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Airplanes murders - happen regularly

United Airlines Flight 553, registration N9031U, City of Lincoln, was a Boeing 737-222 en route from Washington National Airport to Omaha, Nebraska via Chicago Midway International Airport on December 8, 1972. After the crew was told to go around and abort their first landing attempt on runway 31L, the aircraft struck trees and then roofs along West 71st Street before crashing into a house in the 3700 block of West 70th Place. A total of 45 people were killed in the accident, 43 of them on the plane.
The three-man flight crew died and the three flight attendants survived. The pilots' union contract at the time compelled United Airlines to have three licensed pilots onboard, even though Boeing had designed the 737 to be flown by a crew of two, instead of three. The only person to survive in the forward part of the plane ahead of the wing was the First Class flight attendant. Her jumpseat collapsed, and she was severely injured in the crash. Fifteen passengers and the other two flight attendants in coach survived.
Among the passengers killed were Illinois Congressman George W. Collins and Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt's wife, Dorothy Hunt. Also killed was Michele Clark, a correspondent for CBS News. Clark was one of the first female African-American network correspondents.
The accident was, at the time, one of the most investigated airplane crashes in history. Mrs. Hunt's purse contained $10,585 in cash and she had purchased flight insurance for $250,000 prior to boarding the flight. Conspiracy theorists believed the plane was targeted by government agencies. The Federal Bureau of Investigation assisted the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in its investigation when claims surfaced that the flight was possibly sabotaged. The office of the Cook County Medical Examiner convened a coroner's jury and launched a parallel investigation. Some have claimed the FBI withheld or destroyed evidence.[1] Nixon administration figure Chuck Colson told TIME magazine that "I don't say this to my people. They'd think I'm nuts. I think the CIA killed Dorothy Hunt."[2][3] However, the same article speculated that Colson was accusing the CIA of the broad Watergate conspiracy in a desperate attempt to stave off President Richard Nixon's impeachment in the scandal, and that he may have "lost touch with reality" as he faced a prison sentence.[3]
The NTSB found that the Flight Data Recorder on board the aircraft had become inoperative approximately 14 minutes before the crash.
Chicago legal reporter Sherman Skolnik received a telephone call urging him to look into the crash. He found that 150 federal personnel converged on the accident site and prevented anyone else from getting to the wreckage. An ambulance driver was outraged that rescuers were held back. On June 13, 1973 John Reed, chairman of the NTSB, told the House Government Activities Subcommittee that about 150 federal personnel were at the scene after the crash. Reed added that he complained to the FBI that they had kept rescue personnel away. There were fifty FBI agents there, and one went into the Midway Tower and seized the tape relating to Flight 553. Up to that time, the mainline press supported federal claims that Skolnich had lied about all the federal personnel being there. Skolnick marveled that many of the feds arrived at the scene before the Chicago firemen and police. A Chicago Congressman learned they were surveiling the plane because of claimed .air piracy.. Skolnich learned from other sources that the DIA and CIA had been ordered to arrest Dorothy Hunt. The day after the crash, the airplane fuselage was buried in a Chicago dump. So much for a careful study of the crash .
Activist Dick Gregory later told Skolnich there had been several efforts to get him onto that flight. Eventually someone slipped him a copy of the 1300 page NTSB document on the crash. Skolnich concluded that the plane had been sabotaged. On June 13 and 14, 1973, the NTSB heard his testimony and that of his eight witnesses. His case was that tower instruments monitoring the plane.s approach were turned off just before the approach and turned back on just after it got on the wrong runway. He thought the evidence suggested that the plane.s electronic buss bar was set to short out, thus disabling key instruments. The NTSB said crew errors caused the accident.
Skolnich was told that a government assassin using the name Harold R. Metcalf sat in seat B 17 and was seen exiting the crash. The NTSB report showed that he told the pilot he was a narcotics agent carrying a gun. One of Skolnich.s people later talked to Metcalf and Skolnick concluded that Metcalf was supposed to be a .double cut-out,. he was to make sure Mrs. Hunt was dead and then someone was supposed to kill him. Metcalf survived.

Later Skolnick interviewed Chuck Colson, who told him that Mrs. Hunt .was murdered by the FBI and the CIA." Colson added that he had already said too much. Colson also told Time, .I think they killed Dorothy. Hunt.. .Writers who agree are Robert J. Groden, Peter Dale Scott, Alan J. Weberman and Carl Oglesby.
Skolnick and some others have assumed that E. Howard Hunt was also in a position to reveal a great deal about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Nixon was heard to complain a few times that Hunt.s demands for hush money on Watergate was likely to expose "the whole Bay of Pigs thing," H.R. Haldeman , Nixon.s chief of staff, wrote that this was a somewhat veiled reference to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Some investigators believe the DNC had a reel of film showing Oswald with some CIA operative, but this writer has not been able to find much evidence for this other than a Los Angeles Times story. Frank Sturgis, told the San Francisco Chronicle (May 7, 1977) that "the reason we burglarized the Watergate was because Nixon was interested in stopping news leaking related to the photos of our role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy."



Plenty of people wanted to blow this right-wing fanatic out of the sky. . . but RONALD REAGAN may be holding the smoking gun.

by Mae Brussell (from Hustler magazine, February 1984)

