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UN to investigate 9/11 -

I remember when i was first shown 9/11 truth by a relative and i thought:

"no way, you loser- you've been tricked by some internet hoax."

9/11: More than meets the eye
The Journal, a student publication in Edinburgh

Discussion of the very real doubts over the World Trade Center attacks was conspicuously absent from the US presidential race. But America's international image will always be tainted as long as the uncertainty remains.

Richard Falk -- Sunday 09 November 2008

Every so often attention is called anew to the doubts surrounding the true character of the events surrounding the 9/11 attacks. Recently, the report of the collapse of Building 7 represented such an occasion. Any close student of 9/11 is aware of the many serious discrepancies between the official version of what took place and the actual happenings on that fateful day in 2001. David Ray Griffin and others have analyzed and assessed these discrepancies in such an objective and compelling fashion that only wilful ignorance can maintain that the 9/11 narrative should be treated as a closed book, and that the public should move on to address the problems of the day.

Richard Falk
Richard Falk

To accept such a view is to acquiesce in what can be described at best as governmental evasiveness and irresponsibility, a resolve to leave the discrepancies unexplained. It is not paranoid under such circumstances to assume that the established elites of the American governmental structure have something to hide, and much to explain. What has not been established by the “9/11 Truth Movement” is a convincing counter-narrative – that is, an alternate version of the events that clears up to what degree, if at all, the attacks resulted from incompetence, deliberate inaction, and outright complicity.

For democratic government to work, citizens must never refrain from seeking answers to the most difficult questions. Here, what is at stake is enormous. It is not only the memory of those killed and deprived by the attacks, but also the fashioning of a climate of opinion that gave rise to international wars, as well as led to widespread denial of rights under the pretext of “homeland security” and counter-terrorism. There is also a profound challenge to the legitimacy of a governing process that stands accused of letting such crimes take place, if not aiding and abetting their commission and subsequent cover-up.

It might be asked whether it is not just an expression of morbid curiosity for non-Americans to harp on this issue of finding out the truth about what happened on 9/11. My response is that what takes place in the United States often has global reverberations, and never more so than in this instance. The US is the first truly global state in history, with its military presence established worldwide by more than 700 overseas bases, by navies in every ocean, and by the military domination of space.

The brighter side of US influence was revealed recently by the sense of peoples around the world that the election of Barack Obama as the new American president was a global event, and not just a national election. But what should be obvious is that the 9/11 experience has been relied upon to wage bloody wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to underwrite a disastrously conceived “war on terror” that should be concern of everyone on the planet.

From this perspective, and given the dark cloud of doubt that lingers over the official 9/11 narrative, why was the issue not even discussed during the many months of presidential campaigning? As far as I know it was never mentioned. And the explanation is not the urgency associated with the widening economic crisis or the tactical interest of the Democrats to avoid offending Republicans in their search for support across party lines. The truth is deeper, and far more disturbing.

As far as I can tell, the real explanation is a widely shared fear of what sinister forces might lay beneath the unturned stones of a full and honest investigation of 9/11. Ever since the assassinations in the 1960s of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X there has been waged a powerful campaign against “conspiracy theory” that has made anyone who dares question the official story to be branded as a kook or some kind of unhinged troublemaker. In this climate of opinion, any political candidate for high office who dared raise doubts about the official version of 9/11 would immediately be branded as unfit, and would lose all political credibility. It is impossible to compete in any public arena in the United States if a person comes across as a “9/11 doubter.”

A few talk show hosts, investigative citizens, and publishers have kept a low flame of controversy burning sufficiently to sustain a large and growing grassroots constituency that shares the view that the truth about the 9/11 events is not yet known, or more radically, that the truth is known but being actively suppressed. These doubters are determined to continue their difficult quest for truth, and this could possibly result in disclosures at some point that are sufficiently dramatic to force the issue onto the public stage – where it belongs.

The persisting inability to resolve this fundamental controversy about 9/11 subtly taints the legitimacy of the American government. It can only be removed by a willingness, however belated, to reconstruct the truth of that day, and to reveal the story behind its prolonged suppression. What exactly that truth would be is certainly unknowable at present, and even an honest, collaborative effort might never altogether remove doubts. But that honest effort is just what should be demanded and expected by persons of good will everywhere.

Richard A. Falk is Professor of International Law and Practice at Princeton University


It might have escaped many that the US Government has a duty under international human rights law to adequately investigate massive violations to the right to life, or in other worlds, mass killings, such as 9/11. This duty is one of the derivatives of the Right to Life. States are obligated to protect this right against encroachment, including to search and prosecute offenders. The US Government miserably failed this duty. For this reason, it is now up to the UN Human Rights body to take up the issue and demand an international investigation of the events of 9/11, something similar to the investigation of the killing of the Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri. If such an investigation (of the murder of one politician) is warranted, it is obvious that an investigation of 9/11 is both urgent, necessary and of crucial importance for the international community.

Elias Davidsson,
Alfter, Germany

It is clear to me that elements of the United States government planned and orchestrated 9/11. With all of the obvious inconsistencies and impossible explanations set forth by the 9/11 commission, why is it that no mainstream media in the United States even asks questions about these inconsistencies and outrages lies. Why is it that no presidential candidate mentions the implausibility of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory.

Joseph Lopisi is an attorney He is the cofounder of the Massachusetts 9/11 Truth Group and is a member of the Coalition against Election Fraud.

Professor Falk's concern about the official account of 9/11 is shared by many U.S. intelligence service and military veterans.

- Raymond McGovern, PhD, former Chairman of the CIA's National Intelligence Estimates (NIE) and 27-year CIA veteran. "I think at simplest terms, there's a cover-up. The 9/11 Report is a joke." (According to the CIA, NIE's are "the most authoritative written judgments concerning national security issues.")

- William Christison, former Director of the CIA's Office of Regional and Political Analysis, overseeing 250 CIA analysts. 29-year CIA veteran. "I now think there is persuasive evidence that the events of September did not unfold as the Bush administration and the 9/11 Commission would have us believe. ... An airliner almost certainly did not hit The Pentagon. ... The North and South Towers of the World Trade Center almost certainly did not collapse and fall to earth because hijacked aircraft hit them."

- Melvin Goodman, PhD, former Division Chief of the CIA's Office of Soviet Affairs and Senior Analyst from 1966 - 1990. "The final [9/11 Commission] report is ultimately a coverup. I don't know how else to describe it."

- General Albert Stubblebine, former commanding general of U.S. Army Intelligence. 32-year U.S. Army veteran. "I look at the hole in the Pentagon and I look at the size of an airplane that was supposed to have hit the Pentagon. And I said, ‘The plane does not fit in that hole’. So what did hit the Pentagon? What hit it? Where is it? What's going on?"

For decades, these individuals were relied upon to collect information essential to national security of the U.S. and provide critical analysis during which time the U.S. faced far more real and much more serious threats than anything today. We cannot now ignore their stunning condemnation of the official account of 9/11.

Information about 1,000 other credible critics of the official account of 9/11 is available at

Alan Miller -Mon 10 Nov 2008

"No plane" theories

The "no plane theory," promoted by internet-only videos like 911 Taboo,[147] asserts that this shot of the second impact, taken from a news helicopter, depicts a video composite of a Boeing 767 accidentally appearing from behind a layer mask.

Some individuals, primarily on the internet, have made the claim that no hijacked airliners hit the World Trade Center towers ('No Boeing Theories' or 'No Plane Theories'). Supporters of this claim have been described as "no-planers," or "Pod people," by members of the 9/11 truth movement who generally maintain that the claim is a case of poisoning the well — an effort which is intended to broadly discredit the more credible theories.[148][149] According to "no-planers," live television, video and photographs that purport to show Boeing airliners on September 11th all had fake airplane images composited into them. Many prominent members of the 9/11 Truth Movement have rejected the claims.

