Friday, May 01, 2009

911 wtc pictures - military special operation

Nice angle... fake?

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CNN WTC 911 live video still
explosion explosives
interesting disintegration

spontaneous combustion
steel dissolving on descent
cnn russia wabc awaiting presidential statement on wtc crashes
flash on rooftop of world trade center during terror false flag clandestine wet job
msnbc breaking news
bizarre angular momentum... top tower part will not reach the ground
where is the debris from 110 story skyscrapers?
the towers just turned to dust and were blown away in the wind.
what flies out? two objects ... missile parts
toasted cars..
burning ambulance -- when did it catch fire? From what?


a list of 911 books is here.

HERE and here and HERE is how 911 was done, they used holograms for planes and exotic weapons to pulverize the towers. I know how crazy this sounds but the logic is inescapable.
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