    In the aftermath of the Korean Air Lines disaster that shocked the world last September 1, the editors of the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner dealt with a series of nagging questions and their answers. Prominent among them was the following:
QUESTION: "Is there any reason to believe that an admittedly ultraright U.S. congressman traveling 007, Rep. Lawrence McDonald of Georgia, may have been deliberately assassinated aboard the flight?"
ANSWER: "While the [U.S.] government has made no such charge, McDonald's widow claims that her husband, the national chairman of the John Birch Society, was 'murdered.' She holds that it was no accident that 'the leading anti-Communist in the American government' had been on a plane that was 'forced into Soviet territory' and shot down."
Another question that begs to be addressed is: Why would the Soviet Union wish to make a martyr of Larry McDonald? If the Russians are the experts at terrorism that they're supposed to be, it would seem obvious that they could find an easier way to get rid of the congressman than chasing his airplane over Soviet territory for 2 1/2 hours. They could have easily blown him away anywhere in the world.
Furthermore, it is hard to believe that KAL Flight 007 was forced into Soviet airspace, as if a giant mechanism had sucked McDonald toward his mortal enemy. During those strange 2 1/2 hours that 007 ventured as far as 226 miles inside Soviet airspace, the Russians were testing new kinds of missiles directly below. They didn't need any more problems.
And I doubt that McDonald, as fanatic as he was, deserves the label of "leading anti-Communist in the American government." He would have pretty stiff competition from such individuals as A.G. "Fritz" Kraemer, Sven Kraemer, John Lenczowski, Paula Dobriansky, William Clark, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, William Casey, Henry Kissinger, Dr. Ernest Lefevre, William F. Buckley, James Buckley, Richard Pipes, General Daniel O. Graham and a cast of thousands.
One article that appeared immediately after the shooting down of 007 accused Secretary of the Navy John Lehman of being "one particular culprit in the deaths of 269 over Sakhalin Island." The Lehman design, titled "Horizontal Escalation" in defense circles, outlines a series of provocations against the USSR. Lehman is quoted as saying, "He who gets the signal to fire first in the North Pacific will enjoy a tremendous tactical advantage. This region . . . is most probably where we shall witness confrontation with the Soviet Union."
Thus, while Europe and the U.S. divert the public with NATO missile discussions, plans are being formulated for a first strike in the Pacific. South Korea, Japan and the U.S. are working on these plans together. Sending spy planes over the Soviet Union serves the purpose of provocation.
Five days after the 007 incident former CIA spy Ralph McGehee told a college audience that the Korean airliner was indeed on a spy mission. He also believes that the Russians thought 007 was an RC-135 intelligence plane.
It was Senator Jesse Helms (R-North Carolina) . another archconservative ideologue who is anti-union, antigovernment, anti-Communist and an opponent of an international treaty on genocide . who arranged the invitation for McDonald to attend the celebration that would commemorate the 30th anniversary of the official U.S. entry into the Korean War.
Instead of traveling together, however, Helms and McDonald arrived in Anchorage, Alaska . the first stop of the journey to South Korea . on separate planes. The fact that McDonald was the only person in the 36-member American delegation to fly alone seems strange. After refueling, the Boeing 747 carrying Helms arrived at its destination safely. But McDonald . and his fellow passengers on Flight 007 . were not so fortunate.
As depicted in the books by Ian Fleming, 007 was James Bond's "license to kill." In this case who gave the license to kill? Was it the CIA and its Korean counterpart, the KCIA? They were formed at approximately the same time and work together closely.
The fact that McDonald flew on a different plane than Helms brings up several more unanswered questions. Who was sitting next to McDonald? Korean Air Lines must have a boarding pass for that person. If nobody used the seat and if McDonald was accompanied by others in the American delegation, why didn't one of them occupy the seat?
Where were the staff or advisory members of McDonald's Western Goals Foundation, a data bank in Alexandria, Virginia, that serves as a national right-wing clearinghouse for negative information about leftists and radical groups and individuals? Why was McDonald left to die literally alone?
Who really gained by Flight 007's violation of Soviet territory? Not the Russians. They were preparing for the following week's meeting in Madrid, Spain, between U.S. Secretary of State George Schultz and Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko, as well as the resumption of arms-reduction talks and the annual United Nations meeting. An incident of any kind would . and did . set world opinion against them at a critical time.
On the other hand, the U.S. government benefited first by gathering valuable military information about Soviet radar and defensive capabilities during the hours that preceded the crash. Later benefits the State Department and the Pentagon simultaneously maneuvered included favorable MX-missile and binary-nerve-gas votes from a knee-jerk Congress.
Clearly, Larry McDonald did not die at the hands of Soviet planners. The most important explanation for his tragic demise has to do with recent revelations about his clandestine activities. An earlier relationship between McDonald and President Reagan had started to surface before the crash. Their government espionage, concealed behind a cloak of righteous Americanism at any price, was about to be exposed.
The media, along with many other institutions and individuals, had purposely withheld the darker side of Reagan's years as California governor from the 1980 Presidential campaign. Now the dirty laundry of the past was starting to leak out.
Key backers, financiers and appointees of Ronald Reagan have always been involved in political spying . and worse. California was ripe with intrigue. Nixon and Reagan were from California. And California is where the bubble burst.
The trail leading to the connection between Reagan and McDonald is long and winding. But the facts prove collusion between informers hired by Reagan when he was governor and the activities of McDonald's Western Goals Foundation. The method . and even the people involved . were the same in both cases.
The first indication that something was even more rotten than usual in California came on August 15, 1980, when Warren Hinckle . the former editor of Ramparts magazine . noted that the snooping of Jerry Ducote appeared to involve members of Ronald Reagan's gubernatorial staff. (Ducote was a former sheriff's deputy employed by Reagan's backers, who infiltrated suspected subversive groups.)
"What is happening in Santa Clara County today is the germ of the biggest scandal of the next 1 1/2 years," Hinckle said. "People thought that with Watergate it was all over. But this is the next layer of Watergate."
On January 4, 1983, nearly 2 1/2 years after Hinckle's prediction, Detective Jay Paul of the Los Angeles Police Department supplied a weary team of investigators with what was going to be the connection between Larry McDonald and Ronald Reagan. That day marked the end of McDonald's usefulness to the larger network he served. He had become a liability to some very important people.
What brought down a carefully constructed web of deceit were massive numbers of files illegally assembled on law-abiding citizens by the Los Angeles Police Department's Public Disorder Intelligence Division (PDID). These files were ordered destroyed in 1975, but it was later discovered that LAPD officers kept the data-bank information.
Enraged by this disobedience, the Los Angeles Police Commission officially requested the files. But by then, Lieutenant Thomas Scheidecker had stolen at least 10,000 pages of documents. And PDID Detective Jay Paul had moved a huge batch of files into the garage of his Long Beach, California, home, where his wife . attorney Ann Love . was being paid $30,000 a year to feed a sophisticated, $100,000 computer this information that had been ordered destroyed.
The information eventually wound up in the computer of the Western Goals Foundation. And lo and behold, the man who paid Ann Love was Representative Larry McDonald, head of Western Goals.
Also caught up in the web was John Rees, editor of the Western Goals Foundation and a longtime associate of Jerry Ducote through their common bosses and similar methods of accumulating data. Both acted as agents provocateurs.
"An agent provocateur is a police agent who is introduced into any political organization with instructions to foment discontent . . . or to take a case in order to give his employers the right to act against the organization in question," according to Victor Kaledin, a colonel in the Imperial Russian Military Intelligence.
Ducote was employed in such activities by Ronald Reagan's backers and by the John Birch Society. Rees worked with the Birch Society and virtually every other right-wing group, feeding them information they could use to harass and embarrass those who opposed their point of view.
Reagan's man (Ducote) and Larry McDonald's crony (John Rees) worked together at the San Francisco-based Western Research, also known as Research West. Ducote secluded himself behind unmarked doors, running a blacklisting service for industry. The results of his spying were added to a repository of information used by Governor Reagan to screen out potential state employees with leftist political tendencies that were contrary to his own beliefs.
At the same time, photographs of rallies and demonstrations . along with copies of underground newspapers . were being supplied to Western Research by agents of the Los Angeles Police Department. In turn, Western Research sold background information about employees, advising corporations about possible risks.
Research West, as it was later called, maintained close ties with law-enforcement agencies and private data banks, using its spies to supply information to utility companies anxious to identify anti-nuclear activists. Clearly, blacklisting hadn't ended with the death of Senator Joseph McCarthy years before. The witch hunt never ceased.
Last January in Los Angeles the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit on behalf of 131 law-abiding groups and individuals who were illegally spied upon. Among the defendants in this case are 54 police officers who are members of the LAPD's Public Disorder Intelligence Division.
The law firm representing these defendants . its highly sensitive files were being funneled to Representative Larry McDonald's Western Goals Foundation . is Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher. Curiously enough, Attorney General William French Smith was a partner in that firm. And none other than President Ronald Reagan is a client of Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher for all personal matters.
In any event, time was running out on Larry McDonald's many years of stealing, bugging and compiling. He was about to be subpoenaed by a Los Angeles County grand jury. His testimony, particularly the portions telling of how his Long Beach computer was being fed with illegal police intelligence files, could embarrass and even damage a great number of powerful people.

