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WAR is PEACE -- USA means well.. I Kill Therefor I Am


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Democracy Is Indoctrination
The totalitarian political culture portrayed in Orwell's 1984 is an apt description of America today with its .war on terror.. As self-styled purveyor of so-called democracy and freedom, the US has ironically fallen into its own propaganda trap

War is Peace

Freedom is Slavery

Ignorance is Strength

Democracy is Indoctrination

Indoctrination Is the American Way

A system of indoctrination has a variety of tasks, some rather delicate. One of its targets is the stupid and ignorant masses. They must be kept that way, diverted with emotionally potent oversimplifications, marginalised and isolated. - Noam Chomsky, Deterring Democracy

Those who are most successfully indoctrinated don't know it. Welcome to America, deep in its malaise, where people respect authority and are drawn to authoritarian leaders. - Jo Swift

It is ironic that the people who think they are so free are the most controlled people on earth. It is equally odd that those who think they are part of the greatest democracy the world has ever known do not participate in a democracy at all. - Max Blunt

George Orwell wrote !984 over five decades ago, yet the totalitarian political culture portrayed in it is an apt description of America today and its .war on terror..

As self-styled purveyor of democracy and freedom, the US has ironically fallen into its own propaganda trap.

In seeking to rationalize aggression towards Arabs and Muslims, collectively termed .terrorists., the US employs techniques reminiscent of other totalitarian regimes, decrying the .enemy. as fascist, irrational .evildoers. naturally bent upon violence.

To a certain extent, the techniques have succeeded. Inflammatory, racist, rhetoric cultivates a climate of xenophobic paranoia.

Entire groups are ostracized and reviled without just cause. Recall how Nazism made scapegoats of minorities, most notably the Jews.

Today we have the vaguely defined .terrorist.. What is a .terrorist.?

Someone, anyone, who loathes freedom, liberty, the God given pursuit of materialism, and democracy as practiced by Bush with the assistance of the Patriot Act.

As Bush and the Neoconservatives make liberal use of the term .Islamofascists., it may be useful to examine fascism and totalitarian governments more closely.

Fascist regimes espouse state control over the political, social, cultural and economic expressions of society, subverting individuality and criticism for the benefit of the ruling elite, in whose hands all power rests.

There is a deliberate attempt to .dumb down. the populace by means of indoctrination via media and the educational system; disseminated information as mere sound bites supporting the state.s established ideology. Schools discourage dissent and creative thinking. The state is thus free to act with impunity.

The 'Liberal' Media & Indoctrination

The liberal media is as guilty of prejudice under the guise of 'fairness' and balance. If anything, they are more dangerous than the obviously biased right-wing outlets.

Look at the role the liberal media played in the run-up to the Iraq invasion.

As for the Democrats, look at how Barak Obama has become the voice of the Council on Foreign Relations, one of the propaganda organs of the old liberal Washington establishment.

Obama writes that while he wants the troops home, "We must not rule out military force against long-standing adversaries such as Iran and Syria."

Listen to this from the 'liberal' Obama:

"At moment of great peril in the past century our leaders ensured that America, by deed and by example, led and lifted the world, that we stood and fought for the freedom sought by billions of people beyond their borders."

That is the nub of the propaganda, the brainwashing if you like, that seeps into the lives of every American, and many of us who are not Americans.

From right to left, secular to God-fearing, what so few people know is that in the last half century, United States adminstrations have overthrown 50 governments.many of them democracies.

In the process, thirty countries have been attacked and bombed, with the loss of countless lives.

Bush bashing is all very well - and is justified - but the moment we begin to accept the siren call of the Democrat's drivel about standing up and fighting for freedom sought by billions, the battle for history is lost, and we ourselves are silenced.

Real information, subversive information, remains the most potent power of all.and I believe that we must not fall into the trap of believing that the media speaks for the public.

That wasn't true in Stalinist Czechoslovakia and it isn't true of the United States.

In all the years I've been a journalist, I've never know public consciousness to have risen as fast as it's rising today.

Yes, its direction and shape is unclear, partly because people are now deeply suspicious of political alternatives, and because the Democratic Party has succeeded in seducing and dividing the electoral left.

And yet this growing critical public awareness is all the more remarkable when you consider the sheer scale of indoctrination, the mythology of a superior way of life, and the current manufactured state of fear.

