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Hitler's secret archive - chain mail explained

> This story was aired on CBS on "60
> MINUTES" ** about a long-secret

It a bad TV report about an archive
of the records of mass murder,
genocide and progroms. The german
archive contains Schindler's list,
Anne Frank documents and all the
gruesome, scrupulous records of
"Hitler's willing executioners" in
writing. Crimes that can never be

As always with Western corporate
embedded media, there is spin and
deception by omission of vital

For starters, missing is a
comparision to the closed archives of
UK and USA as well as the omission of
any positive word on today's
germany's committment to keep the
historic facts straight.

But some mentioned "facts" are wrong,
too. Let's always try to give some
background and perspective. The age
of enlightenment depends on reason,
and information.

> German archive that houses a
> treasure trove of information on
> 17.5 million victims of the
> Holocaust.

Germans pay for the Red Cross to
house this amazing archive in
eternity. It is in perfect shape,
indexed and open to researchers.
Currently they pay 317 people to work
in the archive.

> The archive, located in the German
> town of Bad Arolsen ,

near Kassel.

> is massive (there are 16 miles of
> shelving containing 50 million
> pages of documents) and until
> recently, was off-limits to the
> public.

30 million documents, open for
research since 28 nov 2007 to be

The "International Tracing Service"
was disclosing information on anyone
who asked since after the war.

It was not a SECRET ARCHIVE.

The backlog was unquantified,
it depends on how you count it.

The CBS figure of 400,000 is
unclear and may give the wrong
impression because of the
missing time-frame. Also the way of
counting has changed in 2008. Before
each enquiry was counted as "enquiry
per name". Today they count "enquiry
per enquiry".

During the german government
reparation-payouts to former slave
labourers between 2000 and 2007 there
were almost a million enquiries.

The CBS report ("Hitler's secret
archive" by Michael Rosenbaum) is a
sensationalist yellow-press emotional
piece that could convey much better
information in the almost 10 minutes.
In fact it gives wrong impressions at
every fact. There are emotional
scenes of holocaust survivors crying
in front of the camera.

> But after the German government
> agreed earlier this year to open
> the archives, CBS News' Scott
> Pelley traveled there with three
> Jewish survivors who were able to
> see their own Holocaust records.
> It's an incredibly moving piece,

Yes, but where are the "incredibly
moving" films about Hiroshima and
Nagasaki? Iraq, Iran, El Salvador,
Nicaragua, Vietnam, My Lai and New
York (9/11 2001)? Is one Holocaust 65
years ago as bad as a recent one? How
about the eon million victims of the

Between 1945 and 2005 the United
States has attempted to overthrow
more than 40 foreign governments, and
to crush more than 30
populist-nationalist movements
struggling against intolerable
regimes... In the process, the U.S.
caused the end of life for several
million people, and condemned many
millions more to a life of agony and

If I were the president, I could stop
terrorist attacks against the United
States in a few days. Permanently. I
would first apologize -- very
publicly and very sincerely -- to all
the widows and the orphans, the
impoverished and the tortured, and
all the many millions of other
victims of American imperialism. I
would then announce that America's
global interventions -- including the
awful bombings -- have come to an
end. And I would inform Israel that
it is no longer the 51st state of the
union but . oddly enough . a foreign
country. I would then reduce the
military budget by at least 90% and
use the savings to pay reparations to
the victims and repair the damage
from the many American bombings and
invasions. There would be more than
enough money. Do you know what one
year of the US military budget is
equal to? One year. It's equal to
more than $20,000 per hour for every
hour since Jesus Christ was born.
That's what I'd do on my first three
days in the White House. On the
fourth day, I'd be assassinated.
(William Blum)

> all the more
> poignant in the wake of the
> meeting of Holocaust deniers in
> Iran and the denial speeches in
> the UN

Sure. The exact wording *CAN* be
interpreted like that

exact recent quote:

At the 18 September 2009 Quds Day
ceremonies in Tehran Ahmadinejad
stated Israel was created on "a lie
and a mythical claim," that the
Western powers "launched the myth of
the Holocaust. They lied, they put on
a show and then they support the

In a more benevolent interpretation
Ahmadinejad is not totally wrong.
Israel was created by many crimes and

Disguised as Arabs ...

boobytrapped corpses:
"the hanging of the sergeants did
more than anything else to get us out
of Palestine."

It is self-evident that the holocaust
is not a myth in itself. But it is
certainly true that the holocaust is
used (launched) as a myth to justify
imperialism, see: John Mearsheimer .
Invoking the Holocaust to Defend the
for more information.

> We're trying to get word out about
> the story to people who have a
> special interest in this subject.

Now, who would that be? Historians?
It is soooo important that EVERYONE
is EDUCATED about the crimes of

The free citizens of the USA should
learn their own history, with utmost

> It is now more than 60 years after
> the Second World War in Europe
> ended. This e-mail is being sent as
> a memorial chain, in memory of the
> six million Jews, 20 million
> Russians, 10 million Christians and
> 1,900 Catholic priests who were
> murdered, massacred, raped, burned,
> starved and humiliated with the
> German and Russia peoples looking
> the other way!

It can be argued that the "looking
the other way" by the allies was
contributing a great deal.

Fascism was a catastrophe for Europe
which must never be forgotten.
Propaganda celebrated a bloody
victory! Many Germans really
believed they were being attacked by
jews. The wonderful german military
was cause for militarist fascination,
and it was all intentional.
The big lesson (soon forgotten) by
the germans was that the corporations
were the actual enablers and
instigators of war.

The german "republicans" (right wing
conservatives) 'CDU' drafted the
following party manifesto worth
reading in 1947:

Today's Hollywood glorifies
militarism! "Fascism 2.0" is alive
and well world-wide. While we no
longer comit genocide we *are*
enslaving the world by finacially.

> Now, more than ever, with Iran ,
> among others, claiming the
> Holocaust to be "a myth," it is
> imperative to make sure the world
> never forgets.

"Iran" is not claiming anything. The
Claim that "Iran" is denying the
holocaust is a brazen war-mongering
effort to propagandize, in best
Goebbels tradition.

> This e-mail is intended to reach 40
> million people worldwide!

You better forward this amended
email. 40 million people are
hopefully not dumb enough to advocate
the Repugnican USA-christian-fascists
call for a bloodbath, on the count of
a few Holocaust denying idiots. The
USA has plenty of them, start at

Iran has NEVER in 2000 years attacked
ANY country. The USA has attacked
during EVERY presidency. The USA is a
"war country", it needs frequent wars
to justify the monstrous
state-socialism military-spending.
The USA out-spends the WORLD, and
since 9/11 it aquired military bases
in pipeline-hotspots under a huge
cost of lives. There was never a
proper investigation in the events of
9/11, and to-this-day the NTSB has
not said ANYTHING about the
The most factual website on the 9/11
myth is this one: (it takes
weeks and is indigestable).

> Join us and be a link in the
> memorial chain and help us
> distribute it around the world.

Yes, please forward this amended
email. It is formatted for
trouble-free quoting.

> Please send this e-mail to 10
> people you know and ask them to
> continue the memorial chain.
> Please don't just delete it. It
> will only take you a minute to pass
> this along
> ** A recreation of the CBS program
> can be found on You Tube. Here are
> the links to "CBS Holocaust, Parts
> 1 & 2"

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