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Hitler's secret archive - chain mail explained

> This story was aired on CBS on "60
> MINUTES" ** about a long-secret

It a bad TV report about an archive
of the records of mass murder,
genocide and progroms. The german
archive contains Schindler's list,
Anne Frank documents and all the
gruesome, scrupulous records of
"Hitler's willing executioners" in
writing. Crimes that can never be

As always with Western corporate
embedded media, there is spin and
deception by omission of vital

For starters, missing is a
comparision to the closed archives of
UK and USA as well as the omission of
any positive word on today's
germany's committment to keep the
historic facts straight.

But some mentioned "facts" are wrong,
too. Let's always try to give some
background and perspective. The age
of enlightenment depends on reason,
and information.

> German archive that houses a
> treasure trove of information on
> 17.5 million victims of the
> Holocaust.

Germans pay for the Red Cross to
house this amazing archive in
eternity. It is in perfect shape,
indexed and open to researchers.
Currently they pay 317 people to work
in the archive.

> The archive, located in the German
> town of Bad Arolsen ,

near Kassel.

> is massive (there are 16 miles of
> shelving containing 50 million
> pages of documents) and until
> recently, was off-limits to the
> public.

30 million documents, open for
research since 28 nov 2007 to be

The "International Tracing Service"
was disclosing information on anyone
who asked since after the war.

It was not a SECRET ARCHIVE.

The backlog was unquantified,
it depends on how you count it.

The CBS figure of 400,000 is
unclear and may give the wrong
impression because of the
missing time-frame. Also the way of
counting has changed in 2008. Before
each enquiry was counted as "enquiry
per name". Today they count "enquiry
per enquiry".

During the german government
reparation-payouts to former slave
labourers between 2000 and 2007 there
were almost a million enquiries.

The CBS report ("Hitler's secret
archive" by Michael Rosenbaum) is a
sensationalist yellow-press emotional
piece that could convey much better
information in the almost 10 minutes.
In fact it gives wrong impressions at
every fact. There are emotional
scenes of holocaust survivors crying
in front of the camera.

> But after the German government
> agreed earlier this year to open
> the archives, CBS News' Scott
> Pelley traveled there with three
> Jewish survivors who were able to
> see their own Holocaust records.
> It's an incredibly moving piece,

Yes, but where are the "incredibly
moving" films about Hiroshima and
Nagasaki? Iraq, Iran, El Salvador,
Nicaragua, Vietnam, My Lai and New
York (9/11 2001)? Is one Holocaust 65
years ago as bad as a recent one? How
about the eon million victims of the

Between 1945 and 2005 the United
States has attempted to overthrow
more than 40 foreign governments, and
to crush more than 30
populist-nationalist movements
struggling against intolerable
regimes... In the process, the U.S.
caused the end of life for several
million people, and condemned many
millions more to a life of agony and

If I were the president, I could stop
terrorist attacks against the United
States in a few days. Permanently. I
would first apologize -- very
publicly and very sincerely -- to all
the widows and the orphans, the
impoverished and the tortured, and
all the many millions of other
victims of American imperialism. I
would then announce that America's
global interventions -- including the
awful bombings -- have come to an
end. And I would inform Israel that
it is no longer the 51st state of the
union but . oddly enough . a foreign
country. I would then reduce the
military budget by at least 90% and
use the savings to pay reparations to
the victims and repair the damage
from the many American bombings and
invasions. There would be more than
enough money. Do you know what one
year of the US military budget is
equal to? One year. It's equal to
more than $20,000 per hour for every
hour since Jesus Christ was born.
That's what I'd do on my first three
days in the White House. On the
fourth day, I'd be assassinated.
(William Blum)

> all the more
> poignant in the wake of the
> meeting of Holocaust deniers in
> Iran and the denial speeches in
> the UN

Sure. The exact wording *CAN* be
interpreted like that

exact recent quote:

At the 18 September 2009 Quds Day
ceremonies in Tehran Ahmadinejad
stated Israel was created on "a lie
and a mythical claim," that the
Western powers "launched the myth of
the Holocaust. They lied, they put on
a show and then they support the

In a more benevolent interpretation
Ahmadinejad is not totally wrong.
Israel was created by many crimes and

Disguised as Arabs ...

boobytrapped corpses:
"the hanging of the sergeants did
more than anything else to get us out
of Palestine."

It is self-evident that the holocaust
is not a myth in itself. But it is
certainly true that the holocaust is
used (launched) as a myth to justify
imperialism, see: John Mearsheimer .
Invoking the Holocaust to Defend the
for more information.

> We're trying to get word out about
> the story to people who have a
> special interest in this subject.

Now, who would that be? Historians?
It is soooo important that EVERYONE
is EDUCATED about the crimes of

The free citizens of the USA should
learn their own history, with utmost

> It is now more than 60 years after
> the Second World War in Europe
> ended. This e-mail is being sent as
> a memorial chain, in memory of the
> six million Jews, 20 million
> Russians, 10 million Christians and
> 1,900 Catholic priests who were
> murdered, massacred, raped, burned,
> starved and humiliated with the
> German and Russia peoples looking
> the other way!

It can be argued that the "looking
the other way" by the allies was
contributing a great deal.

Fascism was a catastrophe for Europe
which must never be forgotten.
Propaganda celebrated a bloody
victory! Many Germans really
believed they were being attacked by
jews. The wonderful german military
was cause for militarist fascination,
and it was all intentional.
The big lesson (soon forgotten) by
the germans was that the corporations
were the actual enablers and
instigators of war.

The german "republicans" (right wing
conservatives) 'CDU' drafted the
following party manifesto worth
reading in 1947:

Today's Hollywood glorifies
militarism! "Fascism 2.0" is alive
and well world-wide. While we no
longer comit genocide we *are*
enslaving the world by finacially.

> Now, more than ever, with Iran ,
> among others, claiming the
> Holocaust to be "a myth," it is
> imperative to make sure the world
> never forgets.

"Iran" is not claiming anything. The
Claim that "Iran" is denying the
holocaust is a brazen war-mongering
effort to propagandize, in best
Goebbels tradition.

> This e-mail is intended to reach 40
> million people worldwide!

You better forward this amended
email. 40 million people are
hopefully not dumb enough to advocate
the Repugnican USA-christian-fascists
call for a bloodbath, on the count of
a few Holocaust denying idiots. The
USA has plenty of them, start at

Iran has NEVER in 2000 years attacked
ANY country. The USA has attacked
during EVERY presidency. The USA is a
"war country", it needs frequent wars
to justify the monstrous
state-socialism military-spending.
The USA out-spends the WORLD, and
since 9/11 it aquired military bases
in pipeline-hotspots under a huge
cost of lives. There was never a
proper investigation in the events of
9/11, and to-this-day the NTSB has
not said ANYTHING about the
The most factual website on the 9/11
myth is this one: (it takes
weeks and is indigestable).

> Join us and be a link in the
> memorial chain and help us
> distribute it around the world.

Yes, please forward this amended
email. It is formatted for
trouble-free quoting.

> Please send this e-mail to 10
> people you know and ask them to
> continue the memorial chain.
> Please don't just delete it. It
> will only take you a minute to pass
> this along
> ** A recreation of the CBS program
> can be found on You Tube. Here are
> the links to "CBS Holocaust, Parts
> 1 & 2"

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Israel Wiped of map exact quote

===== WIPED OFF THE MAP ========

Text of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Speech

Published: October 30, 2005

This is a translation, by Nazila Fathi in The New York Times Tehran bureau, of the October 26 speech by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to an Islamic Student Associations conference on "The World Without Zionism." The conference was held in Tehran, at the Interior Ministry.

The text of the speech was posted online, in Persian, by the Iranian Student News Agency ( Bracketed explanatory material is from Ms. Fathi.

I thank God that I have had the opportunity to participate in the event today ..

We need to examine the true origins of the issue of Palestine: is it a fight between a group of Muslims and non-Jews? Is it a fight between Judaism and other religions? Is it the fight of one country with another country? Is it the fight of one country with the Arab world? Is it a fight over the land of Palestine? I guess the answer to all these questions is .no..

The establishment of the occupying regime of Qods [Jerusalem]was a major move by the world oppressor [ the United States] against the Islamic world. The situation has changed in this historical struggle. Sometimes the Muslims have won and moved forward and the world oppressor was forced to withdraw.

Unfortunately, the Islamic world has been withdrawing in the past 300 years. I do not want to examine the reasons for this, but only to review the history. The Islamic world lost its last defenses in the past 100 years and the world oppressor established the occupying regime. Therefore the struggle in Palestine today is the major front of the struggle of the Islamic world with the world oppressor and its fate will decide the destiny of the struggles of the past several hundred years.

The Palestinian nation represents the Islamic nation [Umma] against a system of oppression, and thank God, the Palestinian nation adopted Islamic behavior in an Islamic environment in their struggle and so we have witnessed their progress and success.

I need to thank you for choosing this valuable title for the conference.

Many who are disappointed in the struggle between the Islamic world and the infidels have tried to spread the blame. They say it is not possible to have a world without the United States and Zionism. But you know that this is a possible goal and slogan.

Let.s take a step back. We had a hostile regime in this country which was undemocratic, armed to the teeth and, with SAVAK, its security apparatus of SAVAK [the intelligence bureau of the Shah of Iran.s government] watched everyone. An environment of terror existed. When our dear Imam [Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder the Iranian revolution] said that the regime must be removed, many of those who claimed to be politically well-informed said it was not possible. All the corrupt governments were in support of the regime when Imam Khomeini started his movement. All the Western and Eastern countries supported the regime even after the massacre of September 7 [1978] and said the removal of the regime was not possible. But our people resisted and it is 27 years now that we have survived without a regime dependant on the United States. The tyranny of the East and the West over the world must should end, but weak people who can see only what lies in front of them cannot believe this.

Who could believe that one day we could witness the collapse of the Eastern Empire? But we have seen its fall during our lives and it collapsed in such a way that we have to refer to libraries because no trace of it is left. Imam [Khomeini] said Saddam must go and he said he would grow weaker than anyone could imagine. Now you see the man who spoke with such arrogance ten years ago that one would have thought he was immortal, is being tried in his own country in handcuffs and shackles by those who he believed supported him and with whose backing he committed his crimes.

