If former Liberal candidate Lesley Hughes is an antisemite, then George Bush is Mahatma Ghandi, Stephen Harper is Mother Theresa and Stephane Dion is capable of leading Canada.

Of course, none of the above is true. In dumping Hughes, a well respected Winnipeg journalist and social activist, Dion has buckled under the pressure of the pro-Israel lobby and proven himself incapable of developing independent foreign policy for Canada. How else are we to judge a man who accepts the nonsense that any criticism of Israel, no matter how minor, is antisemitic?

The article that cut short Hughes brief career as a Liberal candidate, Get the Truth, raises a series of questions about the events leading up to the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The sad irony is that the article did not even criticize Israel.

In an online readers poll today, the Winnipeg Free Press asked: “Do you think Liberal leader Stephane Dion was right to turf Lesley Hughes over 9/11 conspiracy writings?” Of the 2,469 readers who have responded to date, 73 percent have said “No.”

Stephane Dione has not done his party any favours in Winnipeg.

======== USA MILITARY AIRBASES ==============

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Saudi Arabia airstrips, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain airbases. 6. Israel airbases & airstrips. Lebanon. 7. Iraq airbases. 8. Iraq airbases (continued) and airstrips. 9. Iran airbases. 10. Iran airstrips, Egypt airbases. 11. Egypt airstrips and Syria airbases. 12. Jordan airbases & airstrips, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Armenia airbases. 13. Turkey & Cyprus airbases. 14. Kill boxes. 15. ODS Map. Page 2 USAF /DoD 111.2403.72 Rev SP3a F-16 C/D BL52 ODS 2/15 TACAN LIST FOR ODS THEATRE USAF /DoD 111.2403.72 Rev SP3a F-16 C/D BL52 ODS 3/15 TACAN SELECTION – NORMAL MODE 1. ICP 2. DED 3. ICP 4. DED 5. DED 6. HSI 7. HSI 8. ICP Select T-ILS page Check scratchpad selected. If not use the CNI-up btn to select scratchpad entry.(between asterisks) Input TCN channel (numeric btns) then ENTER key Check TCN domain (A/A TR or TR) Toggle domain with CNI-SEQ button. Check band. X for ground Y for air. Change band by imputing 0 (zero) on the scratchpad. Select TCN mode and check in range (flags off) Select Radial (CRS knob) and navigate. CNI-Rtn button to return to main DED page. TACAN SELECTION – BACKUP OPS 1. TACAN switch 2. TACAN domain 3. TACAN band 4. TACAN channel 5. HSI 6. HSI 7. TACAN switch Select BACKUP As required manually A/A TR or TR As required manually X (ground) or Y (air) Manually input TCN channel. Select TCN mode and check in range (flags off) Select Radial (CRS knob) and navigate Back to UFC if required. Note: Backup mode is provided in case of avionic failure or battle damage. When all instruments are lost the backup mode may be the only mean to recover in friendly territory. All backup switches are on the left