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you probably never heard of this.

Every Coin has two sides. I am not saying that Israel should be wiped from the map, but it MUST become a state that observes the law.

Europe has made great progress. They dismantled the CIA secret armies
(google GLADIO), Turkey is RIGHT NOW doing it (google ERGENEKON u2r2h)

now read a bit of historical context:

The late professor Israel Shahak, a Holocaust survivor, and then chairman of the Israeli League for Human and Civil Rights, wrote: .There is nothing new in the fact that Israel is a terrorist state, which, almost from its inception, has used its intelligence service (the Mossad) to assassinate people on foreign soil with any violence or terror it considers necessary for its ends..

The actions of the state of Israel since its creation, and those of the terrorist gangs (the Stern, Irgun Zwei Leumi and the Haganah) that brought it about, testify to Israel.s long-established record in terrorism, not only in the Middle East but on the international scene. This record is massive and would take volumes to relate but I will refer only to a few examples:

Assassination of Palestinian leaders and intellectuals, in Europe and the Middle East has gone on for years. This includes the 1972 Lillehammer affair in Norway, where an innocent Moroccan waiter was killed in error, instead of a targeted Palestinian; the murder of the Palestinian diplomat and scholar Naim Khader in 1985 in Brussels, and many others.

Fathi Shikaki was assassinated in Malta in 1995 on the orders of Yitzhak Rabin. The role of Ehud Barak, dressed as an Arab woman, in the assassination of three Palestinian leaders, including the poet Kemal Nasser, in 1973 in Beirut, must not be forgotten.

Israeli-targeted assassination of Palestinians described as activists, as well as bystanders, continues to this day. Israeli assassination is not limited to Palestinians but includes the 1944 assassination of the British minister Lord Moyne in Cairo as planned by Yitzhak Shamir.

A horrible crime was committed in the assassination of the Swedish nobleman, Count Folke Bernadotte, a UN mediator, on Sept. 17, 1948, in Jerusalem, on the orders of Yitzhak Shamir, who later became prime minister of Israel. Count Bernadotte.s sin was his recommendation, as the UN mediator, that Palestinian refugees who were driven out from their homes by Israel should be allowed to return to their homes. This recommendation was the substance of the UN resolution 194, on Dec. 11, 1948, stipulating the right of return for the Palestinian refugees as soon as possible.

Israeli use of chemical weapons is also on record in the botched attempt to assassinate Khalid Meshal in Amman in 1997, on the orders of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Incredible as it may seem, Israel also indulged in the development of bioterrorism.

The first act of air piracy in the history of civil aviation was carried out by Israel in 1954, when a civilian Syrian airliner was forced down in Tel Aviv and its passengers and crew held hostage, despite international condemnation.

The first act of shooting down a civilian airliner was deliberately carried out by Israel when a Libyan airliner was shot down by Israeli jet fighters over Sinai in February 1973, on the orders of Israeli prime minister Golda Meir, killing 107 of its passengers and its entire French crew.

Israeli terror was not restricted to Palestinians, Arabs and Europeans but included its own closest supporter and ally, the United States. In 1954, Israeli secret agents bombed the U.S. diplomatic centres in Cairo and Alexandria (known as the Lavon Affair), in an attempt to put the blame on the Egyptians. Israel later honoured the perpetrator, Marcello Ninio.

In June 1967, Israeli forces attacked and sank the U.S. spy ship USS Liberty, and strafed rescue boats, killing 35 and injuring 170 U.S. servicemen, in an attempt to conceal its own secret communications, and again tried to blame it on the Egyptians. To this day, incredible as it may seem, the U.S. Congress refuses to hold an inquiry into this crime, as requested by the surviving crew. Needless to say, no sanctions were imposed or calls to extradite the perpetrators were made.

Zionist terror did not spare Jews. In 1940, Menachem Begin.s Irgun Zwei Leumi terrorist gang bombed the ship Patria in Haifa harbor, killing 240 Jewish refugees, so as to put the blame on the British for political gain.

In 1950-1951, Israeli agents were dispatched to Iraq where they tossed hand grenades into the crowded Massauda Shem-Tov synagogue, causing numerous deaths, in order to blame it on the Iraqis and encourage reluctant Iraqi Jews to emigrate to Israel.

Israeli terrorism against Palestinians continues, including murder, torture, expropriation of their land, for the creation of illegal settlements and demolition of thousands of their homes as well as entire towns and villages, not to mention numerous massacres, including those of Deir Yassin, Qibya, Sabra and Shatilla, Jenin, and Gaza.

The Palestinians of the West Bank have remained under illegal occupation for over 34 years, in defiance of international law and UN Security Council resolutions. Their acts of resistance are described by Israel as terrorism, yet international law entitles all peoples, including even the Palestinian people, to resist foreign occupation.

