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9/11 NY Aircraft 'Witnesses'

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9/11 NY Aircraft 'Witnesses'

April, 7 2006 -Analysis - (Please read first WTC Planehugger Therapy -Top 30 FAQ also mirrored at
By Nico Haupt April 7, 2006
A witness is someone who has first-hand knowledge about a crime or dramatic event through their senses (e.g. seeing, hearing, smelling, touching) and can help certify important considerations to the crime or event. A witness who has seen the event first-hand is known as an eye-witness. Witness testimony is often presumed to be better than circumstantial evidence. However studies have shown that individual, separate witness testimony is often flawed and parts of it can be meaningless. This can occur because of a person's faulty observation and recollection, because of a person's bias, or because the witness is lying.In another study, students watched a staged crime. An hour later they looked through photos.A week later they were asked to pick the suspect out of lineups. 8% of the people in the lineups were mistakenly identified as criminals. 20% of the innocent people whose photographs were included were mistakenly identified.Another study looked at sixty-five cases of "erroneous criminal convictions of innocent people." In 45% of the cases, eyewitness mistakes were responsible.
U.S.Media: Fakery, Lies and Bias
On April 3, 2006 a series of memos between senior Bush Administration officials and management at Viacom, Inc. were leaked calling for the media giant to focus on stories and programming choices that "reinforce the Administration's positions" and to "ignore and/or discredit points of view in opposition to the Bush Administration's foreign policy objectives for the purposes of National Security." One can assume, that similar memos had been also leaked during the day of Sep11th, or even before this date, because of incoming warnings on a "pending terrorist attack".
CBS (formerly an acronym for Columbia Broadcasting System), was previously owned by the media conglomerate Viacom (itself once a subsidiary of CBS),then became the new CBS Corporation following the split of Viacom at the end of 2005.CBS itself is owned by military contractor Westinghouse Electric Corporation, which acquired CBS in 1995 for $5.4 billion.
Basically all top rating U.S. news channels are associated with the military industrial complex or intelligence agencies.
NBC, formerly called the National Broadcasting Company, is associated with military contractors since the 1920s. It was then owned by Radio Corporation of America (RCA), RCA in turn was owned by General Electric Company (GE), the Westinghouse Electric Corporation and others.Since the 80s, NBC Universal is a unit of General Electric.MSNBC was founded by Microsoft and General Electric's NBC unit, which is now NBC Universal.
Cable News Network, usually referred to as CNN, was once founded in 1980 by Ted Turner. CNN, once famous for their 'gulf war reports', is a division of the Turner Broadcasting System, owned by AOL Time Warner Inc. Time Warner is the world's largest media company with major Internet, publishing, film, telecommunications and television divisions. The company is headquartered in New York City.In 2001, a new company called AOL Time Warner was created when AOL purchased Time Warner. The deal, announced in 2000, employed an unusual merger structure in which each original company merged into a newly created entity. The Federal Trade Commission approved the deal on December 14, 2000.
Fox Broadcasting Company, usually referred to as just Fox, is owned by Fox Entertainment Group, part of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation.FOX TV was basically responsible for relaunching a new view on "conspiracy theories", by producing the X-Files between 1993–2002.They also basically invented and developed "reality tv" inspired by Sidney Lumet's movie "Network" (1976), where Howard Beale, an aging news anchor turns from a truth speaker into a "truthling" and supports the network's exploitation of 'terrorist violence' and revelations about the media for their own profit.
American Broadcasting Company (ABC), is owned by Hollywood Veterans, The Walt Disney Company
In the late 40s, the CIA began a mission to recruit American journalists on a wide scale, a mission it dubbed Operation MOCKINGBIRD.At least 400 journalists would eventually join the CIA payroll.The names of those recruited:
William Paley (President, CBS)
Philip and Katharine Graham (Publishers, Washington Post)
Henry Luce (Publisher, Time and Life magazine)
Arthur Hays Sulzberger (Publisher, N.Y. Times)
Joseph Harrison (Editor, Christian Science Monitor)
Walter Pincus (Reporter, Washington Post)
Associated Press
United Press International
Hearst Newspapers
Miami Herald
The CIA has bought many domestic media companies. A prime example is Capital Cities, created in 1954 by CIA businessman William Casey. By 1985, Capital Cities had grown so powerful that it was able to buy an entire TV network: ABC.
