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COMMENT for "Forward Observer: Beware Iran Hawks"

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"Forward Observer: Beware Iran Hawks"
By George C. Wilson CongressDaily June 25, 2007

Name: Kerry Zwiebelberg
Position: Business Travel Executive
City: based near Brisbane, Australia


Iran Hawks?

How many bloodbaths has the USA "been getting wet in"? When you include
the covert "operations" there are too many to count.

And Iran?

The CIA denied Iran democracy (Mossadeq).

The USA ally Saddam Hussain started a horrendous slaughter between Iran
and Iraq, with US weaponry.

USA & Israel now are threatening an aggressive nuclear war against Iran?

Has Iran ever even threatened any neighbour?

Inform your readers about the proper translation of Ahmedinajad's
"anti-Israel" comments. It's not a even direct threat against Israel.

The threats of nuclear bombing by the hawks in the USA, however are hard
to mistranslate into any language.

Iran never threatened any country, right?

The american public is lead to believe that Iran is a covert threat and
the western world opposes Iran UNIFIED and OPENLY. Neither is true.

As you read this the USA Joint Chiefs of Staff are actively preparing for
bloodshed against MANY COUNTRIES via their elaborate covert SPACE WEAPONS

The installation of a missile defense system in Eastern Europe is,
virtually, a declaration of war.

Simply imagine how the US would react if Russia or China or Iran or in
fact any foreign power dared even to think about placing a missile defense
system at or near the borders of the US, let alone carrying out such
plans. In these unimaginable circumstances, a violent US reaction would be
not only almost certain but also understandable for reasons that are
simple and clear.

Missile defense is a first strike weapon. Respected US military analysts
describe missile defense as "not simply a shield but an enabler of U.S.

A functioning missile defense system informs potential targets that "we
will attack you as we please, and you will not be able to retaliate, so
you cannot deter us." The system is being marketed to Europeans as a
defense against Iranian missiles. Even if Iran had nuclear weapons and
long-range missiles, the chances of its using them to attack Europe are
lower than the chances of Europe being hit by an asteroid, so if defense
is the reason, Czech Republic should be installing a system to defend the
country from asteroids.

We should better fix our health system.

Download Moore's new film SiCKO

No amount of weapons will secure Americans, however much profit they
generate for our elites.

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