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Fidel Castro - MUST READ - US methods 911 and 7/7

massacer of civilians - State Terror Standard Operating Procedure

What Didn't We Do to Get Rid of Castro?

Declassified documents tell more tales

By Linda Robinson

Posted 10/18/98

MIAMI--Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who will mark his 40th year in power on
January 1, has lasted through eight U.S. presidencies. Some of America's
efforts to dislodge him are well known, especially the Bay of Pigs
invasion and the CIA's infamous assassination plots involving poison
cigars, an exploding seashell, botulin pills, and Mafia hit men in the
early 1960s. But the full history of U.S. attempts to unseat Castro
remained sealed in government files until this year. During the course of
1998, an estimated 10,000 pages of documents have been quietly

One of the most startling documents--disclosed here for the first time--is
an April 10, 1962, memo from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to Secretary of
Defense Robert McNamara urging that U.S. troops invade Cuba. Attached to
it is a list of incidents that could be fabricated and blamed on Castro to
justify an attack. The proposals were drawn up at the behest of the
Kennedy administration, which remained obsessed with toppling Castro even
after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, in which the CIA recruited and trained 2,600
Cuban exiles for a disastrous beach landing on April 17, 1961.

Pretexts for invasion. In the 1962 memo, Lyman Lemnitzer, then chairman of
the Joint Chiefs, argued that "the Cuban problem must be solved in the
near future" and that "military intervention by the United States will be
required to overthrow the present communist regime." A five-page addendum,
titled "Pretexts to Justify U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba," presented
several options. Among them:

Fake an attack on the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo, Cuba, with friendly
Cubans masquerading as attackers. They would lob mortars, burn buildings,
and destroy aircraft before being captured. A variation: "Sink ship near
harbor entrance. Conduct funerals for mock-victims."

Arrange for an unmanned vessel to be blown up near a major Cuban city.
Americans would pretend to rescue members of the nonexistent crew, and
"casualty lists in U.S. newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national
indignation." The document calls this the "Remember the Maine" scenario,
after the battleship that exploded in Havana's harbor in 1898, sparking
the Spanish-American War.

Stage a "Communist Cuban terror campaign" in the Miami area. "We could
sink a boatload of Cubans en route to Florida (real or simulated)," the
Joint Chiefs suggested. "We could foster attempts on lives of Cuban
refugees in the United States even to the extent of wounding in instances
to be widely publicized."

Plant arms in a Caribbean country and send in jets painted to look like
Cuban MiGs, creating the appearance of a "Cuban-based, Castro-supported"

Blow up an unmanned U.S. plane that would surreptitiously replace a
charter flight of civilians, all provided with "carefully prepared
aliases" so that they could disappear. The Cubans would then be blamed for
downing a passenger plane. In one variation, unwitting U.S. pilots would
pick up parachutes and phony crash debris scattered by a submarine or
small boat.

"Although these schemes were never implemented, it is clear that the
Pentagon was champing at the bit to invade Cuba," says Peter Kornbluh,
director of the Cuba Documentation Project at the National Security
Archive, a nonprofit research institute in Washington.

The Joint Chiefs were not the only ones who had come to believe that a
full-scale invasion was necessary. In a 1961 assessment of the Bay of
Pigs, declassified this summer, one of the operation's military planners,
Col. Jack Hawkins, concluded that: "Further efforts to develop armed
internal resistance, or to organize Cuban exile forces, should not be made
except in connection with a planned overt intervention by United States

That opinion was echoed in what may be the most important of the newly
released documents, the CIA inspector general's report on the Bay of Pigs.
This scathing internal critique has just been published this month with
related documents in a book by Kornbluh, Bay of Pigs Declassified, which
also includes an interview with Hawkins and the operational chief of the
Bay of Pigs invasion, Jacob Esterline. In it, Esterline says he was
disgusted at having to make payments for a mob hit on Castro. As more
secrets trickle out, even spymasters may get a shock or two.

This story appears in the October 26, 1998 print edition of U.S. News &
World Report.


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Bin Laden may be dead, but living on through old sound bites

U.S. intelligence agencies are beginning to suspect that Al Qaida leader
Osama Bin Laden is dead after all, despite a recent audio tape exhorting
Al Qaida terrorists in Iraq.

Undated footage from the Internet shows Al Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden
making statements from an unknown location. Reuters

The Al Qaida leader who was the main force behind the September 11, 2001
attacks on New York and Washington, was last heard on an audio tape
released Dec. 30. The tape mentioned Iraqis who are opposing Al Qaida, but
there has been no specific time referenced from his last two messages. An
earlier message in October also exhorted Al Qaida to fight in Iraq.

Questions about Bin Laden are being raised by intelligence officials who
say that without a specific time mark with a photo of Bin Laden, his
presence cannot be confirmed and the most recent statements could have
been put together from older audio.

Al Qaida operates a very sophisticated propaganda operations that includes
the use of audio and videotape messages to rally followers and to recruit
new jihadists.