Today ex-CIA or U.S. Defense employees work almost openly at US Media.
Hard-right pundits like Ann Coulter, Kellyanne Fitzpatrick, Laura Ingraham, Barbara Olson, Melinda Sidak, Anita Blair and Whitney Adams conditioned us to the idea of the conservative woman. This phenomenon was no accident. It turns out that Richard Mellon Scaife donated $450,000 over three years to the Independent Women's Forum, a booking agency that heavily seeds such female conservative pundits into the media. The Scaife Foundation has their own documented CIA roots.
Which brings us to the so called "witnesses" in New York, who allegedly saw with their own eyes, a commercial aircraft hitting the South Tower, which still is the main focus here.
Media Witness Reports, which contradict passenger aircraft hitting the Towers
Many critics or so called "planehuggers" claim, their no.1 counter-evidence on our findings must be ("thousands of) witnesses".I disagree. I think, that witnesses are generally not helpful to make any case. But if the "planehuggers" want, i can also refer to almost a dozen of witnesses, who supporteither having seen 'missiles' or even "nothing" at all at the South Tower:(PS: similar witness reports about a missile had been also reported for the North Tower, including an early police call/transcripts of "missiles" from the Woolworth Tower)1)"...I have witnessed a horrible history. I was supposed to go to NJ for aseminar. I was on the BQE bridge going into Chinatown, Manhattan, when I sawan explosion at exactly 8:48am on the first Twin Tower. The radio said thatit was a plane accident. I immediately called my sister in NJ, who normallyhas to get to the World Trade Center station (she works for the Mayor'soffice, 4 blocks away from WTC). I told her that there has been an accidentand told her to avoid that station. She said that my brother will drive herto Manhattan instead. I then placed another phone call tellingmy best friend to stay away from the area. My friend has jury duty and theSupremeCourt is 3 blocks away. Suddenly, I saw a second explosion but did not seethe plane. BQE Bridge is local slang for Brooklyn Queens Express running overthe Williamsborough Bridhe)2)"...We all looked up at the WTC to see one tower on fire. There was a ringof fire encircling the building one floor...near the top. The floors abovethe ring were enshrouded in thick black upwardly rising waves. Every secondor two the fire crept lower--floor by floor---dripping like wax down acandle.The thought of those people...they're being incinerated..there's no way tocontrol that fire. Then a huge fireball--monstrous in size--shot out andup---like some horribly visible dragon's breath.(this was the fireball fromthe impact of the second jet--I didn't realize this until after viewing thefootage of the attack)..."3)"...Then out of nowhere came this noise. This loud, high-pitched roar thatseemed to come from all over, but from nowhere in particular. AND THE SECONDTOWER JUST EXPLODED. It became amazingly obvious to anyone there that whatwe all had hoped was a terrible accident was actually an overt act ofhostility. I DIDN'T SEE THE PLANE HIT,ALTHOUGH I WAS LOOKING AT THE TOWER ATTHE TIME. I have no recollection of pushing the button, hitting the shutter,making the picture that appeared on Page 2 of the Daily News the next day, apicture that was taken milliseconds after the second plane hit that tower..."4) Gemma McDonald, Houston, Texas: On the morning of September 11. I wasgetting ready to go to school, when the news station broke in with breakingnews. They said a plane had hit the world trade center. They were in themiddle of broadcasting that story live, whenever a big fireball appeared outof the other tower. In order to see what hit the tower. They had to replaythe tape in slow motion. We didn't know what had happened because we didn'tsee the plane, because it was so fast. Whenever I did figure out whathappened I got this weird feeling across my body that I can't describe..."5)TV'"witness":"...stood there watching the coverage in the airport until my flight was called.I saw the explosion in the second tower and