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7th terror 9/11 anniversary ... try reverse psychology


I propose that all internet activists and 911 truthers try REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY.

The last 5 anniversaries did not help to bring down the official version in the minds of the masses. The corporate media still reinforces the fairy tale of Osama and the 19 Arabs.

Reverse psychology is the term that describes the outcome where advocacy of one course of action persuades another person to do the opposite.

Homer's Brain: Don't you get it? You've gotta use reverse psychology.
Homer: That sounds too complicated.
Homer's Brain: OK, don't use reverse psychology.
Homer: All right, I will!

Reactance is an emotional reaction in direct contradiction to rules or regulations that threaten or eliminate specific behavioral freedoms. It can occur when someone is heavily pressured to accept a certain view or attitude. Reactance can cause the person to adopt or strengthen a view or attitude that is contrary to what was intended and also increases resistance to persuasion. Mild examples are a boy being all the more interested in a girl playing "hard to get", or teenagers drinking to excess in an environment of prohibition when they would not do so in a less restrictive culture. People using "reverse psychology" are playing on at least an informal awareness of reactance, attempting to influence someone to choose the opposite of what they request.

Bush is great for America!

9/11 was done by Arabs, we must not investigate further!

No Secret Teams with secret weapons were in New York on Tuesday the 11th of September 2001!

There is nothing unclear about 9/11. Everything has been accounted for. There are no mysteries, our government told us the truth!

USA is a democracy, therefore an independent 9/11 investigation will happen soon.

Remember this?

The dynamic duo, BRU HA HA HA HA HA

Fetzer: Exotic Star-wars Weapons and Conventional explosives were used to demolish the WTC towers
Jones: Conventional explosives were used to demolish the WTC towers, does not exclude unconventional weapons, but does exclude Mini-Nukes

Fetzer for fear of Jones good arguments interrupts and sabotages Jones repeatedly. However the whole exchange is revealing and a variety of ways.

Listen to it yourself (edited shorter version):

This must be one of the most bizarre conversations ever. Two educated people agree that their secret government has by exploding the towers mass-murdered thousands of innocents. But instead of discussing what to do next, engage in a squabble about the type of weapon used, like two babies fighting for a toy. A really demoralising experience.

Of course, what they needed to do is to reinforce each other's proofs of the demolition of the towers, then quickly move on to discussiong WHAT CAN BE DONE. ... If they were co-operative ....

Taking the squabble seriously, many questions remain:

  • How much ultra-fine dust from how much explosive energy?
  • "Toasted cars" and "exploding cars" be explained by conventional explosives?
  • Was Jones' comment at 19m11s a giveaway? Why would he volunteer to have not been "involved with the event" (development) of high-tech star-wars weapons?
  • What are clean nukes? Are there beam weapons? What about Israel's weird weapons used in Lebanon?
  • Why is nobody debating/agreeing with Kevin Ryan? (who must be the crown-witness)
  • If the USA is the 'home of the conspiracy theorist' why is there no "conspiracy channel" on TV?

I get ever more suspicious of Jim Fetzer and his willingness to believe in fantasies. The book he mentioned: Decoding the Message of the Pulsars: Intelligent Communication from the Galaxy Paperback@amazon
by Paul A. LaViolette
is difficult to take serioiusly. Any comments on this?

Boys and Girls... it would be an easy thing to do what Hill & Knowlton did to to further the first US-Iraq massacre in 1991!.:
Do a congressional Caucus and sink the hook into the people of the USA, namely that "911 was good for business in that it rescued the US Dollar, it had to be done" (Dollars in circulation? equal a sum several times more than the total sum of physical assets and services available in the entire planet.)

Yes, I propose a REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY hearing:

  • for "common" folk it is reverse.. why sacrifice thousands of lives?
  • for sophisticated rationalists it is literally true.

This will heat the temper enough to force this atrocity out into the disinfectant sunlight.

Remember, Hitler was rational and efficient... and everything was legal. Sophie Scholl and her brother Hans made the mistake of trying to convince the germans by debate. What they, and the modern US-americans and the Fetzer/Jones babies do not realize is that that the debate is framed. There is no escape, unless we cancel-out frame with another self-contradictory anti-frame.... hence reverse psychology. If executed with skill it works great with children ;-)

try reverse psychology:

Bush is great and what should be forbidden is 6pm CSPAN 911 truth!!!
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