Those describing the no plane claims as poisoning the well often refer to proponents like Morgan Reynolds, former Labor Department chief economist under George W. Bush, who calls himself the "black sheep" of the 9/11 Truth Movement. Reynolds claims it is physically impossible that the Boeing planes of Flights 11 and 175, being largely aluminium, could have penetrated the steel frames of the Towers, and has also proposed that digital compositing was used to depict the plane crashes in both news reports and subsequent amateur video. Numerous papers by 9/11 Truth Movement researchers have rejected the claims.

Hologram Theories

Some people like u2r2h conclude that dynamic holography was employed. U2r2h points to the footage from varying angles showing an airplane nose exiting the other side of the WTC and surmises that a missile carrying a holographic screen, illuminated by a powerful laser, punched through the building and the laser was turned off too late. All "noplane" proponents assume that the airplane debris was planted since no investigation by the NTSB was permitted.

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Obama climate killer - why not support just electric cars? cartoon Steven Bell "Blessed art the carmakers for they shall be makers of cars"
drive-in prayer for inefficient pollution monsters, dirty climate killers.

  • "SecDef race focuses on Danzig," Military Times claims. Maybe. But this story doesn't jive with what we're hearing at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. However, Gates redux isn't a done deal. A potential sticking point: What happens to some of Gates' key personal and political staff? Ironically, some of those employees were originally hired during the Rumsfeld era. So a situation might emerge where Pentagon are in the catbird seat for the ramping up and the winding down of the Iraq war.

  • "Good news for people who don’t like their airliners hijacked or their chemical plants blown up," writes Spencer Ackerman. "Rand Beers, longtime counterterrorism aide to presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, is heading Barack Obama’s transition team for the beleaguered Dept. of Homeland Security." Newsweek mentions NYPD chief Ray Kelly as a possible head of Homeland Security. The mag's Powering Up blog also notes that former Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Bob Graham and former 9/11 Commission member Tim Roemer have expressed interest" in the Director of National Intelligence job.

  • "As a transition team for the Obama administration begins work on a Justice Department overhaul, the key question is where to begin," the Washington Post sighs.

  • UPDATE: "Barring unforeseen Washington politicking at the last minute," ex-National Counterterrorism Center chief John Brennan "is being announced later today as President-elect Obama’s choice to replace Mike Hayden as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency." That's according to former intel bigwig Lewis Shepherd, who says he learned about the pick in "an email from a reporter." So take with the appropriate helping of salt. You know how unreliable those reporters are.

  • UPDATE 2: Obama resigns from the Senate, effective Sunday.
    • Obama may have won the election. But is Hillary winning the transition? Multiple sources say that sharp-elbowed Hillary Clintonites are shoving Obamanauts out of key positions in the transition effort. Some Obama-philes are waiting out the changeover period, instead.

    • The anti-war crowd wants Robert Gates out of the Pentagon. But we're hearing that his prospects are rising by the day.

    • The Obama camp is denying reports that former Secretary of State Warren Christopher and ex-Senator Sam Nunn are now on the transition team.

    • Hayden and McConnell expect to get sacked. Good!

    • Some unlikely sources tell team Obama who to pick for their national security and foreign policy braintrusts.

    UPDATE: The Obama transition team has unveiled the co-chairs for "Agency Review Teams," which are supposed to smooth the changeover in the various federal departments. At State, those chiefs will be Tom Donilon -- the Department's Chief of Staff during the Clinton administration -- and Madeline Albright disciple Wendy Sherman. At the Pentagon, they'll be Center for a New American Security co-founder Michèle A. Flournoy, who served in the Clinton years as the principal deputy assistant secretary of defense for strategy, and former Deputy Secretary of Defense John P. White. Like we said before, a lot of Clintonistas.

    Obama confidant Sarah Sewall will help manage the various teams, as a member of the Agency Review Working Group, responsible for the national security agencies. Sewall served as the first U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Assistance, and helped write the military's counterinsurgecy field manual.


Iraq's insurgents are down but not out. As security improves in many parts of the country, embattled extremists have fled to Mosul, Iraq's third-largest city, straddled by mountains near the Syrian border. Two G.I.s were killed there just today, and six more were wounded. What was once a vibrant and ethnically diverse city is now "like Baghdad about 18 months ago," according to one U.S. soldier.
pilgrim freedom wildernes america flaw god bless soul liberty law hypocrit PR since 1776
Choosing your dawg... Obama eyes foreign leaders who are eager to crawl up USA's behind.


Flying is max 2% of greenhouse gas emissions. Cars are 40%, Shipping is 6%. Airplanes CAN BE flown on hydrogen fuel. While hydrogen is unsafe for cars (electric passenger cars, natural gas trucks, T Boone Pickens Bone) the NATURE of airplane is safety, so NO PROBLEM!!
Obama vs McCain - (What's up Doc? Bugs Bunny)

Carbon dioxide emissions from shipping are double those of aviation and increasing at an alarming rate which will have a serious impact on global warming, according to research by the industry and European academics.

Separate studies suggest that maritime carbon dioxide emissions are not only higher than previously thought, but could rise by as much as 75% in the next 15 to 20 years if world trade continues to grow and no action is taken. The figures from the oil giant BP, which owns 50 tankers, and researchers at the Institute for Physics and Atmosphere in Wessling, Germany reveal that annual emissions from shipping range between 600 and 800m tonnes of carbon dioxide, or up to 5% of the global total. This is nearly double Britain’s total emissions and more than all African countries combined.

Carbon dioxide emissions from ships do not come under the Kyoto agreement or any proposed European legislation and few studies have been made of them, even though they are set to increase.


General Motors, teetering on the brink of insolvency, has taken the extraordinary step of calling on employees and dealers to personally urge lawmakers to approve another loan package that might keep the beleaguered automaker from going under.

In an e-mail obtained by, Troy Clarke, president of GM North America, urged 29,000 employees to contact their representatives and senators and tell them to support the automaker and the domestic auto industry, saying 3 million jobs are at stake. "Your elected officials must hear from all of us now on why this support is critical to our continuing the progress we began prior to the global financial crisis," he wrote.

Mark LaNeve, the automakers head of U.S. sales, made a similar plea in a letter sent to dealers nationwide, according to Reuters, which obtained a copy of the letter. Reuters also reported that GM repeated the plea during a company-wide broadcast Wednesday.

Although all of the Big Three have been hit hard by the economic meltdown -- auto sales hit their lowest point in 25 years last month -- GM has been beaten bloody. The General's sales tumbled 45 percent in October, it lost $2.5 billion in the third quarter, its stock hit a 65-year low today and the company is burning through cash so fast it could run out of money early next year. Things are so bad in Detroit that the Center for Automotive Research says (.pdf) one or two of the Big Three could go down for good, taking millions of jobs and tens of billions of dollars out of the economy, and some analysts say a federal bailout is the only thing that will save GM.

Congress has already approved $25 billion in loans for the auto industry. GM says it isn't enough and told employees to beg for more.

Global mean surface temperature anomaly relative to 1961–1990
Global mean surface temperature anomaly relative to 1961–1990
Mean surface temperature anomalies during the period 1995 to 2004 with respect to the average temperatures from 1940 to 1980
Mean surface temperature anomalies during the period 1995 to 2004 with respect to the average temperatures from 1940 to 1980

Piaggio Unveils a 141-MPG Plug-In Hybrid Scooter

By Chuck SquatrigliaNovember 10, 2008 | 6:56:42 PM


Italian scooter-maker Piaggio has unveiled a plug-in hybrid three-wheeler it says will get up to 141 mpg and could be on the road as early as next year.

The gas-electric version of Piaggio's funky but fun MP3 scooter uses a parallel hybrid system much like that in the Toyota Prius but advances the technology by adding an electrical cord. Although Toyota, General Motors and several other automakers are developing cars that can be charged from a wall socket, Piaggio's timeline, if met, would make it the first in the world to mass-produce a plug-in hybrid.