We need to make haste. Liberal Democracy is moving toward a form of corporate dictatorship.


"Why the Facts of 9/11 Must Be Suppressed:

Understanding the Ruling Group Mind Behind the War Without End" Streaming Audio from "Guns and Butter" at KPFA

With Dr. John McMurtry, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Guelph, Ontario in a presentation at the International Citizens Inquiry Into 9/11 on May 30, 2004 in Toronto. McMurtry was one of the first academics to analyze 9/11 and the 9/11 wars. In response to the extreme pressure of forcing reality to conform to manufactured delusions, the group and its members become increasingly submerged within a pre-conscious field of hysteria, denials and projections. Their program is being played out in Iraq against heroic resistance, while elsewhere in the empire the "regulating group mind" demands complicity with its fundamental assumption - that 9/11 was an attack from the outside.

The Shadow Subject of History: UNDERSTANDING 9-11 and THE 9-11 WARS
by John McMurtry PhD, FRSC

a 53-page downloadable pdf

or with videos


Some excerpts:

.The problem of denial runs deep into the collective psyche. The anomaly to be explained is how, in an open society of cynical market calculation, the most evident facts of ruling group gain at everyone else.s increasing expense can be so successfully suppressed. .I can.t believe that. is the sign pointing back to the block behind it. . Something deeper than regime propaganda is at work. Those who believe that the in-group running the US national security state could not possibly be involved in 9/11 are, by self-admission, no longer connected to fact and truth..

David Rockefeller at a Bilderberg session in 1991: .A supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries..

"That the official Taguba Report itself was not permitted to question anyone above a part-time reserve-army woman officer (who was kept out of the interrogation room by U.S. Defense Intelligence), was nowhere reported as evidence of top-down control. 3"


'The facts of 9-11 which are disconnected from are now copiously documented. 17 But why and how these facts are ruled out by the masses and elites at the same time is not explained. The argument has been at the first-order level of the facts, not the lawlike operations on the facts by the collective thought-system that selects, ignores and reconnects them in new form - what I call the .regulating group-mind. (RGM). 18 Only when we understand this meta-level of constructing the facts and their meaning in accordance with their conformity to and expression of a pre-existing structure of understanding can we know what is going on or, more specifically, can we find our way out of the anomalies and disconnects of our era."


. 9-11 was advised as desirable before the event - by the Bush regime.s own Project For A New American Century . To be exact, PNAC planned a .process of transformation. to achieve .full spectrum U.S. dominance. across the world which was made contingent on .some catastrophic and catalysing event - like a new Pearl Harbour. if the process was not to be a .long one..13 The wish of the men positioned to enable its fulfilment was duly granted within a year of Bush Jr.s inauguration, on September 11, 2001. Well known former allies monitored around the clock fulfilled their long known declaration of intention to attack the World Trade Center.14 One former U.S.-financed agent, Omar Abdel Rahman, was specially experienced at the job, having masterminded the first attack on the WTC in 1993 before warning at his trial of another to come15. Another formerly assisted agent in Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden, who was U.S. armed and supported to attack the Soviet-supported government of Afghanistan, was better known for the plan. When 9-11 happened, CIA Director, George Tenet, immediately attributed the attack to him, and named the U.S. flight-trained Zacarias Moussaoui. 16 Still, any foreknowledge was ruled out as .conspiracy theory., and so the ruling mind-set stayed closed as .realistic. and .patriotic..

The facts of 9-11 which are disconnected from are now copiously documented.17 But why and how these facts are ruled out by the masses and elites at the same time is not explained.

In fact, there was no attempt to achieve any U.S. air-defense intervention with the rogue 9-11 planes until after two jumbo jets had hit different buildings of the World Trade Center in leisurely succession and a third plane or missile had hit a just-vacated wing of the Pentagon - all of this long after the four known and separately hijacked planes had rerouted and flown around unimpeded within the most heavily defended airspace in the world for well over an hour altogether with none disturbed by any sign of defense reaction until after all three buildings had been hit. 20 That the U.S. war state which then went into motion showed signs of long planning in each case was not perceived as significant, 21 nor was connection to the past statements proclaiming the purpose these plans sought to fulfill.
The legal definition of terrorism itself was excluded from expert discussion of it. 22

Footnote 22: Terrorism is defined by the standard world insurance clause to exclude liability as: .an ideologically motivated act or acts including but not limited to the use or force or threat of violence or force, committed by or on behalf of any groups for the purpose of - - instilling fear in the public or a section of the public.. So far as I know, no-one has applied this definition of terrorism to the daily acts of the U.S. and Israel in countries they illegally occupy, although these actions fit the legally binding definition.