Our dear Imam said that the occupying regime must be wiped off the map and this was a very wise statement. We cannot compromise over the issue of Palestine. Is it possible to create a new front in the heart of an old front. This would be a defeat and whoever accepts the legitimacy of this regime [Israel] has in fact, signed the defeat of the Islamic world. Our dear Imam targeted the heart of the world oppressor in his struggle, meaning the occupying regime. I have no doubt that the new wave that has started in Palestine, and we witness it in the Islamic world too, will eliminate this disgraceful stain from the Islamic world. But we must be aware of tricks.

For over 50 years the world oppressor tried to give legitimacy to the occupying regime and it has taken measures in this direction to stabilize it. About 27 or 28 years ago they took a major step and unfortunately one of the leading countries made a mistake which we hope will correct it.[an apparent reference to the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel].

Recently they [the Israelis] tried a new trick. They want to show the evacuation from the Gaza strip, which was imposed on them by Palestinians, as a final victory for the Palestinians and end the issue of Palestine with the excuse of establishing a Palestinian government next to themselves. Today, they want to involve Palestinians with mischief and trick them into fighting with one another over political positions so that they would drop the issue of Palestine.

They want to convince some of the Islamic countries that, since they evacuated the Gaza strip with good intentions, the legitimacy of their corrupt regime should be recognized. I hope Palestinian groups and people are aware of this trick.

The issue of Palestine is not over at all. It will be over the day a Palestinian government, which belongs to the Palestinian people, comes to power; the day that all refugees return to their homes; a democratic government elected by the people comes to power. Of course those who have come from far away to plunder this land have no right to choose for this nation.

I hope the Palestinian people will remain alert and aware in the same way that they have continued their struggle in the past ten years.

If we get through this brief period successfully, the path of eliminating the occupying regime will be easy and down-hill.

I warn all leaders of the Islamic world that they should be aware of this trick. Anyone who recognizes this regime because of the pressure of the World oppressor, or because of naiveté or selfishness, will be eternally disgraced and will burn in the fury of the Islamic nations.

Those who are sitting in closed rooms cannot decide for the Islamic nation and cannot allow this historical enemy to exist in the heart of the Islamic world.

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RETORT - Leftist mostly correct, but clouded

Here is a nice article that confirms that the LEFT is clueless about all the dirty wars AGAINST THEM.
9/11 was a US military false-flag black-op that had the explicit aim to

a) rule CONTROL the world (!) by force for many decades to come
b) get all the funding and compliance to do so
c) to control the cover-up of the 9/11 crime by making it a heresy to be a 911-truther

So far it worked, the biggest lie-detector (the internet) has responded, but in the real-world people are still hand-in-sand. Including the left/anarchists as we see here in this article:

To make it clear. The article is VERY GOOD, but the conclusions regarding the muslim world are flawed and the vision is clouded because 911 was not terror, but synthetic terror.

Talking Back with Retort

Sunday, 25 October 2009 12:58

Interview with Retort -- by Iain Boal

The text of this interview with Emilien Bernard, who reviewed Afflicted Powers in the French edition published by les Prairies Ordinaires. The interview will appear in the French online journal Article XI.

Who are the people composing Retort? When and how was this collective born? What type of actions do you usually launch?

Retort is a gathering of antinomians based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are not a collective, we have no explicit program; we are a motley crew - writers, artists, teachers, artisans, scientists, poets - joined in a web of sustaining friendships, who share an antagonism to the present order of things.

We have been meeting on a regular basis for the last two decades, for the most part to eat and drink together - we happily confess to that - but also to discuss politics, history, aesthetics, and the terms and tactics of root-and-branch opposition to capital, empire and the various versions of barbarism currently on offer.

There is a deep appreciation of old cafes and city taverns competing with a tendency to favor the open air - rambles, the back country, tidepool picnics, wild swimming. We have produced broadsides and pamphlets for particular occasions, and from time to time we also organize more public events - readings, conviviums, evenings of film, and so forth. There are collaborations of many kinds within the milieu.

The name Retort acknowledges that we are engaged in a wider conversation whose terms and assumptions we reject, and that we stand on ground, rhetorical and otherwise, not of our own choosing. We are forced to spend much of our time - far too much - in rebuttals, demurrers, rejoinders. In a word, retorting. The name gestures to an obscure non-sectarian 1940s journal of that title, which at first we thought seriously about reviving. It was edited and published out of a cabin in Bearsville, a hamlet near Woodstock, New York.

Retort's printing press had belonged to the eloquent Wobbly agitator Carlo Tresca before he was assassinated on the streets of Manhattan, perhaps by agents of Mussolini. The journal Retort was anti-statist, anti-militarist and published essays on art, politics and culture. Poetry too - the first issue published the Kenneth Rexroth poem that begins "Now in Waldheim where the rain/ Has fallen careless and unthinking/ For all an evil century's youth, / Where now the banks of dark roses lie..." Retort Press also published Prison Etiquette: The Convict's Compendium of Useful Information, compiled by war resisters, specifically those imprisoned for refusing to collaborate either with the state or with the Anabaptist "peace churches" who had agreed with the US government to self-manage the rural work camps for conscientious objectors. Finally, a retort is the alchemist's vessel that ferments, distills, transforms. It's fragile, it needs fire, there may be problems with the underlying theory, but there's occasional magic.

2. How came the idea of writing such a book?

Afflicted Powers emerged out of a broadside entitled "Neither Their War Nor Their Peace", produced by Retort for the anti-war demonstrations in the spring of 2003. The broadside was written in a hurry, with the purpose of challenging the slogans we knew would dominate the marches - namely, "No Bood for Oil" and "Peace". Tens of thousands of the broadsheet made their way around the planet, and we had a very strong response asking that we elaborate what was, for obvious reasons, compressed and rhetorical. We intended to produce a pamphlet that we would distribute through our own networks, but it grew into a manuscript eventually published in London by Verso. The tone of Afflicted Powers bears the marks of its origin as an intervention on the streets; one reviewer called it "venomous and poetic" - no higher praise. Chomsky accurately described the book as "part analysis, part manifesto", and we were cheered that Harold Pinter wrote of Afflicted Powers: "A comprehensive analysis of America's relationship with the world. No stone is left unturned. The maggots exposed are grotesque."

3. Al Qaida wanted the victory of Bush in the 2004 elections because his action "was full of force rather than wisdom". In 2008, leaders of Al Qaida said they wanted the election of McCain for quite the same reason (with a conservative, America remains the "perfect enemy"). So was the victory of Obama a defeat for Al Qaida?

Surely not. Obama's victory was, no question, a domestic defeat for America's white supremacists at the level of the symbolic economy. It was also a rebuff to the military caste that McCain embodies. Much of the US officer corps has been drawn, since the early days of the republic, from migrant Scots-Irish protestant stock, who have also overseen a lot of the dirty work for English imperialists. On the other hand, if the leaders of Al Qaida now believe they need a conservative in the White House to constitute "the perfect enemy" - and we don't think they are that foolish - then they have been watching too much American television. Or maybe too little. After all, Obama has publicly committed himself on TV to expanding the war in Afghanistan, and if necessary to bomb Pakistan without consultation. Even Bush baulked when he heard that remark during the 2008 campaign. Never underestimate the extremism of liberals - historically, the global death-count under liberal regimes swamps even the bloodbaths instigated by state-communists, fascists and the gallery of tinpot tyrants. Crucially, of course, vis a vis the Middle East and the Islamic world, Obama has already sworn fealty to the Zionist state. And Obama knows perfectly well that, with respect to Israel, if you will the means, you will the ends. Full-spectrum ethnocide, now under way in Palestine.

4. In Afflicted Powers, your analysis gave a lot of space to the concept of "spectacle", which was first theorised by the French intellectual Guy Debord. And when I think about Barack Obama, he is a representation of spectacle if ever I've seen it, but in a "good way", not far from Hollywood. After being defeated in Iraq, does American imperialism need to adapt its image, to "smooth" it, in order to be able to continue its work? Could Obama be a factor of change on this question? Will he progressively disengage the USA from the war? Close Guantanamo and some of the other military bases all over the world?

First, Obama is fully within spectacular politics - how could he not be? Consider the staged shots straight out of the Leni Riefenstahl album, the 'rising sun' campaign logo reminiscent of the hinomaru flag that was banned for its militaristic associations during the US occupation of Japan, the young Muslim woman hustled offstage by handlers at an Obama rally for wearing a headscarf, and so forth. Torturer-in-chief Rumsfeld once fretted and frothed in front of the Washington Press Club about the difficulties of managing the state's business in a world of cell-phone cameras, the internet, a 4-hour news cycle, and Al Jazeera. He produced his own - vulgarized, to be sure - theory of spectacle. Our book is precisely about the contradictions of military neo-liberalism under conditions of spectacle produced by the new image-machinery. There will, of course, be certain changes under Obama - especially in the organization of appearances. For example, Guantanamo, the unacceptable face of state torture, will be closed; the gulag will persist, and the military may even be expanded under Obama.

Also, we think it important to resist the simplicity of your phrasing "After being defeated in Iraq". As we argue extensively in the chapter of Afflicted Powers titled "Permanent War" (which, regrettably, does not appear in the French translation), there are many ways in which the invasion and occupation of Iraq served neoliberal, and particularly American, interests even though in other ways it proved a debacle. These arguments, about the unfettered use of force, the imposition of hegemonic will, the establishment of military outposts, etc., might be summed up in the expression "The U.S. state and its capital clients were able to do what they wanted, even if they were unable to get all they wanted."

5. Since September 11, 2001 those who were the specialists in "spectacular" manipulation know that they are vulnerable. Their enemy learned how to act on this terrain, and are much more efficient (in a nasty way) than anyone ever thought possible; 9/11 is proof of this. The reaction of the US administration was mainly military (wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, threats against Iran, Syria, North Korea...). How will they react if the "enemy", Islamic revolutionaries, continue to act in this direction? Will they follow this path?

Given the history of the US, it's a fair bet that a second attentat would produce once again a very violent response from the American state, and would be supported by the significant jingoist element of the population. We venture two predictions - first, that in any further military adventures abroad the casualties will as usual be overwhelmingly non-combatants, and second, that on the domestic front, in the heimat, there will be further assaults on civic freedoms - on privacy of correspondence, habeas corpus, the right to assemble, the right to the city, and so on. Of course, these have always been regularly and significantly breached, which will hardly be news, for example, to those Americans routinely stopped for "driving while black." As to future state policy, whatever the degrees of belligerence within the ruling clique, the crucial point is that the empire's strategic apparatus is "always teetering in the direction of military intervention", no matter what the Obama administration pronounces about "smart power diplomacy" as their chief weapon.