The MP3 Hybrid that Piaggio rolled out at the big international motorcycle expo in Milan, Italy, combines a 125-cc gasoline engine with an electric motor in an easy-to-ride three-wheeler that reportedly could do zero to 60 in around 5 seconds.

Sparse records indicate that glaciers have been retreating since the early 1800s. In the 1950s measurements began that allow the monitoring of glacial mass balance, reported to the WGMS and the NSIDC.

ince about 1750 human activity has increased the concentration of carbon dioxide and of some other greenhouse gases.[18] Natural sources of carbon dioxide are more than 20 times greater than sources due to human activity,[19] but over periods longer than a few years natural sources are closely balanced by natural sinks such as weathering of continental rocks and photosynthesis of carbon compounds by plants and marine plankton. As a result of this balance, the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide remained between 260 and 280 parts per million for the 10,000 years between the end of the last glacial maximum and the start of the industrial era.[20]

Some of the main sources of greenhouse gases due to human activity include:

  • burning of fossil fuels and deforestation leading to higher carbon dioxide concentrations. Land use change (mainly deforestation in the tropics) account for up to one third of total anthropogenic CO2 emissions.[20]
  • livestock enteric fermentation and manure management,[21] paddy rice farming, land use and wetland changes, pipeline losses, and covered vented landfill emissions leading to higher methane atmospheric concentrations. Many of the newer style fully vented septic systems that enhance and target the fermentation process also are sources of atmospheric methane.
  • use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in refrigeration systems, and use of CFCs and halons in fire suppression systems and manufacturing processes.
  • agricultural activities, including the use of fertilizers, that lead to higher nitrous oxide concentrations.

The seven sources of CO2 from fossil fuel combustion are (with percentage contributions for 2000–2004):[22]

  1. Solid fuels (e.g. coal): 35%
  2. Liquid fuels (e.g. gasoline): 36%
  3. Gaseous fuels (e.g. natural gas): 20%
  4. Flaring gas industrially and at wells: <1%
  5. Cement production: 3%
  6. Non-fuel hydrocarbons: <1%
  7. The "international bunkers" of shipping and air transport not included in national inventories: 4%

The U.S. EPA ranks the major greenhouse gas contributing end-user sectors in the following order: industrial, transportation, residential, commercial and agricultural[23]. Major sources of an individual's GHG include home heating and cooling, electricity consumption, and transportation. Corresponding conservation measures are improving home building insulation, compact fluorescent lamps and choosing energy-efficient vehicles.

Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and three groups of fluorinated gases (sulfur hexafluoride, HFCs, and PFCs) are the major greenhouse gases and the subject of the Kyoto Protocol, which came into force in 2005.[24]

Although CFCs are greenhouse gases, they are regulated by the Montreal Protocol, which was motivated by CFCs' contribution to ozone depletion rather than by their contribution to global warming. Note that ozone depletion has only a minor role in greenhouse warming though the two processes often are confused in the media.

Global anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions broken down into 8 different sectors for the year 2000.

List of countries by emissions

Rank ↓ Country ↓ Annual CO2 emissions
(in thousands of metric tons) ↓
Percentage of total emissions[8] ↓
- World 27,245,758 100.0 %
1 United States [9] 6,049,435 22.2 %
2 China and Taiwan 5,010,170 18.4 %
- European Union 4,001,222 14.7 %
3 Russia 1,524,993 5.6 %
4 India 1,342,962 4.9 %
5 Japan 1,257,963 4.6 %
6 Germany 860,522 3.1 %
7 Canada 639,403 2.3 %
8 United Kingdom 587,261 2.2 %
9 South Korea 465,643 1.7 %
10 Italy [10] 449,948 1.7 %
11 Mexico 438,022 1.6 %
12 South Africa 437,032 1.6 %

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NY Times: 12th Nov 2008 - US Iraq Massacre is OVER!

New Yorker mit falscher "Times"-Ausgabe: Perfekte Fälschung
Fake New York Times - brilliant stunt, now a collector's item. Fiction that inspires.

Download the SPECIAL EDITION here: 10mB
download videos:


Liberal Pranksters Hand Out Times Spoof

A fake copy of The Times was being handed out to commuters at subway stations in the city this morning.

Updated, 11:20 a.m. | Sorry, folks, the paper isn’t free. And the Iraq war isn’t over, at least not yet.

In an elaborate hoax, pranksters distributed thousands of free copies of a spoof edition of The New York Times on Wednesday morning at busy subway stations around the city, including Grand Central Terminal, Washington and Union Squares, the 14th and 23rd Street stations along Eighth Avenue, and Pacific Street in Brooklyn, among others.

The spurious 14-page papers — with a headline “IRAQ WAR ENDS” — surprised commuters, many of whom took the free copies thinking they were legitimate.

The paper is dated July 4, 2009, and imagines a liberal utopia of national health care, a rebuilt economy, progressive taxation, a national oil fund to study climate change, and other goals of progressive politics.

The hoax was accompanied by a Web site that mimics the look of The Times’s real Web site. A page of the spoof site contained links to dozens of progressive organizations, which were also listed in the print edition.

(A headline in the fake business section declares: “Public Relations Industry Forecasts a Series of Massive Layoffs.” Uh, sure.)

Gawker is reporting that the prank looks like the work of the liberal pranksters known as the Yes Men, who were the subject of a 2004 documentary film.

The Yes Men homepage

Later on Wednesday morning, the Yes Men issued a statement claiming credit for the prank. The statement said, in part:

In an elaborate operation six months in the planning, 1.2 million papers were printed at six different presses and driven to prearranged pickup locations, where thousands of volunteers stood ready to pass them out on the street.

Catherine J. Mathis, a Times spokeswoman, said: “This is obviously a fake issue of The Times. We are in the process of finding out more about it.”

Fake New York Times Declares Iraq War Over! Here's Who Did It

The Iraq War is over, according to the fake New York Times! This morning a cadre of volunteers has fanned out across New York City to pass out a remarkably good, faux-copy of the Times dated July 4, 2009. They've even set up an entire website with all of the liberal fantasy headlines. Universities to be free! Bike paths to be expanded! Thomas Friedman to resign, praise the Unitarian Jesus! It's not funny like The Onion, but obviously a lot of work went into this. Now we play "Who did it?" We already know!:

We have done some sleuthing based on intelligence received yesterday. First of all, this stunt needed a lot of volunteers to distribute the papers. They were rallied online, via

This email went out to the collaborators last night:

TONIGHT - and especially, TOMORROW MORNING (WEDNESDAY) - a year of work
involving dozens of collaborators comes to a head. Here's the schedule:


Take a break in your commute to pick up materials, then distribute them
on the rest of your commute. (Or if you want to come back and refill,

Look for the white UHaul vans near:

- UNION SQUARE: probably near the northwest corner of Union Square Park
- COLUMBUS CIRCLE: probably on 56th St. between 8th and 9th Ave.
- GRAND CENTRAL: probably on 43rd St. between Vanderbilt and Madison,
near west entrance of Grand Central Station.
- PENN STATION: probably on 33rd St. between 6th and 7th Ave., just NE of
Penn Station

Locations will be confirmed and updated by text alert (sign up at and email around 7am tomorrow.

** Also, TONIGHT, 5pm-8pm (if time is tight tomorrow or you just can't wait): **

Look for a white UHaul van near the NORTHWEST CORNER OF UNION SQUARE
PARK. You'll pick up the materials and KEEP THEM SECRET until TOMORROW
MORNING, when you can distribute them wherever you happen to be, or on
your commute.

WATCH TEXT ALERTS FOR ANY LOCATION CHANGES (sign up at We'll also send another email around 5pm.


