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NEW BEST JFK BOOK (catholic but full of anti-CIA goodness)

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JFK He was dead as soon as he said he was going to dismantle the millitary industrial machine, November 19, 2011

Those who question the truth of this book don't know how the CIA operates. The CIA is a secret organization. Except for the appointment of a few at the top, it is not a partisan organization. When a new president takes office, he appoints his choice to the director position who, in turn, appoints a few to the top jobs. The buck stops there. A newly appointed director does not clean house. As a matter-of-fact, according to its charter imposed upon it by Congress, a newly appointed director can't clean house lest he imperil the security of the nation. Actually, he wouldn't know where to begin.

No one, including its leadership, has any idea how many employees are in the CIA and where they are and what they are doing. Myriads of agent groups spread strategically over the globe. In a split second, the top agent of any one of the subversive units can dispatch a code and preempt most any threat to the United States. A sitting president rarely knows of their existence, let alone of their activities. This is the authority of Congress and a matter of national security. The number is usually placed between twenty and forty thousand, but, as a matter-of-fact, no one knows


This is nothing earth shattering, but I think quite interesting...

A good friend of mine signed up about 10 years ago for a bus ride across the South that either was for Peace or against the Death Penalty, I can't remember.

Anyway, he told me that this minister in Birmingham Alabama signed up to house some of the folks on the bus ride when they passed through Birmingham.

My friend said that he was selected to stay at this minister's house and when he came through the front door, he couldn't believe what he saw!

There were sticky post-it notes all over the walls of every room in the house!

The author, it turned out, was writing a book about the JFK Assassination, and this was the only way he could keep the whole, convoluted thing organized!

There was an Oswald room, and a Cuba room, and an FBI room, a CIA room, plus many more -- all covered with post-it notes all over the walls!

When I read the bio of Jim Douglass, I realized that this was the same guy... and this was the book!

Even without this backstory, my feeling about the book is that it is a tremendous contribution to understanding the anti-democratic strains in American society, a huge gift to this and the next generation.

And if I ever write a book... I'm getting out the sticky notes!


I was seven when JFK was assassinated and remember it well. For the next 45+ years I paid little attention to conspiracy theories, finding them far-fetched. But the missing piece for me was always that major element in any murder: motive. Why would anyone risk the high stakes of assassinating a president without a compelling motive? It was easier for me to believe the reigning version of one lone gunman, whose motive was buried in an unbalanced mind.

But JFK and the Unspeakable finally provides that compelling reason why: JFK crossed the military establishment at almost every turn in his presidency and became increasingly bent at making peace. And it's not just the billions of dollars at stake in the economics of applying the military solution to every problem involving violence, but it's the ideology of the military leadership themselves whose egos are tied to a deeply-held belief that only violence can defeat violence. When someone like the evolving JFK begins to turn them down at every turn with a differing vision for peace, they desperately turn to that myopic solution: violence. It's that ancient human entrenchment in violence as the only solution to violence that Douglass names as the Unspeakable -- in this instance of history, making a victim of the most powerful person in the world, the sitting U.S. President.

Here's a partial list detailed by Douglass in which JFK opposed his military advisers. JFK: called their bluff in the Bay of Pigs, refusing to send the military aid necessary for a successful insurgence; worked a peaceful compromise solution in Laos (in anticipation of his favored strategy for Vietnam); turned down any talk of a winnable first-strike nuclear war with the Soviets (yes! there are now transcripts that his advisers actually argued for this!); followed up his refusal to attack the Soviets in the Cuban Missile Crisis with active peace-making behind the scenes with Khrushchev; used the model of correspondence with Khrushchev to begin similar overtures with Castro; hammered out the Test Ban Treaty with Khrushchev and then ardently lobbied the American people in order to get it passed in Congress; began laying out a plan of complete withdrawal from Vietnam in favor of a political solution akin to Laos. With such an extensive list, doesn't the motive begin to become clear?