6. One chapter of your book deals with the emergence of Islamic revolutionary terrorism, people who learnt how to use the technics of modernity and the power of images. Of course, you reject en bloc their methods. But at the same time you seem to say that they are the only ones who were able to really destabilize American imperialism and the figure of capitalism. Do you think that western opposition to the "way the things are" should be inspired by some of the analysis of the Revolutionary Islam?

No assassin, no propagandist of the deed, ever matched the impact of the aviators who struck the World Trade Center in 2001, though whether the consequences would be seriously destabilizing for the hegemon or might lead to real strategic failure, well, we were from the outset skeptical. Certainly, the event signaled the arrival in the heartland of global capital of a new model vanguard, managing a kind of détournement of the apparatus of modernity. Remember that the planes which Atta and his crews refunctioned as missile-bombers actually originated as weapons of mass destruction. The Boeing Corporation took the old bombers used to create firestorms over European and Japanese cities during the Second World War and redesigned them for purposes of mass tourism and corporate air travel in the 1960s. Atta himself was an urban planner (in Cairo and Aleppo) disgusted with the disneyfication he saw coming in the wake of the failure of secular national development in Egypt and the Third World. He was right; Dubai is one face of neoliberal globalization, megaslums another. At the same time it is necessary to acknowledge al-Qaida's love affair with image-politics. Even in its rejection of the West, the Islamic vanguard displays a mastery of the virtual and of the new technics of dissemination. This is one aspect of the current moment's mixture of atavism and new-fangledness that those in opposition to both Empire and Jihad, which we regard as two virulent mutations of the Right, must take very seriously. Absolutely seriously, not because of the mayhem that follows in their train, or not only that, but because the revolutionary vanguard of Terror speaks like nothing else to the truth of modernity, in ways that no idiom of Reason dares to. That is why we say that it is at the level of modernity itself that a strategic Left critique must be framed. Tactically of course we need an anti-capitalist programme that links commoners of the north and south, that campaigns to shut down the imperial base-world, and that blocks fresh rounds of enclosure and primary accumulation.

7. I know that some chapters of the original book are not present in the French edition. What were they dealing with?

Afflicted Powers has two chapters not included in the French translation. A chapter entitled "Permanent War" argues for the centrality of militarism to any analysis of the contemporary world picture and the role of the US. We review the historical record of the relentless belligerence of the US state, in order to skewer claims about the purported difference between a state in the hands of a "war party" as opposed to a "party of peace" and diplomacy. It is followed by a chapter entitled "The Future of an Illusion" which tackles the relationship between the US state and the state of Israel, and attempts to break the almost total silence about its genealogy and dynamics, and the role of that relationship in the current imperial moment. We argue that Israel is not only a "failed state" in IMF terms, and certainly no longer a strategic asset, but even as a mirage/mirror in the desert it is now a failure, indeed a serious liability for the managers of empire. At the level of spectacle it has turned disastrous; images of orange groves and "making the desert bloom" have been replaced by the bulldozing of olive groves, and now by scenes of the wholesale slaughter of innocents in Gaza, who this time did not even have the miserable option of becoming refugees.

We are delighted that Les Prairies Ordinaires have published the book in France, and we understand the demands of format requiring certain excisions. Even so, the argument of Afflicted Powers is precisely about the new complex conditions in which brute imperial interests and geopolitical struggles have collided with fresh developments in the machinery, production and management of the image-world. By omitting two chapters our case (for francophone readers) is in important respects left incomplete.

8. What about Americans intellectuals? Except for Howard Zinn or Noam Chomsky, are there other "voices" who play a large role in opposition?

The figure of the oppositional public intellectual in America more or less disappeared during the anti-communist witch hunts of the Cold War, partly through the destruction of careers, partly through the choking off of access to the fourth estate. Chomsky's essay, "The Responsibility of Intellectuals", printed as a special supplement to the New York Review of Books, made him notorious as a critic of the Vietnam war but by the time it was published in 1967 Chomsky was safely tenured at MIT thanks to his path-breaking work in mathematical linguistics, funded by the US Navy and the Army Signal Corps. The burst of antinomian energy that flared here in the Bay Area in the 1960s, captured in the voices of Huey Newton and Mario Savio who articulated the demands of the Black Panthers and the Free Speech Movement, was soon snuffed out or suppressed. The handful welcomed into the new model multi-cultural academy were beneficiaries of those struggles, but black radical voices like Angela Davis, Adolph Reed, and Ruth Wilson Gilmore are occluded from the mainstream media. The underground presses of the counterculture were either closed or normalized by the mid-1970s. Public discourse since then has been dominated by the agenda of conservative and neoliberal think-tanks, established in direct response to the events of the late sixties. The reaction set in and Chomsky, for example, found himself excluded from the pages of the New York Review of Books. Likewise his fellow anarchist Howard Zinn, who taught at Boston University across the river from MIT. Although hugely popular with young students who flocked to his lectures on civil liberties, Zinn was perennially harried and humiliated by the university administration in an effort to oust him. Zinn gained national recognition very late, following the extraordinary success of his textbook A People's History of the United States, which continues to sell 100,000 copies a year. Ironically, the marginalization of critical voices in America means that the ongoing collapse in circulation of major newspapers and magazines is not having the consequences it would have, say, in India.

Much more serious for the voices of opposition is the implosion of independent bookshops and the network of spaces for reading, gathering and discussion. Enthusiasts of the virtual life are apparently so fixated on their screens or perhaps their heads are stuck so far up the blogosphere that they have not noticed the hollowing out of city neighborhoods or what remains of public space. In the circumstances, therefore, it is hardly surprising that critical voices are to be found circulating mainly on the internet. A few break out of the ghetto; Mike Davis and Naomi Klein come to mind because they combine trenchant analysis with serious research. They command attention because investigative journalism is more or less dead. Below the threshold of a certain kind of public notoriety, there is a much longer list - it would be invidious to pluck out a few names - of those whose thought and work is helping reclaim the past and forge tools to clarify and theorize the current situation. And of course there may be some writings whose instrumentality, whose time as a weapon, lies a little in the future. A goodly representation of such "other voices" can be heard by going to the online archive of "Against the Grain" [<>], a program of broad-ranging and deeply researched interviews aired on Pacifica Radio, the only independent broadcasting network in the US. Pacifica has struggled since its founding in 1946 to survive in a hostile political environment; now publishing in general is on the rocks, so we are greatly indebted to the courageous and tireless efforts of small outfits like Autonomedia in New York and AK and PM Press in the Bay Area to continue providing a platform for radical voices.

9. You seem to have been really impressed by the manifestations against the Iraq war of February and March 2003, not only in the United States but all over the world. For you, there was at that moment a "multitude" which began to stand up against American military neoliberalism. Six years later, is this "multitude" still growing? Are you still optimistic?

We were never optimistic. We did, however, want to insist that at a moment that is normally the state's finest hour - the hour of mobilizing for war when it whips up an attack-dog unanimity compounded of fear, aggressivity and xenophobia - millions of people simply refused to believe what the warlords were telling them and attempted to stop a war before it had begun. Unsuccessfully, of course; the anti-war movement, as we argue in Afflicted Powers, quickly ran aground, firstly because the ubiquitous slogan "No blood for oil" covered real confusion about the relation of the US to the political economy of global oil - a complex business, to be sure. And secondly, because marching and organizing under the banner of "peace" is predicated on a misunderstanding of the dynamics of militarism and modernity. Nearly a century ago, Randolph Bourne foresaw the ominous fact that with a standing army, an income tax, and an industrialized warfare sector, the state needs only a Gramscian tacit consent or obliviousness from its population. Peace as an oppositional frame is bound to end in demoralization and bewilderment, if only because the reality is that under current conditions peace is war by other means. The peace of the "peace process" and "pacification". The peace of cemeteries, of the kind they are digging today in Gaza.

As for "multitude", we do not subscribe to the lately popular view proposed by a post-Leninist Franciscan tendency that, just as the steam engine of the Victorian factory produces a self-conscious proletariat, so the networked computer produces a neo-Spinozan multitude that will be the gravedigger this time. This millennial phantasy is the flipside of the breathless cyberhype generated in the PR mills of silicon capitalism for the consumption of Wall Street. Still, it is true that out of the shambles of failed states, IMF shock therapies, and neoliberalism's new round of global enclosures, a non-vanguardist movement of movements is slowly coming into being. The sites and modes of resistance are - have to be - as motley and protean as the sites and modes of the new enclosures. The time of nostalgia for the factory gate, for fetishizing the point of production, is long gone. The urgent and necessary task is to connect the struggles at all points, north and south, in the circuits of capital - at the points of production, reproduction, consumption, and expropriation. That means, for example, perceiving and then articulating the interests linking the landless commoners of the Movimento Sem Terra in South America, the Norwegian biologists trying to insert genes not into other lifeforms but into their ecological context at different scales, and the open source movement here in the Bay Area challenging the very category of "intellectual property" as the form of enclosure driving GM agribusiness and the biofuels fiasco. Quite apart from the practical problems facing horizontalist, transnational networks like the G8 resistance or the World Social Forum, there is hard theoretical work to be done. At the conceptual level, if the commodity form has its metaphysical subtleties and theological niceties, what we are calling "common form" also has its philosophical conundrums, which urgently demand our attention. We need to listen to the planet's surviving commoners, and to enlist the help of anthropologists and historians of commoning, usufruct and coincident use-rights.

10. In the foreword to the French edition, you assert that the concept of Europe thought of as a pole of opposition to the American hegemon, is a delusion. For you, Europe is more or less aligned with US power and with military neoliberalism. Since the election of Sarkozy, France seems to be more and more attracted by "Atlanticism" and alignment with the US. Is this a confirmation of your point of view? Is the whole of Europe a tool of American strategy?