- A bag that can hold a big bundle of printed matter - as much as you
can carry. Think big canvas bags, big backpacks, rolling carts, etc.
- Warm clothes
- Friends (or we will team you up)

What will happen:
Something cool! You'll receive materials and instructions when you
arrive. NOTE: YOU DON'T KNOW WHO DID THIS. We want to maintain maximum
mystery around this, for as long as possible - at least for a couple of

Tomorrow morning we'll also have an online viral campaign - a quick
click before you take off for work can make a big difference!

Thank you again for volunteering your time and energy!

See you soon,
The many secret people YOU DO NOT KNOW

BUT: The email address that sent out this message was linked to the site of The Yes Men, longtime liberal prank group that has been doing things just as complex and finely tuned as this for years. The Yes Men run the Because We Want It site, through which they set up this prank. They wanted to be anonymous for a while allegedly, but too late.

Well done, sirs. We hope the Times doesn't sue you for copyright violations.


When I received one this morning I was surprised at first, and then I looked at the date: July 4, 2009 and knew it was a hoax.
Ah well. It will be nice when it comes true and a very clever idea. Alot of times when you put an idea out in the open it has a chance to come true.


I LOVED this paper - EVERY headline is what I hope to be reading soon!!!


Other articles include:
“Maximum Wage Law Succeeds”
“Health Insurance Act Clears House”
“Nationalized Oil to Fund Climate Control Efforts”
“Court Indicts Bush on High Treason Charge”
United Nations Unanimously Passes Weapons Ban”
“All Public Universities to be Free”
and my favorite, “Bicycle Lanes Inaugurated”

The fake ads are really good too, including ones from Exxon, McDonald’s, and even a Dr. Z ad that you see on subways. Note…the only thing about Obama is an ad, no articles as this took a real long time to make.


What a brilliant prank! It looks to me like those of those headlines are what the majority of Americans want. I’m all for it. Congrats whoever did it!


I received my copy in Union Square- there is an ad from DeBeers promising the creation and fitting of a prosthetic limb to an African child for every diamond sold between now and 2026. If only it were true!

What a clever prank, bravo!


November 12, 2008


* PDF:
* For video updates:
* Contact:

Early this morning, commuters nationwide were delighted to find out
that while they were sleeping, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had
come to an end.

If, that is, they happened to read a "special edition" of today's
New York Times.

In an elaborate operation six months in the planning, 1.2 million
papers were printed at six different presses and driven to prearranged
pickup locations, where thousands of volunteers stood ready to pass
them out on the street.

Articles in the paper announce dozens of new initiatives including the
establishment of national health care, the abolition of corporate
lobbying, a maximum wage for C.E.O.s, and, of course, the end of the

The paper, an exact replica of The New York Times, includes
International, National, New York, and Business sections, as well as
editorials, corrections, and a number of advertisements, including a
recall notice for all cars that run on gasoline. There is also a
timeline describing the gains brought about by eight months of
progressive support and pressure, culminating in President Obama's "Yes
we REALLY can" speech. (The paper is post-dated July 4, 2009.)

"It's all about how at this point, we need to push harder than ever,"
said Bertha Suttner, one of the newspaper's writers. "We've got to
make sure Obama and all the other Democrats do what we elected them to do. After eight, or maybe twenty-eight years of hell, we need to start
imagining heaven."

Not all readers reacted favorably. "The thing I disagree with is how
they did it," said Stuart Carlyle, who received a paper in Grand
Central Station while commuting to his Wall Street brokerage. "I'm all
for freedom of speech, but they should have started their own paper."

# 30 #

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Hello, Chicago.

If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer.

It's the answer told by lines that stretched around schools and churches in numbers this nation has never seen, by people who waited three hours and four hours, many for the first time in their lives, because they believed that this time must be different, that their voices could be that difference.

It's the answer spoken by young and old, rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, gay, straight, disabled and not disabled. Americans who sent a message to the world that we have never been just a collection of individuals or a collection of red states and blue states.

We are, and always will be, the United States of America.

It's the answer that led those who've been told for so long by so many to be cynical and fearful and doubtful about what we can achieve to put their hands on the arc of history and bend it once more toward the hope of a better day.

It's been a long time coming, but tonight, because of what we did on this date in this election at this defining moment change has come to America.

A little bit earlier this evening, I received an extraordinarily gracious call from Sen. McCain.

Sen. McCain fought long and hard in this campaign. And he's fought even longer and harder for the country that he loves. He has endured sacrifices for America that most of us cannot begin to imagine. We are better off for the service rendered by this brave and selfless leader.

I congratulate him; I congratulate Gov. Palin for all that they've achieved. And I look forward to working with them to renew this nation's promise in the months ahead.

I want to thank my partner in this journey, a man who campaigned from his heart, and spoke for the men and women he grew up with on the streets of Scranton and rode with on the train home to Delaware, the vice president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden.

And I would not be standing here tonight without the unyielding support of my best friend for the last 16 years the rock of our family, the love of my life, the nation's next first lady Michelle Obama.

Sasha and Malia I love you both more than you can imagine. And you have earned the new puppy that's coming with us to the new White House.

And while she's no longer with us, I know my grandmother's watching, along with the family that made me who I am. I miss them tonight. I know that my debt to them is beyond measure.

To my sister Maya, my sister Alma, all my other brothers and sisters, thank you so much for all the support that you've given me. I am grateful to them.

And to my campaign manager, David Plouffe, the unsung hero of this campaign, who built the best -- the best political campaign, I think, in the history of the United States of America.

To my chief strategist David Axelrod who's been a partner with me every step of the way.

To the best campaign team ever assembled in the history of politics you made this happen, and I am forever grateful for what you've sacrificed to get it done.

But above all, I will never forget who this victory truly belongs to. It belongs to you. It belongs to you.

I was never the likeliest candidate for this office. We didn't start with much money or many endorsements. Our campaign was not hatched in the halls of Washington. It began in the backyards of Des Moines and the living rooms of Concord and the front porches of Charleston. It was built by working men and women who dug into what little savings they had to give $5 and $10 and $20 to the cause.

It grew strength from the young people who rejected the myth of their generation's apathy who left their homes and their families for jobs that offered little pay and less sleep.

It drew strength from the not-so-young people who braved the bitter cold and scorching heat to knock on doors of perfect strangers, and from the millions of Americans who volunteered and organized and proved that more than two centuries later a government of the people, by the people, and for the people has not perished from the Earth.

This is your victory.

And I know you didn't do this just to win an election. And I know you didn't do it for me.

You did it because you understand the enormity of the task that lies ahead. For even as we celebrate tonight, we know the challenges that tomorrow will bring are the greatest of our lifetime -- two wars, a planet in peril, the worst financial crisis in a century.

Even as we stand here tonight, we know there are brave Americans waking up in the deserts of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan to risk their lives for us.

There are mothers and fathers who will lie awake after the children fall asleep and wonder how they'll make the mortgage or pay their doctors' bills or save enough for their child's college education.

There's new energy to harness, new jobs to be created, new schools to build, and threats to meet, alliances to repair.

The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even in one term. But, America, I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there.

I promise you, we as a people will get there.

There will be setbacks and false starts. There are many who won't agree with every decision or policy I make as president. And we know the government can't solve every problem.

But I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face. I will listen to you, especially when we disagree. And, above all, I will ask you to join in the work of remaking this nation, the only way it's been done in America for 221 years -- block by block, brick by brick, calloused hand by calloused hand.

What began 21 months ago in the depths of winter cannot end on this autumn night.

This victory alone is not the change we seek. It is only the chance for us to make that change. And that cannot happen if we go back to the way things were.

It can't happen without you, without a new spirit of service, a new spirit of sacrifice.

So let us summon a new spirit of patriotism, of responsibility, where each of us resolves to pitch in and work harder and look after not only ourselves but each other.

Let us remember that, if this financial crisis taught us anything, it's that we cannot have a thriving Wall Street while Main Street suffers.

