't just email her picture from a random Manhattan office worker's computer as the official story suggests. She first had to have the plane digitally composited into the now famous photo.

In this regard, I suspect that Taylor and Hezarkhani actually departed on the boat after the explosion and rode to the Government run Ellis Island where they availed themselves of the museum facilities:



"The park is administered by staff of the National Park Service and the United States Park Police.
A park superintendent assumes overall responsibility for park operations, resource protection and visitor services." <>

There in the safety and security of the this Federal facility, the necessary technicians could conceivably utilize the park facilities to quickly put together the fake photos and video ready for public consumption.

"This exciting family research facility at Ellis Island provides visitors with advanced computer and multimedia technology, printed materials, and professional assistance for investigating immigration history, family documentation, and genealogical exploration." <>

Of course, all this existing computer technology could have easily been supplemented for a specialjob!

Now this very well may have been the HQ for Fake Plane Vids that day. It is a strong possibility IMO.

So, In summary:

All due respects to the No Buildings Brigade, but the buildings were real and the location was as officially described: On or near an Ellis Island Ferry, docked at the harbour just outside the Castle Clinton National Monument.

Now what the Perps don't want you to know is that the two camera persons were standing conveniently next to each other and then later, the same Computer Graphics model was used for the compositing. If, as I suspect, the compositing was done on Ellis Island, the Perps are not going to be too forthcoming about that either.

But hey, knock yourselves out and phone and ask someone. You never know, they might just decide to unburden their conscience.

"Did He who made the lamb make thee?"

DoYouEverWonder Thu Aug-16-07 07:43 AM I doubt that the Ellis Island Ferry would have left the dock for Ellis Island once the attack began. The one part of NYC's emergency response that actually worked fairly well was all the available passenger boats started taking people to NJ. Even if Mike and Carmen wanted to go to Ellis Island, the Circle Line wasn't going to be taking them there.

Besides there was no need for Carmen and Mike to leave lower Manhattan to 'develop' their photos. Fairbanks already admitted that he went with the FBI to an office on Church Street before he did his TV interview right after the attack. I would look for the rest of the video team to have to have made a 'pit stop' either in the same place or somewhere similar.

Reply #2: You may have a point but...

Factfinder General Thu Aug-16-07 08:00 AM the Ferry may have made a special trip. The conspiracy was vast, after all! (There's a great movie that will NEVER get made, lurking somewhere in all this!)

I just think that it's suspicious that they were on a ferry that happens to route direct to a Government building with media friendly computer facilities. Everything was planned for speed of execution. Carmen Taylor had that photo out on the AP pretty damn quick!

Maybe there was multiple teams. I suspect that is probably the case, especially in regards to the huge discrepancies between all the videos.

"Did He who made the lamb make thee?"

Reply #3: FFG, please look at this thread at Pilots for 9/11 truth forum:

painter on Thu Aug-16-07 09:43 AM

You may have to join to see that page as it is in a forum that 'guests' can not see but members can. We'd love to have you. (I am an admin of that forum -- please not the posting rules pinned in that forum.)

It took three pages of postings to get there but we have corroborated your point, IMO. My only question in what you've posted above is whether or not there even WAS a second camera person. When I follow the link to the Taylor image, the middle one of the plane about to strike looks to me to be a STILL from the video itself -- not a camera photograph. SAME ZOOM RATE. Identical. Not a 'close' match. IDENTICAL.

Best, "painter"

EDIT: hit 22 instead of 11 'doh!'

Who ever controls your perception of reality controls you. Whatever you believe to be true about yourself and your world will be the basis from which your values and actions will be determined.

Reply #4: Her "photos" have been exhibited alongside Handschuh's however:

Factfinder General on Thu Aug-16-07 10:16 AM There is a whole sequence of them too: check supplied link. I believe that the uncanny resemblance is because the duo stood side by side and used same CG plane model. The extra divergence between buildings in the still shot means side by side, and not the same (pretty unequivocally, IMO).

There is other instances of Vid/Still Duos operating in exactly the same way.

More to discuss later. Cheers!

"Did He who made the lamb make thee?"


Reply #5: thanks for posting this, FF.