No problem of life destruction can, in any case, register to a group-mind
calculus because nothing of value exists beyond it.

-- --

Long-time U.S. National Security Committee adviser to the President, Zbigniew Brzezinski, wrote four years before 9-11 what inside U.S. geostrategists were already thinking across Republican-Democrat divisions after the collapse of the Soviet Union: .[The United States needs] unhindered financial and economic access [to] Central Asia.s natural resources,. he advised, .[especially] the enormous economic prize of the natural oil and gas located in the region. But, he continued, it will be .difficult to fashion a consensus on foreign policy issues, except in the circumstances of a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat.. 39 That .truly massive and widely perceived threat. was provided by 9-11. What the former Democrat National Security Adviser to the President advocated in 1999, and what the Bush Presidency.s Republican Project For A New American Century called for in 2000, thus formed across party divisions as a vector of the ruling market group-mind.

At the epicenter of this global market construction is the public and elite response to it . why such facts in clear through-line of purpose and effect have been silenced in public and media discussion. The consensus has crossed the poles of Left-Right division, with even Left institutions like Z-Net gatekeeping against the connected meaning.40 The taboo against knowing the facts was encoded into the identity structure across ideological partitions. Any fact exposing the official story was a .conspiracy theory. or, to Z-Net, a .distraction.. Given the known pre-9-11 search by U.S. geostrategic planning for a publicly salable reason to invade central Asia and Iraq, 9-11.s convenient occurrence was disconnected from what it provided the ideal pretext for . administration legitimation and militarily mposed new control over the world.s main supplies of oil. Each war for seizure of oil source was, in turn, disconnected from the known plan to achieve it, and all was disconnected from the ecogenocidal pattern now in military motion as well. Why when the very major invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq to ensure this control occurred right after 9-11, the sole context within which these wars could be sold as defensive, did no U.S. public figure, even the heroic Noam Chomsky, join the dots of the unfolding strategic plan? The answer is given by the evidence. A regime of consensual disconnect had formed with the overwhelming consensus blocking challenge to it. Even the most painstaking case for administration complicity in 9-11 featured an exonerating title. 41

Political history since 9-11 deepened the mystery of the mind-lock whose wider meaning we investigate here. Despite a subsequent record of years of spectacular lying about Iraq by the Bush administration, still the mass media, foreign affairs respondents and opposition critics blinkered out the accumulating further evidence for a strategically constructed 9-11 attack . for documented example, the anonymously blocked F.B.I. investigations before 9-11, the ignored intelligence warnings from many foreign state agencies beforehand, and the immediately prior visit to Washington of the CIA-advised Pakistani intelligence (I.S.I) paymaster of one of the lead hijackers. 42 Even the fixed reference points of physical science were ignored in understanding the steering event - most evidently, the massive steel infrastructure collapses whose instant fall from plane impacts alone, or none at all, contradicts the laws of engineering physics. 43 Here more paradigmatically than the unrecognised war crime itself, a structure of denial and projection somehow decoupled elite and public consciousness from the evidence. We know Church authorities would not look through Galileo.s telescope to examine the astronomical facts, but in this case the ruling group-mind embraced entire societies, while the this-worldly evidence which it blacked out was against the interests of almost all of its community of thought. The consensual refusal to see beneath any known calculus of advantage or exchange was anomalous. Only group-mind operation provided an explanation. 44

Given the Bush Jr. regime.s non-stop blocking or attack-dog treatment of those suspicious of top-level inaction before 9-11 - including the FBI Director of Anti-Terrorism, John O.Neill (who resigned in protest and then died in the World Trade Center as its chief of security), and later the Bush administration.s own official chief adviser on counter-terrorism, Richard Clarke . what more evidence was required for thought to suspect a reason? How could the long prepared plans for invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, which 9-11 alone justified, not be connected to the standdown of defences before it? What could explain why even the elites of America could accept that the .most crooked, lying group ever seen. - John Kerry.s overheard aside about the stringpullers of the Bush Jr. administration - were somehow not in on what .all the buzz in Washington. was increasingly warned about prior to 9-11? 45 If, moreover, a number of prominent Americans followed the warnings not to be in the buildings or on the relevant flights on that day, and Bush himself was kept isolated by agenda and security managers from all commander response before and after the attack until after all the buildings had been hit, how could the U.S. secret security command not be coordinated with the sustained failure of response? How, in overview, could such a long chain of coincidences possibly occur by continuous chance?

