Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why the WTC Towers had to come down...

Why the WTC Towers had to come down...

When the Fire Alarm wnet off, it too two hours to evacuate new york's world trade centre.

WTC Asbestos advert

The bigger the building the more important fire-proofing becomes
That's why today's buildings have asbestos-cement walls and even floors containing asbestos.
Asbestos contains fire, cannot burn and holds up after metal and glass have melted down, giving vital time for people to escape.
You'll also find asbestos sealing plumbing joint, insulating heating pipes, electric motors and emergency generators.

Asbestos Corporation Limited
Sun life Building
Montreal Quebec h3b 2x6

Becker and Haag Gmbh and Co
P.O.Box 100 548, Spadenteich 1-3
2000 Hamburg 1, Germany

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