Frumpth of Julember Thu Aug-16-07 10:31 AM I am fairly new to this but have felt all along that there is something fishy about the events of that day. But there is SO much info out there that would require a full time effort to try to understand and I have been left far behind so take this suggestion as coming from a noob.

If the two photographers were standing very near each other, as it is suggested in the OP there is a slight difference of angle/view.

perhaps too slight to notice a change of view in the plane itself but can the plane be isolated from each pic, enhanced, contrasted, etc., whatever an image editor has as a tool to define/redefine the shape - to see if this slight angle difference is some how evident in the actual plane?

Reply #7: You appear to be right.

painter Thu Aug-16-07 11:34 AM I did a quick overlay of a screen-shot of the AVI file over her photograph. I've made the AVI with a transparency of 50% and scaled it and rotated it to match up with the top of WTC1. This throws the other buildings off. I wasn't able to stop the AVI at exactly the right moment, but close.

They were VERY close together.

Who ever controls your perception of reality controls you. Whatever you believe to be true about yourself and your world will be the basis from which your values and actions will be determined.

Carmen Taylor's pit stop

DulceDecorum Thu Aug-16-07 10:34 AM

Sunday, September 8, 2002
(Carmen) Taylor traveled to New York with a friend who had to go to the city on business. On Sept. 10, Taylor played tourist, using her son’s digital camera to record her visit. The next day, she took photos so she could share her experiences with her family.
“There was only one thing going through my mind as it was happening. I thought I cannot believe this really happened. If I can’t believe it, how can my family believe it? So I thought, ‘I’ve got to get these pictures home,’” Taylor said.
After leaving the Ellis Island Ferry she had been riding, Taylor used a nearby office to e-mail the photos to Fort Smith television station KHBS. She later made them available to The Associated Press, which distributed them worldwide.
A photo of United Flight 175 just before it pierced the south tower has won several international photojournalism awards, including a National Headliner Award from the Press Club of Atlantic City, N.J., and a Clarion Award from the Association for Women in Communications.
The Fort Smith Art Center will host an exhibit of Taylor’s photos from her New York trip beginning today. Many haven’t been seen before.
“Since I was in Battery Park (south of the towers), I was getting a completely different view of everything. The crashing. The people running.
“If anyone had tried to photograph a person in distress, they would have seized their camera, so I didn’t get photos of people,” Taylor said, though she did remember shooting a photo of what seemed to be a homeless man removing a dead pigeon from a curb and placing it on a bush.
Taylor had done commercial photography in a career long ago, taking pictures of tools in various stages of construction. She also worked at the Arkansas Educational Television Network before going to work for the Beverly Enterprises nursing home chain’s internal auditing department. She said she was laid off during recent Beverly cutbacks.

Carmen Taylor 911 photo

(Posted: January 3, 2001)
Seven individuals have completed 108 hours of instruction to complete the American Management Association’s Certificate in Management through the College of Business and Industry at Westark College.
Those receiving the certificates and their places of business include Patrice Dennis, Ennen Eye Center; Leslie Harris, Sebastian County Judge’s Office; Teia Kelly, Pregnancy Crisis Center; Julie Murray, Meek Manufacturing; Carmen Taylor, Beverly Enterprises; Alisha Wallace, Ennen Eye Center; and Cindy Woods, Klein Tools Inc.

..... In addition, David Friend, creative development editor with Vanity Fair magazine, will come to the UA Fort Smith campus on Sept. 29 for a noon book signing of his book, “Watching the World Change — The Stories Behind the Images of 9/11.”