Not merely "delusion" but serving a role within the spectacle of false opposition. This spectacular imagery permits those within Europe, who might otherwise be forced to admit - and some, perhaps, confront - their states' willing complicity with U.S. military neoliberalism and full participation in the wider neoliberal project within Europe itself, to pretend that such deep and unwavering collusion does not exist. This is not to argue that Europe is a "tool of American strategy" but instead that European states are full partners with the U.S. in capital's global - sometimes military, sometimes not - strategies. Sarkozy's "Atlanticism" - this, of course, was Blair's term, too - is just another painted wooden figure on the carousel of European self-representation. Schroeder and Merkel, Chirac and Sarkozy, Blair and Brown, Berlusconi and Prodi, Simitis and Karamanlis: regardless of which one rides the painted horse, the carousel goes nowhere. Not one of these European states has engaged in any meaningful opposition to American militarism while each has relentlessly pushed forward its own - and the EU's - internal neoliberalization. It remains the work of people in the streets to provide actual resistance to both militarism and internal neoliberalization, as the insurrectionists in Greece have recently shown - not only by their willingness to battle in the streets but also by their specifically targeted actions, including ongoing protection of migrants and the blockading at the port of Astakos of U.S. arms bound for Israel.

11. There is something in your book that is quite unusual in political writing: like the situationists, who seem to exercise a great influence on your analysis, you use the power of poetry to express your ideas - no doubt the recurrent citation of Milton in the book is an illustration of this. In general, the theorical background of your work is quite extensive. From Marx to Guy Debord, Burke to Polanyi or Milton, you seem to refuse to structure your work in any one way. Is it something that you intended, this multiplicity of approach and reference? How important is it for you to refer to literature? Is it a way to refuse the boredom of most political books?

Part of the answer obviously lies in the fact that it is a collaborative project, with the wider group in active material support of the four authors, each of whom brought their particular experience and body of knowledge. Of the quartet who sat down to draft and write Afflicted Powers two are historians, and the other two are historically minded. It is no doubt the déformation of the historian to raid the lumber-rooms of the past, but frankly we cannot imagine having embarked on such a project without the assistance of Rosa Luxemburg, Randolph Bourne, or Hannah Arendt. And unless Nietzsche were to hand, a critique of modernity would be far more difficult to frame. Edmund Burke and Thomas Hobbes were an essential part of the analytic toolkit. Milton, who helped to forge a radical, political idiom in the revolutionary decades of the 17th century, gave us our title, and was an abiding inspiration, not least because his great poem was written in the face of defeat. And of course the indelible line of Tacitus, "They make a desert and call it peace" speaks to us across the centuries. Much of the work of Pierre Vidal-Naquet, the historian of ancient Greece, was concerned with state violence and the assassination of memory, which is central to the spectacle. He was inspired by a line of Chateaubriand which he found transcribed in his father's diary before deportation to Auschwitz: "Nero triumphs in vain, as elsewhere in the empire Tacitus has already been born."

You are right about the boredom induced by political books. Hey, what is not boring? The entertainments of modern life are three parts narcotic, and modernity in general is one vast repetitive stress injury. Nevertheless we seem to be on the threshold of interesting times, and there is reason to listen up. It is, we argued, a moment for fresh concepts as well as the ruthless reworking of old concepts in the light of the new and nightmarish terrain. Look out for some fresh decoctions and ferments from our laboratories in the Bay Area. Without being optimistic, we are heartened by signs everywhere of people beginning to reassemble their afflicted powers, and - who know - confederating to offend the enemy.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009


The New York Times, on October 17, published a page-one story by Scott Shane about the CIA.s defiance of a court order to release documents pertaining to the John F. Kennedy assassination, in its so-called Joannides file. George Joannides was the CIA case officer for a Cuban exile group that made headlines in 1963 by its public engagements with Lee Harvey Oswald, just a few weeks before Oswald allegedly killed Kennedy. For over six years a former Washington Post reporter, Jefferson Morley, has been suing the CIA for the release of these documents. [1]

Sometimes the way that a news item is reported can be more newsworthy than the item itself. A notorious example was the 1971 publication of the Pentagon Papers (documents far too detailed for most people to read) on the front page of the New York Times.

The October 17 Times story was another such example. It revealed, perhaps for the first time in any major U.S. newspaper, that the CIA has been deceiving the public about its own relationship to the JFK assassination.

On the Kennedy assassination, the deceptions began in 1964 with the Warren Commission. The C.I.A. hid its schemes to kill Fidel Castro and its ties to the anti-Castro Directorio Revolucionario Estudantil, or Cuban Student Directorate, which received $50,000 a month in C.I.A. support during 1963.

In August 1963, Oswald visited a New Orleans shop owned by a directorate official, feigning sympathy with the group.s goal of ousting Mr. Castro. A few days later, directorate members found Oswald handing out pro-Castro pamphlets and got into a brawl with him. Later that month, he debated the anti-Castro Cubans on a local radio station.

That the October 17 story was published at all is astonishing. According to Lexis Nexis, there have only been two earlier references to the CIA Joannides documents controversy in any major U.S. newspaper: a brief squib in the New York Daily News in 2003 announcing the launching of the case, and a letter to the New York Times in 2007 (of which the lead author was Jeff Morley) complaining about the Times. rave review of a book claiming that Oswald was a lone assassin.

(The review had said inter alia that .''Conspiracy theorists'' should be ''ridiculed, even shunned... marginalized the way we've marginalized smokers.'' The letter pointed out in response that those suspecting conspiracy included Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Robert Kennedy, and J. Edgar Hoover.)

The New York Times has systematically regulated the release of any facts about the Kennedy assassination, ever since November 25, 1963, when it first declared Oswald, the day after his death, to have been the .assassin. of JFK. A notorious example was the deletion, between the early and the final edition of a Times issue, of a paragraph in a review of a book about the JFK assassination, making the obvious point that .MYSTERIES PERSIST.. [2]

Apparently there was similar jockeying over the positioning of the Scott Shane story. In some east coast editions it ran on page eleven, with a trivializing introductory squib, "Food for Conspiracy Theorists." In the California edition, headlined .C.I.A. Is Still Cagey About Oswald Mystery,. it was on page one above the fold.

One can assume that the Times decision to run the story was a momentous one not made casually. The same can probably be said of another recent remarkable editorial decision, to publish Tom Friedman.s op-ed on September 29 about the .very dangerous. climate now in America, .the same kind of climate here that existed in Israel on the eve of the Rabin assassination..

Friedman did not mention JFK at all, and his most specific reference was to a recent poll on Facebook asking respondents, .Should Obama be killed?. [3] Four days later the Wall Street Journal expressed similar concern, adding to the .poll on Facebook asking whether the president should be assassinated, a column on a conservative Web site suggesting a military coup is in the works.. [4]

Friedman.s column broke a code of silence about the threats to Obama that had been in place ever since two redneck white supremacists (Shawn Adolf and Tharin Gartrell) were arrested in August 2008 for a plot to assassinate Obama with scoped bolt-action rifles. Andrew Gumbel.s story about them ran in the London Independent on November 16, 2008; of the fifteen related news stories in Lexis Nexis, only one, a brief one, is from a U.S. paper.

It is possible to take at face value the concern expressed by Friedman in his column. The Boston Globe, a New York Times affiliate, reported on October 18 that .The unprecedented number of death threats against President Obama, a rise in racist hate groups, and a new wave of antigovernment fervor threaten to overwhelm the US Secret Service.. [5]

But there may have been a higher level of concern in the normally pro-war Wall Street Journal.s reference to a military coup. Such talk on a conservative web site is hardly newsworthy. More alarming is the report by Robert Dreyfuss in the October 29 Rolling Stone that Obama is currently facing an ultimatum from the Pentagon and Joint Chiefs: either provide General McChrystal with the 40,000 additional troops he has publicly demanded, or .face a full-scale mutiny by his generals...The president, it seems, is battling two insurgencies: one in Afghanistan and one cooked up by his own generals.. [6]

One can only guess at what led the New York Times to publish a story about CIA obstinacy over documents about the JFK assassination. One explanation would be the similarities between the painful choices that Obama now faces in Afghanistan . to escalate, maintain a losing status quo, or begin to withdraw . and the same equally painful choices that Kennedy in 1963 faced in Vietnam. [7] More and more books in recent years have asked if some disgruntled hawks in the CIA and Pentagon did not participate in the assassination which led to a wider Vietnam War. [8]

Six weeks before Kennedy.s murder, the Washington News published an extraordinary attack on the CIA.s .bureaucratic arrogance. and

obstinate disregard of orders... .If the United States ever experiences a `Seven Days in May. it will come from the CIA.... one U.S. official commented caustically. (.Seven Days in May. is a fictional account of an attempted military coup to take over the U.S. Government.) [9]

The story was actually a misleading one, but it was a symptom of the high-level rifts and infighting that were becoming explosive over Vietnam inside the Kennedy administration. The New York Times story about the CIA on October 17 can also be seen as a symptom of rifts and infighting. One must hope that the country has matured enough since 1963 to avoid a similarly bloody denouement.

The JFK Assassination: New York Times Acknowledges CIA Deceptions

by Prof. Peter Dale Scott

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Pascal Schreier - German Mossad CIA assett

pascal schreier

From: pascal schreier
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 16 2000 11:35 AM
Attach: Binalshibh quittung FFTC.tfi
Subject: wire binalshibh

Dear Rachel

her is the copy of the wire from Mr. Binalshibh

Please use the address in the signed contract to send the Visa. I told
him, that we pay half of the Visa bach at the end!!

Address is a c/o address In Yemen !! Call me on my cell uf zyou have questions!


Mit freundlichen Gruessen

Pascal Schreier
Vice-President FFTC

Ebersbergerstr. 7
85570 Markt Schwaben

Tel: +49 8121 61063
Fax: 64
mobil +49 172 8838321
Cell (USA) 1- 941 286 7749

Letzte Aktualisierung 29.08.2006

Domaininhaber Pascal Schreier
21245 Coachman Ave.
D-33952 Port Charlotte FL 33952
MM00703 E-mail from Pascal Schrier to regarding wire transfer made by Binalshibh

relevant dave emory (phantacist nutter) interview with Daniel Hopsicker (a good guy, level headed)

Recorded November 8, 2004


rtsp:// (server does not respond properly! CIA NSA filter?) !!!

Fleshing out discussion in FTR#.s 482, 483, this program features more information from Daniel Hopsicker, the author of Welcome to Terrorland: Mohamed Atta and the 9/11 Cover-up in Florida. Mr. Emory considers this volume to be one of the most important books about 9/11. Be sure to check out Daniel.s website. In addition to further discussion about the numerous evidentiary tributaries running between the Iran/Contra scandal and the milieu in which the 9/11 hijackers operated in Florida, the program details the extraordinary background of the associates of Wally Hilliard, Rudi Dekkers and Arne Kruithof. Hilliard.s associate Mark Shubin has, as Mr. Emory says, more connections than a switchboard, including connections to Kenneth Good, an associate of Neil Bush (the President.s brother) in the criminal activities surrounding the Silverado Savings and Loan in Colorado. Much of the program centers on the profound German links to the hijacker milieu in Florida, including Arne Kruithof.s association with Pascal Schreier. Daniel notes that some of Atta.s German associates in Florida were the sons and daughters of prominent German industrialists.