The other fascinating subplot is the story of Lee Harvey Oswald. Douglass compiles considerable evidence that Oswald left his highly classified radar post in the military to participate in a 1959 classified CIA plot to infiltrate the Soviet Union with spies whose cover was pretending to be disaffected U.S. citizens. Oswald was a bust at being a spy, and so was quietly brought back to the states with no repercussions for his so-called treason. Instead, his subsequent jobs and activities were always supported by people with CIA ties. Apparently, the CIA keeps tabs on its former spies and tries to keep them happy in their civilian life. But when the plot to kill Kennedy began to be hatched, Oswald made the ideal patsy to set-up. They used his former spy-cover, as a disaffected American who supported the Soviets, against him. Again, Douglass' cataloging of evidence is impressive.

With the motive established, and the subplot of the creation of a patsy laid out, Douglass weaves in much of the other previously cited evidence for shooters in the grassy knoll and a subsequent cover-up (did you realize, for example, that Kennedy-fired CIA Director Allen Dulles -- precisely one of the military establishment whom Kennedy crossed -- was appointed to and served on the Warren Commission?) to finally produce an overall narrative of conspiracy that makes sense.

The incredible aspect of this book, however, is the hope in which it's written. If the Unspeakable is the evil of nations like ours always and only relying on violence to solve problems involving violence, then the beginning to another vision for making peace is to speak the Unspeakable -- and to uncover its hidden crimes. Will the Unspeakable be spoken loudly enough by enough people? I urge you to read this book and consider Douglass' evidence that we might as a people, following our assassinated President, begin to speak the word of a different path to peace.


We are all jurors in an ongoing trial to find the truth of John Kennedy's murder. Most of us have fallen asleep; some left the chamber, and others don't even care anymore. But a few, a very small few, have been paying attention for the last 45 years as arguments for the prosecution of Lee Harvey Oswald, headed up by government lawyers and their lackeys have been constantly countered by a volunteer and unpaid defense team for the truth made up of laymen, clergymen, historians, teachers, researchers, republicans, democrats, non-affiliates of all ages shapes and sizes.

It has been a bewildering experience to have been patted on the head and told to go to sleep by the Warren Commission only to be rudely awakened by a garrulous DA from Louisiana, followed then by a government report which said, well, there might have been two, but go on back to sleep. Dazed and confused we began to leave the room but were called back in by Oliver Stone who told us to take a look at his evidence of Oswald's innocence. We were intrigued, but an impish Gerald Posner convinced Dick Cavett and other icons of American mainstream media that Stone's myth was just that and the case was indeed closed: Oswald did it. But Stone had garnered enough interest to cause Congress to form the ARRB- under George Bush Sr, no less.

It took Bill Clinton half his presidency to get the thing going, but we watched with bated breath as the Assassinations Records Review Board began pulling from the FBI, CIA, and the rest of the alphabet bits and pieces of information that left gaping holes in the official story. Most of us didn't believe it anyway, but a few, a small few did notice that there seemed to have been two brains pulled from John Kennedy's head during the so-called autopsy. In fact so many moles began popping up it was difficult for the gatekeepers to bop them in the head fast enough. Distracted as we were by 911 and the war on terror, and the revelation that our government has the capacity to pull off an Operation Northwoods, as the ARRB found ou, we continued to keep half an eyeball on the story, those of us who were paying attention.

But then just as we were ready to reach a verdict of no true bill, Peter Jennings pops in to save the day for the prosecution. Disregarding all prior logic, evidence and common sense he lulled us back to comfortable numbness as he proved through computer generation, laser beams and some small degree of witch-craft that yes, indeed that was some magic bullet. Nevertheless, while almost dozing off again we heard rumblings of another defense witness about to enter the courtroom. He was David Talbot, an almost Main stream media type who was arguing that John and Robert Kennedy were possibly victims of powerful forces in our own government who wanted and needed them gone. But before he could present his full case a boisterous and bellicose advocate of Governmental Righteousness threw on to the floor, almost breaking it, an objection, claiming his stake in the case with a tome of such immense size and weight that no one, at first, dared to read it or question its obvious Buglisosian authority.