thought it was because of thefirst tower burning as I didn't see the plane hit. My flight was calledabout 9:20 and I boarded the plane, we all sat there until about 9:35 whenthe pilot announced taht all flights were cancelled. After I got of theplane I went back to the TV and saw what was going on.."6)Hispano amateur cameraman, who didn't see any object hitting south tower,while filming both towers: with same geograpical position of towers aT Rosalee's site(Antenna is in the back of second= north tower)"...When I was back in the roof I sawjust before my eyes the explosion on Tower 2.I didn't see the plane, nor did any of the otherguys on the roof. We speculated for a fewminutes. The only thing we could imagine wason of the wings of the first plane hitting theother tower and provoking the explosion, butthat was very unlikely...."7)From an amateur camera clip, camera positioned on both towers:"...we just saw another explosion (TV comment)...."Person 1 in room: "...Another explosion Kate..."Kate: "...i know, i know..." (noone of both refered to any plane) Dahler vs. ABCDahler:...i didn't see any plane going in...that...that's just exploded...i...Gibson:We just saw another plane coming in from the side.Dahler:You did?? I...that was ..was...out of my view...Gibson:That was a second explosion.You can see the plane come in just from the right hand side of the screen...(=> Dahler's witness report 'overruled' by a TV monitor) Reporter Winston on NBC, which had same synched W-ABC clip:the "building is exploding right now"The studio host doesn't even see his monitor where the same W-ABC footageshows same black flying object vanishing behind first tower, then followed by explosion and fireball (no sound). The studio host agrees with street reporter (who didn't report any incoming 'plane', that this explosion must have been forced from 'parts of the first plane..." UPLOAD MISTAKE)10) NO second plane, it was a bomb....FOX clipReporter Rick Leventhal is whisking witness away: "we heard about tv reports..."11)Pilot Witness:"... I saw a flash and fireball from the top of the World Trade Center.....Due to the angle and altitude of our flight, I have sometimes experienced the optical illusion of something appearing to hit a building. We then flew south to the Battery to see if whatever had hit it had gone out the other side. We saw heavy damage on the south side of Tower 1, but saw nothing of substance on the ground or on Tower 2, so we decided to go back north again, all the while just on the water's edge on the Manhattan side at about 900 feet. Ninety seconds after leaving the Battery, in the spot where we had just been looking, the second plane hit the second tower. We never saw the plane, but I could see the flash of the impact from behind us.
12) More amateur tapes showing no planes at 2nd attack (06/02)Dialogue between guy and his girlfriend:
Man: "**k. What was that?
Woman: "I don't know" Man: "..they're f**in bombing it... Must have been a rocket or something.."
13) Two dudes do not catch any plane
tower 1 on fire only filmed by amateur and his buddy, then unfortunately shortly edited and started filming again...
"...oh my god..." (amateur camera continues filming after 2nd attack on ST, but no comment on any plane....!!)
dialogue of two dudes continues:
guy 1:"...that must have been a fukin terrorist attack. Probably that just explode.. that doesn't make any sense, that has...
interrupted by guy 2:"...How did THAT ONE just catch on fire man?... see this stuff is falling out...
14)Bird "sees" no plane (check out blog below)
Check out updates and vlogs at 911tvfakery.blogspot
More Updates, Summer/Autumn 2006:
"...about 20 minutes after the first explosion, a huge fireball erupted out of the South tower, about 2 thirds of the way up. People screamed on the roofs around me, where everybody was beginning to gather. Most memorable is the bright bright orange of that explosion, and also the crispness of it; it's a quality difficult to describe--it's the quality of NOT seeing it on television, at a much higher resolution and in the outdoors, under a clear sky. The boom came later.