side panel. PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK USE FOR NOTES Page 3 USAF /DoD 111.2403.72 Rev SP3a KUWAIT AIRBASES Airport Chnl Rng ILS RNW Elev Lat - Long Ahmed Al Jaber AB 087x 50 N/A 16/34 L/R 480 N28°55.73' E48°22.76' Ali Al Salem AB 107x 50 N/A 12/30 500 N29°26.45' E48°12.50' Kuwait INTL 102x 200 110.1 16/34 L/R 170 N29°12.98' E48°35.82' SAUDI ARABIA AIRBASES Airport Chnl Rng ILS RNW Elev Lat - Long Al Ahsa 113x 50 110.9 16/34 L/R 650 N25°17.50' E49°44.25' Al Jouf 125x 100 109.9 11/29 2260 N29°46.93' E40°47.32' Arar 084x 50 N/A 11/29 1860 N30°53.74' E41°56.66' Gassim 118x 50 110.1 16/34 2150 N26°17.85' E44°06.56' Guriat 094x 50 N/A 11/29 1760 N31°24.46' E38°08.47' Hafr Al Batin 078x 50 N/A 16/34 1170 N28°19.63' E46°39.57' Hail 085x 50 110.3 18/36 3260 N27°26.29' E42°08.19' King Abdulaziz Naval R345° 072X Dme30 16/34 26 N26°56.11' E50°06.26' Dharhan Intl 119x 200 109.3 16/34 L/R 100 N26°15.70' E50°29.11' Jeddah (King AbdulAziz) 096x 200 109.5 16/34 L/R 240 N21°59.75' E39°10.94' King Abdulaziz Mil Acad. R087° 080X Dme17 16/34 2600 N24°56.49' E46°37.17' King Fahd Intl 072x 25 108.1 16/34 L/R 80 N26°28.09' E50°09.31' King Khalid Intl 080x 100 110.5 16/34 L/R 2050 N24°57.56' E46°55.71' King Khalid Military City 106x 25 108.7 12/30 1350 N27°53.23' E46°00.27' Madinah Intl 091x 25 111.7 18/36 2200 N24°32.78' E39°54.14' Prince Sultan Airbase 068x 25 N/A 16/34 1460 N24°03.68' E47°34.06' Rafha 115x 50 N/A 11/29 1480 N29°37.23' E44°09.27' RAS Mishab 111x 25 111.1 16/34 50 N28°05.08' E49°06.75' Riyadh Mil Airbase 092x 25 110.3 01/19 2050 N28°05.08' E49°06.75' Tabuk 104x 100 109.5 05/23 L/R 2580 N28°21.79' E37°10.55' Taif 074x 25 110.7 01/19 1510 N21°52.20' E39°44.87' Turaif 108x 50 N/A 11/29 2803 N31°40.62' E39°37.36' Yenbo 077x 25 111.5 11/29 110 N24°08.53' E38°13.64' Wejh 086x 50 110.7 16/34 110 N26°11.90' E36°48.80' F-16 C/D BL52 ODS 4/15 TACAN LIST FOR ODS USAF /DoD 111.2403.72 Rev SP3a SAUDI ARABIA AIRSTRIPS Airstrip Rnw Elev Loc HSI Lat - Long Abqaiq 18/36 225 R005° 113X Dme37 N25°54.14' E49°53.56' Abu Ali 18/36 60 R332° 119X Dme73 N30°53.74' E41°56.66' Al Bir 09/27 2360 R325 104X Dme39 N28°53.04' E36°45.73' Al Hasa 18/36 660 R355° 113X Dme6 N25°23.97' E49°44.55' AL Kharj East 18/36 1730 R095° 068X Dme13 N24°03.14' E47°48.16' Hafar Al Atk 18/36 1940 R170° 080X Dme64 N26°00.07' E46°50.95' Khurais 18/36 1480 R235° 119X Dme127 N25°04.03' E48°25.68' Petroline 3 09/27 1730 R255° 080X Dme46 N25°09.96' E47°44.74' Petroline 6 18/36 2570 R260° 080X Dme97 N24°42.48' E45°10.23' Petroline 10 18/36 2820 R110° 091X Dme78 N24°05.84' E41°11.80' Rabigh 18/36 10 R354° 096X Dme43 N22°42.31' E39°07.55' RAS Tanura 18/36 20 R217° 072X Dme19 N26°43.72' E50°24.31' Tanajib 18/36 30 R325° 111X Dme17 N27°51.61' E49°15.11' Thumamah 18/36 1900 R167° 080X Dme15 N25°12.65' E46°53.85' Uwayqilah 18/36 1470 R120° 084X Dme65 N30°20.33' E42°57.30' UAE Airport Chnl Rng ILS RNW Elev Lat - Long Jebel