When it was finally opened, the muse of Arlen Spector saundered forth speaking in only a language that he could understand. Talk shows raved about Vince's masterpiece; gatekeepers swooned, and the prosecution let out a huge and foul-smelling sigh of relief as they said, There! That ought to put this damn thing to rest finally! Everyone began to pack up and leave, most never having read briefs by Scott, Gerald McKnight, Larry Hancock, etc., defense advocates who had built their arguments on the works of Vince Salandria, Marrs, Howard Roffman, Sheim, Weisberg, etc., and the thousands of pages of released and obscure documents. But just as the courtroom almost emptied, looking like a Senate Chamber with a wobbling old man named Byrd trying to make a point, in comes a Jesuit priest.

I'm no Catholic, I thought, as I was getting up to leave with the two or three other jurors who had sat through the whole case so far, trying to pay attention, but this guy seems to know his stuff. He's talking about everything we have already heard but putting it all into context. His summation is actually making sense- reason, logic, truth, honesty, footnotes, primary source interviews, follow-up questions, giving the benefit of the doubt to all sides. I sat back down. As James Douglass presented his case, scales fell from my eyes. Oswald was innocent. I look around. Is anybody there?

David Neal Kitty Hawk, NC

In James W. Douglass' outstanding new book, "JFK and the Unspeakable," the author explains the title in his introduction. Coined by spiritual writer Thomas Merton, The Unspeakable refers to "an evil whose depth and deceit seemed to go beyond the capacity of words to describe." Regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the Unspeakable succeeded due to deniability by the nation's citizens of the horrifying truth of the event and to plausible deniability by the government agencies responsible for the murder. (Vincent Bugliosi's recent fictional paperweight is a perfect example of the plausible deniability that allows the Unspeakable to thrive.)

Many excellent books have proven that the assassination of JFK was the result of a conspiracy. Douglass verifies the certainty of the conspiracy and, as the subtitle of the book states, explains "Why He Died and Why It Matters." He scrutinizes the historical facts surrounding the assassination, from the creation of the CIA to the gradual obliteration of the freedoms upon which this nation was founded.

This book is primarily the story of John F. Kennedy who changes from a Cold Warrior to an altruistic leader willing to risk his life to ensure that the world's children will not become victims of a nuclear catastrophe. Equal time is spent on JFK's presidency as on the assassination but one of the many rewards of this book is the author's capacity to show the relationship between his policies and his death. And the book is a tragedy because it gradually becomes obvious that each step he makes toward peace steadily increases the hatred of his enemies who will eventually betray him.

It is also the story of the designated patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald. Moved around the country like a pawn by government agencies (as was the second "Oswald"), he was being set up as the scapegoat. Enter some despicable characters, including David Atlee Philips, James Hosty and, of course, Michael and Ruth Paine. Simultaneously, the Soviet Union was being set up as the evil empire behind the assassination, along with its satellite Cuba.

Douglass credibly illustrates the origin of the Crime of the Century. During President Truman's administration, the CIA was empowered to be a paramilitary organization with unlimited powers. Truman's successor, President Eisenhower, fell out of favor with the CIA when he planned a summit meeting with Soviet Premier Khrushchev. This was cancelled after a U.S. spy plane crashed in Russia. Eisenhower had reportedly ordered such flights cancelled and had his suspicions about who had ruined his peace plan. He subsequently issued his warning about the "military industrial complex" in his farewell address. But he didn't defy "this conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry." He left that task to his successor, JFK.

The Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba was planned by the CIA to regain control of the island and to re-open the casinos for organized crime. President Kennedy refused to provide air support for the Cuban brigade because he knew that he had been lied to by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and by the CIA; the invasion had been designed to fail without U.S. support but they hadn't told this to JFK who refused to fall into their trap. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK once again enraged the CIA and the Joint Chiefs by resisting their tremendous pressure on him to take military action which would have led to nuclear war.

Following that crisis, JFK became intent on ending the Cold War by establishing a peaceful relationship with the Soviet Union. However, many CIA and Pentagon personnel believed that it was better to be "dead than red" and that it was preferable to destroy civilization rather than let the Communists rule. They also knew that war generated billions of dollars into the arms industry. As a result, they would repeatedly subvert the President's policies and isolate him within his own government. Enter some more despicable characters: Richard Bissell, Charles Cabell, Henry Cabot Lodge, Lyman Lemnitzer, Curtis LeMay and perhaps the most contemptible of all, Allen Dulles. Ironically, JFK learned to trust Khrushchev more than people within his own government.