It was difficult to know what had just happened. I already knew from the radio that the first explosion had been caused by a plane. Was the second caused by a news helicopter accident? The plane that caused this second explosion had in fact come from behind the tower, so from my vantage point I had not seen it.
"...As I was the only security guy on sight I wasn't able to leave right away. Due to the angle of the buildings I never saw the second plane hit, but could clearly see the results..."
Witnesses tell of horror at New York carnage
11/09/2001 - 16:15:40
‘‘It sounded like a jet or rocket,’’ said Eddie Gonzalez, a postal worker at a post office on West Broadway. ‘I looked up and saw a huge explosion. I didn’t see the impact. I just saw the explosion.’’
Joan Goldstein, communications project leader for AP, was on a bus from New Jersey when she saw ‘‘smoke pouring out of the World Trade Center building. We said, ‘Oh, my God! The World Trade Center’s on fire!’’ Perhaps 10 minutes later, ‘‘All of a sudden, there was an orange plume, a huge explosion.
It shot out the back of the building. Everybody on the bus was just moaning and gasping,’’said Goldstein, who wept and trembled as she spoke. The plume was from the second plane, but she didn’t see the plane because of the thick smoke.
And his testimony:
I was on the corner of Dey Street and Church Street - about a few hundred yards from the Towers.
started backing away. I could not watch any more when there was an explosion. The force of it felt against my body. The sound was a low rumble at first and then a blast. The south tower exploded toward everyone. We could not see the plane hit it as the buildings that I was between just permitted a head on view of the east side of the south tower. What I saw was just the force of the tower being pushed out.
People kept talking of a plane, but I didn't believe them. Surely I would have seen such a large plane, but from my vantage point it couldn't be seen. Last evening on the news was when I first saw the planes.
(the fact he did not even hear the plane from his location is another no-planer bonus!)
A fiery explosion burst forth from a corner of WTC 2 about two thirds of the way up, perhaps the 60th floor. The fireball created an intense radiative impulse of heat from which we all had to turn our heads. From my vantage point, I could not see the plane that caused it, which hit 180 degrees on the other side of the building. Nor did I know at the time that a plane caused it. I first thought it was a bomb, but the explosion was not accompanied by the tell-tale acoustic shockwave that rattles windows. This was simply a low frequency rumble.
The April 2006 Emergency Phone Calls from "9/11"
Also the recent released transcripts from 9/11 (911-)emergency calls seem not to be very supportive for the planehugger's view, indeed it shows the opposite or at least dozens of contradictions.
It becomes clear, that most witness reports after 9/11 had been handpicked to support some particular bias and the myth on alleged commercial aircraft. PDF filesEMS1.pdf64 pages0859 hours, 46 secondsOPERATOR: 8621, this is 1821 in Manhattan for the One World Trade......CRO: No problem. Did you hear it was a confirmed helicopter or a plane? OPERATOR: They said it's a helicopter.CRO: Helicopter; right? Yeah. OPERATOR: Yeah, yeah. They're not sure. But most people are saying helicopter...0853 hours, 40 secondsOPERATOR: 8758, 1796. In Manhattan we got two people hurt at the Marriott Hotel. The caller is on the line......there was somebody that fell out of the window from there too. OPERATOR: Oh, my God. You're getting hit with everything over there. CRO: Yeah, I guess the guy was in a helicopter and just fell out of the helicopter. OPERATOR: It was a helicopter or a plane? CRO: They say helicopter...0849 hours, 14 secondsCRO: It says aircraft incident crash. It says Turkish Cargo, 22nd floor. That's