Everyone now has probably heard that known Al-Qaeda members were long left free to operate inside the U.S. with even FBI investigations blocked by orders from above as they learned to fly, and that four American jumbo-jets were somehow successfully hijacked all at the same time with no security system successful against any member all the way through to the crashes. Once every one of the alleged 19 hijackers was safely through the many gates of prevention and now untouched and in control of four commercial jumbo-jets at once, the story goes, their hijacked airplane buses then flew around inside normally full U.S. air-grids without any interruption for 75 minutes - the Air Force advertises a two-and-a-half-minute time from ground wheel to full throttle through the skies - free-winging about the most heavily watched and protected airspace in the world with military airports all around, and then, presto and telegenically, they skillfully crashed one hijacked jumbojet after another into central symbolic buildings of the U.S. - while conveniently hitting the recently de-occupied portion of the Pentagon. .Bring .em on!. can almost be heard through the smoke of the blown-up buildings. The increasingly despised Bush administration whose Inauguration Parade had been unprecedentedly egg-pelted and chased off the central streets of Washington had good reason to want the change of enemy that would entirely reverse their fortunes. Consider the notorious secret command coordination which is everywhere at work in the U.S. national security state. Then think through the multi-level and inconceivable failures of preventative procedures on every level and at every gate from immigration to flight control to Defense Intelligence and the CIA - all .coincidentally. coming together to permit the total throughline past all stops to a simultaneously filmed, released and broadcast .Attack on America!.- with all the names of the guilty dead hijackers immediately known, although there was no evidence from the burnt-out wreckage. It was sold and exported across oceans where it could not be checked.

The many close relatives and associates of the man accused, Osama bin Laden, were then immediately exempted by White House fiat from any standard questions of their knowledge of the accused mastermind, escorted in security-cleared planes when no-one else in America was allowed to fly, and deposited in safe houses in the desert kingdom of Saudi Arabia where no investigative questions were permitted. The documented details will not be repeated here, but they are impressively massive in confirming, and none disconfirming, the long open pathway to the attacks and a continuing consistent stand-down of investigation since. When all of this faultless sequence of coincidence working continuously in one direction and in favour of one vast payoff matrix was followed, in turn, by a stonewalling of questions by everyone at the top on whose watch 9-11 occurred, still no public questions arose. Everything before 9-11 and after it that bridged the forbidden meaning across it was disconnected from the event. When such a chain of coinciding actions and reactions all consistent with one explanation alone is so systematically blocked out by all around and delinked at every joint, there has been a shut-down of reason that needs to be explained..

What would have been done differently any step of the way had all been strategically planned? The real difficulty here is to find compelling evidence against this hypothesis - for example, some loss or harm to any of the Bush executives who reaped such vast rewards by the show attack. There is no such exculpating evidence.

The regulating group-mind of the global corporate market selects towards allowing 9-11, not against it. So why would this known calculus in U.S. security as well as CEO circles be ruled out as unthinkable in understanding 9-11?

. life consciousness exceeds the bounds of the prison within. The marginalized ask questions. They do not block out the facts that administration people stole the 2000 presidential election by overriding legal voting procedures, rode on Enron jets and its criminal financing to get there, and were on the watch on 9-11. They know that this cabal succeeded in blocking Congressional access to even official records of national energy policy secretly advised by the same Enron executives. If they succeeded in cover-up there, why not [in regard to 9/11]? So those not constrained within the ruling thought-system ask, why would anyone believe this group is above permitting 9-11 to gain vast powers? .You are the Haves, and the Have Mores. You are my base., is Bush Junior.s known salute to those who take the most. Why, then, has the most elementary query after any crime - cui bono? (who benefits?) - been suspended from question about 9-11? When the most self-evident line of thought has been blinkered out across a people, only an a priori thought system can account for it. As with other great problems of our era, the group-mind disconnects by stopping thought before it arises.

