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HAARP - Hurricain erin - 911 WTC

The US is going ahead with the HF Active Auroral Ionospheric Research Program
(HAARP) involving USAF, US Navy's Office of Naval Research, ARCO Power to
enhance C3 capabilities. The purpose is to develop high frequency ionospheric
heating capabilities to:

1) generate ELF (70-150 Hz) for submarine communications.

2) geophysical probing of ionospheric processes

3) creation of ionospheric lenses for military purposes

4) ionize pathways by electron acceleration for infrared, optical and radio
wave propagation in the ionosphere

5) generate new geomagnetic alignments to control reflection and scattering
properties of radio waves

6) create ionospheric "mirrors" for HF/VHF/UHF surveillance of flying objects.

The heating involves 1 Gigawatt (at 1 MHz to 15 MHz) from a 30 acre antenna
farm in Gakona, Alaska and will operate in tandem with a Brazilian ionospheric
modification program (BIME) and the Navy's RED AIR program.

It is a follow up on various Soviet facilities (1 GW in Niir (Dushanbe), Sura
(400 MW), Gorkiy (20 MW) and Monchegorsk (10 MW) which were by defense
estimates more advanced than Western facilities in Arecibo, Puerto Rico (80
MW), Fairbanks (80 MW) and the Max Planck facility in Tromso, Norway (1 GW).

It is reported that the project poses so many uncertainties that existing
military bases refused to house it and many scientists consider this as
unlawful and dangerous experimentation while the congress has already rejected
funding in 1989 for it.

Details available from:

Clare Zickuhr
5316 Shorecrest Drive
Anchorage, Alaska 99515
Tel: 907-248-8189
Fax: 907-248-2283

So had you heard of that one before? That means quite many watts in the air! No
wonder scientists are detecting gree house effects!

A positive mass localized on a lower end of a funnel explains a fast extension of a funnel and a subsequent blow against the surface of the earth or water.

A vacuum domain as well as a vacuum doesn't have the conductivity of self-gravitational current, it doesn't possess a free gravitational charges. Therefore while touching the surface only the surface gravitational charges go in the ground. At that a funnel is detached from the ground. Whereupon the process of polarisation again extends a funnel and it again touches the ground. In such a way it may be explained an observable dotted contact of a funnel with the earth.

The energy source as in the experiment of Einstein-de-Haas is energy of the magnetic field, in this case - energy of the polarisation. Thus a gravitational energy is transformed into a spin energy.

A cloud always rises through a height of 20 km above a funnel of tornado. Since an upper boundary of the troposphere passing in a middle latitudes at a height of 10-11 km confines all thermobaric processes in the atmosphere, a manifestation of tornado at such a height can't have a meteorological explanation, but it can have a gravidynamical explanation. A stretched and strongly polarized vacuum domain contains at its upper end a large positive mass and positive electrical charge. And both charges repel from the earth and rushes together with the air outside the troposphere. The entrapped moisture makes a domain visible.
Figure 56 (Figure 5).

The most widespread and the most inexplicable manifestation of tornado as a picking of solid objects by soft ones

(straws pick boards, chips pick trunks, a board penetrates a wall of a house, a thick steel plate) also can be explained by the accepted model, see Figure 5.

Under the action of the gravitational field of the Earth a gravitational charge is accumulated on the thin ends of different objects. It rushes to the gravitational charge created by the Earth on the surface of a house or tree. The charge density at some concentration of defects can be sufficient for a puncturing the firm objects. A charge carrier is carried along in a made aperture. It's solidity doesn't play any role.

By the same mechanism may be explained the fact why a maple leafe was found to be pressed in a hard stucco. If one could set a laboratory experiment for the demonstration of gravitational charges, one can't invent the better way of manifestation of their effect than in this experiment.

The probability that a board by its end hits a palm trunk is very small but howerever it differs from zero, but the probability that all boards pick palms in such a way that a palm is always in the middle of a board equals to zero.

But if to accept that an equipotential of a gravitational field passes along a palm, then a hit of a board in a palm and a stop of a board just in its middle becomes no longer accidental.

The positive gravitational charges originating on the lower surface of a parent cloud allow to keep and to transport not only silver coins and Amphibia but also large masses of water extracted from reservoirs.

The gravitational polarisation of a tornado's column allows to explain why fast rotated bricks from the destroyed school were stacked in a high hillock in a center of the area formed by a school foundation.

The positive gravitational charges originated on the lower end of a column cause the same polarisation on the earth surface, in this particular case - in the foundation of the school. The attraction of these charges has compensated a centrifugal force and gathered all bricks in a center of a column.

9/11 Weather Anomalies and Field Effects

Hurricane Erin track ( Hurricane Erin was the closest to NYC on 9/11/01. Why didn't we hear about this in the morning news?????

Weather reported on 9/11, reporting rain and thunder at JFK airport. They don't mention wind direction or that the wind shifted direction by 180°.

Best track for Hurricane Erin, September 2001. Track during the extratropical stage is based on analyses from the NOAA Marine Prediction Center. The colored circles indicate the approximate area covered by the main body of the hurricane. This shows the potential danger this hurrcane posed on New York and the surrounding area.
THE EYE ... weird huh?

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