Program Highlights Include: The links of Kruithof.s partner Glenn Goodman to air units apparently involved in the Iran/Contra-related drug traffic; Jeb Bush.s endorsement of Discover Air, one of Hilliard.s bogus airlines; Pascal Schreier.s wife.s purchase of another of the strange aviation schools through which the 9/11 hijackers transited; Jeb Bush.s role in the spiriting away(to Washington, D.C.) of the Venice Police Department.s files on Rudi Dekkers; the remarkable story of Hilliard pilot P.J. Kahn -- licensed to fly regularly into Havana, Cuba; allegations that Rudi Dekkers is German, not Dutch; Dekkers associate Rick Boehlke.s work for a wealthy German industrialist named Folker, who was buying up large amounts of property in the Pacific Northwes; Iran/Contra operative Dietrich Reinhardt.s business association with Rudi Dekkers; the unusual circumstances surrounding the crash of Arne Kruithof.s plane -- it was compacted before the FAA could determine the cause of the crash!.

1. The program begins by reviewing some of Wally Hilliard.s background and, in particular, his stewardship of Huffman Aviation, the flight school through which several of the 9/11 hijackers infiltrated the United States. (The descriptions for FTR#.s 482, 483 contain material about some of Hilliard.s background and activities.)

2. Further developing the extraordinary, cloak-and-dagger milieu in which Hilliard operated, the program sets forth the colorful espionage background of Hilliard associate Mark Shubin. "Mark Shubin was Hilliard.s business partner in a number of airplanes, including a $35 million Gulfstream. Shubin lived in Miami. We had heard a number of different stories about him, each more lurid than the next. . . . The true story was that Shubin.s father was indeed a KGB Colonel imprisoned after being caught by his own government spying for the United States. He and his family, including young Mark, had been .traded out. of Russia in the spy exchange involving Francis Gary Powers, the pilot of a U-2 shot down over Russia in a famous incident in 1960."
(Welcome to Terrorland Mohamed Atta & the 9-11 Cover-Up in Florida; by Daniel Hopsicker; Madcow Press [HC]; Copyright 2004 by Daniel Hopsicker; ISBN 0-9706591-6-4; pp. 262-264)

3. "After settling in America, the KGB Colonel.s son grew up to become a CIA pilot flying U-2.s over Russia, where his native Russian language skills proved useful. We were already well into spy lore, and we.d barely sat down. .Wally was manipulated by somebody with a lot of power,. said Mark Shubin. .He was blackmailed. Rudi was the one person who knew what was going on.." (Ibid.; p. 264.)

4. "Shubin had quite a bit of business with Wally Hilliard, we learned. He had a company, Sky Bus, Inc., whose planes were shared in common with Hilliard.s Plane 1 Leasing to Sky Bus between March and August 2000. Plane 1 Leasing remained an .owner of sorts.. Two of the planes that flowed from Hilliard.s Plane 1 Leasing, tail numbers N11UN and N111UN, were listed as being owned by both Plane 1 Leasing and Sky Bus. We thought the .UN. designation on the tail number might be a clue. We were right. We discovered Shubin had established a company called .International Diplomatic Courier Services,. on August 28, 2001." (Idem.)

5. "We asked an aviation business owner about the planes with .UN. numbers. Coy Jacob said the last letters in an .N. number are picked by the individual plane owner. So Shubin and Hilliard.s two planes either flew for the UN or were trying to look like they did. Then we recognized the name of another business partner of Shubin.s, a man who gained a bit of fame during the Savings and Loan Scandal of a decade ago. Mark Shubin was in business with the notorious Ken Good." (Idem.)

6. Next, the program highlights the activities of one of Hilliard associate Mark Shubin.s partners -- Ken Good. Good had been one of Neil Bush.s cronies in the Silverado Savings and Loan debacle. (For more about the Silverado case, see -- among other programs -- Miscellaneous Archive Show M43 -- available from Spitfire, as well as FTR#249.) "Kenneth Good was a big part of the Silverado Savings and Loan collapse. He was in business with Neil Bush. In fact, Ken Good had been so clearly a Bush family retainer that it strained credulity to think that Shubin -- and Wally Hilliard -- now were not similarly connected. In 1983, Neil Bush, President George H.W. Bush.s son, and our current president.s brother, became partners in an oil venture with Ken Good and William Walters, a Denver developer." (Ibid.; pp. 264-265.)

7. "Two years later, Bush joined the board of Silverado, a Denver S&L to which Walters and Good already owed more than $100 million that was never to see the light of day again. Neil Bush received a $100,000 .gift. from Good, as well as other major financial assistance. Yet he was pressing Silverado.s management -- without mentioning these favors -- to let Good off the hook on his debts. There was no conflict of interest. It was all just a coincidence." (Ibid.; p. 265.)

8. "By the late summer of 1988, examiners made ready to seize the company. But then they got a phone call from the White House, according to TIME magazine. The election was too close; Silverado.s collapse would inevitably have spotlighted the Republican candidate.s son, whose conduct had certainly been unethical and possibly illegal. So the bank board.s seizure of Silverado was delayed. When Silverado finally collapsed, it cost U.S. taxpayers over $1 billion. But it hadn.t been anybody.s fault. . ." (Idem.)

9. "The Houston Post.s Peter Brewton, who broke the CIA-Mob connection to the Savings and Loan Scandal, said Neil Bush.s Silverado partners .all had connections to individuals or S&L.s in Texas that did business with organized crime figures or CIA operatives. Good is one Silverado borrower who got a large loan at a Texas S&L connected to (Herman) Beebe, allegedly connected to the underworld.. Herman Beebe was an intimate, as they say, of New Orleans .Mafia Kingfish,. Carlos Marcello. So Ken Good hung with both the Bushes and the Mob. Ken Good cost Americans over $132 million, just from loans from Silverado." (Idem.)

10. More about Good.s operations with Shubin
and the extraordinary irregularities that characterized the businesses through which Atta and associates infiltrated the United States. Again, note the numerous evidentiary tributaries running in the direction of the Iran-Contra affair. " . . . Shubin and Good.s partnership seemed to share a lot in common with Hilliard-Dekkers and Richard Boehlke.s. Good.s airline, Express One International, supplied both aircraft and crews to Sky Bus, the way Boehlke had for Dekkers and Hilliard. And Shubin.s Fort Lauderdale based carrier was soon-to-be-bankrupt, a fate which Atta.s Florida associates seem to face with an awful regularity. Good.s Express One -- drat the luck -- will itself soon be bankrupt, and in bankruptcy proceedings the company.s leading lessor will be revealed to be Finova Capital, A Canadian company .linked. top the CIA, and which also financed Iran Contra-era proprietary airlines like Richard Secord.s Southern Air Transport." (Ibid.; p. 266.)

11. The aura of international intrigue surrounding Hilliard, Dekkers and company is heightened by discussion of one of Hilliard.s pilots -- Pakistani P.J. Kahn. " . . . P.J. Kahn, we knew, had crashed one of Wally.s Lear jets in September of 2002, with eight doctors on board. All eight needed treatment. Other than that, he was a mystery, a Pakistani national who had somehow ingratiated himself with southern Florida.s movers and shakers. .Hilliard signed a contract with P.J. Kahn, who bought the old Air Florida Certificate,. said an aviation observer. .P.J. Kahn moved in with Mr. Hilliard.s backing. He.s an Arab operator with a license to fly (an airline). Kahn.s got a contract with the U.S. Treasury Foreign Assets Control to fly directly to Havana. He has special permission as an authorized carrier to fly direct to Havana.. We were puzzled. Foreign nationals aren.t allowed to own U.S. air carriers. Also, U.S. air carriers aren.t supposed to be flying to Havana. Puzzlement turned to incredulity when we heard from several people that P.J. Kahn had disappeared. .I heard he has to flee the country for some reason,. shrugged an aviation insider in Naples, who would say no more." (Ibid.; p. 267.)

Mohomed Atta Visa, Egypt (Atta=patsy cia bnd mad nsa nro oni jcs isi mi6 mossad)

12. In FTR#483, we examined Hilliard.s and Dekkers. Florida Air, an airline that was stillborn from a business standpoint. Despite the fact that it was apparently little more than a dummy company, it received the endorsement of then Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, who presided over the theft of the 2000 Florida vote. Another of Hilliard.s bogus airlines -- Discover Air -- also received a celebrity endorsement from a big-name Florida politician, Governor Jeb Bush (another of the President.s brothers). " . . . Hilliard.s latest ill-starred aviation enterprise also offered commuter service under the name Discover Air. After not one ticket was sold on its inaugural route, it went -- almost immediately -- out of business. Notwithstanding this uniquely dismal record, for reasons unknown, Florida political luminary Gov. Jeb Bush stepped forward to tour its facilities and praise its completely un-praiseworthy management." (Ibid.; p. 328.)

13. Jeb Bush also was present when the FBI carted-off all of the Venice (Florida) police department.s files on Huffman Aviation. " . . . We wanted to know if Dekkers had any local .priors.. But it made Sergeant Marty Treanor sigh. Then he started to say something, thought better of it, and sighed again. He said he couldn.t tell us if Dekkers had been in any trouble in Venice, because all of his files were gone. .Gone?. .The FBI took all our files, everything. They loaded the files right outside this window,. said Treanor, indicating a parking lot outside the station, .into two Ryder trucks, then drove them right onto a C-130 military cargo plane at the Sarasota airport, which took off for Washington with Jeb Bush aboard.. We will come back to visit the question of the Governor of Florida.s national security responsibilities. The important point was that taking files was a lot different than copying them. The FBI wasn.t taking any chances." (Ibid.; p. 31.)