The sentiment shared among all who acquiesce that .the President could not possibly have been involved in 9-11. was, by its own description, disconnected from the issues of fact or truth. Throughout, one defining operation of the ruling group-mind in all its forms prevailed. The reference points of meaning were pegged beneath consciousness by determining presuppositions which organize understanding to conform to them, and to screen out all that does not. These on-off switches of the group-mind are not natural drives or conscious instincts of survival, but ruling assumptions which structure the heart and senses as well as thought-system which selects, organises, and reinforces the felt sides of being. Once these set-points of consciousness are fixed by dividing lines of war, a fateful consequence follows. Their closure of prejudice-set absolutely disconnects feeling and awareness from facts and relations which conflict with the anchoring assumptions.

-- --
With no limit of rule and war fever as the mega-machine.s moving passion across borders, the regulating program becomes mechanically homicidal.

. the system-decider is consistent across aggressions, but not acknowledged because of its inhuman meaning. What is selected to remove or destroy always advances the global corporate market over formerly independent and self-organising forms of life, however false the justifications or defenceless the victims in the way might be.

-- --

With the media as the speech and sign system of the regulating group-mind, the .9-11 attack on America. permitted what was impossible before it. It allowed an illegitimate administration to transmute into America.s patriotic champion at war - above accountability and the rule of law. .Defending America from another terrorist attack. became a political blank cheque for corporate corruption of government expenditures with impunity, war criminal acts and threats across the Islamic and alternative third world, and attacks on civil rights and commons at home.

. the shadowy terrorists used the same homicidal methods in dispossessed microcosm as the U.S.armed forces did in billion-dollar-a-day macrocosm. What neither side.s standpoint could see was that each required the other as demonic Enemy for every step of the.war. strengthening the terror capacities and performances of each in different degrees. That is why, at the preconscious level, the war was declared to have no end.


The conversion of all life organisation and conditions into commodities to mediate money sequences in perpetual increase was not a problem that was seen by neo-classical economics or political science because it was already known to be the nature of the real world. Thus ever more of earth existence was converted into variations of .market growth. - from privatized water systems across the world to the engineered chemicals and genes of future frankenfoods and obesity, from the oilfields of poor countries to virgin air and cyberspace..62 Peoples variously rebelled against the instances - in Cochabamba, the Niger Delta, the European food market, and the anti-Star Wars movement - but the ruling shadow subject, the deciding market group-mind, was not conscious of any meaning beyond itself. .Grow or die. was the motto of reproduction and increase, the new evolutionary mechanism on earth - with money demand, not life need, as the finally regulating value command. Accordingly, only more market money transactions for priced commodities computed as .development. or .well-being.. Since life itself did not count in the ruling metric, its degradation and destruction did not register in National Accounts.

The problem of corporate market corruption of the social order was evident in its germinal state to Abraham Lincoln over a century ago. Lincoln privately warned of a problem whose name is unspoken in economics texts. .As a result of the war., Lincoln warned, .corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavour to prolong its reign until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.. 63 Lincoln was duly assassinated within a few months - by the .lone assassin. central to American mythology. U.S. corporate rule has since been instituted across the world and triumphalist over all alternatives, destabilizes and invades wherever there is room for more .freedom. and .development. for money-sequencing operations which all peoples compete to enlarge. The 9-11 Wars have been a turning-point symptom in this meta-pattern of modern history, but the rigid set-points of the regulating thought system command from behind throughout. Corporate oligopoly that overrides all life limits follows deductively from the market thought regime.64 As long as no public authority recognises the bearings of shared life coordinates, and charters its .corporate citizens. accordingly, there is only more systematic life destruction by the imperatives of the system whose metric disregards life-despoiling effects as .externalities..65

The .soulless mega-machine., in Lewis Mumford.s phrase, is not dependent on this or that U.S. administration, but each helps to determine the extent to which its prescriptions rapaciously invade and transmute life-systems. The Bush Jr. administration has wherever possible bypassed or repudiated limiting domestic and international laws as expression of .our freedom.. Academic report of his own convictions confirm an exemplary creature of the ruling group-mind. 66 Regulating the larger global market before and after his regime, however, are command assumptions in terms of which all decisions are made by its bearers - the thought infrastructure of .the Free World.. These regulating principles are, in turn, preconsciously life-blind. That is, they are not altered by nor sensitive to any facts of life loss, however systemic. Only price signals can register to the ruling calculus, which is indifferent to life requirements unless controlled by non-market values.


