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USA - hypocrit to deceive masses

America: Where Preachment and Action Do Not Meet

Two hundred and thirty three years of an uninterrupted democracy makes America a solid nation. The U.S. is considered by many as the most stable and generous country in the entire world. Its free-market based economy, along with its endless business opportunities back up the greatest capitalist rational society the globe has ever seen. Since its early foundations, it commenced as the promise land for those who were escaping religious persecution, it embraced any kind as the same, and provided an equal range of opportunities for whoever embarked in honest engagement. It created its own lemma of dream land with opportunities spilling waiting to be nailed. America .the land of the free and the home of the brave. stood through the centuries as the sole inspiration and example to follow, mimic, and admire. At least that.s the way it was sold to us.

But is it so? Is America a real democracy? Or is it just a disguised democratic system? One that allows its people to somehow participate every four years in an election process, apparently pure and transparent, but at the same time full with flaws and mischief aimed to fulfill the needs and interests of a few. The 2000 presidential election comes to mind and furthermore, the apathy the American people showed toward it. The collective American psyche probably shares the same notion of how the election was somehow .stolen.. However, through time and staged recreation, the thought likely faded away as the people still kept and keep believing that the sole mentor and distributor of democracy spoke its truth.

Political science Yale professor Robert A. Dahl introduced the term polyarchy as the best description for America.s political system. In a polyarchy the power remains in the hands of a small group of people. According to Dahl, the fundamental democratic principle is that when it comes to binding collective decisions, each person in a political community is entitled to be given equal consideration to their interests.

From the beginning, when the constitution was framed by the famous fathers of the nation, it was accorded that the power of a few was meant to be guarded and kept from a possible threat arousing from the masses. It was meant to protect the opulent minority from the majority. Like this, the political parade engaged itself in a relay race passing power from hand to hand, building a continuity of stability through decades.

The well intentioned nation that preaches democratic rights to be spread around the world has in its attempts managed to destroy countries all around the globe and has currently a huge stone in its shoe in the Middle East. A few examples, Chile in 1973 after electing Salvador Allende in 1970 as its president, saw its democracy succumbed when a U.S. backed military coup forestalled the course of a democracy and installed a puppet government to suit their own interests. The fear of a new Cuba in the southern cone was too great to be ignored, any possible threat of communism had to disappear, and the U.S. was going to make sure it did, no matter the consequences, nor the fact that the countries they were intruding were democracies, not perfect ones, but democracies they were.

Ronald Reagan.s eight years in office were, according to Father Miguel D.Escoto, Nicaragua.s Foreign Minister under the Sandinista government in the 1980s, one of the most bloody eras in the history of the Western hemisphere. Washington funneled money, weapons, and other supplies to right wing death squads. The death toll was staggering. More than 70,000 political killings in El Salvador, over 100,000 in Guatemala, and 30,000 killed in the contra war in Nicaragua. In Washington, the forces carrying out the violence were called .freedom fighters.. This is how Reagan described the Contras in Nicaragua: .They are our brothers, these freedom fighters and we owe them our help. They are the moral equal of our founding fathers.. For D.Escoto, Reagan is responsible for the deaths of some 50,000 Nicaraguans, crimes he committed in the name of what he falsely labeled as freedom and democracy. The country was devastated and the hopes of ever pulling up are practically non-existent. I could continue with Iraq and Afghanistan but I think I made my point already. Also those wars are still being fought, and although a date has been set for U.S. troops to begin withdrawal, the damage done is done and will never be undone.

According to Massachusetts Institute of Technology and political activist Noam Chomsky, America is the most terrorist country in the world. Chomsky states that as Latin America is currently gaining an independence and integration not seen since colonial times, the U.S. is hence terrified of the upcoming outcome. According to the linguistic academic, the U.S., under President Thomas Woodrow Wilson, kicked out the British in 1920 from Venezuela as soon as the oil age began because they knew that Venezuela was sitting over a huge mattress of oil reserves. It also meant supporting Juan Vicente Gomez, a vicious brutal dictator.

So Venezuela has, for the past five to six years, been heading to its independence and the U.S. is frantic, because its president, Hugo Chavez, does not play ball and does not follow orders. Furthermore, it influences its neighbors to take the same path. The whole region is pretty much out of control, at least for Washington.s standards. According to Professor Chomsky, there are two mechanisms the U.S. has exercised in the past to control Latin America:
1) Violence
2) Economic Strangulation

The last exercise and most recent example of violence occurred in 2002 in Venezuela. It happened when the U.S., with its dedication to democracy transmission, supported a coup to overthrow the democratically elected government of the South American country. Eventually, it had to back down, primarily due to the popular uprisings in Venezuela and also to the reaction that it had throughout the region. In Latin America, according to Chomsky, democracy is taken a lot more serious that it is in North America and Europe. People do not find amusing anymore to have elected governments overthrown by military coups.

The second mechanism that Chomsky mentions, the economic one, is also being lost. The most dramatic case was Argentina. Argentina became the poster trial for the International Monetary Fund and by following and abiding IMF rules, the nation, along with huge doses of local political incapability, was drained into its worst economic disaster in its history. The economy totally collapsed. Then, in 2005, radically violating IMF rules, the country managed to pull-out witnessing a rapid growth in its economy. Argentina refused to pay debt. Former Argentinean President Nestor Kirchner said the country was reading itself to the IMF because of U.S. economic strangulation. Eventually, Venezuela paid off practically all of Argentina.s debt with the IMF. Bolivia is probably following the same steps and Brazil already did. For Chomsky, when a country reads itself to the IMF, it seriously weakens these measures of economic strangulation. The measures adopted by these countries are also gaining a lot of popular appeal, hence America.s constant hysteria from the government and through the media.

So the so called installer of world democracies has two faces. It preaches freedom and democracy with one while it bullies and terrorizes the weaker with the other one. Maybe it is because in America word and act rarely meet, and when they do, they do not recognize each other.

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