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Re: TORTURE - Rendition NOT the CIA, but US Military SMU (Special
Mission Units)

German prosecutors issue arrest warrants for purported CIA agents involved
in rendition of European nationals

by Wayne Madsen -- Global Research, January 31, 2007

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- German prosecutors have joined their Italian
counterparts in issuing arrest warrants for a number of purported CIA
agents involved in the rendition of European nationals in violation of
European Union and national laws. A Munich court has issued arrest
warrants for 13 purported CIA agents for the 2003 rendition to Afghanistan
of Khaled al-Masri, a German citizen, from the Macedonian-Serbian border.
After the CIA realized they had the wrong man, they deposited him in
Albania. Because the staging of the al-Masri kidnapping took place on the
island of Mallorca, Spanish prosecutors are also looking at indicting the
CIA agents involved.

Italian prosecutors have issued arrest warrants for 26 purported CIA, as
well as U.S. military personnel and Italian security personnel, for the
2003 rendition of an Egyptian cleric, Imam Abu Omar, a legal resident of
Italy, from Milan to Egypt where he was imprisoned and tortured and likely
murdered. The Italian indictments include Robert Seldon Lady, the CIA's
Station Chief in Milan and Lt. Col. Joseph L. Romano III, US Air Force,
who, at the time, was a security officer at the U.S. airbase in Aviano,

However, WMR's sources doubted whether all the wanted Americans are
actually CIA agents due to the trail of expensive bills they racked up
while deployed on their rendition missions in Italy and Spain. CIA sources
have told this editor that the flashy activities and expensive bills
accumulated by the Americans are more indicative of the rival Special
Mission Units established by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to compete
with the CIA. These units not only relied on active duty U.S. Special
Operations forces but also reserve military personnel, retirees from the
Special Forces, and select foreign nationals, including ex-British and
Israeli special forces personnel. It would have been a violation of CIA
regulations and tradecraft to run up expensive and traceable personal
credit card expenses on such missions and to be so obvious, according to
CIA sources.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the team that abducted Masri,
including individuals using the aliases of Kirk James Bird and James
Fairing, stayed at one of Mallorca's most expensive hotels where they had
one food bill of $1,625 and a charge for an $81 massage. U.S. contract
flight crews ran up expenses on Mallorca for golf course and yacht club
accommodations, expensive Spanish wines, spa treatments, crystal wine
glasses, and shrimp cocktails, all the U.S. taxpayers' expense. The team
that abducted Abu Omar from Milan stayed at Milan's most luxurious hotels
-- the Hilton, Sheraton, Principe di Savoia, and the Meridien Gallia at a
cost for the U.S. taxpayers of $180,000 -- and used their personal credit
cards to run up expenses for high-priced rental cars and expensive meals.

==== 9/11 World trade Center TOWER collapse WITNESS STSATEMENTS

Pacifica Radio host Bonnie Faulkner (Guns & Butter) interviews Dr. David
Ray Griffin
Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

"Explosive Testimony: The 911 Oral Histories" with author and theologian,
Dr. David Ray Griffin. As the result of a lawsuit brought by the New York
Times and several families of 911 victims, the New York Court of Appeals
ordered the city to release hundreds of oral histories of 911 witnesses.
These witness testimonies were originally gathered shortly after September
11th on the order of Thomas Von Essen, the City Fire Commissioner, who
said he wanted to preserve these accounts before they became reshaped by a
collective memory. In these oral histories, Firefighters and Emergency
Medical Workers recount their experiences of that day.


contrast this with

====== American NAZI talk =============

America After The Next Attack By Christopher G. Adamo, 2/2/2007 12:12:22

It is neither alarmist nor prophetic to state with grim certainty that
America will, in the not too distant future, suffer yet another major
Islamist attack, possibly dwarfing the enormity of 9-11. Since shortly
after that event, forces both within our nation and abroad have diligently
sought to undermine American resolve to appropriately respond to the
enemy. As a result, that enemy now perceives a growing and broadening
opportunity to eventually hit us again.

Barring a nearly miraculous rebirth of American determination to avert
that possibility (and any remnants of such determination are rapidly
dissipating from the mainstream of society), the Islamists will, sooner or
later, fall upon a feasible occasion to strike, and they will use it.

Shortly after the American embassy workers were taken hostage by Iranian
militants in November of 1979, Senator Ted Kennedy (D.-MA), who was vying
for a presidential run, seized upon the situation as an opportunity to
deride then President Jimmy Carter.

Unfortunately for Kennedy, his tactic proved to be badly timed, happening
as it did during a period when the nation was attempting to rally around
its leader. The backlash against Kennedy permanently ended his
presidential ambitions.

Of course Carter's performance during that crisis was just as abominable
and inept as it was in any other, and the nation soon completely lost
faith in him. Had Kennedy waited only a few months, he might have made his
move with greater success. But by then, the stain on Kennedy's reputation
was indelible. Admittedly, Kennedy has never had much luck with his timing.

Similarly, those who in the immediate aftermath sought to turn the 9-11
attacks back on America and the current Presidential administration were
themselves discredited. Yet as time has worn on, and the perseverance of
the Islamists has strained the patience of a softened America, the
invertebrates among us have desperately been searching for an easy way out
of the present situation.

As cover for their cowardice, they claimed ownership of the presumed
"moral high ground" and have set out to define the debate of the day,
shifting traditional definition of patriotism and victory to the losing
side. Ever since, they have been increasingly emboldened with their
anti-American rhetoric and agenda. And among many whose singular goal has
only ever been to find the comfortable "centre," the illusion of a
peaceable solution becomes increasingly appealing.