9-11 stopped the citizen tide of growing protests overnight, and set in motion legal changes across nations to imprison as .terrorists. anyone who .obstructed. by labour strike, demonstration or body infringement of vehicles any .international meeting. - such as the .anti-globalization protests. which had been increasingly arising prior to 9-11. 68

Relevant Footnotes:
67 The facts took until 2004 to come out. .According to a magistrates investigation, the police improvised lies to justify a blood-soaked raid at the Diaz school, which was used by protestors as a headquarters. in Genoa in 2001. .The raid, which left dozens injured after being kicked, punched and beaten with batons, raised an international outcry. until 9-11 displaced it from the news. The police at the G-8 Summit .planted petrol bombs at the protestors. headquarters, and falsely accused them of stabbing a police
officer. (Rory Carroll, .Italian police framed G-8 protestors., London Guardian, June 22, 2004).

69 A public demonstration against the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas ministerial meetings in Miami in November 2004 was thus .attacked by thousands of militarized police in full riot gear including electrified shields, tanks, automatic and) semi-automatic weapons, tear gas, concussion grenades [and] rubber bullets. which resulted in .more than 100 protesters treated for injuries, 12 hospitalized, and 250 arrested. Miami police chief John Timoney was quoted by papers as saying: ?We?re locking them up. We?ll try to do as many arrests as we can. (Jennifer Van Bergen for the Lawyers Guild, November 26, 2004). Miami police were provided with $8.5 million of .anti-terrorist funds. by the Bush administration, in return for which the Mayor of Miami described the treatment of anti-FTAA protesters as .a model for homeland security..

-- --

"... a continuous process of adapting facts to the ruling paradigm,
as opposed to adjusting the ruling paradigm to accommodate the facts."

-- --

The deepest prejudice of the market meta-program underneath its apparently scientific mathematical notations is that it conceives all that exists in terms of money inputs, throughputs and outputs in ratios of minimum cost and maximum revenue/commodities for privatebusiness/consumers. For the regulating thought-system, these money sequences are laws of nature and reality, and societies either .adapt. to them or do not survive. There is nothing in its calculus, therefore, to deter rather than to favour any life destruction that yields awesome market opportunities, including a once-off terrorist spectacle.

To track the program here is unthinkable, but advisable. It reveals the warp of the regulating paradigm itself. The concept of .necessary sacrifices. for tradeoffs between increased market returns and lost livelihoods and lives is known well, but is suspended along with other questions, in understanding 9-11. If the market calculus does not compute life lost or gained but only priceable assets and gains, while its national-security calculus does not recognise law as binding on actions .to protect U.S. interests and investments abroad., then why not let the attack come to secure both? If the most systemic and global life destructions of our time, including ecological collapse and the obesity-malnutrition outcome, can continue to escalate even after the consequences are known with only denials or fig-leaves in response, then why not 9-11 and a far bigger pay-off matrix? The truth is that no market principle rules out any of these horrific consequences, and all select towards them.

The U.S. geopolitical calculus is based on defence of U.S. corporate market interests, present and future, and there are, as we know, few or no U.S.-recognised constraints of law on .national security. matters and reasons. If 9-11 was planned by a former lead ally of U.S. national security planners, Osama bin Laden, and then enacted by the .moral equivalents of the founding fathers., as sanctified U.S. President Reagan called the Taliban and their allies in their U.S.-armed war against yet another secular socialist government, why would it not have been also game-planned in the normal way as an option scenario? We need to bear in mind here that all economic and armed-force strategic planning pivots around the .payoff matrix. of decisions. This is the meaning of .rationality. for all of the interlocked market thought-systems, including major areas of moral and political philosophy (eg., the self-maximizing contractarian model in both of these fields). We need also to understand that the strategy frameworks of this .rationality. are military in prototype and development, the logical core of economic theory as well as military strategy since 1950.76 We need then to recognise that the unthinkable is the standardly desired zone of effective strategy in both military and market thought-systems.