The new analysis of Bin Laden follows the death of No. 3 Al Qaida leader
Abu Laith Al Libi, who was killed last week in a CIA-led operation in
Pakistan that involved an armed unmanned aerial vehicle attack.

Asked about U.S. military or intelligence involving in the terrorist
killing, Adm. Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told
reporters: "I'm not going to talk any more about the operational side of
this, of how that in fact occurred."

Mullen called al Libi a key figure in Al Qaida and said "elimination of
someone like that is a very important outcome in terms of this long war."

Mullen also said safe havens for Al Qaida in Pakistan remain a concern and
to be able to conduct an operation in the area was "important."



9-11 Has No Clothes

Jean Berry

There once was a very arrogant president who loved power, war, and the
finest clothes. After taking office following a bitterly contested
election, he would awake each morning wondering how he could gain even
more power, greater authority, go to war, and what he would wear that day.
"Good morning Mr. President," his Secretary of State would say. "Your
people need better housing, food, schools and cheap gas. How do you plan
to help them?"

"The heck with the people," the president would say. "They did not elect
me! Why should I care about what they need? I want to make my tax cuts for
the wealthiest 1% of the people permanent!" Then he would ask, "How do I
look in this golfing outfit?"

One day, his Vice-President and the Secretary of Defense came to the oval
office. "Mr. President," the Secretary of Defense said, "We have thought
of a way to get everything we want from the people."

"Sounds great, what is it?" the president asked.

The Vice-President cleared his throat. "In order for us to do the things
we want to do and implement the plans and policies we want to put into
practice, the country needs to experience a catastrophic event," he said,
"sort of on the order of Pearl Harbor."

"That sounds terrible! HOW DARE YOU?" the commander-in-chief growled, then
started to like the idea. "But, how would we get away with it?" he grinned.

"He who controls the images controls public opinion," The Secretary of
Defense grinned back at him. "We will control the media so that even the
smartest and cleverest people in the world won't be able to see what's
really going on."

"But to do it right," the V.P. chimed in. "We will need the help of the
FBI, the CIA, and your good friends in the middle-east, the Saudi's."

"You will have the full support of my administration," the president
assured them. "Anyone who doesn't go along with our plan will be made to
look stupid and called unpatriotic, and they will no longer work for me!"
he told them. "By the way, do these shoes go with my new golf bag?"

Having approved their plan, the president secretly gave them everything
they needed, and as things started to happen the mass media and people in
his administration just ignored what was going on. The CIA and FBI didn't
even talk to each other.

One day, the National Security Advisor walked into the oval office for her
daily security briefing carrying a folder that read, "Bin Laden determined
to attack!"

"Do you like my new blazer?" the president asked as she walked in.

Using a bit of contemporary slang for that time, the sista' answered, "Oh,
Mr. President, that jacket is to die for," she complimented, then praised
him even more for the flashy, blood red tie he selected to go with it.
They started talking about clothes and shoes and never even looked at what
was inside the folder.

Meanwhile, a dedicated and hard working FBI agent noticed there were some
men with possible terrorist ties taking flight lessons at a flying school
in Florida.

The flustered flight instructors complained that these men only wanted to
learn how to take off and fly and did not even care about how to land the
plane. She informed her superiors of this and was warned not to worry
about it and told to get back to work.

In the months that followed, many other warning dots would be pointed out,
but not connected until, ironically, it was too late. On the morning of
September 11th, 2001, thousands of telephones actually dialed 9-1-1 to
report a series of deadly emergencies…

The twin towers both imploded after being hit by hijacked airplanes,
falling in on themselves like a controlled demolition, but the media said
that's not what happened.

"It looked like a controlled demolition to me," said a little boy, but
nobody listened. They did not want to be called stupid and unpatriotic, so
everyone just accepted the media's explanation.

There were no pieces of 757 airplanes, luggage or bodies to be seen at the
Pentagon or at the Shanksville crash site in Pennsylvania.

"Those don't look like plane crashes to me," said a little girl. "Oh, but
they are," the media insisted, and once again, everyone agreed with the
people on TV.

One day, the little boy and little girl met up and started talking. "If
flight 77 didn't crash into the Pentagon and Flight 93 wasn't taken over
by the passengers and purposely crashed in that field? What happened to
those planes and all those people?" the little boy asked.

"I've wondered about that myself," the little girl mused. "And tell me
this…how could Bin Laden shut down our air defense system, knock down
three buildings, including one that wasn't hit by an airplane, and make
the planes you're talking about disappear over our controlled airspace,
while he was hiding in a cave in Bora Bora?" she asked, and the FBI killed
them both for being stupid and unpatriotic.

At a press conference later that day to sign the Patriot Act and Homeland
Security into law, and to make his case for taking the country to war, the
president wore a new suit, but 9/11 still had no clothes.

Send Him to Jail!