Dhana R132° 119X Dme190 14/32 250 N24°11.22' E52°46.21' Das Island R130° 119X Dme185 18/36 50 N24°17.15' E52°44.77' QATAR AIRBASES Airport Chnl Rng ILS RNW Elev Lat - Long Doha 071x 50 109.5 16/34 40 N25°15.35' E51°48.48' BAHRAIN AIRBASES Airport Chnl Rng ILS RNW Elev Lat - Long Bahrain Intl 060X 100 110.3 12/30 20 N26°15.70' E50°57.95' Shaikh Isa 123X 25 110.15 16/34 160 N25°55.22' E50°53.03' F-16 C/D BL52 ODS 5/15 TACAN LIST FOR ODS Continued Page 4 USAF /DoD 111.2403.72 Rev SP3a IRAQ AIRBASES Airport Chnl Rng ILS RNW Ele v Lat - Long Al Asad R290° 076x Dme95 08/26 680 N33°46.17' E43°35.49' Al Iskandariyah New R173° 076x Dme17 14/32 100 N32°57.68' E45°18.84' Al Muhammadi R279° 076x Dme68 11/29 360 N33°25.70' E44°00.76' Al Sahra R337° 076x Dme93 14/32 L/R 465 N34°39.52' E44°48.34' Al Taqaddum R278° 076x Dme33 12/30 260 N33°19.77' E44°41.29' Balad Southeast R007° 076x Dme43 14/32 L/R 180 N33°55.87' E45°31.64' Basrah Int 070x 50 110.7 14/32 20 N30°32.19' E48°25.07' Erbil Northwest R353° 079x Dme67 14/32 L/R 1330 N36°12.74' E45°27.42' H1 New R284° 076x Dme145 12/30 1400 N33°47.79' E42°35.394 H2 R271° 076x Dme184 18/36 16/34 2010 N33°20.31' E41°41.41' H3 R265° 076x Dme229 11/29 2640 N32°54.98' E40°47.59' H3 Northwest R267° 076x Dme236 12/30 2570 N33°04.14' E40°40.03' Habbaniyah R278° 076x Dme32 11/29 270 N33°21.92' E44°39.65' K2 R337° 076x Dme109 12/30 550 N34°54.07' E44°41.87' Kirkuk R002° 076x Dme135 14/32 L/R 1060 N35°25.94' E45°43.47' Kut Al Havy East R332° 102x Dme198 14/32 30 N32°06.49' E47°17.86' Mosul R325° 079x Dme86 16/34 830 N36°17.59' E44°38.05' Mudaysis R245° 076x Dme125 14/32 1200 N32°24.27' E42°58.34' Qalat Salih R342° 102X Dme142 14/32 20 N31°26.61' E48°08.60' Qayyarah South R310° 079x Dme58 01/19 650 N35°44.72' E44°40.55' Qayyarah West R307° 079x Dme63 16/34 L/R 760 N35°45.26' E44°32.66' Rasheed R084° 076x Dme13 16/34 130 N33°16.00' E45°34.28' Saddam Intl 076x 100 110.3 16/34 L/R 130 N33°14.92' E45°18.66' Safwan R340° 102X Dme58 14/32 180 N30°07.40' E48°21.82' Sahl Sinjar R294° 079x Dme108 14/32 1010 N35°50.65' E43°34.28' Salum R025° 076x Dme61 12/30 220 N34°09.34' E45°57.06' Samarra East 061x 25 N/A 14/32 210 N34°09.34' E45°27.75' Shaibah R345° 102X Dme76 14/32 80 N30°25.18' E48°23.34' Shayka Mazhar R135° 076x Dme29 14/32 100 N32°54.98' E45°40.29' Subakhu R046° 076x Dme59 12/30 170 N33°55.33' E46°15.71' Tall Afar R309° 079x Dme111 14/32 1010 N36°16.51' E43°53.11' F-16 C/D BL52 ODS 7/15 USAF /DoD 111.2403.72 Rev SP3a ISRAEL AIRBASES Airport Chnl Rng ILS RNW Elev Lat - Long Ben Gurion 082x 100 110.3 05/23 L/R 200 N32°00.02' E35°49.35' Hatserim R080° 097X Dme38 14/32 L/R 690 N31°13.68' E35°30.98' Hatzor R035° 082x Dme19 05/23 L/R 220 N31°44.93' E35°38.13' I Bar Yehuda 097x 50 N/A 01/19 0 N31°19.07' E36°14.64' J Hozman 057x 50 109.7 03/21 N/A N29°33.45' E35°37.18' Mahanaim I Ben Yaakov 100x 50 N/A 05/23 L/R 140 N32°58.22' E36°37.38' Megiddo R040° 100X Dme31 08/26 260 