Global market operations prevent no obstacles for whoever plans the hijack logistics, and assist every step required. Effectively anonymous bank-laundered money accounts are daily and profitably processed by market agents in accordance with the instructions of principals - for example, by delegating functions unconnected with each other and through proxies of instruction. As well, the rule of international and national criminal law does not bind al Qaeda and has been publicly repudiated by the Bush Jr. administration as inapplicable to Americans, while U.S. national law has never led to impeachment of a .President at War.. The family of bin Laden was not even questioned. Desired delivery of market goods with payment in cash on time can always be fast-track and secretive by at least Swiss bank conduits, and so market money demand and mutually profitable exchanges can traverse most of the necessary conditions - including paying for services to well-placed positions for turning the other way at undetectable moments of the exactly timed sequencing. It is a matter of record that market transactions allow for anything that conforms to the relations of price, profit and exchange - slavery, mass murder, buying of politicians and warlords, trafficking in deadly commodities in mass volumes, payoffs of government and military functionaries. There is no limit even within scholastic market axioms.

-- --

. the meaning of .democracy. is not, as Lincoln or Jefferson thought, self-government by the people. It is a process of locating group-mind preferences that the ruling group shares with a dominant voting bloc of America by continuous polls of opinion to select and market brand products which can best sell. This is the political process that crystallizes the group-mind as a ruling force. Elections test the competing products, what is meant by .democracy. in this thought system, but the material condition of success is always corporate financial and media support (with unusual exceptions destabilized and overthrown by the same instruments combined with U.S. state covert actions).89 Here as well, there are two planes of the ruling order of meaning and decision - the economic and the political. Both are regulated across party oppositions by an interlocked set of absolutes which favour or exclude this or that candidate or policy in a continuous winnowing process.


Clinically, psychiatry knows the disorder of narcissism well. It observes the defining propensities of autosuggestive hysteria and disconnection from reality - apt descriptors for daily television on .America at war against terrorism.. But the unifying disorder is writ within and across the group-mind so it cannot be apprehended from outside its own field of meaning. When psychopathic, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders explains, further and more disturbing properties of mental disorder are revealed. The self lies glibly, manipulates others, is parasitic, and denies all responsibility for destructive actions. The clinical definitions of the narcissistic psychopath and the market religion of America correlate too perfectly to ignore. They are as microcosm to macrocosm, ego to group-mind, but the shadow subject is not seen. For the first rule of any group-mind is that it cannot adopt itself as an object of critical reflection. This is the distinguishing nature of its self-referential circle, and its consequent life-blindness..

Deep in the American psyche, the fear turning back to conquer the Other which is always perceived to threaten it, lies the self.s final definer in a world of dark forces waiting to attack. At bottom, it may be said to be the deciding will of the group-mind of America - .I can kill, therefore I am.. Where is this equation not the propelling determiner of America.s historic identity across races and ethnic identities, past and present, and in the 9-11 era operations across the world? The power to kill the other bridges self-assertion across image and reality, law-abiding patriots and gangsters, the good and the bad alike..

After the 9-11 attack on the U.S., the meaning of .we can kill, therefore we are. was reborn as the patriotic will. Yet even after 9-11, the heroic stature of America calls itself into question when the killing of the Other is by industrial bombs falling eyeless from the sky on poor populations and their basic means of continuing life without disease and death. Although all that may matter to this moral universe is to show .We are Number 1 in the world. and .only the free market can provide freedom and democracy. - still the saturation bombing of a defenceless and impoverished people provokes uprising beneath the group-mind regulators of meaning. The life of humanity refuses the offer that can.t be refused. Even although there is almost no popular form of American culture that does not bear the undertow meaning of the master longing . from hunting other creatures to kill them, to the mock murders of wrestle-mania and video-games of shooting others in droves, to the kill-.em language of America.s favorite sports and the pervasive violence entertainments on living-room screens, to the government of the most populous state by a movie robo-killer - still, something snaps out of the field of group-mind submersion. It may take a generation to unfold - but the end is already written on the mind-lock that cannot tell the difference between the life and death of others.97

At bottom lies the unseen equation of U.S. armed force to America itself. If America is at war in .a war without end., then the equation rules out its life modes of peace. No received economic metric can see this problem, let alone measure it. Market growth is the only metric of social health visible through the regulating market prism. With no social life but consuming market selves against the Enemy, .we can kill therefore we are. becomes the American collectivity which is nowhere else allowed to exist. The armed force of US is in unobserved fact the only collectivity willingly funded by taxpayers since tax-cut government began. All other pooled resources for nation-state action are .socialism. to the group-mind. In the only national collectivity supported, the esprit de corps of America becomes beneath understanding the boot-camp and the killing fields of others. .We can kill, therefore we are. joins market selves in a thousand points of light. The sky-lighting bombings are .our credibility in the world..98