    Several weeks following the destruction of Flight 007, Soviet President Yuri Andropov blamed the United States for what he called a "sophisticated provocation, masterminded by U.S. special services, an example of extreme adventurism in politics."
How could the United States have written such a script? Larry McDonald was going to necessarily embarrass President Reagan if too many of the documents from California were exposed. They shared common spies and common enemies. So let's assume that the CIA, FBI and all federal agencies that worked with McDonald . particularly the Pentagon . wanted him silenced immediately. At the same time, because McDonald was so violently anti-Communist, why not make the Soviets responsible for his murder? A New Right martyr could be created for the fight against communism. Remember the Pueblo?
The scenario might have continued in the following way:

    * There would be a celebration in South Korea early in September. McDonald had strong ties to Korean-born Reverend Sun Myung Moon, leader of the Unification Church (the Moonies), and the South Korean military. Get McDonald to attend that celebration in South Korea.

    (Dorothy Hunt, CIA officer and wife of Watergate defendant E. Howard Hunt, was blown up in a commercial airliner over Chicago, and nobody seemed to care. Undoubtedly, her murder scared into silence primary witnesses who could have embarrassed President Nixon at the time he was paying off these witnesses to "plead guilty" before sinking his Presidency. Incidentally, the espionage activities of both E. Howard Hunt and Congressman McDonald somehow become entangled with the Los Angeles Police Department. See "The Facts Behind a Sinister Connection," on page 43.)

    * We send spy planes over the USSR continuously. The Soviet Union does not appreciate such flights violating their territory. By putting McDonald on a commercial airliner and timing its incursion inside Soviet airspace with spy-plane operations happening at the same time, an attack by Soviet missiles would be assured.

    One of the many mysteries of Flight 007 is the total lack of conversation between its pilots and U.S., Korean and Japanese listening posts. This is known as maintaining radio silence.
Furthermore, 007 left Kennedy Airport in New York with both a defective radio and a defective navigational system. When the pilot who flew the first segment debarked in Anchorage, he assumed the plane's malfunctioning parts would be repaired. But this didn't happen.
It is common knowledge to all pilots flying over Soviet territory that aircraft going beyond a certain point inside Russian borders will be forced to land or be shot down. If the CIA and the National Security Agency wanted Larry McDonald dead, thereby assuring an international incident, isolating the pilots from instructions or warnings would be essential. The way to accomplish this is either to tamper with radio transmissions or the pilots' minds . or both.
The pilot in command of 007, Chun Byung In, held the rank of colonel in the South Korean Air Force. He was considered reliable enough to have flown the Korean president to the U.S. in 1982 and to fly overseas routes linking Southeast Asia and the Middle East, Paris and Los Angeles, and New York and Seoul. Co-pilot for 007 was Lieutenant Colonel Sohn Dong Hui.
According to news reports, Chun boasted to close friends that he was carrying out special tasks of American intelligence, and he even showed them some of the plane's spy equipment used for surveying Soviet military installations. Such spying was sometimes part of regularly scheduled commercial flights that began in New York City and ended in Seoul.
After the 007 disaster there were explanations that Koreans flew over Soviet airspace to reduce fuel expenses. But spy cameras with the ability to photograph Soviet military bases are a more plausible reason for Korean jets losing their way so often.
Reports indicate that Korean Air Lines concluded a secret agreement with the CIA in the early 1970s to carry out intelligence surveys of Soviet territory. These reports further indicate that when Flight 007 was shot down, the U.S. intelligence mission utilized a reconnaissance satellite that was programmed to pass overhead at the same time. This allowed the U.S. to record electronic traffic denoting the whereabouts of Soviet air-defense systems as they were activated to meet a presumed threat.
After triggering off the radar warning of a threat to the USSR, the pilot of a U.S. RC-135 reconnaissance plane used maneuvers and tricks typical of American spy planes as he attempted to frustrate Soviet air defenses. Eventually, he dove below the radar cover off the Kamchatka Peninsula to distract air-defense crews and allow Flight 007 to enter Soviet airspace undetected.
Meanwhile, attempting to dodge Soviet fighter planes 226 miles inside the USSR, pilot Chun requested permission to elevate to 35,000 feet. Moments later he shouted, "Rapid . . .a rapid decompression" as 007 was hit by a missile.
Chun's last words ."one-zero, one-zero-delta". left everybody confused, as did the plane's final radio transmissions. Neither Matsumi Suzuki, head of Japan's Sound Research Institute, nor the Japanese broadcast network NHK could explain what delta meant. Was that Chun's "Rosebud"?
The first reports following the tragedy, noting the apparent loss of contact with 007's pilots, suggested that the plane had been hijacked. A second report said that the two pilots and the navigator may have been asleep . a dubious theory considering the crew's unblemished record of professionalism.
A more likely possibility is that the crew had been the victim of hypnosis and mind control . receiving instructions in advance, before they left Anchorage, that could not be picked up on any messages recorded later.
If this seems farfetched, consider the experience of Candy Jones . a famous model and radio personality . who described in her biography how the CIA programmed her mind for spying and various activities related to espionage. A single phone call from an unseen person would have been enough to implement previously implanted instructions to kill herself.
These revelations came to light at the height of the Watergate scandal, along with evidence that she had previously done errands for the CIA. Only the intervention of her husband saved Candy Jones from certain death.
The issue of 007's defective navigational system also came under close scrutiny following the disaster. Reports filed with NASA revealed that at least 25 times during the past five years U.S. airline pilots relying on the same navigational equipment used by 007 had strayed off course . once as much as 250 miles. Cited among the causes for such problems were computer malfunctions and human errors.
"It's easy to become complacent [on long flights]," said Pan American World Airways pilot Thomas Foxworth. "It's a human failing. The record is replete with numerous incidents of a guy just falling asleep."
What if the "human failing" cited by Foxworth was actually mind-controlled planning?
Two of the 007 crew might have been asleep . or even dead. But the one who said "delta" was obviously awake until the end. His response to what was going to happen, given his years of experience and expertise, was that of a programmed zombie instructed to fly continuously . disregarding any external sights or sounds on the flight equipment.
As long ago as November 1974 the Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights . headed by then-Senator Sam Ervin of North Carolina . issued a 645-page report titled "Individual Rights and the Federal Role in Behavior Modification," which indicated the advanced state of CIA mind work and testing.
Three years later the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Sub-committee on Health and Scientific Research published a report titled "Project Mkultra: The CIA's Program in Behavior Modification."
The upshot of these reports is that the Pentagon had the capability, if it so desired, to link mind control with satellite defense systems. And a logical use of mind control, of course, would be to program a pilot . perhaps even turning a normal flight into a kamikaze mission.
Dr. Jose Delgado, the father of military-and-defense mind experimentation who worked with the CIA and Navy Intelligence, perfected such procedures as far back as 1971. In one instance he surgically implanted a receiver in the brain of a Spanish fighting bull. Later in a Madrid arena, when a tiny radio-controlled electrode delivered a minute surge of current to the enraged beast's mind, the bull braked to an abrupt halt.
Delgado also pioneered a method of shooting mood drugs into the brain, which could then be calmed by a remote computer that sensed oncoming anxiety, depression or rage and then flashed back inhibitor signals by radio.
"The [programmed] individual may think that the most important fact of reality is his own existence," Delgado wrote. "But that is only his personal point of view, a relative frame of reference which is not shared by the rest of the living world."
The reason for perfecting physical control of the mind was to enable outside forces to determine how to use a person's body by activating his brain and directing it beyond that person's control . in spite of any conscious efforts he might make.
KAL Flight 007 was equipped with the latest pathfinding technology. Three computer-driven inertial-navigational systems, which tell the airplane seven times per second where it is supposed to go, had been installed a year earlier.
Only the following elements could have coordinated the death of Representative Larry McDonald with the Soviet missile response: (1) human factors; (2) altered instruments in New York City or Anchorage; or (3) mind control over the Korean Air Force pilots.

