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911 LOGICALLY explained - holo-TVF

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Jutu Artoh

Hi from Finland,

The loud-mouth US american know it all, but don't see how the words out of their mouths are proof of utter ignorance.

This, of course, is intentional. Pavlovian behavioral training has implanted an involuntary gag-reflex at anything to do with socialist ideas.

The OWNERS of this world don't want you to THINK SOCIAL, or act out of solidarity, or SHARE.

They have occupied the words. By way of the doctrinal system (media, institutional censorship) they have framed the content inside the box.

The idiom "think outside the box" is proof. It wouldn't exist in a society of free thinkers. They wouldn't know what you mean.

Like Chomsky's example of ANTI-AMERICANISM...

Chomsky is a god-sent. the NYU-action is WONDERFUL!!

I feel like common sense still DOES exist in the USA, land of the cowards who bomb civilians from thousands of miles away without fear of retribution.

=== Well, then, lets go the whole way now ====

My prediction: Chomsky will accept that 9/11 was done by the JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF (henry hugh shelton)
Other people think so, too:

They 911-perpetrators used WAY COOL illusions.. TV-inserts, hologrammes (so they wouldn't get caught in their lifetimes).


Of course you don't believe me. You rather believe 20year-old amateurs prefectly destroyed the WTC complex and Pentagon.

The entire US military was clueless even though they REHEARSED IT ON THE SAME DAY

And some hilly-billy folk-heroes *Let's roll* prevented the foruth plane from being flown into the Whitehouse.

Hologrammes, yes!

here is the logic:

a) eyewitnesses saw WEIRD plane, cameras filmes WEIRD planes!

b) TV pictures were faked

c) No airplane part was ever positively identified! Planted!

RESULT: a) + b) + c) = flying holograms!

Why do you think they needed crystal clear, dry skies?


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