In this country, we rise or fall as one nation, as one people. Let's resist the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship and pettiness and immaturity that has poisoned our politics for so long.

Let's remember that it was a man from this state who first carried the banner of the Republican Party to the White House, a party founded on the values of self-reliance and individual liberty and national unity.

Those are values that we all share. And while the Democratic Party has won a great victory tonight, we do so with a measure of humility and determination to heal the divides that have held back our progress.

As Lincoln said to a nation far more divided than ours, we are not enemies but friends. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection.

And to those Americans whose support I have yet to earn, I may not have won your vote tonight, but I hear your voices. I need your help. And I will be your president, too.

And to all those watching tonight from beyond our shores, from parliaments and palaces, to those who are huddled around radios in the forgotten corners of the world, our stories are singular, but our destiny is shared, and a new dawn of American leadership is at hand.

To those -- to those who would tear the world down: We will defeat you. To those who seek peace and security: We support you. And to all those who have wondered if America's beacon still burns as bright: Tonight we proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity and unyielding hope.

That's the true genius of America: that America can change. Our union can be perfected. What we've already achieved gives us hope for what we can and must achieve tomorrow.

This election had many firsts and many stories that will be told for generations. But one that's on my mind tonight's about a woman who cast her ballot in Atlanta. She's a lot like the millions of others who stood in line to make their voice heard in this election except for one thing: Ann Nixon Cooper is 106 years old.

She was born just a generation past slavery; a time when there were no cars on the road or planes in the sky; when someone like her couldn't vote for two reasons -- because she was a woman and because of the color of her skin.

And tonight, I think about all that she's seen throughout her century in America -- the heartache and the hope; the struggle and the progress; the times we were told that we can't, and the people who pressed on with that American creed: Yes we can.

At a time when women's voices were silenced and their hopes dismissed, she lived to see them stand up and speak out and reach for the ballot. Yes we can.

When there was despair in the dust bowl and depression across the land, she saw a nation conquer fear itself with a New Deal, new jobs, a new sense of common purpose. Yes we can.

When the bombs fell on our harbor and tyranny threatened the world, she was there to witness a generation rise to greatness and a democracy was saved. Yes we can.

She was there for the buses in Montgomery, the hoses in Birmingham, a bridge in Selma, and a preacher from Atlanta who told a people that "We Shall Overcome." Yes we can.

A man touched down on the moon, a wall came down in Berlin, a world was connected by our own science and imagination.

And this year, in this election, she touched her finger to a screen, and cast her vote, because after 106 years in America, through the best of times and the darkest of hours, she knows how America can change.

Yes we can.

America, we have come so far. We have seen so much. But there is so much more to do. So tonight, let us ask ourselves -- if our children should live to see the next century; if my daughters should be so lucky to live as long as Ann Nixon Cooper, what change will they see? What progress will we have made?

This is our chance to answer that call. This is our moment.

This is our time, to put our people back to work and open doors of opportunity for our kids; to restore prosperity and promote the cause of peace; to reclaim the American dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth, that, out of many, we are one; that while we breathe, we hope. And where we are met with cynicism and doubts and those who tell us that we can't, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of a people: Yes, we can.

Thank you. God bless you. And may God bless the United States of America.


his references to workers rights and counter military might
give us hope, and will get the military and bankers put out a

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"America Deceived II", 9/11 flashback chapter by E.A. Blayre III

Chapter II

20 Years Earlier, September 11, 2001 --- New York City, inside World Trade Center 7

CIA agent Anthony Bruschuto hung up the phone. General Bark noticed his sly smile and asked, "Who was that?"
"What did he want?"
"He said, 'Make sure that bitch is on the plane'."
General Barker laughed, "Did you tell him we escorted Barbara to Flight 11 with a pair of agents almost an hour ago?"
"That's exactly what I said."
"Alright, let's get down to serious business then."
"One and Two are wired, ready to go. This building is on standby. The planes go airborne in about an hour."
"And the evidence?"
"Dropped shithead's passport near the towers in a place where even the NYPD can find it. Our MOSSAD friends parked the car at Logan this morning with both bags inside."
"Did you stuff the luggage properly?"
"Koran, videocassette for a Boeing 767 Flight Simulator, and lists of fellow hijackers. They tossed in a suicide note, for good measure."
"Now we wait."
Anthony sat down checking his notes. General Barker hovered over the desk, reviewing the mock exercises planned for that day. Anthony's cell phone rang.
A voice on the other end spoke, "Employees of Odigo just received e-mails regarding the attack."
Anthony shook his head, "Yesterday, the stock trades and today this. Can't these people do anything without making a profit?"
The voice said, "We're over-riding their computer system now. That's the last message that will get out."
Anthony hung up the phone and remarked, "I am not feeling good about this. Too many people involved. Too many competing interests. Too many variables."
General Barker barely responded as he concentrated on the missions which the Pentagon developed to disable NORAD and confuse Air Traffic Controllers. He removed fighter planes from New York and Washington D.C.
Live video feed inside the President's limousine turned on.
The operation, known among higher circles as 'The Big Wedding', began...
Employees of Urban Moving Systems parked the van in Liberty park, New Jersey, a perfect back-drop to the Twin Towers. They took off their Saudi Arabian style robes and threw their turbans into the passenger seat.
"Grab the tripod and camera."
Wes Schwartz snagged the camera, looked through the view-finder and lined up a framed shot of the majestic World Trade Center.
"Tower One is on the right, focus on it first."
"We're going in numerical order then?"
He laughed as he zoomed in to the steel building, glimmering in the cloudless blue sky.
"My turn, start filming."
One of the agents jumped before the camera and danced like a white man at a hip hop club. They all laughed.
"I'm next."
Another agent mocked the dance then flicked his Bic ® lighter a few times in the foreground of the North Tower.
"Get out of the way, it's almost time."
He looked at his gold Rolex watch, 8:46:26 a.m.
American Airlines Flight 11 flying over an innocent city, impacted the North Tower of the World Trade Center, between the 94th and 98th floors, the building enveloped the airliner like a pesky horsefly flying into a spider's glistening web.
Anthony said, "Hit the plunger."
General Barker pressed the red button.
Elevators below ground level exploded. Energy tore up the basement and demolished the main lobby as marble wall pieces slammed to the floor shattering on the ground.
The earpiece transponder commanded, "Hold steady, next plane is on the way."
Back in New Jersey...
"Holy shit. Did you get that on film, Wes?"
"I did. It was better than I thought."
The Mossad agents broke into another dance. An elderly lady watched from her bedroom window while dialing her phone.
Inside the adjacent tower, cubical office workers, security personnel, cleaning ladies, secretaries, maintenance men, janitors, assistants, and bellhops lined up and started marching orderly down stairs, assisting the handicapped and lifting the feeble as they evacuated the South Tower. The building's owner, Larry Silverstein, called in sick to work that day.
South Tower Public Address system announced, "Do not evacuate. Fires in the North Tower are under control. Remain in the South Tower as there may be falling debris outside. Please return to your offices."
People looked up at the voice emanating from the silver, metal box with dimple-holes in it and kept walking. The trusting ones turned around and returned to their high rise offices.
One of the trusting ones, while walking back upstairs, said to evacuees, "Fools, a steel beam will probably drop on your heads."
South Tower PA system announced again, "Do not evacuate, return to your offices at once. This is for your own safety."
Just as the trusting one sat at his desk on the 80th floor, he looked at the walnut clock his daughter gave him, 9:02:54 a.m....
United Airlines Flight 175 disappeared like a cartoon-cutout into the corner of the South Tower, between the 78th and 84th floors. The plane's engine tore from the wings, sailed through the building and crashed to the ground, six blocks away. Office paper birds flew out the gaping hole and gently floated to the ground carrying the names of the dead.
On the clearest day of the year, New York City clouded up.
Nestled snugly inside a Florida schoolhouse, the President of the United States kept reading the mesmerizing, magical book to the elementary grade class, "... 'Yes,' her dad said. 'That goat saved my car.'..."
As per the script, Andy Card entered the room and delivered his pre-planned words.
The President raised his eyebrows, turned the page and continued, "... 'The car robber said, 'something hit me when I was trying to steal that car'. The girl said, 'My goat hit you.'"
Across the river...
"You see that, you see that. Get that on film."
Wes panned across the smoldering towers. He stopped dancing and stared at the other men jumping and high-fiving. They didn't notice his smile fade away. He saw other people's eyes darting through opening and closing curtains, sharpening in on him and his friends as they celebrated.
New Jersey authorities dispatched police cars to Liberty Park where they received reports of possible collaborators.
Wes warned his fellow agents, "Take it easy on the jumping around, people are watching."
His friend hugged him, "This is a great day, my friend. For us and our country."
"Did anyone just hear those sirens?"
"Sirens are everywhere, my friend. It is a song for our future."
"Just take it easy. We filmed it, maybe we should go."
New Jersey's finest, patrol officers, Steve Nash and BlackJack Jones coasted around the back of the park, sirens silent and snuck up on the celebrants.
Officer Nash held out his revolver, "Hold it right there."
He pointed with the gun, "You with the camera, walk slowly over to your friends."
The agents huddled together.
"Blackjack, frisk them, I'll hold them here."
Blackjack checked them all out and removed a few box cutters and small knives. He handed them to officer Nash.
"Help me cuff these guys then search their car. With all this shit breaking down today, do an explosive test."
BlackJack helped Nash slap cuffs on the muscular guys and plastic wrist restraints on the weaker, then headed off to their van.
Minutes later he yelled up, "We're getting positive hits for traces of explosives."
Officer Nash pushed his gun to Agent Wes Schwartz's head, "You're involved then."
Wes calmly said, "We are not your problems, they, the Palestinians are your problems."
Officer Nash knocked him to the floor and radioed dispatch.
"This is disptach."
"Officer Nash and BlackJack, need back-up in Liberty Park, New Jersey. Five possible terror suspects."
"Gotcha, back-up on the way. Log in their names and time of arrest."
Officer Nash muttered, "Endless paperwork."
He punched in the Agent's names then logged the time into the police cruiser's on-board computer, 9:59:04am.
Rumbling explosions traveled up and down the South tower, steel beams ejected out of its facing and the tower mushroomed. Half-hour later, the sibling dropped the same way.
Dark clouds higher than the once-dwarfed remaining skyscrapers, raced down alleyways, tore threw streets, blew out windows, wobbled store fronts and buried cars, while carrying desks, legs, chairs, arms, laptops, laps, file cabinets, torsos, televisions, eyes, cellphones, ears, computers, brains, blackberries, fetuses and paper across lower Manhattan. God waited an eternity then piously swept away the debris and pulled back the shade ... New York's beating heart, stopped forever.
The President read and read and read and read, "...The girl hugged the goat. Her Dad said, "The goat can stay with us. And he can eat all the cans and canes and caps and capes he wants.'..."
He closed the book.