Exactly who was Larry McDonald, the strange and complex individual who wore so many robes? At first he was a doctor, specializing in urology, who prescribed the discredited drug laetrile to cancer patients. He was also a man who concealed the ownership of 200 guns. In 1974 he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, and he later became chairman of both the tax-free Western Goals Foundation and the John Birch Society.
The Larry McDonald pie (see page 40) is a suggestion of segments in his complicated secret life that reveals his unmistakable links to military and law-enforcement agencies throughout the world.
The best way to describe most people is to understand who their heroes are. McDonald reportedly kept two photographs on the walls of his Congressional office that give some clues to his mental state.
One picture was of Senator Joseph McCarthy.
The other was of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.
Senator McCarthy began his Senate career after World War II with financial assistance from two known Nazi sympathizers in Wisconsin . Frank Seusenbrenner and Walter Harnischfeger. Fred J. Cook's book The Nightmare Decade details the pro-Nazi backers of McCarthy and how the senator knew of their "passionate ultra-rightism and admiration for Hitler."
Harnischfeger's nephew, in fact, often displayed an autographed copy of Hitler's Mein Kampf. He also flaunted a watch-chain swastika.
In December 1946, 43 of Hitler's top military officers received death sentences or long prison terms at the Dachau Trials for the bloody massacre of American soldiers at Malmedy, France. One of McCarthy's primary objectives as he entered the Senate was to facilitate their release. By 1949, thanks to Congressional hearings he directed and other maneuvering, McCarthy's efforts paid off. The 43 Nazis were freed.
When McCarthy conducted his House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) hearings in 1953 and began accumulating data banks on law-abiding citizens for future fascist purposes, most of his information came from combined United States intelligence and Nazi war criminals. He also drew upon the extensive files of a spy network known as Odessa, which was formed between 1943 and 1945 when it became obvious the Third Reich could not win the war against the Soviet Union.
After McCarthy died in 1957, it is reasonable to assume that Larry McDonaid . through Louise Bees . took over the massive computerized files that now contain millions of names worldwide.
Louise Rees . the wife of John Rees, editor of McDonald's Western Goals Foundation . worked for McCarthy and Roy M. Cohn, counsel for the senator's 1953 Permanent Investigations Subcommittee of the Government Operations Committee. Western Goals lists Roy M. Cohn, now a New York lawyer, on its advisory board. And when McDonald went to Washington as a representative from Georgia in 1974, Louise Rees became his paid staff aide.
McDonald's admiration for his other major hero, Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, can be explained in part by the fact that both of their careers benefited from the support of international fascist organizations. And there is evidence that Nazis in Chile had funded McDonald's Congressional campaigns since 1974, at Pinochet's direction . just as Nazis were the source of funds for McCarthy in Wisconsin.
Ironically, the very night that McDonald was killed, his CIA-supported hero . Pinochet . was being taunted by rioters in Chile. The Chilean people also want their nightmare decade to end.
Pinochet is responsible for DINA, Nazi-like death-squad terrorist teams that are part of the Chilean police and are necessary to maintain his repressive regime. Without DINA's methods of fear and torture, the U.S. puppet government in Chile would not last another day.
Pinochet also does nothing to interfere with Colonia Dignidad, a haven for Nazi war criminals located on the border between Argentina and Chile. Colonia Dignidad serves as a torture center where dissenters who oppose Pinochet are mutilated and fed to dogs while still alive. Armed guards discourage snoopers. Amnesty International is currently investigating this deplorable situation.
Larry McDonald's unsavory Chilean connection was further exposed when Robert Byron Watson presented attorneys from the House Select Committee on Assassinations with an alleged affidavit detailing McDonald's dealings with Fuad Habash Ansare in Santiago de Chile. In this alleged affidavit Watson claimed that Fuad Habash is the brother of Arab terrorist leader Dr. George Habash of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine! This is the organization that is said to work with our CIA as it arranges Arab terrorist murders around the globe.