N32°35.05' E36°14.72' Nevatim AB R070° 097X Dme22 16/34 L/R 1370 N31°12.06' E35°51.10' Ovda 088x 25 114.1 02/20 L/R 1740 N29°56.62' E35°40.26' Palmahim AB R060° 082X Dme13 02/20 160 N31°63.65' E35°17.10' Ramat David R050° 100X Dme30 01/19-15/33 260 N32°39.36' E36°11.67' Ramon R050° 097X Dme53 05/23 L/R 2160 N30°45.66' E35°27.76' Sde Dov R135° 082X Dme8 03/21 100 N32°05.95' E35°43.81' Tel Nov R025° 082x Dme13 16/34 240 N31°49.24' E35°43.96' U Michaeli R070° 100X Dme30 16/34 80 N32°47.98' E36°04.92' ISRAEL AIRSTRIPS Airstrip Rnw Elev Loc HSI Lat - Long En Yahav 18/36 0 R017° 097X Dme45 N30°37.04' E35°58.86' Eyn Shemer 09/27 110 R045° 100X Dme46 N32°25.88' E35°59.71' Hatserim Northwest 09/27 610 R085° 097X Dme39 N31°15.38' E35°29.76' Nizzana West 18/36 840 R060° 097X Dme59 N30°51.05' E35°15.34' Teyman 18/36 640 R085° 097X Dme35 N31°16.37' E35°34.83' LEBANON AIRBASES Airport Chnl Rng ILS RNW Elev Lat - Long Kleiat R045° 109X Dme26 08/26 50 N34°34.67' E37°16.09' Riyaq R151° 109X Dme29 02/20 3180 N33°50.48' E37°09.36' Wujah Al Hajar 109x 25 N/A 02/20 880 N34°16.35' E36°54.30' F-16 C/D BL52 ODS 6/15 TACAN LIST FOR ODS Continued TACAN LIST FOR ODS Continued Page 5 USAF /DoD 111.2403.72 Rev SP3a IRAN AIRBASES Airport Chn Rng ILS RNW Elev Lat - Long Aghajari R126° 083x Dme9 14/32 60 N30°44.04' E50°27.32' Ahwaz 067x 25 114.0 12/30 170 N31°19.61' E49°35.79' Badr AB R170° 120x Dme190 08/26 5440 N32°36.66' E52°41.18' Beheban Northwest R103° 083x Dme30 14/32 1270 N30°42.97' E50°51.57' Busher 059x 50 112.2 14/32 L/R 80 N28°56.27' E51°25.09' Dashte naz 048x 50 N/A 16/34 50 N36°37.53' E54°43.29' Dezful 116x 25 N/A 14/32 L/R 500 N32°25.35' E49°21.47' Do Lengeh 065x 50 114.3 08/26 2220 N27°48.92' E52°49.77' Esfahan Intl 036x 25 109.9 08/26 5060 N32°44.21' E52°52.45° Hamadan Mil 069x 25 N/A 05/26 L/R 5770 N35°11.85' E49°59.60' Hamadan 046x 50 N/A 11/29 5860 N34°51.37' E49°49.46' Ilam 073x 25 N/A 14/32 4800 N33°36.47' E47°32.40' Karaj 122x 25 117.5 12/30 4150 N35°45.26' E52°16.79' Khark Island 081x 25 N/A 14/32 230 N29°15.67' E50°55.82' Khoram Abad 121x 50 116.4 11/29 4250 N33°25.16' E49°23.49' Lamerd 098x 25 N/A 11/29 1340 N27°21.98' E53°37.11' Manzariyeh R207° 120x Dme49 11/29 3465 N34°57.84' E52°06.23' Masjed Soleiman R031° 067x Dme47 12/30 1420 N31°59.48' E50°11.49' Mehrabad Intl 120x 100 109.9 05/26 L/R 3980 N35°40.41' E52°42.82' Nain Military R143° 120x Dme198 14/32 3580 N33°04.68' E54°27.71' Omidiyeh 083x 25 N/A 12/30 80 N30°49.43' E50°20.13' Parssabad R040° 056x Dme116 11/29 270 N39°35.35' E49°53.03' Rasht 063x 50 112.6 08/26 0 N37°18.48' E51°14.12' Sanandaj 124x 50 N/A 01/19 4940 N35°14.00' E48°21.09' Semnan New R099° 120x Dme120 08/26 3760 N35°23.17' E55°01.37' Semnan R094° 120x Dme109 03/21 3740 N35°34.48' E54°52.54' Shiraz Intl 054x 50 109.9 11/29 4950 N29°31.84' E53°13.66' Tabriz 056x 50 112.0 12/30 4440 N38°07.51' E47°59.34' Uromiyeh 062x 50 N/A 03/21 4400 N37°38.95' E46°45.52' F-16 