Last Updated: 28 Oct 2008

E.A. Blayre III
Gender: Male
Status: In a Relationship
Age: 36
Sign: Taurus

State: New York


Foreign Policy Journal Exclusive!

Senior Corporate Executives Warned to Leave N.Y. on 9/11: Source

November 3, 2008

by Jeremy R. Hammond

Foreign Policy Journal has learned that senior executives of a major U.S. international corporation may have been warned to leave New York on September 11, 2001.

According to an inside source, one of the senior executives of the corporation told him beforehand that .something big. was going to occur and so other corporate executives would be travelling out of New York.

The source, who spoke to the Journal on the condition of anonymity, worked at a European branch of the media giant Warner Bros. He served as the number two under the managing director of that office, a man with whom he had developed a close personal friendship. His boss was also friends with one of the senior executives at the head office in Los Angeles. According to the source, he had been told by his director that the executive in L.A. had formerly worked for the CIA and still kept in touch with the agency.

It is not an uncommon practice for the CIA to recruit business executives, particularly individuals who do a lot of international travelling and might be able to use their business contacts to gather information.

The CIA is also known to have recruited journalists and media executives. According to Carl Bernstein, the former Washington Post reporter who worked with Bob Woodward breaking open the Watergate story during the Nixon administration, executives who lent their cooperation to the CIA included Henry Luce of Time Inc., founder of Time and Life magazines. C.D. Jackson, a Time Inc. vice-president and publisher of Life magazine until his death in 1964, approved arrangements to provide the CIA with cover under Time-Life, according to an article Bernstein wrote for Rolling Stone magazine in 1977.

When the managing director of the overseas Warner Bros. office passed away, the individual who spoke with the Journal was contacted by the senior executive from L.A. about the plans for the memorial service. Senior executives from the company would attend, including from the Warner Bros. parent corporation, Time Warner, headquartered in New York.

When he answered that one of the potential dates for the service was September 11, he was told that would be no good because .something big is happening that day. and the top executives from the New York office would all be travelling out of the city.

When asked further about this big event, the executive replied that it was a confidential matter and disclosed no further details, except to say that it was .not corporate..

The source told the Journal, .I had no reason to think that the .event. could be anything more than perhaps a junket, an out of town think tank exercise or whatever . I remember that these possibilities ran through my mind..

But after 9/11, thinking back upon the conversation, he grew more curious and tried to ascertain where the board members had been that day. They had indeed been out of New York, he says, travelling not to one location, but each to their own destination. Destinations included overseas locations such as Paris, London, and Amsterdam.

Foreign Policy Journal has not been able to verify the location of individuals on 9/11 or other aspects of the story concerning any potential warning received or given by any Time Warner executives, but did confirm the source.s position at the foreign branch office, the name and position of that office.s managing director, and the name and position of the senior executive from the Los Angeles office.

There have been numerous other indications that individuals within the U.S. had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks.

One such indication was the evidence of insider trading in the days just prior. Short selling and trading in put options, which are essentially bets that stock will drop, skyrocketed over a period of days before 9/11 only in companies that were directly affected.

For instance, purchases were made on 4,744 put options for United Airlines between September 6 and 7. On September 10, purchases were placed on 4,516 put options for American Airlines. United and American were the two airlines that had planes hijacked and destroyed in the attacks. There was no similarly unusual trading in other airlines.

Other companies directly affected also experienced a spike in the purchase of put options, such as Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and Merril Lynch, both of which had offices in the World Trade Center.

Numerous countries around the world, including the U.S., Japan, Germany, the U.K., France, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Spain, opened investigations into what had apparently been insider trading based on foreknowledge of the attacks.

Together, these purchases were worth millions. Yet with the reports of insider trading and foreknowledge circulating in the media, whoever was responsible chose not to collect the money.

One of the banks involved in the purchases was Alex Brown, the U.S. branch of the German Deutsche Bank, which was headed until 1998 by A.B. .Buzzy. Krongard. He afterwards joined the CIA, and was Executive Director of the agency at the time of the attacks.

Trading is monitored through special software in real time by the CIA, so the agency would have been aware of the suspicious activity in the days just prior to the attacks.

Despite all this, the FBI announced that its own investigation had turned up no evidence that anyone had tried to profit from inside knowledge that the attacks would occur.

According to the 9/11 Commission Report, which echoed the conclusion of the FBI, 95 percent of the purchases on United and American Airlines shares on September 6 and 10, respectively, were made by a single U.S. based institutional investor.

Robert Baer is a former CIA case officer and author of .Sleeping with the Devil. and .See No Evil., which served as the basis for the film .Syriana. starring George Clooney. Baer told Stewart Howe and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel of the L.A. branch of the organization We Are Change, .I know the guy that went into his broker in San Diego and said .cash me out, it.s going down tomorrow... Baer added that .his brother worked at the White House..