where it crashed into, I guess. Unless that's where the call came from. I think that's where the call came from...0913 hours, 36 secondsOPERATOR: The one before was put down as an explosion. CRO: Yeah, but it's a plane crash. Any time we get a call like that, automatic rescue.EMS3.pdfExplosion on 22nd floor 'confused' with a 'plane':0909 hours, 10 secondsOPERATOR: Okay. Okay. I'm just going -- it's still One World Trade Center; right? CRO: Yeah. OPERATOR: I'm just going to put it in. CRO: All right. OPERATOR: One World Trade Center. Okay. CRO: I need more than one slip. OPERATOR: Okay. I can't believe this. It's got to be -- it's got to be hell. CRO: This call from the 22nd floor, I'm just going to put that back in. Or is it a different location? OPERATOR: He didn't give the exact location. CRO: He didn't? OPERATOR: He said it's on the side of the building. The plane blew up on the side of the building and it blew the building up.FIRE1.pdfNORTH TOWER:THE CALL BEGINS AT 09:00:21DISPATCHER: Is there someone on the line?OPERATOR: No, they hung up.DISPATCHER: Was he calling –OPERATOR: No, he was calling from the pier. He seen a single engine plane hit the building.DISPATCHER: Okay.OPERATOR: That's all he said.DISPATCHER: Okay.OPERATOR: And he got disconnected.DISPATCHER: No problem.[THE CALL ENDS AT 9:00:52]SOUTH TOWER:Redacted informationTHE CALL BEGINS AT 09:04:57]DISPATCHER: Uh-huh. And you saw a plane go into the building?CALLER: [information redacted, but not identified as "redacted"][THE CALL ENDS AT 09:05:22]FIRE2.pdf0900 hours, 58 minutes and 15 secondsOPERATOR: Yes, on the 22nd Floor. You have people trapped there. They said it's right across the street from the World Trade......he said the floor has fell out of the building where he is. DISPATCHER: Underneath him? The floor? OPERATOR: Underneath him, yes. DISPATCHER: Okay. What's the phone number there? He's calling from. OPERATOR: He's calling from a cell phone. I don't know, and he disconnected. DISPATCHER: Okay. Your number again? OPERATOR: 2215. DISPATCHER: 2215? OPERATOR: Yes. DISPATCHER: And this here bank is on the 22nd Floor. The floor fell underneath? OPERATOR: Yes. DISPATCHER: Okay. Thank you. 313 is mine.FIRE3.pdf[CALL BEGINS AT 08:48:20] DISPATCHER: Fire Department 408. OPERATOR: 408, this is 1981. I have a helicopter crash, One World Trade. DISPATCHER: Yeah, we got it. OPERATOR: Okay. [CALL ENDS AT 08:48:28]SOUTH TOWER:[CALL BEGINS AT 09:07:23] DISPATCHER: Fire Department 408. Fire Department 408. OPERATOR: 408? PD 1678.DISPATCHER: What have you got? OPERATOR: I have another call from World Trade Center. DISPATCHER: Where? OPERATOR: The 100th Floor. They said it's a bomb --Burning cars (see also Killtown Interview)[CALL BEGINS AT 08:58:44] DISPATCHER: Fire Department 408. CALLER: DISPATCHER: Albany and West? CALLER:DISPATCHER: And it's a car on fire? CALLER:DISPATCHER: Okay. Have you looked up towards the top of the Trade Center recently? CALLER:DISPATCHER: That's probably what it's from. We will take care of it. CALLER: DISPATCHER: Lady. We'll take care of it. Hang the phone up. [CALL ENDS AT 08:59:24][CALL BEGINS AT 09:06:42] DISPATCHER: Fire Department 408. OPERATOR: 408, FD. PD 1125. DISPATCHER: Yeah. OPERATOR: You have a car of fire. DISPATCHER: Where? OPERATOR: Vesey and Park? Vesey and West. I think it's a police car in the parking lot. DISPATCHER: All right. Vesey Street and Park Place? OPERATOR: Is that Park Place, she said? Vesey and West. DISPATCHER: All right. We're there. OPERATOR: Thank you... [CALL ENDS AT 09:07:02][CALL BEGINS AT 09:17:41]OPERATOR: Okay, I'm 1751. DISPATCHER: Yeah. OPERATOR: Okay. I've got a second -- well, I had numerous calls on this bomb hitting Two World Trade Center...[CALL ENDS AT 09:17:55]"..we got a plane crashed"
"..There’s a plane crashed"
"..They got a plane crash"
"..they said, they said..they got a report of a train -- I mean a plane crash."