..... On 9/11, Carmen, a tourist on her first trip to New York City, was waiting in line to board the State Island Ferry for a tour of New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty. A couple standing in front of her mentioned that their nephew worked in the north Trade Center tower. "Just as she points up there," Carmen recalled, the upper floors of the building seemed to erupt in light and smoke "like sparklers." The first plane, which they could not see because of their position south of the buildings, had just collided with the north tower. "We thought it was an internal explosion, (as if) a Xerox machine went off or something. None of the people in my group thought anything (serious)."
To occupy her time and her mind while the other tourists spoke among themselves, Carmen took out her digital camera and focused on the buildings around her. Soon, she spotted a plane, which she took to be some kind of military aircraft. She turned her lens toward it and caught the plane at the very instant it entered the south tower.
"Nobody's ever going to believe this," she kept repeating under her breath. Immediately, she felt she had shot something historic and that she needed to share her sequence of images with friends back home in Arkansas. So she approached people in the street, hoping to find someone who might help her upload her photos onto the Web. A complete stranger, Doug Haluza, offered her his office computer. "We were lucky enough to get a phone and an Internet conection," she recalled. Within 15 to 20 minutes of the second plane's attack, she e-mailed her series of images--the plane's approach, the plane suspended a split-second before impact, the resulting fireball--to her favorite morning television program, "40/29" on KHOG-TV, the local ABC/Hearst affiliate near her home in northwest Arkansas.
The news team at KHOG, after asking Carmen numerous questions to confirm the authenticity of the photographs, decided to air her tail-view shot of the aircraft, left wing cocked skyward, the instant before it disappeared into the south tower's facade. Throughout the day, requests from media organizations and wire services would come in from across the country--to the TV station, to her New York hotel room, to her home phone in Arkansas, where her husband, Lynn handled the inquiries. Many of the callers wanted exclusive rights to publish or to "represent" Carmen's pictures. "We're just down-home rural people," he averred. After hours of fielding calls, Lynn hired an attorney to assess the offers and the rights issues. He deferred to his wife, respecting her admonition: "Just don't profit off this."
After Carmen answered what she described as overly "pushy" calls from one newsweekly and one upstart picture agency, she chose to partner with the Associated Press, which promised to syndicate her work in a dignified manner. AP sealed the deal by dispatching a man on a bicycle who, she remembered, arrived at her hotel and asked her to scrawl out her consent, in long-hand, on a stray piece of paper.
Carmen's image would appear on television and on Web sites, and in newspapers and magazines around the world. Over the next two or three years, she would visit Arkansas schools and stand before civic groups, showing her photos and explaining what she had witnessed. But she would soon become disgruntled when listeners seemed disinterested in the events of 9/11. New York, al-Qaeda, urban terror attacks--these topics seemed irrelevant to many of her neighbors living relatively secure lives on the Oklahoma border. "I've spoken to a 20-year-old recently," she noted, "who said, 'What is Ground Zero?'" In response to attitudes like these, she decided to organize and curate an exhibition of pictures about September 11 and its aftermath by two dozen amateur and professional photographers. Her show, "Five Years From Ground Zero," opened last month at the University of Arkansas in her hometown of Fort Smith.
Carmen Taylor is now hoping to raise funds to travel the exhibition to other learning institutions in smaller towns so as to inform less-informed Americans about what she calls "the truth of the events."

It appears,
at least from reading the prose of David Friend,
that our Carmen resides in Fort Smith.

Doug Haluza appears to be a glider enthusiast (see last photo)
who is/was employed by a firm called Lexent Metro Connect, LLC.

Nov 15, 2002 - By Kelly Jackson-Higgins
It was a lesson in business continuity for Lexent, a New York-based provider of electrical, fiber optic and security-systems infrastructure. What had been a long-term strategy to convert to VoIP (voice over IP) quickly became a priority in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
Lexent, whose employees thankfully were not in harm's way at the company's lower Manhattan headquarters and other offices near the World Trade Center, had to relocate its operations group to a mothballed site in Long Island City when the group's building lost power in the wake of the disaster. Lexent officials were impressed by how quickly Cisco Systems, the company's VPN equipment vendor, was able to get VoIP up and running for other displaced businesses downtown.
..... The problem began when Lexent was setting up the IPsec tunneling between the VPN in Hicksville and the PIX firewall at headquarters. Lexent's technicians configured the tunneling to terminate the VPN tunnels from the Cisco 4224 router at Hicksville onto the firewall.
"There was no hardware accelerator in our firewall, so anytime IPsec did anything on the firewall or it got busy, it started jitter on the voice packets," says Doug Haluza, director of engineering and new technology for Lexent.
Haluza and his team installed an additional Cisco 3640 router at headquarters and rerouted the IPsec tunneling from the Cisco 4224 router in Hicksville to the new box rather than to the firewall, and the jitter disappeared.