C/D BL52 ODS 9/15 USAF /DoD 111.2403.72 Rev SP3a IRAQ AIRBASES - Continued Airport Chnl Rng ILS RNW Elev Lat - Long Tal Ashtah New 079x 50 N/A 14/32 660 N35°07.54' E45°27.93' Tallil R285° 070X Dme85 16/34 L/R 20 N30°55.36' E46°53.92' Tikrit East R344° 076x Dme85 14/32 340 N34°35.75' E45°02.71' Tikrit South R340° 076x Dme83 16/34 380 N34°31.44' E44°55.70' Tuz Khurmatu R006° 076x Dme102 11/29 600 N34°55.14' E45°47.08' Ubaydah Bin Al Jarrah R120° 076x Dme92 11/29 50 N32°28.58' E46°44.28' IRAQ AIRSTRIPS Airstrip Rnw Elev Loc HSI Lat - Long Al Fathah 18/36 580 R090° 079X Dme21 N35°07.00' E45°02.81' Al Mufrash 09/27 140 R335° 102X Dme68 N30°13.33' E48°12.14' Al Taji 18/36 120 R005° 076X Dme16 N33°31.08' E45°22.23' Ar Rumaylah Southwest 18/36 170 R325° 102X Dme84 N30°20.87' E47°50.20' Baqubah 09/27 130 R140° 061X Dme29 N33°46.71' E45°45.21' Baghdad Muthenna 09/27 120 R055° 076X Dme08 N33°12.23' E45°27.01' Bashiqah 18/36 1940 R347° 076X Dme201 N36°28.37' E44°52.38' Ghalaysan New 09/27 1080 R006° 115X Dme79 N30°54.82' E44°28.76' H3 highway strip 09/27 2710 R025° 108X Dme78 N32°50.13' E40°20.87' H3 Southwest 09/27 2650 R035° 108X Dme79 N32°44.21' E40°37.04' K1 18/36 910 R015° 079X Dme24 N35°30.17' E45°40.00' Qalat Sikar 09/27 20 R330° 102X Dme184 N31°49.24' E47°12.66' Qasr Tall Mihl 09/27 120 R010° 076X Dme03 N33°17.61' E45°22.23' Radif Al Khafi 09/27 1060 R040° 084X Dme82 N31°55.17' E43°03.44' F-16 C/D BL52 ODS 8/15 TACAN LIST FOR ODS Continued TACAN LIST FOR ODS Continued Page 6 USAF /DoD 111.2403.72 Rev SP3a IRAN AIRSTRIPS Airstrip Rnw Elev Loc HSI Lat - Long Bahregan 18/36 20 R329° 059x Dme64 N29°50.16' E50°56.95' Bishe Kola 09/27 0 R037° 120x Dme75 N360°38.60' E53°53.22' Dezful Highway Strip 09/27 360 R261° 116x Dme11 N32°23.73' E49°09.05' Doshan Tappeh 09/27 4080 R083° 120x Dme8 N35°41.49' E52°52.37' Gachsaran 09/27 90 R072° 102x Dme134 N29°53.93' E51°06.95' Ghale Morghi 09/27 3560 R130° 120x Dme004 N36°37.71' E52°46.14' Ghazvin 09/27 4210 R297° 120x Dme73 N36°13.82' E51°31.66' Gorreh 09/27 2450 R355° 059x Dme85 N30°19.70' E51°33.53' Noshar 09/27 0 R002° 120x Dme60 N36°39.14' E53°00.31' Ramsar 18/36 0 R334° 120x Dme83 N36°53.69' E52°15.58' Sarvestan 09/27 4960 R120° 054x Dme36 N29°13.52' E53°45.24' Zargan 18/36 5440 R019° 054x Dme14 N29°42.61' E53°20.78' EGYPT AIRBASES Airport Chnl Rng ILS RNW Elev Lat - Long Bir Abu Rahal R190° 112X Dme135 14/32 878 N24°59.72' E33°44.64' Bir Hasanah R140° 044X Dme87 12/30 1340 N30°11.17' E34°09.00' Bir Jifjafah R140° 044X Dme68 14/32 1146 N30°24.11' E33° 54.77' Daraw R199° 112X Dme178 16/34 324 N24°24.69' E33°08.95' El Arish Intl 043X 25 N/A 16/34 143 N31°03.98' E34°39.78' El Gora R100° 044X Dme98 08/26 321 N31°03.98' E34°58.02' El Tor R335° 112X Dme62 11/29 58 N28°12.09' E34°10.22' Hurghada Intl 112X 100 110.3 16/34 130 N27°10.66' E34°13.85' Kibrit R175° 044X Dme63 14/32 L/R 13 N30°14.41' E33°14.15' Port Said 044X 100 N/A 11/29 15 N31°16.37' E33°06.05' Ras