"..We heard that it was a plane that crashed into the building. CRO: I know. But there was somebody that fell out of the window from there too"
"..It says aircraft incident crash"
"...she said a passenger airplane hit the World Trade Center above the8-5 Floor, 85th Floor." (08:52:17)
"..She just said a passenger airplane hit and it was above the 85th floor" (0853 hours, 40 seconds)
"...a female complainant just called and statedsomething hit the World Trade Center, a huge explosion..." (08:56:05)
"...OPERATOR: I don't know what's going on. All I know is that it crashed into there, andthey called in with explosion..." (08:58:09)These reports show clearly a significant difference of what was stated in mainstream media or the first TV Reports.These reports are based on either assumptions or hearsay.No single transcript includes any witness within the building, who stated that they actually saw with their own eyes, that a plane crashed into the building.No matter, which transcript you read (almost 800 pages), it's only the operator which briefsthe dispatcher or vice versa, but never a "caller":This here comes even after the second attack:09:06:02OPERATOR: It's an explosion, right? DISPATCHER: Yes, plane into the building.CALLER:Then there are also reports about additional explosions, apparently at WTC2:0908 hours, 36 secondsCRO: Keeps blowing up? CALLER: CRO: How many times it blew up?CALLER: At around 9:15 the conclusion on a (passenger) plane seems to continuewithout any clear reference:OPERATOR: The one before was put down as an explosion. CRO: Yeah, but it's a plane crash.At around 9:09 also the conclusion on a second plane is stated without any clear reference:CRO: I don't know why these people keep calling.OPERATOR: This is a new one, though. CRO: A new one?...CRO: Another plane now? OPERATOR: Another plane. This is a whole new thing now. CRO: Okay. All right. What is going on? OPERATOR: They're saying it might be a terrorist attack.(Apparently the CRO is watching TV, while the Operator has no confirmation on his side)In ongoing conversation with the phone callers, the CRO therefore continues to pick up the 'conclusion' from his Operator:"...CRO: All right. Second plane crashed into building, blowing up. This is -- oh, man.(Another) operator has his own conclusion since at least:0907 hours, 17 secondsOPERATOR: We've got two planes crashed into the World Trade Center. We're dealing with a terrorist act.(he also apparently has this information from TV- or radio news reports)At around 0911 hours, 11 seconds all CRO's refering to the same conclusion,without using any "caller" as a reference point:"...A plane hit the building, and there has been another plane that hit the building. I don't know if it's the same building..."What the North Tower depends, many callers reported at the beginning about "an explosion" only:The very first logfile on the first attack was officially logged at0847 hours, 27 seconds, which was officially 1 minute after the impact. No "plane" is mentioned and though the transcript from the "caller" was redacted, the caller seems to confirm the question of the CRO, if it was an explosion only. The CRO also doesn't react to a potential statement, that it must have been a plane, otherwise he must have reacted: "A plane? Are you sure? Or maybe it was a missile?..."However the caller must have witnessed an explosion only, which doesn't allow any additional speculation.CALLER: CRO: You saw an explosion? CALLER: CRO: You saw an explosion at the Twin Towers? CALLER:CRO: Okay. CALLER: CRO: Yeah, there's a lot of calls...0852 hours, 46 secondsOPERATOR: I