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Twin Towers Demolition - 911 inside job evidence

Twin Tower Deception and Demolition begins to expose with forensic evidence the deception surrounding the design and construction of the Twin Towers. The towers did not have 47 steel core columns in the core. The core was a steel reinforced cast concrete tube. The producers information comes from a missing video documentary produced by PBS in 1987 and broadcast on cable in 1990 called "The Engineering and Construction of the Twin Towers. It provides the only logical explanations in existence which are realistic, feasible and credible for; free fall, total pulverization, superfine heated concrete particulate, smooth, square cut column ends and the heaving of heavy steel assemblies for hundreds of feet; that are on the web. In 2 parts it has a total length of about 16 minutes. Produced by Christopher A. Brown in July of 2,007

Tower Structure

See-through towers
This photograph (copied from is explained on Understanding The Silhouetted Images Of The Twin Towers.

The towers had a strong core structure and perimeter columns all around the outside. The 47 core columns held up approximately 60% of the vertical load, and the 244 perimeter columns distributed the remaining 40% across the four walls, 10% per wall. (See Why Trade Center Towers Stood, Then Fell,
November 11, 2001, which gives the official conspiracy theory, along with some useful info.)

Some people still try to make the incorrect case that there was only a relatively weak hollow core structure, or that it had concrete columns, or none at all. Here is a diagram showing what they wanted us to believe about the structure:
Weak central core columns

All the elevator shafts were integrated with the core columns. Local elevators did not extend the entire height of the towers.
WTC elevators

Tower construction showing core columns
Actual construction photos make the real structure clear. Notice the extensive horizontal and diagonal cross bracing, particularly on the corner columns of the core.

Actual floor plans were withheld from the public for more than five years, and finally leaked by a whistleblower. (see Tower Blueprints - Surviving Evidence of the World Trade Center Attack )

The floor plans exposed the misrepresentation by FEMA and NIST of the true structure, which helped them support their theory of how a gravity-driven collapse occurred.

Tower construction showing core columns, near ground

The towers were designed, by standard building practice, so that the columns at each floor could resist the weight of 5 times the number of floors above it. This means each tower could have been 5 times taller before being on the verge of collapsing under its own weight.

In order for the lower floors to hold up all the upper floors, the columns in lower floors must be much stronger and heavier than those above. In fact, the core columns on the bottom were 10 times more massive compared to those near the top. So the rectangular-shaped towers were actually built more like pyramids internally, as suggested by this perspective image.

WTC Tower in Perspective
WTC 5 times taller
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Blogger Christophera said...

This part,
"The 47 core columns held up approximately 60% of the vertical load"

Is not from my site. Everything below is not, so distinguish that because there were no steel core columns inthe core area.
What was there were elevator guide rail support steel which is proven by the precense of "Butt plates" on the tops of the steel left and right of the center crane.

Butt plates are far too weak for "core columns". Only a 100% deep fillet weld will suffice.

Also the elevator guide rail supports had no footing, only resting on a stack of "I" beams to spread the load and a thin concrete pad.

What is said about horizontal and diagonal supports inside the core is erroneous. There is only very minimal horizontal bracing. Elevator guide rail supports are only braced by beams connecting to the 24 interior box column surrounding the concrete core. Diagonals got in the way of hhallways and elevator doors so were elminated by the concrete core design which supports the elevator guide rail support steel to eleminate sag in the center from it's own weight and keep them properly aligned.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 at 4:05:00 PM PDT  

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