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F**K OFF, F**K OFF, F**K OFF and DIE Tony Blair

F**K OFF, F**K OFF, F**K OFF and DIE Tony Blair

Cartoon from The Guardian, the most respected Newspaper in England:

25.06.07: Martin Rowson on the departure of Tony Blair

Bush and Blair's last official meeting:

18.05.07: Steve Bell on Bush and Blair's last official meeting

Britain is the murder-lapdog of the USA:

Sunday Herald: British military intelligency
actually created loyalist murder gangs to operate as proxy assassins. They
even cleared areas in which the gangs were operating of police and army,
to allow them to carry out their hits and escape....

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06.06.07: Steve Bell on George Bush's campaign for democracy

There is no historic parallel that can be drawn, nothing compares with the
accomplishments of the Bush family. No dictator or tyrant can equal the
suffering and destruction they have wrought on humanity, as they are not
mere tyrants themselves, but the makers and breakers of tyrants, the
organizers and profiteers of war and death. They are not alone and solely
responsible for creating the present day military industrial complex,
however since 1915 the Bush family has been directly involved in World War
One and Two, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, numerous CIA secret wars,
the Gulf War, and now a "Never Ending War". The past four generations of
this one family have had a hand in promoting and profiting from most of
major wars that America has waged since the beginning of the ..

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05.06.07: Steve Bell on the Russia-US missile stand-off

The installation of a missile defense system in Eastern Europe
is, virtually, a declaration of war. Simply imagine how the US would react
if Russia or China or Iran or in fact any foreign power dared even to
think about placing a missile defense system at or near the borders of the
US, let alone carrying out such plans. In these unimaginable
circumstances, a violent US reaction would be not only almost certain but
also understandable for reasons that are simple and clear.

It is well known on all sides that missile defense is a first strike
weapon. Respected US military analysts describe missile defense as "not
simply a shield but an enabler of U.S. action." It "will facilitate the
more effective application of U.S. military power abroad." "By insulating
the homeland from reprisal, [missile defense] will underwrite the capacity
and willingness of the United States to `shape' the environment
elsewhere." "Missile defense isn't really meant to protect America. It's a
tool for global dominance." "Missile defense is about preserving America's
ability to wield power abroad. It's not about defense. It's about offense.
And that's exactly why we need it." All quotes, from respected liberal and
mainstream sources -- who favor developing the system and placing it at
the remote limits of US global dominance.

The logic is simple, and well understood. A functioning missile defense
system informs potential targets that "we will attack you as we please,
and you will not be able to retaliate, so you cannot deter us." The system
is being marketed to Europeans as a defense against Iranian missiles. Even
if Iran had nuclear weapons and long-range missiles,

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