Baer also indicated that the 9/11 Commission Report had been a cover-up of what really happened and questioned why certain other oddities about 9/11 had not been investigated, such as .the famous white van., which he said was .an intriguing story. that .deserves a book..

He was referring to the case of the five Israelis who were witnessed on 9/11 celebrating beside their white van at the sight of the smoking towers from a parking lot in New Jersey. They were later arrested and detained. Upon arrest, the driver of the van told the arresting officers, .We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem..

The van was registered to an Israeli-owned company called Urban Moving Systems, whose owner immediately closed shop and fled to Israel. At least two of the five Israelis witnessed videotaping and celebrating the attacks were learned to be operatives of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency.

In other reporting that may or may not have been related to the five Israelis with the white van, it became known publicly that an enormous Israeli spy ring had been uncovered operating within the United States.

Reports of investigations into Israeli spying within the U.S. had emerged early in 2001. After 9/11, Fox News reported that according to investigators the Israeli intelligence operatives of a large spy ring may have gathered information in advance about the attacks of 9/11, but that the evidence for this was classified.

As part of the operation, Israelis posed as art students. Under the guise of selling art, they targeted government officials at their offices or homes, including members of the military, the DEA, the FBI, and other law enforcement and intelligence personnel.

One group of the Israeli .art students. lived at 4220 Sheridan St. in Hollywood, Florida, just down the street from the 3389 address where Mohammed Atta and three of the other 9/11 hijackers lived.

In addition, almost all the call records and billing for U.S. phone companies is handled by an Israeli-based private communications company called Amdocs Ltd. The NSA had warned other U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement agencies about the potential security breaches that this situation might make possible.

There was some evidence that wiretaps were indeed being compromised. Law enforcement officials observed that suspects under surveillance suspiciously changed their behavior after wiretaps began, according to officials who spoke to Fox News.

It.s known that the DEA had also been investigating Israeli organized crime involved the multi-billion dollar ecstasy trade.

The FBI had also been investigating Amdocs and there were fears that even the telephone lines in the White House, which were installed by Bell Atlantic and Amdocs in 1997, might have been compromised.

According to a leaked DEA report from that agency.s investigation into the Israeli spy ring, one of the .art students. who was arrested was held on a $10,000 bond that was placed by an Israeli man named Ophir Baer who was in the U.S. under employment by Amdocs.

Another Israeli company, Comverse Infosys, was responsible for providing wiretapping for U.S. law enforcement. But, again, there was a fear among U.S. agencies that the wiretaps themselves could be intercepted by unauthorized parties through a back door in the Comverse system. Adding to these fears was the fact that Comverse was reimbursed for up to half of its research and development costs by the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Comverse was partnered with an Israeli messaging service company called Odigo. The Israeli paper Haaretz reported that workers at Odigo, which had offices near the World Trade Center, had received warnings on the morning of September 11 of an impending attack. The Washington Post confirmed that two employees of Odigo had .received text messages warning of an attack on the World Trade Center two hours before terrorists crashed planes into the New York landmarks..

There is no direct evidence that the Israeli government or any Israeli nationals were involved in 9/11. In fact, Mossad had reportedly warned the U.S. intelligence community of an impending attack, including the potential that it might come in the form of hijackings. The possibility remains that Israeli intelligence came across the information leading to its warnings to the U.S. during the course of the extensive operation that was broken up in 2001.

There have also been several other incidents possibly related to the apparent insider trading before 9/11. In one case, a German firm, Convar, was hired to attempt to retrieve data from the hard drives of computers destroyed as a result of the attacks on the World Trade Center. In doing so, it was discovered that there had been transactions of unusually large sums of money through some systems in the WTC, leading to the suspicion that someone with insider knowledge had illegally transferred as much as $100 million through the system as the attacks unfolded.

In May 2002, the FBI raided the home of Amr Ibrahim Elgindy, who was held on charges of racketeering, extortion, and obstruction of justice. He was later convicted. According to the indictment, Elgindy had led a ring of traders that included two FBI agents, Jeffrey A. Royer and Lynn Wingate, who used their access to confidential databases to give Elgindy inside information about publicly traded companies. The prosecutor in his case said there were indications he might have had foreknowledge of the attacks, since he had predicted a huge drop in the market and ordered the sale of $300,000 worth of stock in his children.s trust fund on September 10.

The compelling evidence of insider foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks has been largely dismissed. This is perhaps most evident by the conclusions of the 9/11 Commission report itself, which also stated that there was no evidence of any involvement by any foreign government or government official and that the question of who financed the attacks is .of little practical significance., despite reports that Mahmud Ahmed, the head of Pakistan.s Inter-Service Intelligence agency, or ISI, had been responsible for authorizing the transfer of $100,000 to hijacker Mohammed Atta. This information was received by the Commission.

Bob Graham, who co-chaired the 9/11 Joint Inquiry with Porter Goss, has also said there is evidence of the involvement of a foreign government. The 9/11 Commission made no attempt to explain or reconcile the disparity between its conclusions and those of Graham or the reports of the ISI chief.s involvement.

In another strange twist, Graham and Goss were having breakfast in Washington with General Ahmed on the morning of September 11 as the planes struck the towers. Ahmed was in Washington visiting his counterpart at the CIA, George Tenet, as well as a number of other high-level officials. Both Graham and Goss had also travelled to Pakistan where they met with the ISI chief just a couple weeks before Ahmed.s reciprocal visit.

Goss was later appointed Director of Central Intelligence.


Jeremy R. Hammond is the owner and editor of Foreign Policy Journal, and also serves as the website's principal writer.

He has written for numerous other online publications, including Atlantic Free Press, Counterpunch, Dissident Voice, Information Clearing House, Novakeo, Online Journal, OpEdNews, What Really Happened, World News Trust, and ZNet. His articles have also been featured in many other websites from around the world, including CASMII, Infowars, The Intelligence Daily, Islam Daily, Occupation Magazine, Prison Planet, and RINF.

He proudly received an acknowledgment in the book, "The Terror Timeline" by Paul Thompson for some research assistance he lent in the chapter on Afghanistan.

Jeremy grew up in a small town in Michigan, where he was in the last graduating class (a class of six) of the the town's one-room schoolhouse (students went through 6th grade at the school before moving on to middle school in a larger neighboring town). After high school, he went to Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Communications with an emphasis on Film and Video.

After graduating, Jeremy decided to do something different and exciting and, with the encouragement of a friend, left everything and travelled to Taiwan to live and teach English for a while. Six months turned into a year, a year into two, and two into a few more. It was while teaching in Taiwan that Jeremy met the woman who he would later ask to marry him. She said yes and, hence, the happy couple and their dog now live together in their apartment in Taipei.

Jeremy left for Taiwan at the age of 24, shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. He had purchased his ticket just the week before the attacks. As with all Americans, the attacks affected him profoundly. He asked himself the question, "Why would people do this?" and was unsatisfied with the answer he was being given on the news that the perpetrators of the crime "hate freedom" or were jealous of America's prosperity, or some such thing.

Upon arriving in Taiwan, he discovered the internet. Although he'd never really used it much before, or found it useful, in Taiwan it became a life-line of sorts, not only to keep in touch with friends and family back home, but also to keep up to date on current events. He started researching 9/11 and was shocked at the things he began to learn about his own government. One merely needed to scratch the surface of the official story, he discovered, to learn that the American people were being lied to.

He dug deeper and began studying U.S. foreign policy, reading everything he could get his hands on when he had the spare time. He read about U.S. military and CIA interventions overseas and events like the overthrow of democratically elected governments around the world and acts of unspeakable violence carried out in the name of the American people.

By mid-2002, it became clear to Jeremy that the U.S. government had its sights set on invading Iraq. As the Bush administration began publicly making its case for war, he investigated the claims being made about Iraq's alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction and ties to terrorist groups, including al Qaeda, and discovered that not only was there no evidence to support them, but the facts showed just the opposite--that Iraq had been disarmed over the course of UNSCOM inspections after the Gulf War and that Saddam's regime was a sworn enemy of Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda group.