14. Returning to a subject covered in -- among other programs -- FTR#477, the broadcast fleshes out Atta and company.s German connections. Throughout the milieu through which the 9/11 hijackers infiltrated, one finds Germans. Hilliard.s and Dekkers. partner (in Florida Air) Rick Boehlke worked for a wealthy German industrialist who was buying large amounts of property in the Pacific Northwest. (It is worth noting in this regard that White Supremacists have long focused on the Pacific Northwest as an area that could be turned into "an Aryan homeland." Is it possible that Boehlke.s German benefactor was involved with such a scheme? Note, also, that an acquaintance of Dekkers alleged that he told her he was German, not Dutch. "Who had Rudi Dekkers and co. been working for? We didn.t know anyone you could just walk up to and ask. We maybe got a clue from Mike Pickett, the aviation executive who had watched Rick Boehlke with the same amazement with which aviation professionals in Florida watched Dekkers. .When Boehlke came in he was just a restaurateur at the Gig Harbor airport,. he said. .Then he became the General Manager for a German named Folker, a German industrialist buying up all the land in that area.. [Italics are Mr. Emory.s.] More Germans. Jessica Daley, an attractive airline professional in her late twenties, worked for Rick Boehlke at Harbor Air and later transferred and worked for Rudi Dekkers at Florida Air. While Harbor Air was going under, Boehlke told Jessica to fly down to Florida and see Rudi. .When I walked into his (Rudi.s) office he was yelling and screaming at people,. she recalled. .He said, .People call me a bastard Nazi because I.m loud and I.m German. And I.m very demanding.. Dekkers told her he was German, not Dutch, Jessica said." (Ibid.; pp. 233-234.)

15. Arne Kruithof -- the other "Magic Dutch Boy" at whose schools many of the 9/11 hijackers trained -- also had a German connection. The program focuses on Kruithof.s German associate Pascal Schreier. Schreier and Kruithof had a business in Germany called "Aviation Aspirations." Author Hopsicker speculates about the possible role of Aviation Aspirations in getting trainees from Europe to the U.S. "Speculation about [Arne] Kruithof centered on his relationship with Rudi Dekkers, and also to another partner, Pascal Schreier. A German national living in Munich, Schreier and Kruithof had a co-venture, called Aviation Aspirations. According to its literature the company provided financial assistance and a .Mentor Programme.. About their .mentoring programme,. the company.s literature said: .The help is both financial and practical. We now provide one-to-one practical assistance from experienced Professional Pilots (our Mentors) whom we have established throughout the world.. .Mentor. sounded a lot like .handler. to us. Were we being too cynical? French Newspaper Le Monde had reported that Osama bin Laden.s brother Yeslam sent student pilots to Venice for training. Nothing more about this mechanism has surfaced. Was Aviation Aspirations the vehicle that had been used to insert Yeslam bin Laden.s pilots into the Venice flight schools?" (Ibid.; pp. 294-295.)

16. Schreier.s wife took over another of the highly unusual "flight schools" through which many of the hijackers passed. That school -- Professional Aviation -- was another of the schools at which Atta had enrolled. "Schreier.s job was recruiting flight students from his Munich base. Had he recruited in Hamburg? We didn.t know. We did know that the company.s motto was .Better training because we care.. Who was Pascal Schre

ier, and why did he care? .Pascal Schreier has an inferiority complex.. Venice Airport insider Max Burge told us. .He.s 6.2" blond, good-looking, German, and you could see it in him. Rudi And Arne, too.. We didn.t get to meet him, but we learned a few interesting tidbits to share. .Pascal Schreier is married to a lady who took over the 135 School at Port Charlotte,. said one aviation source." (Ibid.; p. 295.)

17. "Pascal.s wife, Sandra K. Hamouda, who was half-French and half-Tunisian, now owned the flight school in Punta Gorda once known as Professional Aviation, the one which went bankrupt in February 2001, while Mohamed Atta and all those Tunisians were there. Now it appeared that they.d kept the school in the family." (Idem.)

18. It appears that Schreier, Hilliard and Dekkers were also in business together. "Later, we learned that the new owners of Huffman Aviation were from the largest flight school in the Netherlands, which used to train up in Lakeland, Florida. It was near Rotterdam, the city from which Arne Kruithof hailed. Pascal Schreier was also apparently involved with Wally and Rudi.s failed aviation ventures. The true name of their flop airline, which flew as Florida Air, was Sunrise Airlines. And Pascal Schreier owned a company called Florida Sunrise with an address at the Venice Airport. It was too close for coincidence." (Idem.)



21. Supplementing discussion in FTR#483, the program sets forth the unusual circumstances surrounding the crash of Kruithof.s plane. Recall that Dekkers was also in a near-fatal air crash at around the same time. Dekkers. helicopter went down when he was en route to a confrontation with Wally Hilliard over their business partnerships. The wreckage of Kruithof.s plane was compacted before the FAA could examine it -- a highly irregular set of circumstances. " . . . There were suspicious irregularities in the official investigation into Kruithof.s plane crash that observers at the airport said had never before happened. Without any finding on the cause of the crash. . . before investigators were even able to get a look at the downed the plane, the wreckage was gone. Things like that weren.t supposed to happen. .Even though the FAA hadn.t yet determined the cause for the crash,. said one shocked observer, .the plane was almost immediately dragged off to be compacted.. He looked stunned. .That.s not just irregular. It.s highly irregular. all kind of wondering just what the hell.s going on.." (Ibid.; pp. 293-294.)

22. Kruithof.s business partner Glenn Goodman was another of the highly interesting people in the Venice/Naples area. " . . . Kruithof.s plane crash also threw a spotlight on the pilot of the downed plane, Glenn Goodman, the pilot at the controls of the downed Beech D-18. Goodman and Kruithof were partners in Arne.s flight school at the Venice Airport, just like Rudi and Wally were in theirs. . ." (Ibid.; p. 295.)

23. " . . . Kruithof and Goodman formed .Florida Flight Maintenance,. in July of 2000, just as

Mohamed Atta and Marwan began training at the Venice Airport. Goodman also owned a DC-3 that sat at the Venice Airport for two years before being donated to an air museum in July, 2000, called the .Florida Military Aviation Museum.. This was a major red flag. Donating planes and then getting them back from air museums is a ruse which has been used to provide planes over the years to a rich and colorful crop of elite deviants with intelligence connections." (Idem.)

24. Once again, we find evidentiary tributaries running in the direction of the Iran/Contra scandal. "A military flight museum was the same venue used by the CIA in the past to .liberate. military planes and helicopters in various sordid paramilitary schemes. It was being used right next door in Charlotte County, we remembered, to .re-assign. 23 helicopters to new billets. Also troubling was the fact that as Goodman.s company was closed involuntarily by the State of Florida on September 21, 2001. Was it.s closure 9/11-related? [Italics are Mr. Emory.s.]" (Idem.)

25. "Known as N90079, Inc., the company was named for the .N-Number. of the business.s sole asset, the aging DC-3. Because the company never filed an annual report, much about it remains a mystery. When we ran the plane.s registration, or .N. number, we discovered that the plane.s colorful history has included long stints in exotic locales. It spent quite a bit of time, for example, back in the 80.s, in Manuel Noriega.s Panama. The DC-3 could be traced back to an infamous South Florida Customs airplane .bone yard,. where .planes with checkered pasts. sit in a fenced storage yard, like the sister ship to the famous C-123 shot down over Nicaragua in 1986 with Eugene Hasenfus aboard. Probably just a coincidence." (Ibid.; p. 296.)

26. In FTR#.s 482, 483, we examined the highly irregular operations out of Charlotte County airport. This program highlights still more irregularities around the Charlotte airport. Again, note that the milieu in which Jamie Hill and company operated is also connected to the milieu of the Iran-Contra affair. " . . . Jamie Hill had been a target of the Charlotte County Sheriff.s investigation, we.d learned. .He.s got seven helicopters sitting on his property today that don.t belong to him,. one local law enforcement source stated. .He.s got millions of dollars of aircraft parts with the numbers filed out.. Jamie Hill.s partner in the company strongly suspected of having been a conduit for the disappearance of 23 helicopters from the County Sheriff.s Air Wing turns out to be another notorious covert operative with a significant presence at the Charlotte County Airport. Dietrich Reinhardt.s name, which could have been lifted straight out of transcripts of the Iran Contra Hearings, had also been linked with Barry Seal.s infamous Mena, Arkansas cocaine smuggling." (Ibid.; p. 126.)

27. "We discovered that one of Reinhardt.s companies active at the Charlotte County Airport, Caribe Air, had been doing business with Rudi Dekkers. Huffman Aviation. Caribe Air was an especially notorious CIA proprietary whose past included .blemishes. like having all its aircraft seized at Mena, Arkansas after government prosecutors accused the company of using its planes to transport cocaine worth billions of collars into the U.S." (Ibid.; pp. 126-127.)

28. "It was beginning to feel like Old Home Week in Charlotte County. Reinhardt -- apparently not content with the distinction of being business partners with a man suspected of making helicopters disappear -- was linked to the man who trained both pilots who crashed airliners into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Dekkers had had a .maintenance contract. with Reinhardt.s company. This is no doubt just another freak coincidence. Why would Dietrich Reinhardt know Rudi Dekkers? . . ." (Ibid.; p. 127.)

29. "Reinhardt had also operated the now-defunct St. Lucia Airways, referred to as a CIA proprietary company in a Senate intelligence committee report. Reports in The Washington Post linked St. Lucia planes to the delivery of Hawk and TOW missiles to Tehran, Iran in
1985 and 1986 as part of the covert arms-for-hostages deal between the United States and Iran. But busy guys like Dietrich are hard to get on the phone. The Post reported, .Attempts to reach Reinhardt by telephone in Frankfurt, Germany, were unsuccessful. His telephone had been disconnected.. Was Dietrich Reinhardt German?" (Idem.)

Tags: 9/11, Bush, Bush Family, Bush-Jeb, Bush-Neil, CIA, Cover-Up, FBI, GOP, Hopsicker, Huffman Aviation, Iran, Mohammed Atta, Nazi, Oil, Stephan Verhaaren

mar 20, 2009-Another owner of the flight school in Venice Florida that trained Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi to fly is in trouble with the law; current owner Arthur G. Nadel, 75, was arrested recently for running a Ponzi scheme which methodically looted investors in his Sarasota-based hedge funds of more than $300 million.

New York tabloids, already in overdrive on the story of Bernard Madoff, instantly dubbed Nadel Mini-M, for Mini-Madoff.

Nadel's arrest marks the second time in recent years that the owner of Huffman Aviation, the FBO (fixed base of operations) at the Venice Airport has been involved in crimes traditionally associated with the Mob.

