Thursday, May 31, 2007

BBC and the truth --

Mr. Urban,

Interesting email-exchange between you and David (Medialens).

David is completely right of course.

Your position is the natural one for a corporate-media reporter.

The population (including me) is dissatisfied in ever greater
numbers with it. Many (like me) have already stopped watching TV,
BBC, Radio and stopped reading Newspapers altogether ...
and many (like me) are the happier for it :-)

We will take the very first opportunity to subscribe to an
un-embedded reporter organisation when it comes into existance.
And we will It won't be long, and we will pay our penny-subscription.

Let me make another prediction:

This time, most people will _remember_ the lies and spin of the embeddded
media and 9/11 truth will be the watershed, for sure.

Your eyes roll? There are 44 verified architects and engineers
that vouch for WTC=demolition, see:
Isn't THAT a news story? Well, *not permissible* in the embedded press!

Just don't do a 'Judith Miller' on us, please
Coming clean will have to be more than the New York Times' me culpa.

The germans took 60 years of documentaries and investigative, independent
reporting to uncover the unpalatable full truth about their 60mio
victims. It will take the BBC and the other state/corporate-dependent
media a few years of in-depth documentaries to honestly explain the
extent of the "necessary illusions" they created.

It is inevitable. I promise.

9/11 as the founding myth of the Iraq bloodbath _will_ be
uncovered for the inside job it was. Do interview
Hugh Henry Shelton, he will give it away.


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