Banas R300° 096X Dme236 16/34 L/R 81 N23°58.29' E35°36.95' Ras Jimsah New R345° 112X Dme41 12/30 74 N27°50.00' E34°00.86' Sharm El Sheikh Intl 089X 25 109.5 02/20 L/R 234 N27°58.08' E34°54.01' St Catherine Intl R015° 112X Dme93 16/34 4565 N28°39.57' E34°38.75' Wadi Abu Shihat R225° 112X Dme55 14/32 L/R 1216 N26°33.48' E33°30.10' F-16 C/D BL52 ODS 10/15 USAF /DoD 111.2403.72 Rev SP3a EGYPT AIRSTRIPS Airstrip Rnw Elev Loc HSI Lat - Long Abu Rudeis 18/36 50 R345° 112X Dme106 N28°53.04' E33°47.87' Baluza 09/27 45 R140° 044X Dme22 N30°59.67' E33°22.39' Ras El Nakab 09/27 2357 R205° 088X Dme24 N29°35.07' E35°27.31' Ras Shukhayr New 18/36 40 R335° 112X Dme67 N28°11.01' E33°43.92' Ras Sudr 18/36 20 R170° 044X Dme103 N29°35.61' E33°21.52' SYRIA AIRBASES Airport Chnl Rng ILS RNW Elev Lat - Long Abu Ad Duhur R190° 042X Dme28 08/26 831 N35°43.10' E38°31.97' Al Qusayr R150° 095X Dme58 11/29 1773 N34°33.59' E37°50.06' Aleppo Intl 042X 50 110,1 08/26 1321 N36°10.04' E38°42.51' An Nasiriyah R030° 117X Dme37 02/20 2915 N33°54.26' E38°02.13' As Suwayda West R190° 117X Dme43 05/23 L/R 2551 N32°41.51' E37°26.01' Damascus Intl 117X 50 109.9 05/23 L/R 2011 N33°24.08' E37°37.81' Deir Zzor 035X 50 N/A 05/23 L/R 744 N35°16.16' E41°31.65' Dumayr R050° 117X Dme18 05/23 L/R 2157 N33°35.93' E37°53.31' Hamah R115° 095X Dme41 08/26 1023 N35°06.45' E38°02.50' Jirah R100° 042X Dme35 11/29 1265 N36°05.20' E39°24.84' Kamishly R195° 049X Dme106 03/21 1507 N37°00.70' E42°47.80' Khalkhalah R185° 117X Dme19 14/32 L/R 2233 N33°04.14' E37°36.77' Latakia 095X 50 114,3 18/36 187 N35°23.73' E37°19.24' Marj Ruhayyil R205° 117X Dme9 05/23 L/R 2345 N33°16.54' E37°32.90' Mezze R285° 117X Dme14 08/26 2532 N33°28.39' E37°21.24' Minakh R340° 042X Dme22 02/20 L/R 1688 N36°30.52' E38°34.61' Palmyra R245° 035X Dme103 08/26 1403 N34°32.51' E39°34.01' Rasin El Aboud R090° 042X Dme17 11/29 1220 N36°10.04' E39°03.87' Sayqal R065° 117X Dme41 05/23 L/R 2327 N33°40.25' E38°22.04' Shayrat R020° 117X Dme20 12/30 2702 N34°28.74' E38°09.39' Tabqa R110° 042X Dme70 08/26 1047 N35°44.18' E39°59.67' Tiyas R250° 035X Dme136 05/23 L/R 1896 N34°30.36' E38°52.64' F-16 C/D BL52 ODS 11/15 TACAN LIST FOR ODS Continued TACAN LIST FOR ODS Continued Page 7 USAF /DoD 111.2403.72 Rev SP3a JORDAN AIRBASES Airport Chnl Rng ILS RNW Elev Lat - Long Aqaba Intl 055X 50 110.1 02/20 175 N29°36.15' E35°41.59' H4 R335° 108X Dme57 11/29 2290 N32°31.81' E39°11.64' King Abdullah Ben 050X 50 109.5 08/26 2670 N31°57.86' E36°55.35' King Faisal R150° 082X Dme117 11/29 2825 N30°20.33' E36°53.93' King Hussein R035° 050X Dme28 12/30 2240 N32°20.50' E37°14.809' Prince Hassan R355° 094X Dme45 12/30 2300 N32°09.18' E38°06.47' Queen Alia intl 099X 50 109.3 05/23 L/R 2440 N31°42.78' E36°54.09' Shaheed Mwaffaq R080° 099X Dme42 12/30 1800 N31°49.78' E37°41.94' JORDAN AIRSTRIPS Airstrip Rnw Elev Loc HSI Lat - Long Al Ghadaf HS 09/27 1780 R100° 099X Dme49 N31°35.23' E37°48.81' Al