thought she said it was some kind of explosion. CRO: No, there was an explosion, an explosion...Then, chronologically added in the transcripts, almost one hour later (maybe time was altered in the protocol?):0952 hours, 53 secondsCALLER: CRO: Okay. Just bear with us because with this explosion we're having so much backed up. Okay? CALLER:(The transcript collection continues with a transcript from 0859 hours, 46 seconds, which has the helicopter report from above.)then at 0853 hours, 40 secondsOPERATOR: It might have been as a result of the explosion at the Financial Center.FIRE9.pdf
RECORDER: This is Fire Alarm Dispatcher Carlos Sanchez of Fire Dispatch Operations. This is a continuation of Citywide Job Number 5-38 which was originally recorded on September 11, 2001. The following will be a series of phone alarms which were received on Brooklyn Master Tape Number 505.(ed: no time given)DISPATCHER: Hello. OPERATOR: Okay. Did they give you information about someone trapped on 22nd Floor? DISPATCHER: What’s that? At what address?OPERATOR: Okay. This is coming – this is coming from Number One. DISPATCHER: One World Trade? OPERATOR: Yeah. DISPATCHER: Okay. You have anything else for One World Trade?NOTE:WTC 1, North Tower, first attack:Officially an object was creating an impact hole that extended from the 92nd to 98th floors,but not in the 80s.WTC 2, South Tower, second attack:The object was creating an impact hole that extended from the 78th to 84th floorsHowever many transcripts point on additional explosives or fire from unknown nature on other floors:FIRE9.pdf"...So I’m continuing to read. Okay. We’re getting a heavy smoke condition on the 80th floor..."Then there was one fire before the official time of the second attack at WTC 2.Did the caller inside the building really confuse his own building?:FIRE9.pdf0900 hours, 29 minutes and 8 seconds, almost 3 minutes before the official second attack,which occured at around 9:03 AM, as also reported on TV and Rdaio.DISPATCHER: All right. Listen to me. You said you are at Two World Trade? CALLER: DISPATCHER: And you’re on the 105th floor? CALLER: DISPATCHER: Any particular corner or room? CALLER: DISPATCHER: I understand.Another caller from WTC2 seems to confirm a fire before the official second attack:0900 hours, 30 minutes and 25 secondsDISPATCHER: Okay, which building, ma’am? CALLER: DISPATCHER: Two? CALLER: DISPATCHER: Two World Trade. What floor? CALLER:DISPATCHER: 8-0, and what room? Do you know? CALLER: DISPATCHER: Northwest corner. Okay.Another caller on an explosion on the 80th floor, apparently now WTC 1:0900 hours, 31 minutes and 14 secondsOPERATOR: Right. Okay and supposedly there’s an explosion now on the 80th floor, explosion blown out the floor. That’s One World Trade Center. One World Trade.Then another call, possibly from WTC2, but listed as recorded at 1000 hours, 4 minutes and 44 seconds.OPERATOR: Got some additional information coming in for Two World Trade. DISPATCHER: All right. What is it? OPERATOR: Okay. One on the 88th floor, supposed to be a smoke condition. DISPATCHER: The way it looks like on TV, doesn’t look like -- 88th floor?
NOTE: The NY TIMES reported on April 6th, 2006, that the city "discovered eight more recordings of 911 calls and emergency dispatches made during the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center on two tapes that were previously overlooked, the Fire Department announced. These eight recordings are in addition to the 130 recordings that were made public last week in response to a Freedom of Information request made by The New York Times in January 2002..."