At American University on June 10, 1963, JFK spoke about his desire for world peace. He communicated his resolve to form a new relationship with Khrushchev. He spoke about the necessity of a pursuit toward disarmament. He related his intentions to establish a Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. He acknowledged his country's past faults and recognized the Russian people as wanting peace as much as the American people. "And we are all mortal," he stated. Though this extremely important speech was ignored in the United States, it was disseminated throughout the Soviet Union, per order of Khrushchev, who was prepared to respond favorably to JFK's peace initiative. The speech also certified JFK's death warrant. With so many powerful enemies opposing his policies and hating him, JFK didn't have a chance as he was being maneuvered into the crossfire in Dallas.

President Kennedy was aware of the power of his enemies and he knew the dangers facing him. But he persevered and mandated that all U.S. personnel would be withdrawn from Vietnam; he was determined to never send in combat troops even if this meant defeat. He also refused to intervene militarily in Laos. He exchanged private letters with Khrushchev, which infuriated the CIA, and secretly initiated plans to attain rapproachement with Cuba, which further incensed the Agency. Cuba's Fidel Castro, whom the CIA hated as intensely as it hated Kennedy, was equally eager to begin an American-Cuba dialogue. In fact, Castro was meeting with a JFK representative when the President was murdered. JFK died a martyr and the forces of evil that killed him also killed his vision of peace.

Lyndon Johnson, the CIA's ally, assumed the presidency. He cancelled talks with Khrushchev and refused Castro's pleas to continue the dialogue. He reversed JFK's withdrawal plan from Vietnam as well as his plan to neutralize Laos. The military industrial complex took control of the country. The policy of plausible deniability led the way to assassinations of foreign leaders, the overthrowing of foreign governments and horrors committed all over the globe. If JFK had not been murdered, we would not have had the prolongation of the Cold War, the Vietnam War, Watergate, the purported War on Terror and the steady moral deterioration of America. Interestingly, one month after JFK's assassination, President Truman wrote an article for The Washington Post cautioning about the threat of the CIA taking over America.

The author meticulously examines the evidence and draws conclusions which ring with unassailable truth: (1) The CIA coordinated and implemented he assassination of President Kennedy, an act of treason which destroyed democracy in the U.S. (2) The Warren Commission was created to propagate lies to conceal the truth from the American people. (3)There has been a continued cover-up by successive administrations and their stooges in the mass media. (4)The murder of JFK is directly related to the current domination of the American people by powerful oppressors within a shadow government that will continue to insist that only sustained war can keep the country safe from its enemies, never admitting that they themselves are the supreme evil.

This is an exceptional book that will be used by future historians to determine the truth about the assassination and how it changed America. And it will also be used to honor John F. Kennedy as a courageous president who believed in doing God's work on earth. In doing so, he came into conflict with the Unspeakable and his life was extinguished.


With penetrating insight and unswerving integrity, Doublass probes the fundamental truths about JFK's assassination . . . By far the most important book yet written on the subject --Gaeton Fonzi, former Staff Investigator, US House Select Committee on Assassinations

JFK AND THE UNSPEAKABLE is an exceptional achievement. Douglass has made the strongest case so far in the JFK assissiation literature as to the Who and the Why of Dallas. --Gerald McKnight, author, BREACH OF TRUST: HOW THE WARREN COMMISSION FAILED THE NATION AND WHY

Douglas presents, brilliantly, an unfamiliar yet thoroughly convincing account of a series of creditable decisions of John F. Kennedy--at odds with his initial Cold War stance--that earned him the secret distrust and hatred of hard-liners amont the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the CIA. --Daniel Ellsberg, author, SECRETS: A MEMOIR OF VIETNAM AND THE PENTAGON PAPERS

About the Author

James W. Dougleass is a longtime peace activist and writer. He and his wife Shelley are co-founders of the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action in Poulsbo, WA, and Mary's House, A Catholic Worker house of hospitality in Birmingham, AL.

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