Seeing that a war was coming based on false pretenses, he frantically wrote home to friends and family in an effort to show them how they were being lied to and to try to convince them to take some action to stop the violence and bloodshed that was to come. After a while, he was sending insanely long e-mails home until finally one of his readers suggested he just get a website.

So that's what Jeremy did. He called it The Yirmeyahu Review after the Hebrew origin of his name (a.k.a. Jeremiah), which he commonly used as his username at the time in various discussion forums in which he was similarly engaged trying to convince people to do something about their government and to share the information he had learned with others. The website was launched in April 2003, just about one month after the invasion of Iraq. The site's initial material consisted mostly of the same information he had sent home in e-mails before the war and grew to include his growing collection of original writings, a ton of research material, links to educational videos, and more.

After continuing his research and writing for a number of years, it became clear to him that it was something he wanted to continue to pursue as a career. The only problem was that he had to pay the bills, so he continued to teach English and work on the website in his spare time. Finally, Jeremy decided to quit his job at the school he had worked for in order to be able to devote the time that was really necessary in order to continue educating himself and others about U.S. foreign policy.

With that goal in mind, and upon quitting his job, he decided it was time to begin anew. He took with him the (limited) knowledge of web design he had gained over the years and set about building a new site that would be much bigger and better. The result of this effort is Foreign Policy Journal.

He hopes to eventually be able to provide a living for his family from his website and writing so that he can devote himself to doing that full time (he currently also still tutors to help pay the bills!).

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9-11 was an inside job, designed to instill fear in the populace so as to justify the inrodinate amount of dollars that have been expended in the areas of defense, national security, intelligence, energy (oil), and government secrecy. The fruits of the labor in all of these areas has resulted in today's massive financial scandal. A President who inherited a $ 5.6 trillion surplus and turned it into a worldwide, global recession, including a FY 2009 deficit of $ 1 trillion, a war that is costing $ 10 billion a month, and all of the incompetence that one would NOT expect from an Administration that cares about the people it serves, is a Failed Presidency and Administration that will go down as the most incompetent, most unethical, most spend-thrift (at leat $ 5 trillion in spending without any accountability) Administration in history!!!! Oh, I forgot to mention, the $ 700 billion bailout that was so urgent that we still don't know why it was approved, except to line the pockets of those who gained from this FIASCO!!!! Americans have been mislead from the very beginning with this Administration.

Several CIA veterans, even more senior than Robert Baer, have also spoken out against the official account of 9/11:

- Raymond McGovern, PhD, former Chairman of the CIA's National Intelligence Estimates (NIE) and 27-year CIA veteran. "I think at simplest terms, there's a cover-up. The 9/11 Report is a joke." (According to the CIA, NIE's are "the most authoritative written judgments concerning national security issues.")

- William Christison, former Director of the CIA's Office of Regional and Political Analysis, overseeing 250 CIA analysts. 29-year CIA veteran. "I now think there is persuasive evidence that the events of September did not unfold as the Bush administration and the 9/11 Commission would have us believe. ... An airliner almost certainly did not hit The Pentagon. ... The North and South Towers of the World Trade Center almost certainly did not collapse and fall to earth because hijacked aircraft hit them."

- Melvin Goodman, PhD, former Division Chief of the CIA's Office of Soviet Affairs and Senior Analyst from 1966 - 1990. "The final [9/11 Commission] report is ultimately a coverup. I don't know how else to describe it."

And so have many others from other branches of the intelligence services.

- General Albert Stubblebine, former commanding general of U.S. Army Intelligence. 32-year U.S. Army veteran. "I look at the hole in the Pentagon and I look at the size of an airplane that was supposed to have hit the Pentagon. And I said, .The plane does not fit in that hole.. So what did hit the Pentagon? What hit it? Where is it? What's going on?"

For decades, we relied on these individuals to collect information essential to our national security and provide critical analysis during which time the U.S. faced far more real and much more serious threats than anything today. We cannot now ignore their stunning condemnation of the official account of 9/11.


How is it that the most public and obvious case of foreknowledge never gets mentioned? Willie Brown, then mayor of SF publicly stated his gratitude that someone at the Whitehouse warned him not to fly on 9/11. I saw him say it. Curious that the 9/11 commission was never interested in who told him and how he/she knew.


Yes, and he was apparently not alone. John Ashcroft was flying by private jet because he'd been warned against flying commercially. Salmon Rushdie was warned not to fly. I'd nearly forgotten about those warnings, so thanks for bringing it to people's attention here.

Here's some more info for your readers and yourself, in case they or you were not aware:-

The mayor of San Francisco at the time, Willie Brown, publicly stated he was warned not to fly, also. And on the 10th September 2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced in a press conference at the Pentagon that 2.3 trillion dollars were "missing" and that "the adversary is closer to home, it is the Pentagon bureaucracy... in fact it could be said, that it's a matter of life and death." If that wasn't a huge hint I don't know what is.

Donald, interestingly, is also the person who has said that a MISSILE hit the Pentagon, and that Flight 93 was "shot down". Gaffes? Or truth masked as such?

I remember watching him at the 9/11 memorial this year 2008, together with Bush etc. And he had this sad and resigned look on his face, like "I would like to tell you what really happened but my hands are tied", and then he proceeded with his prepared speech. For a moment, I really thought he was going to spill the beans.

We have to think about the circumstances. If there was a conspiracy amongst some high-level government and military personnel, others will know about it, but will also know how dangerous they are and that the lives of their families are at risk if they speak up about it. Remember the Anthrax Letters.

The Mossad always appears to know something. They cropped up again in the attacks on London on 7/7/2005. When Benjamin Netanyahu was warned not to leave his Hotel before the first explosion took place. Benjamin was the person who said that 9/11 was good for Israel, just days after it took place. Curiously, Rudy Giuliani was ALSO in the U.K. on that day, apparently on a tour promoting his security company. The former Head of the Mossad, Ephraim Halevi, had an article published on the Jerusalem Post website that day, stating that the execution of the attacks was "near-perfect". How would he know?? Around 50 people were killed, and hundreds injured. What would have been considered "perfect"?? (film about the 7/7/2005 attacks)

The stink reaches to high heaven, as more and more shit piles are connected.

One last thing, which may or may not be connected with those senior corporate execs:-

On 9/11, Warren Buffett was hosting a "charity event" at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. Some businessmen and women who headed several firms with offices in the Twin Towers were in attendance. George W Bush was also flown to Offutt Air Force base later that day. down a little for the paragraph concerning 9/11)

And how about the owner of the World Trade Center? Larry Silverstein was not having breakfast at his usual spot the morning of 9/11 either (a restaurant at the top of one of the towers), he says he had a doctor's appointment. It is claimed that his daughter, who also worked in the Towers, did not come into work on time either that morning.


Just to clarify Donny Rumsfeld's September 10th speech, he did report the missing $2.3 Trillion and then declared war on the Pentagon bureaucracy, comparing it to the Soviet Union. Imagine, less than 24 hours later there was an air strike on the Pentagon that just happend to hit the accounting department! Isn't that a coincidence?


The info you included to give some context is factual and seemingly enough to compel criminal, Congressional and international investigations or a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and there's tons more. Executives from WTC offices were meeting with Warren Buffet on 9/11 at Offut AFB in NB where they flew Bush, Pentagon big wigs cancelled 9/11 travel plans, Ashcroft was warned not to fly and wouldn't talk about it, didn't want to hear about terrorism. 9/11 insider trading was going on around the world and involved a lot more than put options; the Federal Reserve increased the money supply before 9/11 and large numbers of people were purchasing US Treasury Notes, including a single $5 billion purchase early Sept 01


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