The Lexent group's building lost power in the wake of the disaster.
When did THAT happen?
Before or after Carmen Taylor sent out those pics?

Originally published September 12, 2001
Lexent Inc., a New York company that helped rebuild fiber-optic cables in the trade center after the bombing there in February 1993, was gathering information from telecommunications companies whose systems were damaged, including wireless transmitters on the roof.
"It's a major infrastructure hub," said Lexent's Susan Dewitt.

Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2006 4:27 pm
:Nods: That was very insightful Alhana. see, this is one of the things Im looking for. I wonder now, five years later, about the circumstances that kept my dad from being in the north tower that day. Five years ago, he worked for Lexent telecom, and on September 10th, he was working on the 93rd floor in the North Tower. He was to go back up there the next day, but had not recieved the necessary equipment to finish the job, and so was sent to another job on 42nd Street. At the time, I did not know this, and, while in class, when I heard about the planes hitting the twin towers, my heart practically stopped, for at that point, I feared for my father's safety. It wasnt until the next day did I hear from him, for the cellphone network in manhattan was in disarray, and he didnt get a chance to get to a phone until the 12th. I was so glad to hear his voice, as was the rest of my family.

Jeez. I guess that answers my question.

September 18, 2001
Even as the industry continues to donate funds and services to relief agencies after last week's terrorist attacks, rebuilding efforts also are underway.
Lexent Inc. helped rebuild the communications infrastructure after the 1993 World Trade Center bombings, and now is working with telecom companies in lower Manhattan, re-establishing "network integrity," it says.
The company specializes in emergency restoration, but "usually not at this scale," says spokeswoman Susan DeWitt. Typical problems entail cut fibers that take a few hours to repair. "This is a full-scale project for us," she says of the World Trade Center-area work, adding that employees are working 24 hours a day at ground zero. "We're very busy with emergency restoration for carriers."
The company's headquarters at 3 New York Plaza is about 10 blocks south of the World Trade Center, but sustained no damage. Still, "The first thing we did was make sure everyone was OK," she says. Techs regularly work in the towers, but none were inside when the attacks occurred. Employees then met at a company-owned garage south of Canal Street, and started to "reach out to customers to find out what was needed."
Most, she says, needed power. The company delivered generators and more importantly, fuel to run them.
As the days went on, she adds, the company started creating workarounds for carriers who had worked from the WTC.
As for itself, the company temporarily relocated in New Jersey facilities and only today moved back to the New York office, she says. Now, crews are working 24 hours a day, laying, splicing and testing fiber and doing what used to take months, in days.

Frumpth of Julember
Fri Aug-17-07 05:32 PM
"If anyone had tried to photograph a person in distress, they would have seized their camera, so I didn’t get photos of people,” Taylor said, though she did remember shooting a photo of what seemed to be a homeless man removing a dead pigeon from a curb and placing it on a bush.
Taylor had done commercial photography in a career long ago, taking pictures of tools in various stages of construction."

I find that comment really strange.

In the mayhem of that morning she stopped to think about the rules and regs about taking photos of people? Is that what she means here? Are there no people at all in any of her shots? (my comp can't load big files very well so I didn't look at the links attached.)

and why, if not.

Ningen wrote
Is she suggesting that cameras were seized that day?

Factfinder General Sat Aug-18-07 10:06 AM

after all, exactly this happened surrounding the Pentagon.

The Perps use confiscation, obfuscation, coercion, blackmail, threats, falsification and every other dirty trick in the book, to make things turn out the way they want.

Kailassa Sat Aug-18-07 01:32 PM

to hand over any photos or videos of the event, "to help the government catch the terrorists".
Anyone handing it in would give a name and address so it could be returned, and ways could be found to make sure they never mentioned the pictures publicly.

Was this reported by the media? Did you hear this from someone? Thanks.

- And Australian TV at that.
We heard that anyone with film of the event was asked to hand it in,
but it's too long ago for me to remember who to.
Sorry I can't be more helpful.