Ponzi schemes, of course, are a trademark Mafia specialty. So, too, is the crime of heroin trafficking in which previous owner Wally Hilliard was implicated.

How did city officials in Venice allow the airport's mission-critical FBO to fall into the hands--not once but twice--of people otherwise engaged in organized crime?

Why is it that shadowy underworld figures seem to enjoy the permanent run of the airport in Venice, Florida?

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Osama Bin Laden is Emmanuel Goldstein

In George Orwell’s masterpiece, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Emmanuel Goldstein is the nemesis of Big Brother even though he is never seen or heard. Invented by the inner party, he provides the false opposition needed to justify their actions.

Bin Laden plays a similar role in the fiction of 9/11.

Who is Osama Bin Laden and is he even alive?

Osama Bin Ladin, also known as Tim Osman – was a long standing asset of the CIA and was recruited by them in the 1980’s to help drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan. A Saudi by birth, Bin Laden created a ragtag group of dissidents called Al Qaeda. Bin Laden was later charged in connection with the 1998 bombings of the United States Embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya.

After 9/11, the Bush administration blamed Bin Laden and Al Qaeda for the attack. That link provided the justification for bombing Afghanistan. However the FBI never listed 9/11 as Bin Laden’s work and when questioned about it, Rex Tomb, the FBI’s Chief of Investigative Publicity, is reported to have said, “The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Usama Bin Laden’s Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.” Sibel Edmonds, who worked as a translator for the FBI, has also stated in her deposition that the US government had a close working relationship with Bin Laden right up until 9/11.

On April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh detonated a truck full of ammonium nitrate, nitromethane, and diesel fuel in front of the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City. When it happened it was the worst terrorist act ever committed on American soil and one that cost the lives of 168 people and injured 680 more.

But like 9/11, there were multiple problems with the ‘official story’.

Retired Major General Albert “Bert” N. Stubblebine III is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy (West Point, class of 52) who enjoyed a distinguished 32 year career in the U.S. Army. He retired as the Commanding General of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) in 1984. Prior to this assignment he commanded the US Army Electronics Research and Development Command (ERADCOM).

He has come out publicly and stated that the official 9/11 story is a fraud and that something other than a passenger jet hit the Pentagon. Click on the link below to watch a video of his remarks.


Dr. David Ray Griffin is one of the leading figures in the 9/11 Truth Movement. Griffin, a retired professor of philosophy of religion and theology at the Claremont School of Theology, has written numerous books and articles on the subject of 9/11. He’s also lectured extensively both in the United States and elsewhere. Below is just one of the videos featuring his clear and logical dismantling of the ‘official explanation’ of what happened on 9/11 and on the body of evidence that proves that the official story is a lie.


If you still believe the cock and bull story about 9/11, you need to click on the link and watch this video.

911 Mysteries Part 1 – Demolitions (Full – 1ed_)

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

IRAQ refugees refused by IRAQ

Iraqi asylum seekers sent back to Baghdad by the UK government have been refused re-entry to their homeland, and flown back to Britain.

The flight, carrying about 40 asylum seekers, landed in Baghdad on Thursday. Ten were admitted but the rest were turned away and have now arrived back.

Human rights group Refugee and Migrant Justice said this was "unprecedented".

The Home Office said it was working with the Iraqi government to iron out issues that caused some to be returned.

The reason for their return, it said, was a matter for the Iraqi authorities.

It is understood that about 80 escorts were also aboard the government-chartered flight.

The asylum seekers are now at Brook House detention centre near Gatwick airport where they are being given legal advice, according to a Refugee and Migrant Justice spokeswoman.

She said: "One would have expected with such a high profile remove, the Home Office would have sorted this out with the Iraqi authorities.

"For such a high profile group to be returned is unprecedented."

She added that the reason for the Iraqi authorities turning away some of the group was unclear, but suggested it may have been that certain documents were not in order.

The government's plan to send the group back to Baghdad, where just this week at least eight were killed in attacks on a market in north-west Baghdad, met with criticism from human rights group.

There have been no returns to Iraq since 2008 and this would have been the first return to the capital city since the start of the Iraq war in 2003.

Political and sectarian violence has diminished in Iraq since 2005-07 levels, but lawlessness remains a problem, and there has been a recent spike in violent incidents.

Enforced route

Lin Homer, chief executive of the UK Border Agency, said: "We are establishing a new route to southern Iraq and have successfully returned 10 Iraqis to the Baghdad area. This is an important first step for us.

"We are working closely with the Iraq government to iron out the issues which lead to some of the returnees being sent back, and expect to carry out another flight in the future.

"Having an enforced route for returns is an important part of our overall approach; however the government prefers the majority of returnees to leave voluntarily."

She said more than 2,500 people have chosen to return to Iraq under the Assisted Voluntary Return Programme in the past three years and that was expected to continue.

The Home Office said it has no estimates of the current number of failed Iraqi asylum seekers in the UK, but about 1,000 had returned to northern Iraq last year, either through enforced deportation or voluntarily.


A white US justice of the peace has been criticised for refusing to issue marriage licences to mixed-race couples.

Keith Bardwell, of Tangipahoa Parish in Louisiana, denied racism but said mixed-race children were not readily accepted by their parents' communities.

A couple he refused to marry are considering filing a complaint about him to the US Justice Department.

Mr Bardwell said he had often conducted the weddings of his black friends.

'No integration'

Mr Bardwell, who has worked in the role for 34 years, said that in his experience most interracial marriages did not last very long and estimated that he had refused applications to four couples in the past two-and-a-half years.

He said he had "piles and piles of black friends" but just did not believe in "mixing the races".

"They come to my home, I marry them, they use my bathroom. I treat them just like everyone else," he said.

He said he had discussed the issue with both black and white people before making his decision.

"There is a problem with both groups accepting a child from such a marriage," he said "I think those children suffer and I won't help put them through it."

Mr Bardwell added that he checked the race of the couple in question, 30-year-old Beth Humphrey and 32-year-old Terence McKay, when they first phoned him requesting a marriage licence.

Ms Humphrey, who is white, said that when she phoned Mr Bardwell on 6 October to discuss getting a marriage licence signed his wife told her about his stance.

Mrs Bardwell recommended that the couple see another justice of the peace, who did agree to marry them.

Ms Humphrey said she had not expected such comments "in this day and age" and that she was looking forward to having children with her husband.

American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana attorney Katie Schwartzmann said that her organisation had requested an investigation into Mr Bardwell, describing the case as one of "bigotry".

She said the Supreme Court ruled in 1967 "that the government cannot tell people who they can and cannot marry" and that Mr Bardwell had knowingly broken the law.

However, Mr Bardwell denied mistreating anyone and said if he oversaw one mixed-race marriage, then he would have to continue to do it for everyone.

He said: "I try to treat everyone equally."


The UN Human Rights Council has backed a report into the Israeli offensive in Gaza that accuses both Israel and Palestinian militants of war crimes.

The report by Richard Goldstone calls for credible investigations by Israel and Hamas, and suggests international war crimes prosecutions if they do not.

Twenty-five countries voted for the resolution, while six were against.

Both Israel and the US opposed official endorsement of the report, saying it would set back Middle East peace hopes.

The Palestinian Authority initially backed deferring a vote, but changed its position after domestic criticism.

Palestinians and human rights groups say more than 1,400 Gazans were killed in the 22-day conflict that ended in January, but Israel puts the figure at 1,166.

Thirteen Israelis, including three civilians, were killed.

'Culture of impunity'

Before the vote in Geneva - in which 11 countries abstained and five others, including the UK and France, chose not to vote - the Palestinian Authority's representative argued that the matter was simply about respect for the rule of law.

The UN's High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, meanwhile insisted that now was the time to end the "culture of impunity" which continues to prevail in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

In contrast, the Israeli government had lobbied intensively against the resolution, saying the Goldstone report was biased against Israel and removed the right of nations to defend themselves against terrorists.

It also complained that the vote was not simply on the Goldstone report, but on a Palestinian-backed resolution that criticised Israel and ignored Hamas. The resolution also made references to recent Israeli actions East Jerusalem that were not in the document.

The US deputy representative in Geneva agreed, saying that the resolution's approach and "sweeping conclusions of law" made the prospect of a meaningful Middle East peace process more difficult.


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Friday, October 16, 2009

COLUMBUS Day celebration of mass murder

A celebration of mass murder

October 15, 2009

Happy Columbus Day
Columbus sailed the ocean blue in Fourteen Hundred and Ninety Two...
May the spirit of adventure and discovery always be with you.
Wishing you a great Columbus Day
-- Columbus Day greeting card

An 1893 rendition of Christopher Columbus arriving in the AmericasAn 1893 rendition of Christopher Columbus arriving in the Americas

TO MARK Columbus Day In 2004, the Medieval and Renaissance Center at UCLA published the final volume of a compendium of Columbus-era documents. Its general editor, Geoffrey Symcox, leaves little room for ambivalence when he says:

This is not your grandfather's Columbus...While giving the brilliant mariner his due, the collection portrays Columbus as an unrelenting social climber and self-promoter who stopped at nothing--not even exploitation, slavery, or twisting biblical scripture--to advance his ambitions...

Many of the unflattering documents have been known for the last century or more, but nobody paid much attention to them until recently. The fact that Columbus brought slavery, enormous exploitation or devastating diseases to the Americas used to be seen as a minor detail--if it was recognized at all--in light of his role as the great bringer of white man's civilization to the benighted idolatrous American continent. But to historians today this information is very important. It changes our whole view of the enterprise.

But does it?

"THEY...BROUGHT us parrots and balls of cotton and spears and many other things, which they exchanged for the glass beads and hawks' bells," Christopher Columbus wrote in his logbook in 1495. "They willingly traded everything they owned...They were well-built, with good bodies and handsome features...They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance. They have no iron. Their spears are made of cane...

"They would make fine servants...With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want. Let us in the name of the Holy Trinity go on sending all the slaves that can be sold."

Catholic priest Bartolome de las Casas, in the multi-volume "History of the Indies" published in 1875, wrote, "Slaves were the primary source of income for the Admiral [Columbus], with that income, he intended to repay the money the Kings were spending in support of Spaniards on the Island. They provide profit and income to the Kings. [The Spaniards were driven by] insatiable greed...killing, terrorizing, afflicting, and torturing the native peoples...with the strangest and most varied new methods of cruelty."