However, a single obstacle presents itself to this scenario. America's
enemies in the Muslim world cannot and will not be placated or appeased.
They must either be destroyed, or they will in turn destroy. In their
pursuit of a global Islamic order, America stands as the biggest
roadblock. If left unchecked, they will back up. They will reorganize.
They will find a weakness. And they will attack again.

Now, with each passing day, increasingly dominant political forces in
this country are sending signals that the time is right to renew their
onslaught. In one area of the nations defenses after another, guards are
being taken down. Only last week, President Bush announced his abandonment
of an autonomous approach to the surveillance of incoming phone calls from
overseas terrorists. Henceforth, this sensitive business will be handled
by the FISA court.

The nature of the surveillance program was originally made public in a
clear effort to create political scandal, and with total indifference to
the harm that this revelation caused to national security. Does any
sensible person believe that the same people who blew the lid off of the
program in the first place will now keep quiet regarding its current
operation parameters in order to prevent such invaluable information from
falling into the hands of the nation’s mortal enemies?

Meanwhile, the ability of American troops to wage war, interrogate
prisoners, or neutralize military threats have been systematically
hamstrung by liberal politicians.

At stake in the minds of such people is the outcome of the 2008
elections. And even a compromise of national security, regardless of the
horrendous consequences it might reap, must first be measured from the
perspective of how it will help or hurt Democrat chances in 2008.

Extreme as this accusation might seem, it is no more difficult to believe
than that these people are, on a day-to-day basis (and despite their
occasional "lip service" given to the troops), calculating their stance on
the conduct of the war based solely on the political gain or liability it
presents. In no other way can their constant, drastic flip-flops be

So, in a manner every bit as reprehensible as Nero's violin solo while
Rome burned, the American left is playing a despicable game of "Russian
Roulette" with the country"s future, banking on the misbegotten notion
that they are either immune to attack, or that a future attack will not
directly or personally affect any particular one of them. After all, even
on the night of September 11, 2001, though badly shaken by the events of
the day, most Americans went to bed safe and secure.

Ultimately, America cannot achieve victory against the forces of militant
Islam, whether across the ocean or within its own borders, until it
recognizes and effectively confronts the threat posed by the other war,
being waged against its own traditions and culture. Present gaping holes
in its defenses, the result of internal cultural rot, virtually beg for
another attack.

And just how bad will that attack be? In stark simplicity, it will either
be sufficient to convince America once and for all, to stiff-arm the
absurdities of "political correctness" and properly deal with its own
cultural insurgents as well as the Islamists, or it will be followed by
others in its wake.

== Christopher G. Adamo is a freelance writer and staff writer for the New
Media Alliance. He lives in southeastern Wyoming. He has been active in
local and state politics for many years. His contact information and
archives can be found at

Growing up during the turbulent decades of the ‘60's and ‘70's,
Christopher  Adamo saw, to his dismay, the nation's moral foundations
being destroyed  before his very eyes. But even then he was a staunch
Conservative at heart,  and rejected outright the tenets of America's
counterculture revolution.

 After a hitch in the Air Force, where he specialized in airborne
 electro- optical systems, he pursued a career in the field of aerospace,
 working for major defense contractors in California, Florida, and
Colorado. But his career plans abruptly changed during the industry-wide
downsizing that followed the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

Presently he is working in the field of industrial instrumentation in the
state of Wyoming. Concurrently, he has become involved in that state's
political process, attending state GOP conventions as a delegate, and
serving as a member of the Wyoming Republican Central Committee. He has
also aided in the candidacies of local legislators and state senators, as
well as a U.S. Senator and Congresswoman.

From 1993 to 1996, he edited and wrote for “The Wyoming Christian”, the
state newsletter for Christian Coalition of Wyoming. During that period,
he developed an acute awareness of the harm being done to Conservatism by
liberal activists within the Republican Party as well as the Democrats.
This remains a favorite theme of his articles, which now appear as a
regular feature on GOPUSA.

====== NUCLEAR USA TELEVISION ============

Three shows go nuclear and tap into our post-9/11 anxieties

01:00 AM EST on Monday, February 5, 2007
By Maureen Ryan -- Chicago Tribune

When a nuclear mushroom cloud suddenly appears on the horizon, the
residents of the fictional town of Jericho are plunged into chaos, leaving
them isolated and wondering if they are the only Americans left alive.
Jericho, 24 and Heroes are three TV shows dealing with the unthinkable.

Why are there so many nuclear mushroom clouds on the horizon? On
television, anyway. (And let’s hope it stays that way.)

24 kicked off its most recent season with Jack Bauer not saving the day.
At the end of the fourth hour, the terrorist villains managed to set off
one of the five “suitcase nukes” they possess, destroying an entire suburb
of Los Angeles, if not more.

Meanwhile NBC’s popular Heroes, 24’s time-slot competitor (Mondays, 8
p.m.), has got a nuke — or possible nuke — of its own: The superhero drama
is unfurling a story line in which Peter Petrelli sees a vision of New
York City going up in a nuclear blast.

As if that’s not enough, CBS’ Jericho, which returns Wednesday, Feb. 21,
started off the fall season with a nuclear bang. Residents of the small
Kansas town of the title have spent the last few months trying to figure
out why the bomb they saw on the horizon was set off and how widespread
the damage across America is.

Last summer, who would have thought that a show with that kind of grim
premise would be one of the few serialized dramas to find a regular


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