Postal Service unveils 'United We Stand' 34-cent stamp to show American unity 10-02-01

AP Photo / Carmen Taylor
Pentagon Post Office employees Linda Washington, second from left, and Patricia Jenkins unveil the new patriotic 34-cent postage stamp during a ceremony in Washington Tuesday, Oct. 2. Postmaster General John Potter is at left.

The above image credits Carmen Taylor has the photographer? For a tourist on a five day vacation with her son's borrowed camera, she sure gets around.

Carmen Taylor, from Arkansas (seen here posing with other 911 photographers):


is presented as as a Nursing Home Auditor:

"Carmen Taylor, who works as an auditor for a nursing home"
As reported by Caroline Byrne (AP)

but has a background in professional photography:

"Taylor had done commercial photography in a career long ago, taking pictures of tools in various stages of construction. She also worked at the Arkansas Educational Television Network"

Taylor "posed" on September 11 as a tourist:

"Taylor played tourist, using her son’s digital camera to record her visit."

And "documented" the scientifically impossible:

"Carmen Taylor saw it all last Sept. 11: a beautiful New York morning, airplanes slicing into skyscrapers"

She did this for a world that would otherwise not "believe:"

'If I can’t believe it, how can my family believe it? So I thought, ‘I’ve got to get these pictures home,’” Taylor said.'

Since September 11 2001, Taylor has been active in "tirelessly" promoting this scientifically impossible event:

"Taylor’s photo, which netted her numerous awards and a nomination for the Pulitzer Prize in photography, was transmitted by Associated Press and run on front pages of newspapers around the world. Since that time, Taylor has spoken to countless groups and developed the school program titled “September 11 … Students Talk About It.” Jones said Taylor, who has worked tirelessly to bring the exhibit about, will attend the opening."

Carmen Taylor is "apparently" an essential operative, working for the AST (the Agencies of Staged Terror.)

Another famous operative from Arkansas who has "apparently" done essential work for the AST:


Florida, Texas, Arkansas: US (Usual Suspects!)

On Sept. 11, 2001, the Lavaca resident was in New York City when she and others in a tour group saw flames erupt from the tower.
{"We thought it was some sort of internal explosion," she recalled.
It was anything but.
A guide pushed the group to a docked ferry boat. Standing on the deck, Taylor pointed her Sony Mavica digital camera at the towers. One of her images, taken at 9:05 a.m., shows United Airlines Flight 175 nearing impact with the south tower. The situation made even less sense after the collision, Taylor said.
Taylor said she understands why. At first, she wanted pictures so people in Lavaca would believe what she was seeing. It soon turned into something more. Still near the park, Taylor showed her photos to those escaping the burning buildings. They had no idea what was happening, and her pictures told them at least part of the story, she said.
Before power went out at her hotel, she was able to send the images to a television station in Arkansas. When she returned to the hotel room several hours later, more than 100 messages waited for her. Each caller sought permission to use her photo. It eventually was broadcast by the AP and appeared on thousands of Web sites. It was later nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in photography.}

According to this 2006 article Taylor was: "Standing on the deck" of the docked ferry amidst her tour group (was Michael Hezarkhani part of, or separate from, this alleged tour group that was supposedly hustled onto the ferry by the guide?)

Now as implied by this article, the photos were sent, not from a tower office worker's loaner computer as other articles state, but her Hotel Room!

"Before power went out at her hotel, she was able to send the images to a television station in Arkansas."

Here's the conflicting story once again, for comparison:

""Taylor got off the ferry and showed her digital photos to the swarms of dazed office tower workers. One man suggested Taylor use his office nearby to e-mail her pictures to her local television station KHBS."?(As reported by CAROLINE BYRNE, Associated Press Writer)

"The Fort Smith Art Center will host an exhibit of Taylor’s photos from her New York trip beginning today. Many haven’t been seen before."

“Since I was in Battery Park (south of the towers), I was getting a completely different view of everything. The crashing. The people running."


These other pics might help establish Carmen Taylor's "movements" prior and after the "event."

It may be only a detail, but amongst other possible revelations that may surface as a result of a review of these photographs, I'm interested in getting a clearer picture of where the compositing work for the Taylor/Hezarkhani fakes was done.