A far more sinister organization, Larry McDonald's Western Goals Foundation, was formed in 1979. Members of its advisory board are listed in brochures and newspaper advertisements. They include the following:
Jean Ashbrook, Mrs. Walter Brennan, Taylor Caldwell, Roy M. Cohn, Congressman Philip M. Crane (R-Illinois), General Raymond Davis, Henry Hazlitt, Dr. Mildred F. Jefferson, Dr. Anthony Kubek, Robert Milliken, Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, E. A. Morris, Vice-Admiral Lloyd M. Mustin, Mrs. John C. Newington, General George S. Patton III, Dr. Hans Sennholz, General John Singlaub, Dan Smoot, Robert Stoddard, Congressman Bob Stump (D-Arizona), Mrs. Helen Marie Taylor, Dr. Edward Teller, General Lewis Walt and Dr. Eugene Wigner.
The executive staff of Western Goals consists of Linda Guell, director; John Rees, editor; and Julia Ferguson, research associate.
Two members of Western Goals bear special mention. According to Seymour Hersh's recent book The Price of Power in the Nixon White House, Admiral Thomas Moorer masterminded the surreptitious removal of sensitive data from President Nixon's office. Working through Yeoman Charles Radford, Moorer stole papers clearly marked "President's Eyes Only" and had them delivered to the Pentagon.
His reward for stealing these top-secret documents was a promotion to the prestigious Joint Chiefs of Staff. Merry Christmas, Cambodia! Bypassing every member of Congress, Henry Kissinger and Admiral Moorer conducted their own private war against that country . which has not fought the United States at any time . gleefully selecting bombing targets that cost the lives of millions of innocent people.
It later developed that the Los Angeles Police Department files on 2 million Californians were assessed by Moorer's and McDonald's Western Goals computer.
So it comes to pass that the criminal keep track of the innocent. Information about you is probably already filed and computerized in their secret data banks. Would you trust people like this with your good name?
A second Western Goals advisory-board member worth noting is Edward Teller, Hungarian-born father of the hydrogen bomb. The same day that McDonald made the front page of the Washington Post . when Western Goals was ordered to answer the stolen-documents subpoena in Los Angeles . Teller was attending a European seminar on nuclear warfare that was critical to America's future foreign policy.

There is no beginning or end to the Larry McDonald tragedy. His right-wing fanaticism drew him to the crueler side of blackmailers, burglars, assassins, terrorists, wiretappers, and people dedicated to waging a future war with the Soviet Union.
And there he was, last August 31 and September 1, apparently sitting all alone on Flight 007. If that was by Soviet design, then all of his entourage were Communists who knew in advance.
But since the American delegation was screened and cleared for travel with a congressman, then the CIA and U.S. agents knew something they wouldn't share with him . even if it was going to save his life.
So what's it all about, Alfie?

The list of AIRPLANE MURDERS is long:

The airplane crash conspiracy is a conspiracy of silence. It is a conspiracy of unasked questions and abandoned investigative leads. The most important perpetrator of this conspiracy is the mainstream media. In today's America, the big media companies - viacom, aoltimewarner, disney, newscorp,and general electric - have control over what most people think is "true." If big media claims something is so, almost everybody believes it.Many recent crashes have been deemed accidents by the authorities and reported as such by the media before any investigation was ever begun. More than the circumstances and evidence surrounding any particular crash, it is this pattern of pre-emptive reporting which should arouse the public's suspicions. For the purposes of a cover-up, management of public opinion is even more important than control of the evidence, especially when the most important evidence is circumstantial and immediately obvious to anybody who cares to think about it: the timing of the crash and the identity of the victim(s). In cases when a death in a crash has a direct effect on the balance of political power in the government, here is a question which must always be asked, and almost never is: "Is it possible that this particular airplane crash was actually an act of sabotage, a political assassination?
I am not suggesting that any particular crash listed below was caused by a criminal act (except those few already so documented.) Instead I suggest that given the NTSB's accident statistics, the presumption should be that every crash was caused by a criminal act until established otherwise, and the so-called independent media should report it that way.

American Political Figures

Senator Paul Wellstone October 25, 2002
Governor Mel Carnahan Oct. 16, 2000
Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, 1996
South Dakota Governor George Mickelson, 1993
Senator John Heinz, 1991
Former Senator John Tower, 1991
Representative Larkin Smith August 13, 1989
Representative Larry McDonald, 1983 (KAL 007, below)
Senatorial Candidate Richard Obenshain August 2, 1978
Representative Jerry Litton, 1976
Representative Jerry Pettis, 1975
Congressman Clement Miller
Congressman Hale Boggs, 1972
Congressman Nick Begich, 1972 (with Hale Boggs)
Congressman George Collins, 1972 (United Flight 553, below)
Montana Governor Donald Nutter, 1962
Governor Earl Snell, Oregon, 1947

Generals and Admirals

General Cheikh Omar Diarra (ECOWAS) (and 116 others) October 22, 2005
General Mushaf Ali Mir (Air Force Chief of Staff, Pakistan) February 20, 2003
General Bakat Purwanto (Indonesian Anti-Corruption Official) July 20, 2002
Gen. Luis Alfonso Acevedo (Air Force Chief of Staff, Venezuela) April, 2002 ( + 3 other generals)
General Alexander Lebed , Russia, April 2002
General Mikhail Rudchenko, Russia, January 2002 (missile)
Lieutenant General Tin Oo, Burma, February 2001 (Armed Forces Chief of Staff)
16 High Ranking Sudanese Army Officers April 2001
General Santiago Madrid Philippines, July, 2000
Admiral Stansfield Turner USN, Ret., (Former CIA Director) (survived) January, 2000
Admiral Donald Engen, USN (Ret.) July, 1999
Major General James Waleithner (USAF, Ret.)
General Ahmed Faraj, Yemen, August 1999 (+ 2 other generals)
General Dao Trong Lich (Armed Forces Chief of Staff, Vietnam) (+ 4 Generals)(+ 10 others) May 1998
Lieutenant General David J. Mcloud, USAF June 26, 1998
Major General Yudomo, Indonesia, June 1998
Brigadier General Tal Shmuel Eldar, Israel, March 1998
Lieutenant General al-Zubeir Mohammed Saley Sudan (Vice President) February 1998
Lt. Gen. Dimitri Kutsekon, Russia, September 1996
Maj. Gen. Boris Batura, Russia, September 1996
Maj-Gen Mihailo Djordja Zugic, Yugoslavia, June 1996
Brig. General Danilo P. Olay, Philippines, March 1996
Major General Glenn Profitt, USAF April 17, 1995
Major General Tes Chanthan (Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff, Cambodia) March 1995
Brigadier General Mansour Sattari, Air Force Chief of Staff, Iran, January 1995 (+ 4 other generals)
General Miguel Iturralde Jaramillo (Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff, Ecuador) 1994
Major General K.M. Palande, India, September 1994
4 Afghan Generals, January, 1994
Gen. Esref Bitlis, Turkey, February 1993
General Vladimir Kolmogorov, Ukraine, December 1993
General Carlomagno Andrade (Army Chief of Staff, Ecuador), December 1992
Brigadier General Thomas C. Carroll, USA, November 1992
General Vladimir Vukovic, Yugoslavia, 1992
General Pedro Bautista Perez, Mexico, 1992
Lt.-Gen. Lee Hyon-bu, South Korea, February 1992
Lt. Gen. Zhang Defu, China, June 1991
Maj. Gen. Pavel Ettinger, USSR, February 1991
Maj-Gen Berhanu Jembere, Ethiopia, February 1990 (+ 1 soviet general)
Maj. Gen. Lin Lung-hsien (Deputy Chief of Staff, Taiwan) (+ 2 other generals), August 1990
Rear Admiral S. David Griggs, USNR, 1989
General Adnan Khairallah, Defense Minister, Iraq, May 1989
Gen. Luis Federico Fuentes Corado, Former Defense Minister, Guatemala, April 1989
Maj. Gen. Winfield S. Harpe, USAF, December 1988
General Angel Augusto Flores, (Air Force Chief of Staff, Ecuador) June 1988 (+ 2 generals)
General Mohammad Zia ul-haq (Pakistani Dictator) August 17, 1988 (+ 10 generals)
U.S. Brigadier General Herbert Wassom, August 17, 1988
Brig.-Gen. Francisco Cruz Bourzac, Cuba, April 1988 (shot down)
Abdul-Aziz Ibrahim al-Hadithy, Iraq, 1988
Brig. General Arturo Asuncion, Philippines, November 1987
5 Soviet Generals, October 1987
Brig. Gen. Eugenio Ocampo, Philippines, September 1987
Major General Abdul Qayyum Siddiq , Afghanistan, June 1987 (shot down)
Brig. Gen. David H. Stem , USA, January 1987
Maj. Gen. Djarot Supadmo, Indonesia, 1986
General Kim Hong-han , South Korea, July 1984
Lt. Gen. Robert M. Bond, USAF, May 1984
General Jacques Boichot , France, April 1983
Brig. Gen Luis Mario Vargas Amezcua, Mexico, January 1983
Jaime Roldos Aguilera, President of Ecuador, May 1981
Maj. Gen. Marco Subia Martinez, Defense Minister, Ecuador, May 1981 (with President Roldos)
4 Iranian Generals, September 1981 (Defense Minister, Armed Forces Chief of Staff., Revolutionary. Guards commander, Air Force Chief of Staff)
General Omar Torrijos, Military Dictator of Panama, July 31, 1981

