Saturday, August 14, 2010

United Airlines Flight 93

no plane:

Now compare them to the real crash scene photo's that also shows no plane. The truth is starring you in the face:

notice on this timeline what happens to Flight 93 when it nears Cleveland (see #9 and #10):

Btw, there is a NASA center right next to Hopkins Airport:

"NASA Glenn is located at Lewis Field, a 350-acre site, adjacent to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, upon which the main campus is built."


 Susan McIlwain was an eyewitness to the crash in Shanksville, PA on 9/11, and she says in no uncertain terms that it was NOT a Boeing 757 See here...

also see
Mark Binghams Exif/IPTC data shows as 8/30/2001

9/11 aircraft speed

PHIL JAYHAN now a noplaner! NORAD TAPES 2006

DANCING ISRAELIS (mossad 9-11!)

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