This is why the Democratic Party, otherwise unaccountably, abdicated from its responsibility to oppose once the parameters of the .war against terrorism. began - affirming with .no daylight between us. the criminal invasions of other societies, the emptying of the U.S. Treasury, the systematic abridgement of legal rights, and the waiving of environmental laws for the military.99 Society-staggering increases of public expenditure on weapons of mass destruction displaced vital life needs on every level. Disconnect ruled from the heart and mind. It was Un-American to oppose. 100 When a people are incarcerated within their group-mind, more paralysed than 1930 Germans in their dread of being named .unpatriotic., the war cannot stop. That is why it was essential that the war began - to render armed seizure and control of other societies. lands and wealth as America.s natural right. It was not by accident that Hobbesian theory was dominant in America.s intellectual elite. Underneath detection, a moving spring of self-defence as armed invasion was accepted as given.101

"No other cause than the 9-11 attack could have incited American legislators to sacrifice their constituents. tax-dollars in the long-term trillions, the lives of other Americans, and the reputation of America in the world - as U.S. security geostrategists from both parties recognised beforehand. Without an attack on America, unilateral armed-force invasions of distant societies were wars that
could not be sold .after Vietnam.. 9-11 reversed the tide of a generation. Beneath all the surface phenomena of party politics and competing media and opinions ruled the Market Religion of America for which the globe was its resource basin and labour pool, its land of milk and honey of the Promised Land of three millennia later. The historical subject now was the ruling market group-mind, and its commanding assumptions were the set-points for every decision. That the accumulating effects in the larger world of global market expansion beyond all barriers were the ozone layer shredding, oceans rising, and environmental indicators in precipitous decline could not register through the regulating framework of meaning. 102 All that was externality to the ruling calculus. Conflicting interests of party, class and ethnos merged as the propelling consensus of the life-blind. At the middle and working class levels, .we love America. was the shared self-image of citizens. Since .patriotic Americans. all loved America, and America was .our men and women serving in our armed forces abroad., they could no longer distinguish their beloved country from the crimes of the national security state. The deployments of armed terror, mass disinformation, secret narco-links and political bribery and coercion at every level were denied, necessary, anomalous, or exceptions. 103 The monstrous equations were assumed as America which .must be defended against her enemies.. Those who oppose America are .anti-American.. The victims are the enemy. War crimes are .collateral damages.. One absurd equation builds onto another as a paranoid mass cult called .patriotism.- but all proceeds in accordance with the shadow subject of the ruling group-mind.

It is certainly true that there are market-class biases to the effects. The resources of the poor are expropriated for transnational market profit and consumption, while the U.S. Treasury itself is structurally adjusted to a wide-mouth siphon to the rich for .market investment and growth.. But the class bias of the payoffs do not explain the all-class affirmation of the silently deciding assumptions that select and exclude towards every decision, trend and outcome. Only what fights back is perceived by the U.S. and the Free World as a problem to be overcome, and only military and market plans are selected for resolved collective action. Global trade edicts, IMF market-restructuring and - after 9-11 - direct military invasions follow from the global market meta-program - the sole meanings of .development., .defence. and .security. which make sense to the regulating thought regime. The geostrategic hinge on which all turns is 9-11 - both the karmic blow-back and the launching site of .the war without end.. It is the unseen synecdoche of implosion of a life-disconnected empire. Beyond its group-mind rule opens the horizon of the life economy alternative."

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Blogger Richard W. Symonds said...

Thank you for your post.

Orwell himself warned of this "totalitarian outlook" in his last-known published words(June 1949)(but I'm sure he did not have the US in mind at the time) :

"I think that...something like NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR could (underlined) happen. This is the direction in which the world is going at the present time, and the trend lies deep in the political, social and economic foundations of the contemporary world situation.

"Specifically the danger lies in the structure imposed on Socialist and on Liberal capitalist communities, by the necessity to prepare for total war with the U.S.S.R. - and the new weapons of which, of course, the atomic bomb is the most powerful, and the most publicized.
But danger lies also in the acceptance of a totalitarian outlook by intellectuals of all colours.

"The moral to be drawn from this dangerous nightmare situation is a simple one : Don't let it happen. It depends on you (underlined)."


Richard W. Symonds

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