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OK, i suppose you have studied the Hezerkhani video, right? ...more

you know the one that shows a shiny aeroplane (with pod) melting into the tower...

Now there is only two possibilities, right?

#1 the plane was real
#2 the plane was electronically inserted

and from the
- impossible melting without crumpling
- the building closing up behind the plane
- proof of other TV-fakery

... it is certain that #2 must be the truth



There is a #3.

(oops there is #4, too, 4- Poor internet-quality video compressed, formatted, recompressed, reformatted, etc. -- A sort of "unintentional fakery by sloppy digital gear/operators" ...
But the pod as a result of digital degradation? )

NAH! Hologrammes are not possible.
Tom Bearden - intelligent brainwashed physicist is just a crazy fantasist. Cameras could not possibly have recorded a real live hologramme, because such technology does not exist.

Then you have toell me that the pod was faithfully reproduced by video-fakery experts in the other videos/stills... that show the pod... the same whacko pod in multiple videos. The perps did this for consistency, to cover up an already release mishap. Yeah, right.
A pod that in at least one still photo seems meters further forwardly located under the wing.

So here is my new phantasy:

The missile carried a holo-payload.

What made me suspicious was that from different camera angles...
- dark plane seen from the side (side-on)
- bright wings from underneath (street level near the base of the tower)
- shiny, nice plane, body (and pod) from the perfect angle, battery park (Hezarkhani), see Faked CNN WTC impact video

The hologramme was designed to be viewed from the side and behind/below
The hologramme didn't work equally well from all angles, there are cameras that show WINGS VANISHING (stride, Hlava, PaxTV, Courchesne, GAMMA)

The PROJECTOR LIGHT SOURCE is seen in the thom photo... a big plane flying miles high, in the east, the direction of the sun. Maybe also the helicopter...
(maybe the super intense light on the helicopter in poor R.Siegel's Video is projecting something pre-demolition, too)

For other unusual bright lights check out the bright reflections in the SPIEGEL video, unreal!

All videos showing the plane from the FRONT -- where the impact-face of the tower cannot be seen -- ARE of course PURE TV FAKERY, the have the missile REMOVED (live!), the background replaced? to cover up the missile that came from a different trajectory.

People filming the scene from a favourable view to reveal the missile had a FLYBY plane flying low to distract them.
A few minutes befor the hit .... one flying from south to north (thom photo)
Then, during the attack ... a plane flew from north to south

The missile and the special holo-particles (or electric field, that the missile
was spewing) whacked right through the tower and the holodust sprayed out
on the opposite side. Because the miles-high-747-projector was still "on" a nose-out
became was visible... but only from a favourable viewing angle, on GAMMA TV, shiny and on the famoud FOX live shot... it was dark, like the plane.

In the WNBC video the nose-cone does not show:
Unfavourable viewing angle!

There you have it:


mark this day in your calender. Years from now we might remember this.

Oh yes, I forgot the FIRST HIT!
AA11 was the same, but it either wouldn't work so well.. and/or nobody would be ready to film it.
Except the Naudet brother who was guided to his good film-location by a CIA agent and his fake gas leak.

Yes the eyewitness were shown a hologram! Some saw a plane, some didn't.

Those who had an unfavourable viewing angle saw the missile or some crazy looking airplane, probably not even resembling a boeing 767

They remarked on it:

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