Business Leaders, Reporters, Influential Private Citizens

John Walton, June 26, 2005
Dr. Paul Norman, June 26, 2004 (Click here to read more on "Dead Weapons Experts Conspiracy Theory")
Michael Chowdry, January 25, 2003
Dan Rocco, April 1, 2002
Walter Reuther, 1970
Ziya Bazhayev, March, 2000

Foreign Government

Ramon Martin Huerta, Mexican Federal Chief of Police, Sept 22, 2005
Rizal Nurdin, Governor of North Sumatra Province, Indonesia, Sept 5, 2005 (and 146 others)
John Garang, Vice-President of Sudan, July 30, 2005
Ricardo Maduro, President of Honduras, June 1, 2005 (Survived)
Gustavo Vázquez Montes, Governor of Colima, Mexico. February 24, 2005
Boris Trajkovski, President of Macedonia, February 26, 2004
Jose Carlos Martinez, Brazilian Party Leader, October 4, 2003
Governor Igor P. Farkhutdinov Sakhalin, Russia, August 2003
Afghan Minister Juma Muhammad Muhammadi February 23, 2003
Kenyan Minister, January 25, 2003
Columbian Minister, February 13, 2003
Anti-Taliban Afghan Prime Minister August 22, 1997
Cyprien Ntaryamira, president of Burundi shot down April 1994
Juvenal Habyarimana, president of Rwanda shot down April 1994
Punjab Governor Surendra Nath, India, July 1994
Madhavrao Scindia, India
Philippine Congressman Moises Tapia, November 15, 1987
Samora Machel, President of Mozambique, 1986
Ibrahim Abacha, Nigeria, January 1996
Central African Republic President Barthélémy Boganda , 1959
Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay, March, 1957
Ould Bouceif, Mauritanian dictator, May 1979
Members of Saudi Royal Family, Cueno, Italy, 1963
Queen Alia of Jordan, 1977

Commercial Airlines
American Airlines Flight 587
The Crashes of 9/11, 2001
Alaska Airlines 261
Egypt Air 990, October 31 1999 (casualties included 2 Egyptian generals)
TWA 800
Swissair 111, September 1998
Pan Am 103, December 1988 (bomb)
Air India 182, June 1985 (bomb)
Korean Airlines 007 (shot down)
United Airlines 553, December 1972

Other Curious Crashes

Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Febraury 19, 2003
John F. Kennedy, Jr.
Carlos Menem, Jr. 1995
Sanjay Gandhi, India, 1980
285 American Soldiers (and eight crew members), December 12, 1985
Salem bin Laden
Yuri Gagarin
Francis Gary Powers, August 1977
Alexander Onassis, 1973
Mohammed Bin Laden
Dag Hammarskjold, September, 1961
Early Astronauts
Theodore Freeman, 1964
Elliott See Jr, 1966
Charles Bassett II , 1966
Clifton Williams Jr. , 1967
Robert Lawrence , 1967


Of course the French were "allowed" to test their nukes in paradise... unlike Iran

Nuclear War this summer?

Of course not. But there is a war going on, the Dollar-Euro war:

A big question surrounds the plutonium that was on board of the Estonia... 800 innocent people were killed and nobody has spent a minute in jail for it. It was all covered up.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

CIA Holocaust Claims Twenty Million Victims

CIA Holocaust Claims Twenty Million Victims

by Len Hart -- March 16, 2008

The world's number one terrorist organization, the CIA has committed heinous acts of terrorism abroad, murdering critics of US foreign and domestic policies and has done it on behalf of an increasing tiny, privileged American elite. This elite is a tiny one percent which owns more than the combined wealth the remaining 95% [See: the L-Curve ]. On behalf of this tiny, privileged base, the CIA has placed itself above all law and supervision. The CIA's war on the world has claimed an estimated 12 million to 20 million victims, far more than the best estimates attributed to Adolph Hitler's 'Holocaust' of World War II.

A war of plunder waged by the CIA on much of the world has been called the Third World War because many of its victims are chauvinistically, imperialistically, termed "third world". Given the magnitude of these CIA atrocities, we may, indeed, consider this panoply of terrorist acts a world war waged by privilege upon those who are less privileged, a war waged by the rich on the poor, a war of aggression by those who have against those who are without.

The official history of the CIA is dull reading. But one would not expect an official document of the US government to reveal the early connections between the CIA and Yale's notorious Skull and Bones society; one would not expect the US government to reveal the nature of CIA backed coups in Chile to its role in the notorious Bay of Pigs debacle. One would not expect an official document to detail the role played by the CIA in the Iran/Contra affair. One would not expect a sanitized government version of the CIA to reveal how the CIA creates and support death squads that have resulted in a holocaust not seen since the Third Reich.