This systematic violence was aimed at preventing "Indians from daring to think of themselves as human beings. [The Spaniards] thought nothing of knifing Indians by tens and twenties and of cutting slices off them to test the sharpness of their blades...My eyes have seen these acts so foreign to human nature, and now I tremble as I write."

Father Fray Antonio de Montesino, a Dominican preacher, in December 1511 said this in a sermon that implicated Christopher Columbus and the colonists in the genocide of the native peoples:

Tell me by what right of justice do you hold these Indians in such a cruel and horrible servitude? On what authority have you waged such detestable wars against these people who dealt quietly and peacefully on their own lands? Wars in which you have destroyed such an infinite number of them by homicides and slaughters never heard of before.

In 1892, the National Council of Churches, the largest ecumenical body in the United States, is known to have exhorted Christians to refrain from celebrating the Columbus quincentennial, saying, "What represented newness of freedom, hope, and opportunity for some was the occasion for oppression, degradation and genocide for others."

Yet America continues to celebrate "Columbus Day."

That Americans do so in the face of all evidence that there is little in the Columbian legacy that merits applause makes it easier for them to avoid taking responsibility for their own actions, or the actions of their government. Perhaps there is good reason.

IN "COLUMBUS Day: A Clash of Myth and History," journalist and media critic Norman Solomon discusses how historians who deal with recorded evidence are frequently depicted as "politically correct" revisionists, while the general populace is manipulated into holding onto myths that brazenly applaud inconceivable acts of violence of men against fellow humans.

For those of us who are willing to ask how it becomes possible to manipulate the population of a country into accepting atrocity, the answer is not hard to find. It requires normalizing the inconceivable and drumming it in via the socio-cultural environment, until it is internalized and embedded in the individual and collective consciousness.

The combined or singular deployment of the media, the entertainment industry, mainstream education or any other agency, can achieve the desired result of convincing people that wars can be just, and strikes can be surgical, as long as it is the U.S. that is doing it.

Never has this process been as blatant and overt as in recent years when the time has come for America to legitimize the idea of global domination. A Department of Defense report titled Joint Vision 2020 calls for the U.S. military to be capable of "full spectrum dominance" of the entire planet. That means total domination and control of all land, sea, air, space and information.

That's a lot of control.

How might this become accepted as "Policy" and remain unquestioned by almost an entire population?

The one word key to that is: Myths. The explanation is that the myths the United States is built upon have paved the way for the perpetuation of all manner of violations.

Among the first of these is that of Christopher Columbus. In school, we were taught of his bravery, courage and perseverance. In a speech in 1989, George H.W. Bush proclaimed: "Christopher Columbus not only opened the door to a New World, but also set an example for us all by showing what monumental feats can be accomplished through perseverance and faith."

Never mind that the monumental feats mainly comprised part butchery, part exploitation and the largest part betrayal of host populations of the "New World."

ON THEIR second arrival in Hispaniola, Haiti, Columbus's crew took captive roughly 2,000 local villagers who had arrived to greet them. Miguel Cuneo, a literate crew member, wrote, "When our caravels...were to leave for Spain, we thousand six hundred male and female persons of those Indians, and these we embarked in our caravels on February 17, 1495...For those who remained, we let it be known [to the Spaniards who manned the island's fort] in the vicinity that anyone who wanted to take some of them could do so, to the amount desired, which was done."

In 1500, Columbus wrote to a friend, "A hundred castellanoes [a Spanish coin] are as easily obtained for a woman as for a farm, and it is very general, and there are plenty of dealers who go about looking for girls; those from nine to ten (years old) are now in demand."

Such original "monumental feats" as were accomplished by our nation's heroes and role models were somewhat primitive. Local inhabitants who resisted Columbus and his crew had their ears or nose cut off, were attacked by dogs, skewered with pikes and shot. Reprisals were so severe that many of the natives committed mass suicide, and women began practicing abortions in order not to leave children enslaved. The population of Haiti at the time of Columbus's arrival was between 1.5 million and 3 million. Sixty years later, every single native had been murdered.

Today, "perseverance and faith" allow us to accomplish much more, and with far greater impunity. The U.S. continues to liberate Iraq and Afghanistan with 2,000-pound bombs in civilian areas and purge Pakistan via drone attacks on weddings.

Neither case is of isolated whimsy. It was and remains policy.

In A People's History of the United States, celebrated historian Howard Zinn describes how Arawak men and women emerged from their villages to greet their guests with food, water and gifts when Columbus landed at the Bahamas. But Columbus wanted something else. "Gold is most excellent; gold constitutes treasure; and he who has it does all he wants in the world, and can even lift souls up to Paradise," he wrote to the king and queen of Spain in 1503.

Rather than gold, however, Columbus only found slaves when he arrived on his second visit with 17 ships and over 1,200 men. Ravaging various Caribbean islands, Columbus took natives as captives as he sailed. Of these, he picked 500 of the best specimens and shipped them back to Spain. Two hundred of these died en route, while the survivors were put up for sale by the archdeacon of the town where they landed.

Columbus needed more than mere slaves to sell, and Zinn's account informs us:

[D]esperate to pay back dividends to those who had invested, [he] had to make good his promise to fill the ships with gold. In the province of Cicao on Haiti, where he and his men imagined huge gold fields to exist, they ordered all persons fourteen years or older to collect a certain quantity of gold every three months. When they brought it, they were given copper tokens to hang around their necks. Indians found without a copper token had their hands cut off and bled to death.

The Indians had been given an impossible task. The only gold around was bits of dust garnered from the streams. So they fled, were hunted down with dogs, and were killed.

As a younger priest, the aforementioned De las Casas had participated in the conquest of Cuba and owned a plantation where natives worked as slaves before he found his conscience and gave it up. His first-person accounts reveal that the Spaniards:

thought nothing of knifing Indians by tens and twenties, and of cutting slices off them to test the sharpness of their blades. They forced their way into native settlements, slaughtering everyone they found there, including small children, old men, pregnant women, and even women who had just given birth.

They hacked them to pieces, slicing open their bellies with their swords as though they were sheep herded into a pen. They even laid wagers on whether they could manage to slice a man in two at a stroke, or cut an individual's head from his body, or disembowel him with a single blow of their axes. They grabbed suckling infants by the feet and, ripping them from their mothers' breasts, dashed them headlong against the rocks. Others, laughing and joking all the while, threw them over their shoulders into a river, shouting: "Wriggle, you litle perisher." They slaughtered anyone on their path.

In a letter to the Spanish court dated February 15, 1492, Columbus presented his version of full-spectrum dominance: "To conquer the world, spread the Christian faith and regain the Holy Land and the Temple Mount."

With this radical ideology, Las Casas records, "They spared no one, erecting especially wide gibbets on which they could string their victims up with their feet just off the ground, and then burned them alive, thirteen at a time, in honor of our Savior and the twelve Apostles."

About incorporating these accounts in his book, Zinn explained to Truthout:

My point is not to grieve for the victims and denounce the executioners. Those tears, that anger, cast into the past, deplete our moral energy for the present...but I do remember a statement I once read: The cry of the poor is not always just, but if you don't listen to it, you will never know what justice is.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

AUTHOR AND journalist Chris Hedges believes that glorification of (the atrocities of) Columbus is one of several myths that sustain the illusions that justify the imperial visions of the United States.

In conversation with Truthout, he said, "It's really easy to build a Holocaust museum that condemns Germans. It's another issue to build a museum that confronts our own genocide, the genocide that was perpetrated by our own ancestors towards Native Americans or towards African-Americans.

"I am all for documenting and remembering the [World War II] Holocaust, but the disparity between the reality of the [World War II] Holocaust or the reality of the genocide as illustrated in the [World War II] Holocaust museum and the utter historical amnesia in the Native American museum in Washington is really frightening and shows a complete inability in a public arena for us to examine who we are and what we've done."

Noam Chomsky holds a similar view. "We have [World War II] Holocaust museums all over the place about what the Germans did," Chomsky told Truthout. "Do we have one about what we did? I mean about slavery, about the Native American population?

"It's not that the people involved didn't know about it. John Quincy Adams, a great grand strategist, who had a major role in these atrocities, in his later years when he reflected on them, referred to that hapless race of North Americans, which we are exterminating with such insidious cruelty. They knew exactly what they were doing. But it doesn't matter. It's us."

Explaining how the mythology of a country becomes its historic reality, Chomsky stated, "If you are well-educated, you can internalize that and it. That's part of what a good education is about, enabling people to live with those contradictions. And you see it very consistently. In the case of, say, the Iraq war, try to find somebody who had a principled objection. Actually you can, occasionally, but it's suppressed."

Historical revisionism and amnesia are critical for nation-building, opines Paul Woodward, the writer and author of the blog War In Context. He elaborates:

Every nation is subject to its own particular form of historical amnesia. Likewise, imperial powers have their own grandiose revisionist tendencies. Yet there is another form of historical denial particular to recently invented nations whose myth-making efforts are inextricably bound together with the process of the nation's birth...

Whereas older nations are, by and large, populated by people whose ancestral roots penetrated that land well before it took on the clear definition of a nation state, the majority of the people in an invented nation--such as the United States or Israel'--have ancestry that inevitably leads elsewhere. This exposes the ephemeral link between the peoples' history and the nation's history.

Add to that the fact that such nations came into being through grotesque acts of dispossession, and it is clear that a psychological drive to hold aloft an atemporal exceptionalism becomes an existential necessity. National security requires that the past be erased.

Robert Jensen is an author and teaches media law, ethics and politics at the University of Texas. In an essay where he justifies his decision to not celebrate Thanksgiving as a holiday, he says:

Imagine that Germany won World War II and that a Nazi regime endured for some decades, eventually giving way to a more liberal state with a softer version of German-supremacist ideology. Imagine that a century later Germans celebrated a holiday offering a whitewashed version of German/Jewish history that ignored that holocaust and the deep anti-Semitism of the culture. Imagine that the holiday provided a welcomed time for families and friends to gather and enjoy food and conversation. Imagine that businesses, schools and government offices closed on this day.

What would we say about such a holiday? Would we not question the distortions woven into such a celebration? Would we not demand a more accurate historical account? Would we not, in fact, denounce such a holiday as grotesque?

Of course we would.

But our story is different, and once again this year, on October 12, we will once again "Hail Columbus."

Dahr Jamail, author of The Will to Resist: Soldiers Who Refuse to Fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Jason Coppola, director of the documentary Justify My War, document the real history of Christopher Columbus and the conquest of the "New World."

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