NYC Aircraft WitnessesPt.2: What did the (alleged) witnesses really see?Possibilities of witness groups:
1) "Witnesses", who indeed saw an object hitting either one of the towers,didn't recognize, what they actually saw and got deceived by the TV message,that it must have been a "commercial aircraft"2) "Witnesses", who had been able to be at a position, where they couldnotice the object(s) a little bit better, (which was pretty hard to do so indowntown NYC, see also Les Raphael 63 point list at )indentified the object(s) as a little bit smaller and not familiar as commercial aircraft and later changed their opinion, deceived by the TV message,that it must have been a "commercial aircraft".3) "Witnesses", who had been able to be at a much better perfect position and identified the object clearly as a non commercial aircraft, stated either, that they indeed did notice a) a missileb) an object without windowsbut later changed their opinion, deceived and discredited by their socialenvironment, that it must have been a "commercial aircraft".4) "Witnesses", who had been at a position, far enough (i.e. New Jersey), tosee object(s) hitting the tower(s)(NOTE that both towers got hit from different angles and positions, that itwas impossible that one and the same person could have seen both 'hits'perfect).They also couldn't recognize from that long distance, what kind of object they actually saw and assumed it was either a commercial aircraft or a missile5) "Witnesses", who had been at a very close position nearby South Tower(2nd hit), but in opposite of the attacked target, and therefore did nothear (MOST important) or see any 'plane', assumed that this Tower wasn't hitby a plane.6) "Witnesses", who had been at a very close position nearby NORTH Tower(1st hit), but in opposite of the attacked target, and therefore did nothear (MOST important) or see any 'plane', assumed that this Tower wasn't hitby a plane.7) "Witnesses", who had been in a better position nearby NORTH Tower (1sthit), and saw, heard and identified a missile (disguised as a commercialaircraft),SAW a missile, indeed disguised as a commercial aircraft8) "Witnesses", who had been in a better position nearby SOUTH Tower (1sthit), and saw, heard and identified nothing but an internal explosion
The Wildcard:9) "Witnesses", who saw a huge aircraft nearby 5th Avenue (first witnessreports before any hit), could have seen a non commercial aircraft, whichwas chartered just for this reason and departed in the morning from NewarkHangar.There was a fire on sep10th at Newark Hangar, where perps could have indeedplanted this "distraction plane".Whether this aircraft was commercial or non commercial aircraft, i cannotdetermine at this point, but i assume, if wildcard scenario was real, it wasa non commercial aircraft disguised as a commercial aircraft.THIS aircraft however, if really existed, didnot arrive at the towers at all, but changed its direction, and leavingManhattan to a unidentified direction.Wildcard b) This aircraft could also have landed on Fresh Kills/StatenIsland, which was a closed zone since April 2001 (closed by Rudy Giuliani)There is one video of the collapse, where you see an explosion, mushroomlike,pointing on a far away location west from Manhattan Island, whichtheoretically could have been Fresh Kills, and the perps exploded it todestroy the evidence,but also to later gather debris parts from that very same aircraft.10)Witnesses who saw U.S. Military Helicopter at time of second impact andbefore and during both collapses, SAW U.S. Military Helicopters.One U.S. Helicopter at the same time of second hit was captured in one ofthe video clips and could not have been erased from the "moving background".THIS WAS A REAL U.S. Military Helicopter.Furthermore Rick Siegel's footage from "" PROVES, that14-16 more U.S. Military Helicopters remained at crime scene and 2 of themeven passed each of both towers at SAME TIME, when Towers collapsed(possibly therefore triggered the collapse via wireless device)NOTE: Both collapses had been the result of conventional and nonconventional explsoives.While the beginning of the collapse could have been triggered withconventional devices, the pulverization result must have been triggered withunconventional devices, i.e.'Nanoenergetics', existing since at least late90s.( )11)"Witnesses" who just simply lied (or had been paid to do so)could have been also result ofa) Guilt Complex Syndromeby missing the event, they want to participate in the event, by making upa witness report. This happens almost every time at car accidents.b) Stockholm Syndromea thesis, which was developed in the 70s, when kidnapped or hijacked peoplefelt sympathy for their kidnappers and hijacker.After a while they felt sorry for them and in their imagination they came toany kind of additional "lies".12) 2nd hand "-Witnesses", who started to lie weeks or months after thefact, until now, can be refered to11)orthey're saboteurs, ignorants, gatekeepers, brainwashed or deceived sheepleofg any kind of matters.Usually their story starts like this "...i have a friend who has afriend..."or even "i saw both hits"(a clear lie, as proven, impossible and therefore this guy must have seenthe TV feeds. That includes also our george bush, whether he had anadditional secret feed or not, does not matter)The level of saboteurs (especially in this "9/11 truthling movement") cannotbe ignored. Most obviously result of cointel-pro and very counterproductivefor this research and activism....
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