Qatranah HS 09/27 2720 R160° 099X Dme31 N31°14.22' E37°04.90' Al Quwayrah HS 09/27 2680 R055° 055X Dme22 N29°49.08' E36°01.80' AZERBAIJAN AIRBASES Airport Chnl Rng ILS RNW Elev Lat - Long Lenkoran R124° 041X Dme123 14/32 10 N38°43.08' E50°41.41' Stepanarket 041X 50 N/A 05/23 2480 N°3952.43' E48°50.85' TURKMENISTAN AIRBASES Airport Chnl Rng ILS RNW Elev Lat - Long Cheleken East 040X 50 N/A 12/30 10 N39°22.41' E55°09.87' Nebit Dag R080° 040X Dme51 11/29 310 N39°32.11 E56°17.92' Yangadzha R002° 040X Dme40 08/26 110 N40°01.21' E55°24.45' ARMENIA AIRBASES Airport Chnl Rng ILS RNW Elev Lat - Long Yerevan R056° 049X Dme155 03/21 2920 N40°08.22' E46°31.08' F-16 C/D BL52 ODS 12/15 USAF /DoD 111.2403.72 Rev SP3a TURKISH AIRBASES Airport Chnl Rng ILS RNW Elev Lat - Long Batman 053X 25 N/A 02/20 2180 N37°54.58' E42°51.43' Diyarbakir 037X 25 N/A 16/34 2220 N37°52.43' E41°56.53' Elazig 114X 25 N/A 14/32 3000 N38°35.53' E41°08.72' Erhac 052X 25 N/A 03/21 2890 N38°24.76' E39°55.31' Erkilet 110X 50 109.5 05/23 L/R 3550 N38°45.23' E37°23.18' Erzincan 103x 100 N/A 11/29 3850 N39°41.27' E41°33.12' Erzurum 051X 50 110.5 08/26 5700 N39°56.36' E43°14.77' Esenboga 090X 50 110.3 03/21 3240 N40°06.60' E35°07.34' Etimesgut 033X 25 N/A 11/29 2770 N39°55.82' E34°46.64' Gaziantep 105X 25 N/A 11/29 2370 N36°55.85' E39°04.73' Guvercinlik R090° 033X Dme4 05/23 L/R 2870 N39°55.28' E34°50.14' Incirlik AB 021X 100 109.3 05/23 190 N36°59.08' E37°02.22' Konya 038X 25 N/A 01/19 3570 N37°57.81' E34°19.28' Murted 093X 25 N/A 03/21 2760 N40°03.37' E34°40.49' Mus 049X 100 N/A 11/29 4170 N38°43.62' E43°31.92' Sakirpasa 064X 25 108.7 03/21 80 N36°58.00' E36°53.39' Sanliurfa 045X 25 N/A 16/34 1790 N37°05.01' E40°27.86' Sivas 101X 25 N/A 01/19 5230 N39°47.74' E38°58.22' Sivrihisar 029X 25 N/A 11/29 3470 N39°26.18' E33°22.20' Van 039X 50 N/A 03/21 5920 N38°26.91' E45°09.26' CYPRUS AIRBASES Airport Chnl Rng ILS RNW Elev Lat - Long Akrotiri 047X 100 109.7 11/29 200 N34°34.67' E34°15.46' Lanarca 075X 25 110.3 02/20 70 N34°51.91' E34°56.42' Pafos Intl 126X 25 108.9 11/29 40 N34°42.21' E33°46.07' F-16 C/D BL52 ODS 13/15 TACAN LIST FOR ODS Continued TACAN LIST FOR ODS Continued Page 8 USAF /DoD 111.2403.72 Rev SP3a LATITUDE LONGITUDE 3 N 28° 11,01' AA N 42° 50,76' 4 N 28° 40,65' AB N 43° 36,78' 5 N 29° 10,28' AC N 44° 10,94' 6 N 29° 39,38' AD N 44° 45,10' 7 N 30° 08,48' AE N 45° 19,27' 8 N 30° 38,12' AF N 45° 53,35' 9 N 31° 05,60' AG N 46° 27,51' 10 N 31° 35,23' AH N 47° 00,96' AI N 47° 35,11' AJ N 48° 43,42' AK N 49° 17,48' AL N 49° 51,54' AM N 42° 50,76' F-16 C/D BL52 ODS 14/15 USAF /DoD 111.2403.72 Rev SP3a F-16 C/D BL52 ODS 15/15 ODS KILLBOXES ODS MAP Note: The latitude and longitude of each kill box are given by the combination of the two tables below. The given coordinates are for the centre of the kill box. Bear in mind that some points may be slightly off centre. Column AA and row10 served as reference for the tables.