The passage of the National Security Act in July 1947 legislated the changes in the Executive branch that had been under discussion since 1945. The Act established an independent Air Force, provided for coordination by a committee of service chiefs, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), and a Secretary of Defense, and created the National Security Council (NSC). The CIG became an independent department and was renamed the Central Intelligence Agency.
Under the Act, the CIA's mission was only loosely defined, since efforts to thrash out the CIA's duties in specific terms would have contributed to the tension surrounding the unification of the services. The four general tasks assigned to the Agency were to advise the NSC on matters related to national security; to make recommendations to the NSC regarding the coordination of intelligence activities of the Departments; to correlate and evaluate intelligence and provide for its appropriate dissemination and "to perform such other functions ... as the NSC will from time to time direct...."
--CIA Organizational Development, [Adapted from: United States Senate Select Committee on Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, Foreign and Military Intelligence -- Book I, 94th Congress, 2nd Session, 26 April 1976, pages 102-118.]

The numbers don't lie! At the end of a detailed statistical study, the CIA will be found, like a spider in its web, at the bump on a bell curve, at the very nexus of murder, mayhem and heinous acts of terrorism that it has exported across the globe and behind the deaths of US citizens in America.

CIA atrocities may be categorized.
Secret Wars
Subversions of targeted regimes
Overt terrorism
Support of other terrorist organizations
Exploitation and/or creation of terrorist organizations like 'al Qaeda'.
Drug sales, primarily cocaine and its derivative --crack.
Domestic Assassinations and acts of terrorism
The US government, especially under the GOP regimes of Ronald Reagan, Bush Sr, and now the shrub, have given up the dream of peace. The result is an Orwellian nightmare, a state of perpetual war put into effect by the CIA, the Praetorian Guard to America's privileged elite. The nightmares --domestic and foreign --are of our own making. Worse than "mutually assured destruction", this thug government within a government may very well spell the end of humankind, at least the end of those dreams that make life worth living. It was an avoidable choice forced upon us by incompetent, cowardly and corrupt right wing inspired 'leadership'.

CIA Mission: Prop Up Right Wing Extremists and Elites; Suppress Everyone Else

Videos on the subject:

Since World War II, the peace achieved with this strategy has been illusory. "Peace" has become an Orwellian term for a series of crimes against humanity. The secret wars waged by the CIA hardly penetrates the American consciousness, numbed as we are by a compromised mainstream media. Largely owned by the likes of Rupert Murdoch and other extreme right wing corporations, media, at the highest levels of ownership and management, are complicit. Many conflicts escape the glare of publicity --by design or by incompetence. Some are low-intensity conflicts designed to slip under the radar.
At the very heart of the CIA modus operandi is the network of proxy governments, by nature, oligarchical, naturally allied with America's privileged classes. The CIA has little trouble convincing this class that its work abroad is 'patriotic'.
The CIA has naturally allied itself with ruling oligarchs abroad, most notably the Saudi Royals. It was significant that the Saudi royals were provided a 'royal' exit from the US when every other aircraft was grounded on 911.

Throughout the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, wealth and income disparities are even greater than those in the US. The oil emirates, only some 0.5 percent of the population, are billionaires. Everyone else, like the poorer and middle income folk in America, share less or none of the wealth that is generated by the production of oil. In Latin America, Cesar Chavez may be a notable exception, hence the Bush administration's campaign of demonization. Chavez dares to maintain control of his nation's oil wealth.

In Latin America, Central America, this same system is working. If the people don't like it, you organize the police into death squads, as we've done in many countries, including, conspicuously, El Salvador, and you kill enough of them that they are emasculated. They can't do anything about it. They are crippled. They are repressed, suppressed and oppressed, and you can get by with this system of milking the countries to your will and to your way.
The [Sen. Frank] Church Committee of 1975 ..... Again this is not a lecture about the Secret Wars of the CIA. That's a separate lecture. I could give it again, but it takes a full hour in its own right. But you must know how the CIA weaves into this war complex - this war machinery of ours.
--John Stockwell, The CIA and the Gulf War

According to Stockwell, the Church Committee of 1975 discovered over thirteen thousand covert operations since World War II.

Late in 1974, investigative reporter Seymour Hersh revealed that the CIA was not only destabilizing foreign governments, but was also conducting illegal intelligence operations against thousands of American citizens.
On January 27, 1975, an aroused Senate voted overwhelmingly to establish a special 11-member investigating body along the lines of the recently concluded Watergate Committee. Under the chairmanship of Idaho Senator Frank Church, with Texas Senator John Tower as vice-chairman, the select committee was given nine months and 150 staffers to complete its work.
The so-called Church Committee ran into immediate resistance from the Ford administration, concerned about exposing American intelligence operations and suspicious of Church's budding presidential ambitions.
The committee interviewed 800 individuals, and conducted 250 executive and 21 public hearings. At the first televised hearing, staged in the Senate Caucus Room, Chairman Church dramatically displayed a CIA poison dart gun to highlight the committee's discovery that the CIA directly violated a presidential order by maintaining stocks of shellfish toxin sufficient to kill thousands.
Church Committee Created

Stockwell maintains that many of these 'covert operations' were violent and led to wars. Examples include the propaganda campaign that led directly to the Korean and Viet Nam wars.

...we have so many of them in the public record that it's obviously very difficult to know exactly how many people died in Vietnam or in Korea or in Nicaragua or in the Congo - but still, working with conservative figures we come up with a minimum figure of SIX MILLION PEOPLE killed in the Secret Wars of the CIA through its de-stabilizations over these past forty years:
One million people killed in the Korean War;
Two million people killed in Vietnam;
One to two million people killed in Cambodia;
Eight hundred thousand people killed in Indonesia;
Fifty thousand people killed in Angola.
Now that began with the war that I organized as Commander of the Angola Task Force, working for a subcommittee of the National Security Council in Washington in 1975 and 1976. Fifty thousand is the number that the Sandinistas and The New York Times pretty much agreed on were killed and wounded in Nicaragua in the ONE BILLION DOLLAR Contra de-stabilization in that country that we effected in the 1980s.
--John Stockwell, The CIA and the Gulf War

Stockwell concludes that throughout what is called the 'Cold War' some twenty million people were murdered, '...the second or third bloodiest war in all of human history". Stockwell calls this the Third World War, a war waged by the CIA upon a 'third world'. Is there any question now about why the US is hated throughout the world? Any questions?

