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Secret Governments kill their innocents to create fear

TIME magazine has finally put out an article that obliquely touches on False Flag terrorism;

Turkey Busts Alleged Murder Network

"...Veli Kucuk, a retired major general, was allegedly plotting to kill (Turkish author) Pamuk, Turkish newspapers reported. Kucuk is suspected of running a secret unit within police forces that carried out bombings and killings for which other groups were widely blamed. Also arrested was Kemal Kerincsiz, a nationalist lawyer responsible for numerous cases against Pamuk, Dink and other intellectuals. None of the suspects have spoken about the charges.

Most Turks have long suspected the existence of a covert web of elements within the security forces and bureaucracy who act outside the law to uphold their own political ends. There is even a household name for it: the "deep state," referring to a state within the state.

Newspapers have suggested that this network is the Turkish remnant of Gladio, a Cold War-era program, orchestrated by the U.S. in several NATO countries, to create a covert paramilitary force to counter Communist activities.

But the audacity and sheer scope of the allegations raises the unsettling question of whether the individuals arrested might just be the tip of the iceberg. "Who gave the orders? Who protected them for this long?" says Altinay. "We are faced with the possibility that this network existed. And, even worse, that it might still exist."

Although TIME won't say it, the Turkish network was framing Muslims;

The detention in Istanbul last week of alleged members of a shadowy Turkish ultranationalist group has revived charges that elements within the Turkish security apparatus have long tried to destabilize the country through a campaign of bombings and assassinations. These allegedly include false flag operations that have been attributed to Kurdish separatists and violent Islamists.

(A caveat: the Jamestown Foundation is OCT all the way, but here is the link: )

Framing Muslims sure is trendy these days. In December of 2007, the BBC* program Newsnight exposed British think tank "Policy Exchange" fabricating evidence tying Muslim owned bookstores to "extremist" literature, you can view the broadcast on YouTube;

Part 2 - Part 3

Policy Exchange immediately tried to spin the story... bad move. The Newsnight editor, Peter Barron, went on the attack;

In October Newsnight had been due to run an exclusive report on the findings and Policy Exchange had given us the receipts to corroborate their claim that a quarter of the 100 mosques their researchers had visited were selling hate literature.

On the planned day of broadcast our reporter Richard Watson came to me and said he had a problem. He had put the claim and shown a receipt to one of the mosques mentioned in the report - The Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre in London. They had immediately denied selling the book and said the receipt was not theirs.

We decided to look at the rest of the receipts and quickly identified five of the 25 which looked suspicious. They appeared to have been created on a home computer, rather than printed professionally as you would expect. The printed names and addresses of some of the mosques contained simple errors and two of the receipts purportedly from different mosques appeared to have been written by the same hand.

In the days that followed we focused further on the five receipts about which we had concerns and eventually asked a forensic scientist to analyse them. This is what we found.

1. In all five cases the mosques involved said the receipts did not belong to them.

2. The expert analysis showed that all five had been printed on an inkjet printer - suggesting they were created on a PC.

3. The analysis found "strong evidence" that two of the receipts were written by the same person.

4. The analysis found that one of the receipts had been written out while resting on another receipt said to be from a mosque 40 miles away.

Mr Godson says he stands by his report 100%. I also stand by our report 100%. I don't think we can both be right.


Earlier in December, Egypt stood accused of fabricating the "Victorious Sect" terror group. A bunch of patsies were rounded up, and tortured until they signed "confessions".

In the United States, Rolling Stone has revealed that the FBI/JTTF has lots of time on their hands;

"...Like many other alleged extremists who have been targeted by the authorities, Shareef didn't know that his brand-new friend —the eager co-conspirator drawing him ever further into a terror plot —was actually an informant for the FBI...

...The expenditure of such massive resources to find would-be terrorists inevitably requires results. Plots must be uncovered. Sleeper cells must be infiltrated. Another attack must be prevented —or, at least, be seen to be prevented. But in backwaters like Rockford, the JTTFs don't have much to do. To find threats to thwart, the task forces have increasingly taken to using paid informants to cajole and inveigle targets like Shareef into pursuing their harebrained schemes...

...In Rockford, "Jameel" repeatedly urged Shareef to dream up gory details of the havoc they would cause at the mall. Chrisman had received a call, he told Shareef, from a man he called "Cap" —a contact willing to sell them weapons. They could buy "pineapples" —code for hand grenades —from Cap for fifty bucks each. Cap, of course, was an undercover agent...

...On the following Saturday, as snow blanketed Rockford, Chrisman and Shareef engaged in the ritual of suicide bombers, recording video statements of each other reciting their last wills and testaments. The JTTF's affidavit doesn't reveal whose idea it was to stare into the camera and swear vengeance against America, but the prejudicial impact it would have on a jury was huge...

An FBI informant helping out with the production of infamous "last will" radical Muslim videos. How charming. It puts the 7/7 suicide bomber videos under a new light, doesn't it?

And what of Jose Padilla?

Jose Padilla, the first United States citizen in the “War on Terror” to have his constitutional rights stripped from him by a stroke of George W. Bush’s pen, was sentenced today to 17 years and four months in Miami by Federal Court Judge Marcia Cooke, five and a half years after his arrest. The charges—this time—were that he and two others conspired to murder, kidnap and maim individuals in a foreign country, as well as conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists, and providing material support to terrorists. The prosecution never named any specific individual or nation where this violence was to have occurred.

The Padilla case is central to the question of whether President Bush, CIA chief George Tenet and others lied when they said “the United States does not torture.” Judge Cooke, a protégé of both Jeb and George Bush, refused to allow the showing of videotapes of Padilla being questioned and probably tortured during his three and a half years in solitary confinement in a Naval brig in Charleston, South Carolina...

Prior to the start of the trial, the prosecution revealed it had 78 videotapes of Padilla’s interrogation in the Naval brig; although the final tape, the 78th, according to the prosecution, had somehow turned up “missing.” Despite the current controversy over the CIA’s destruction of tapes showing severe “interrogation techniques” (a k a “torture”) used on two Al Qaeda suspects—one of whom, Abu Zubaydah, was said to have named Padilla as a terrorist in training—Cooke was only mildly distressed about the missing tape. Though she had the option of insisting the Government produce the tape or dismiss one or more of the charges against Padilla, she never exercised it. She also threatened harsh sanctions against defense attorneys caught leaking the contents of any of the 77 tapes.

Cooke did, however, exercise her judicial discretion to prevent psychiatric defense experts from fully explaining the extent of the damage to Padilla’s mental health.

Government-funded research over the past half century has shown that sensory deprivation is a technique that produces a near-psychotic break, sometimes in less than 24 hours. Padilla experienced such conditions for three and a half years. His defense attorneys, based on expert psychiatric evaluations, argued that such a duration of relentless questioning and isolation—which included extreme sensory deprivation—had driven him to a state where he could not assist his attorneys in his defense.

If radical Islamists are such a scourge, why the hell are governments around the world, (and right-wing outfits like Policy Exchange), exagerrating and flat-out faking the threat?

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