Occupation is violence, and to bring an end to violence and bring peace and security for Israelis and Palestinians, Israel must comply with international law and withdraw completely from all territories occupied in 1967, including East Jerusalem.

Israeli acts of belligerency extend beyond its defiance of international law and Security Council resolutions to violation of its own agreements with the Palestinian Authority.

Its recent re-occupation, of seven cities and towns in the Palestinian autonomous areas is illegal. The pretext for this is the recent assassination of the Israeli Minister of Tourism, Rehavam Zeevi, by members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in retaliation for Israel.s assassination of their leader Mustafa Zibri two months earlier.

Mr. Zibri.s assassination was one of over 50 Palestinian leaders assassinated over the last year. The invasion of these towns, including Bethlehem and Beit Jala, using tanks and Apache warships, has resulted in the demolition of scores of homes and the killing of over 50 Palestinians, mostly women and children.

The invasion of these towns and cities continues in defiance of international condemnation and the call for immediate withdrawal by the U.S., Israel.s ally, benefactor and unquestioning supporter. But, alas, Israel remains above international law.

The late Canadian historian Frank Epp, then president of Grebel college of the University of Waterloo, wrote: .It is true that terrorist acts have been perpetrated by people identified as Palestinians. But there is another terrorism which is more vicious and brutal, that of dispossession and displacement forced upon the Palestinians.

However, terrorism meted out by the Palestinians, regrettable as it is, is minute by comparison with that which has been inflicted on them. The mass media have failed to make this point adequately..

The tragedy for the Jewish people of Israel, in the crimes that are committed in their name, is highlighted in the statement made by the noted British historian Arnold Toynbee, who stated in a 1961 lecture at McGill University to a largely Jewish audience: .The Jewish treatment of the Arabs in 1948 was as morally indefensible as the slaughter by the Nazis of six million Jews . The most tragic thing in human life is when people who have suffered impose suffering in their turn..

The Palestinian people today are calling for a modicum of justice. For without this, there will be no peace for Arab or Jew in the Middle East.

Dr. Ismail Zayid was born and grew up in Beit Nuba, Palestine. He is the author of two books: Palestine: A Stolen Heritage and Zionism: The Myth and the Reality. Read other articles by .

This article was posted on Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

This ruling opens the floodgates for an unlimited amount of special interest money into our democracy.
  It gives the special interest lobbyists new leverage to spend millions on advertising to persuade elected officials to vote their way - or to punish those who don't."
  That means that any public servant who has the courage to stand up to the special interests and stand up for the American people can find himself or herself under assault come election time.
  Even foreign corporations may now get into the act."

This pronouncement was not from the socialist voices of Noam Chomsky or Howard Zinn, nor from those like Johns Rawls or Richard Rorty of the liberal stripe.  It was US President Barack Obama who made this dramatic asseveration last week concerning the Supreme Courtâ..s 5-4 ruling that removes legal barriers to the corporate financing of political campaigns. This stance reminds one of the perennial threats that face the people of the United States, such as that revealed by Eisenhower in his farewell address when he warned of the hidden and growing power of the â..military industrial complex,â. or by the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations. Year after year, election after election, we see the growing power of money in influencing American politics. In the 2008 electoral campaigns â..most notably in the presidential raceâ.. close to $6 billion was spent, of which more than $1 billion came from special interest groups and private organizations. This adds to the landscape of surreptitious contributions, to the vitality of the revolving door system (which allows the continuous shuttling of executives between the business and the political worlds), and to the infamous inducements of the oil, arms, medical and tobacco lobbyists.  All of this resonates in reactionary roadblocks to immigration and health care reform, through the egotistic (and ignorant) support of the vast media industry. Everything transpires in the intricate topography of US society and culture â.. with its conservative political system, lack of a political left, an archaic electoral system and its messianic and racist ideology. The nation is flanked by a dynamic civil society nurtured by community activism and the wide exercise of civic rights.  It is also accompanied by a press as entrapped by big business as the representatives of dissident voices, as well as teams of lobbyists that defend the outrages of corporations while law firms advise civic movements and causes. I always emphasize Alexis of Tocquevilleâ..s observations on the vitality and prominence of â..associationismâ. in America, a practice enriched in a country where the absence of a monarchic régime or aristocratic society allowed for the germination of a republican political culture. Also fitting is the recollection of the critiques by Mark Twain, Jose Marti and John Dos Passos about the corruptive spirit of capital, determined to muzzle the protesting voice of the public. The symbolic and electoral defeats of the neo-conservative agenda â..attempted during the terms of Bush Jr.â.. appear beginning to be experienced in the current setbacks of the democratic administration. Like in ancient Rome, the boundaries of a state that combines a domestic republic and a world empire are unstable and can become blurred. Something is in evidence: the militarist and plutocratic Empire lies in wait for a republic of citizens who have never been able to deploy â..consciouslyâ.. their potential for virtue.

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