Spoke with Carmen Taylor, my gregarious host of the Arkansas leg of this ongoing book tour.

On 9/11, Carmen, a tourist on her first trip to New York City, was waiting in line to board the State Island Ferry for a tour of New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty. A couple standing in front of her mentioned that their nephew worked in the north Trade Center tower. "Just as she points up there," Carmen recalled, the upper floors of the building seemed to erupt in light and smoke "like sparklers." The first plane, which they could not see because of their position south of the buildings, had just collided with the north tower. "We thought it was an internal explosion, a Xerox machine went off or something. None of the people in my group thought anything ."

There were numerous press reports that stated "Staten Island Ferry" and other state that she was on the dock next to the ferry.

Fact Finder:

Though I can understand now where the confusion may have arisen. The Staten Island Ferry docks further east of the WTC site and as far as I am aware is a civic transportation ferry not a tour ferry.

The Ellis Island, Liberty Island and Staten Island ferries are all technically "State Island Ferries" I.e. they are New York State Ferries that route to the local islands. However, as far as I am aware, no Staten Island Ferry takes tourists for tours of the harbor. It instead transports people to the residential area of Staten Island.

Thank you, DYEW, for taking the time to obtain and send me the necessary information for clearing this issue up. Much appreciated.

If you happen to come across any reports stating that Taylor was actually on the "Staten" Island ferry as opposed to the State Island "Tour" Ferry, then please forward me the links, but as of right now I at least am satisfied that this apparent discrepancy has been explained.

At around 3:35 the video shows this photo and overlays a CNN still over top of it.

Then states, "I guess the scaffolding is visible in real life, but invisible on CNN", and , "I have no idea what that black building behind 19 Rector Street is doing in the CNN footage".

That "scaffolding" looks like an air conditioner to me, and I see it fine in the CNN footage. In the CNN shot everything is darker and less defined, but you can see where the whitish leading edge of the trade tower stops where the air conditioner (or whatever it is) starts. The Bankers Trust Building (black building) is not visible in the amateur photo because it was taken from a closer position and is hidden behind the trees. This video presents a similar photo at 2:40 stating that it was taken from in between the Whitehall Building and Castle Clinton - considerably closer than the shoreline.

Notice how the towers in this amateur photo are even smaller? It was taken from even closer up. This is why the towers are smaller and the Bankers Trust Building is lower (and not visible) in the amateur photos, compared to the CNN footage which was taken from farther out. Comparing a photo with a still from the CNN footage, both of which were photographed from completely different locations, matching up only the position and size of the Whitehall Building and then drawing conclusions regarding the size and position of other buildings behind it with no regard for camera distance is deceiving.

KAILASSA responding:

ou give a number of reasons to believe the videos were not exactly what was taken, and many of us here already believe them to have been manipulated anyway. The voice is obviously, as you point out, added later, it's so pathetically wooden it's hilarious.

However your only point to indicate that the pictures were made from scratch is your belief that no spot could actually have given the placement of objects that we see. After studying the picture, I have to disagree with you there. I believe that by standing on the top deck of the ferry with a tripod, you could have seen exactly that, except for the planes.

Making completely photo-realistic pictures is much harder than it looks, particularly with fire and smoke. But changing a photo or video can be done quickly and easily. As someone with a fair bit of experience in photo-manipulation, I am certain the originals were pictures and videos actually photographed that morning.

If people like Fred, BSRegistration and Dr. Jones are being pushed forward as top truth movement spokesmen by the culprits' own propaganda team,
and a hearing set up where they speak on our behalf, the culprits could get off scot-free forever. They have not given us reason to trust them,
so we cannot afford to blindly assume they will present evidence that could support a guilty verdict.

By each sticking very closely to one story, they ensure that if those stories are proved wrong, the whole prosecution can go down in flames.

I include Steven Jones, because not only is he:

1. still presenting misinformation about the location of aeroplane remains at ground zero, and
2. ignoring the fact that their very provenance is suspect,

but in his argument against mini nukes
3. he ignores facts that a person with his expertise would have to be aware of,
4. he obfuscates by comparing the situation to completely dissimilar blasts,
5. and he ignores the fact that the blast could have taken place many storeys underground, and the falling debris from such a deep explosion
would have prevented the escape of much of the radiation.