What kind of organisation would create a Google Map mash-up identifying the location of every Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine military installation in the US? A map moreover that allows users to zoom in on any military base and examine a detailed satellite image whilst at the same time providing information on the types of planes and squadrons based there.



CORONADO, Calif., — The U.S. Navy has decided to spend as much as $600,000 for landscaping and architectural modifications to obscure the fact that one its building complexes looks like a swastika from the air.

The four L-shaped buildings, constructed in the late 1960s, are part of the amphibious base at Coronado and serve as barracks for Seabees. From the ground and from inside nearby buildings, the controversial shape cannot be seen. Nor are there any civilian or military landing patterns that provide such a view to airline passengers.

But once people began looking at satellite images from Google Earth, they started commenting about on blogs and websites about how much the buildings resembled the symbol used by the Nazis.


Below, Google Earth imagery of the Dimona nuclear reactor.

dimona nuke base

Pentagon as david star

False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to appear as if they are being carried out by other entities. The name is derived from the military concept of flying false colors; that is, flying the flag of a country other than one's own. False flag operations are not limited to war and counter-insurgency operations, and have been used in peace-time; for example, during Italy's strategy of tension.

Examples of false flag attacks as pretexts for war
The social critic Gore Vidal suggests that the mysterious explosion on the USS Maine in 1898 (which was the pretext for the Spanish-American War) was not the result of Spanish sabotage but was actually a false flag attack done by the US government (Vidal, 2003).
In the 1931 Mukden incident, Japanese officers fabricated a pretext for annexing Manchuria by blowing up a section of railway. Six years later, they falsely claimed the kidnapping of one of their soldiers in the Marco Polo Bridge Incident as an excuse to invade China proper.
The Reichstag Fire of February 27, 1933 has been attributed to the government of the newly elected Adolf Hitler by documents obtained by the Allies after the war and testimony of the Nuremberg Trials.
In the Gleiwitz incident in August 1939, Reinhard Heydrich made use of fabricated evidence of a Polish attack against Germany to mobilize German public opinion and to fabricate a false justification for a war with Poland. This, along with other false flag operations in Operation Himmler would be used to mobilize support from the German population for the start of World War II in Europe.
On November 26, 1939 the Soviet Union shelled the village of Mainila near the Finnish border and forged casualties. The Shelling of Mainila was cited a justification for the Soviet Union to attack Finland four days later.
In 1953, the U.S. and British-orchestrated Operation Ajax used "false-flag" and propaganda operations against the democratically elected leader of Iran, Mohammed Mosaddeq. Information regarding the CIA-sponsored coup d'etat has been largely declassified and is available in the CIA archives.
In 1954, Israel sponsored an operation against US and UK interests in Cairo aiming to cause trouble between Egypt and the West. This operation, latter dubbed the Lavon Affair cost Israeli defense minister Pinhas Lavon his job. Israel (where it is known as "The Unfortunate Affair") finally admitted responsibility in 2005.
The planned, but never executed, 1962 Operation Northwoods plot by the US Department of Defense for a war with Cuba involved scenarios such as hijacking a passenger plane and blaming it on Cuba. It was authored by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, nixed by John F. Kennedy, came to light through the Freedom of Information Act and was publicized by James Bamford.
The 1964 Gulf of Tonkin Incident has been accused of being a false flag operation which was conducted by the US Navy, claiming that they were under attack by North Vietnamese gunboats.
Former GRU officer Aleksey Galkin, former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko and other whistleblowers from the Russian government and security services have asserted that the 1999 Russian apartment bombings that precipitated the Second Chechen War were false flag operations perpetrated by the FSB, the successor organization to the KGB.
There are many members of the public as well as some architects and engineers, who contend that the World Trade Centers 1, 2 and 7 collapsed by controlled demolition on September 11th, 2001. Some claim that plane parts might also have planted in the area under construction at the Pentagon, as a false flag operation. See 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Terrorism and false flag operations
During July 1954, the Israeli Operation Susannah (later known as the Lavon Affair) bombed several American and British targets in an attempt to frame Egypt.
During the Italian strategy of tension in which several bombings in the 1970s, attributed to far-left organizations, were in fact carried out by far-right organizations cooperating with the Italian secret services (see Operation Gladio, 1969 Piazza Fontana bombing, 1972 Peteano attack by Vincenzo Vinciguerra, 1973 assassination attempt of former Interior Minister Mariano Rumor, 1980 Bologna massacre, etc. and various investigations, for example by Guido Salvini). In France, the Masada Action and Defense Movement, supposedly a Zionist group, was really a neo-fascist terrorist group which hoped to increase tension between Arabs and Jews in France.
False flag tactics were also employed during the Algerian civil war, starting in the mid-1994. Death squads composed of DRS(Département du Renseignement et de la Sécurité) security forces disguised themselves as Islamist terrorists and committed false flag terror attacks. Such groups included the OJAL (Organisation of Young Free Algerians) or the OSSRA (Secret Organisation for the safeguard of the Algerian Republic). According to Roger Faligot and Pascal Kropp (1999), the OJAL reminded of "the Organization of the French Algerian Resistance (ORAF), a group of counter-terrorists created in December 1956 by the DST (Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire / Territorial Surveillance Directorate) whose mission was to carry out terrorist attacks with the aim of quashing any hopes of political compromise."
The Gulf of Tonkin Incident was an alleged pair of attacks by naval forces of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (commonly referred to as North Vietnam) against two American destroyers, the USS Maddox and the USS Turner Joy. The attacks were alleged to have occurred on 2 August and 4 August 1964 in the Gulf of Tonkin.
Later research, including a report released in 2005 by the National Security Agency, indicated that the second attack most likely did not occur, but also attempted to dispel the long-standing assumption that members of the administration of President Lyndon B. Johnson had knowingly lied about the nature of the incident.
In a tape recording that surfaced in 2001 President Johnson admits that the incident he used to obtain approval from congress never happened.
The outcome of the incident was the passage by Congress of the Southeast Asia Resolution (better known as the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution), which granted Johnson the authority to assist any Southeast Asian country whose government was considered to be jeopardized by "communist aggression". The resolution served as Johnson's legal justification for escalating American involvement in the Vietnam Conflict.
On the night of Feb. 27, 1933 the Reichstag building was set on fire. At the urging of Hitler, Hindenburg responded the next day by issuing an emergency decree “for the Protection of the people and the State,” which stated: “Restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press; on the rights of assembly and association; and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications and warrants for house searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed.” After 74 years, the question of who actually started the Reichstag fire is still debated. Nevertheless, most historians believe that Nazis were involved either directly or through instigation—what would now be called a false flag operation—in order to blame the communists and garner public support for their programs.