It's often the case with geopolitical events that things are not always
what they seem. If you believe the Official Report on the London Bombings
of 7/7, it's probably because you haven't had an opportunity to see the
following evidence. The smoking gun may actually be much closer to home
than we previously thought. On 7/7 a number of unbelievable coincidences
and irregularities took place which should warrant a full investigation
and although the responsibility rests on our government and law
enforcement to bring this story to light, it is also in the best interests
of every member of the public to demand a full and transparent report on
these events.

If an independent investigation were to be re-opened, the first call
should be made to the heads of Visor Consultants in London. Peter Power,
Managing Director of Visor Consultants, a private firm on contract to the
London Metropolitan Police, described in a BBC interview how he had
organized and conducted the anti-terror drill, on behalf of an "unnamed
business client". The fictional scenario that Visor were running that
morning was based on simultaneous bombs going off at exactly the same
time... at the underground stations where the real attacks were occurring.
If investigators were able to find out the name of Visor's unnamed
business client, they would be one step closer to explaining what really
happened that day.

Long serving members of the Britain's government and intelligence agencies
have come out in public and declared the government's involvement in the
events of 7/7, but they cries have been virtually ignored by the
mainstream press.

In almost identical fashion, a set of 9/11 war games took place, based on
hijacked jets hitting the exact same targets at the exact same time as the
real events which took place. These war games are generally ignored in the
official 9/11 story, and when pressed, the claim is made by officials(like
on 7/7) that some of the war games 'helped speed the response' to the
situation. Now we can see a real pattern emerging. The media and the 9/11
Commission Report did not dare prepare a full list of all of the war games
underway that morning, even though all of them have been mentioned in some
sort of official context or mainstream media article. Like on 7/7, it is
difficult to believe that it is a bizarre 'coincidence' that the military
and CIA were conducting identical war games similar to 9/11 on September
11, 2001. Many other irregularities that don't jibe with the official
reports took place on both days, and can easily fill more pages than we
have space to write in here. All of these points are available to the
public to research on the web.

It would strike any educated person with some common sense, that the odds
of identical war games taking place on both those days where the very same
'terrorist' attacks took place- are beyond astronomical. To say that the
US and Britain were simply "unlucky" on 9/11 and 7/7 is an almost surreal
proposition. Experts have calculated these odds with standard actuary
tables used by major insurance companies, to calculate the probability of
terror drills and actual attack events coinciding in a 10 year mean and it
was "one in 300 pretagillion". That's a number greater than the number of
grains of sand on this planet. My answer to the official story: too many
questions and not enough answers.

History has proven beyond a doubt that the majority of "Terrorism" and
terrorist incidents we have witnessed since WWII are in fact
State-sponsored terror. There is now enough official declassified evidence
available to the public which document this disturbing trend of "False
Flag" attacks by Western Governments. Documented examples include the
Reichstag Fire(sparked Hitler's rise to power), Operation Ajax(1953 CIA
Coup in Iran), the Gulf of Tonkin Incident(our excuse to escalate the
Vietnam War), USS Liberty incident (Israel's destruction of a decorated US
ship during the Six Day War) and Operation Gladio- the CIA & NATO's terror
operations in Italy which culminated in the infamous Bologna Bombing of
1980. All these events provided the context for a major conflict, the
installation of an authoritarian regime, or to further a wider global
agenda. In each and every case, the media covered the initial lie, while
history eventually revealed the truth. All each case, the government and
the media immediately produced a set of terrorists or culprits and in
every case, history eventually found them to be innocent of those crimes.
In the case of 7/7 and 9/11, the same principles can also apply.

Repeated attempts by the families, first responders and fire fighters of
9/11 to re-open the investigation to events on the day, have all fell on
deaf ears. George Bush went on national TV and declared, "Let us not
tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories", and Tony Blair echoed his
position in Britain, claiming that the nation "are traumatised and must
move on from the events of 7/7", in effect squashing all independent
attempts to re investigate numerous irregularities on the day. A
mainstream CNN poll show that 90% of Americans believe there is a US
Government cover-up surrounding 9/11. With this level of public discontent
now in the open, perhaps it would be a good time for the people in both
the US and Britain to demand a full and open independent investigation
into both events and 9/11 and 7/7. With so much at stake, and with so much
now invested in our alleged new enemy, brand "Al Qeada", both populations
deserve nothing less than all the facts laid out in a transparent manner
by our own authorities.

We should all take more than a casual interest in the events on 7/7 and
9/11 because the official interpretation of these events have, in so many
ways, reshaped the very fabric of our society and have all but destroyed
our Bill of Rights. The hands of our Western governments' intelligence
agencies reach into areas which many ordinary members of the public can
neither understand nor fathom- yet these are all paid for by our taxes and
are meant to be accountable to the people. It's a very dark road we are
being led down- if we do not turn the current illusion around. The price
we are paying abroad is huge, but the price we are paying at home is
practically unknowable. Think about the changes we have seen in our own
societies, and where those changes are taking us.

Don't take my word for it. Do your own research and discuss these
important issue with friends, colleagues and family. Wake up world.

Patrick Henningsen


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