He was also very quick to presume radioactive hotspots dotted around ground zero were all due to radium, and never once made a mention that
enough depleted uranium was found to force the EPA to acknowledge the fact.

The EPA explained this away be saying it was on the planes that crashed, used as counter-weights, but we know from Boeing that
DU was never used on those planes.

Once you realize that there were no planes on 911 you slowly start to realize who your friends aren't. Not dapper Brian Williams, not affable Steven Jones, not goofy Fred, not straight talking Alex Jones, not weird but wonderful David Icke, etc.

This is tough to swallow information but good for your wellbeing once digested:

Frumpth of Julember Mon Aug-20-07 09:57 PM

was talking about this no planes to my hub on a road trip just a couple days ago.
of course his query was...
well, what about those people on those 'fake' planes, families are missing family...
my only answer was there were landings at other airports of these flights before the 911 hit.

WCPO 9 Cincinnati News reported Flight 93 as landing in Cleveland Hopkins International Airport OH <> not in Shanksville PA where, according to the official story, it was supposed to have buried itself into the ground. (An Impossibility! Check this link for a detailed report on what really happens when a plane hits soft soil nose first: <> )

The American Airlines flights never even took off according to credible analysis of official flight statistics from the Bureau of Transportation. I list details of these reports on robertpaulsen's thread starting with this post: <>

Real people died, Frumpth, though we can only begin to imagine how some of them must have met their ends: ablated like the WTC filing cabinets, thrown off roofs (remember the "Jumpers"? What if they didn't jump?). Heck, for all we know some of the victims could have been lined up against walls and mown down with H&K MP5s.

But No Planes Hit Buildings (or Fields!)

He's not here anymore (FRED WAS BANNED Tue Aug-21-07 03:22 PM)
The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread. -Anatole France
(nice avatar, crete 2000bc I believe)

Fred reregistered and posed as other people suporting him, but TINOIRE found out:


Edited by Tinoire on Tue Aug-21-07 05:04 PM I'm not playing this game here.

You must be out of your mind if you think I don't look at the IP addresses of your rapid reincarnations at PI.

You're rude, came with an agenda and you play games but you're not slick enough.

Now listen closely. Do not ever again register at PI because I will publish every single bit of information we have in our servers about you and some of it is a lot more personal than you think.

Additionally, I will make sure every webmaster dealing with 911 forums gets the information and is made aware of what you tried to pull off here.

I just read that FRED -- after being banned -- reregistered as BLIND FOLLOWER and LINDACC and DRG and posed as other people supporting him, but TINOIRE found out.
Fred made a video in which he calls me "a disinformation artist" ... I am a moviestar now! (link)

Obviously Fred knows how to make videos, but he doesn't know how to use different IP addresses and delete cookies. He keeps stressing:

NIST said it was from ground level!
(yes, we know. They lie habitually)

(yes we know, they do that often)

But I am still looking for evidence for THE VIDEO-SOURCE WAS DISNEY.

Fred insists that the video that the plane was inserted into was also just a computer-generated background. He claims there are impossible camera angels,
that the camera jumps from one location to another. Has anyone seen that, too?
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posted by u2r2h at 10:01 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I took the time to check it all out!


Now we need an international and independent investigation!!

The plane being faked? Unimaginable! What else was faked?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007 at 9:04:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping to spread the word about the fake videos they showed on 9/11!

The building you have identified as Greenwich Street Residences is 19 Rector Street, and it should be clearly visible in the CNN video but they left it out.

I went to Battery Park and saw the location myself. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that the CNN video is real.

Thank you!

Thursday, August 16, 2007 at 7:52:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cant someone do some pixel checking, shadow coroboration, color density, frame rate etc.
I find it hard to beleive the planes were "photoshopped in"
Sounds like CIA-NSA disinfo to me to divide, and/or make the 911 movment look crazy-what next?
Martians were in on this to?

Thursday, August 30, 2007 at 5:42:00 PM PDT  

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