Torture and death squads we do not run in England or Canada or Belgium or Sweden or Switzerland. They are, virtually all of them, done against countries of the Third World where the governments of those countries are not strong enough to prohibit us, to prevent us from brutalizing their people. The six million people killed are people of the Third World: people of the Mitumba Mountains of the Congo, and the jungles of Southeast Asia, and the hills of Nicaragua. And now, of course, the Middle Eastern deserts, in a new wrinkle on this system.
--John Stockwell, The CIA and the Gulf War

By now, the CIA has become expert in waging wars by proxy, encouraging domestic terrorism, subverting elected governments.

CIA operations follow the same recurring script. First, American business interests abroad are threatened by a popular or democratically elected leader. The people support their leader because he intends to conduct land reform, strengthen unions, redistribute wealth, nationalize foreign-owned industry, and regulate business to protect workers, consumers and the environment. So, on behalf of American business, and often with their help, the CIA mobilizes the opposition. First it identifies right-wing groups within the country (usually the military), and offers them a deal: "We'll put you in power if you maintain a favorable business climate for us." The Agency then hires, trains and works with them to overthrow the existing government (usually a democracy).
--Steve Kangas, A Timeline of CIA Atrocities

Pakistan is a case in point.

Since 9/11, the Bush administration has been propping up Musharraf's military regime with $3.6 billion in economic aid from the US and a US-sponsored consortium, not to mention $900 million in military aid and the postponement of overdue debt repayments totaling $13.5 billion. But now the administration is debating whether Musharraf has become too dependent on Islamic extremist political parties in Pakistan to further US interests, and whether he should be pressured to permit the return of two exiled former prime ministers, Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif, who have formed an electoral alliance to challenge him in presidential elections scheduled for next year.
--Pakistan: Friend or Foe? The US shouldn't prop up President Musharraf's military regime, Selig S. Harrison

The late Benazir Bhutto revealed the truth before she was brutally gunned down in the streets of Karachi: US policy causes world terrorism.

She died before she could tell the rest of the story. See also: Terrorism is worse under GOP regimes.

When the United States aligns with dictatorships and totalitarian regimes, it compromises the basic democratic principles of its foundation -- namely, life, liberty and justice for all. Dictatorships such as Musharraf's suppress individual rights and freedoms and empower the most extreme elements of society. Oppressed citizens, unable to represent themselves through other means, often turn to extremism and religious fundamentalism.
Benazir Bhutto, A False Choice for Pakistan

Quoted above was a paragraph from A Timeline of CIA Atrocities by Steve Kangas, whose death under questionable circumstances raises still more questions given his encyclopedic knowledge of the CIA and the antipathy he inspired from Richard Mellon Scaife --the spider at the center of a malicious, right wing web, perhaps the "great right wing conspiracy" referred to by Hilary Clinton at the height of the GOP blow job jihad and scandal.

In 1984 Kangas moved to Germany where he was involved in electronic eavesdropping on Soviet military units in Eastern Europe, analyzing the transcripts and reporting back to NATO. It was at this time he began to question his conservative political beliefs.
Kangas left military intelligence in 1986 and became a student at the University of California in Santa Cruz. This experience moved him further to the left: "There, kindly professors pointed out to me the illogic of defending life by taking it, destroying the planet for a buck and shutting down schools to build more prisons. I am now thoroughly brainwashed to believe that kindness and human decency are positive traits to be emulated and encouraged."
Kangas ran the Liberalism Resurgent website.

This included several articles on the activities of the Central Intelligence Agency. One of his online essays, The Origins of the Overclass, attempted to show "why the richest 1 percent have exploded ahead since 1975, with the help of the New Right, Corporate America and, surprisingly, the CIA." In the essay he argues that Richard Mellon Scaife ran "Forum World Features, a foreign news service used as a front to disseminate CIA propaganda around the world."
Scaife was very unhappy with the attack made on him and employed private detective, Rex Armistead, to carry out an investigation into Kangas.
It is believed that Kangas was working on a book about CIA covert activities when on 8th February, 1999, he was found dead in the bathroom of the offices of Richard Mellon Scaife, the owner of the Pittsburgh Tribune. He had been shot in the head. Officially he had committed suicide but some people believe he was murdered. In an article in Salon Magazine, (19th March, 1999) Andrew Leonard asked: "Why did the police report say the gun wound was to the left of his head, while the autopsy reported a wound on the roof of his mouth? Why had the hard drive on his computer been erased shortly after his death? Why had Scaife assigned his No. 1 private detective, Rex Armistead, to look into Kangas' past?"
--Spartacus International ; See also: A Timeline of CIA Atrocities

Violence against against America, often called 'blowback', is an inevitable reaction to CIA atrocities and interference. Concurrently, the US leads the world in the production of military hardware --tanks, missiles, nuclear weaponry, weapons of mass destruction. More recently, since the regime of Ronald Reagan specifically, the US has begun to trail the world in many other key industrial classification. Under GOP 'stewardship', the US is rapidly becoming a third world nation on steroids. As long as this is the case, no one living in the US, no citizen of the US abroad, is truly free. We are all reduced to mere units in a bigger, evil machine. Bush and his servile ilk serve Moloch willingly and visibly at Bohemian Grove. Slavery, however, is forced upon the rest of us, a process assisted ably by a corporate media.

VIDEO: Secrets of the CIA, Parts 1 - 7

The most extreme example of this, of course, is Fox News, best described as political porn. If the Fox outfit did not deflect attention from more insidious designs, it would be laughable, even indulge for the low-class, beer drinking' entertainment that it might bring to certain demographics. In practice, however, it might as well be a state run organization reduced to merely dramatizing officially sanctioned news.
Should you have doubts about press complicity with CIA/government lawlessness, I urge you to consider, as an example, revelations from Dan Rather about what CBS did to curry favor with the White House;

or what can happen to a corporate, fully politicized, fourth estate: the Iraq war.

Once called Yellow Journalism,

it is now cleverly called "fair and balanced". In the worst cases, journalism become little more than a CIA 'front'.

After World War II, these psywar techniques continued. C.D. Jackson, a major figure in US psywar efforts before and after the war, was simultaneously a top executive at Time-Life. Psywar was also used with success during the 1950s by Edward Lansdale, first in the Philippines and then in South Vietnam. In Guatemala, the Dulles brothers worked with their friends at United Fruit, in particular the "father of public relations," Edward Bernays, who for years had been lobbying the press on behalf of United. When CIA puppets finally took over in 1954, only applause was heard from the media, commencing forty years of CIA-approved horrors in that unlucky country.[2] Bernays' achievement apparently impressed Allen Dulles, who immediately began using US public relations experts and front groups to promote the image of Ngo Dinh Diem as South Vietnam's savior.[3]

The combined forces of unaccountable covert operations and corporate public relations, each able to tap massive resources, are sufficient to make the concept of "democracy" obsolete. Fortunately for the rest of us, unchallenged power can lose perspective. With research and analysis -- the capacity to see and understand the world around them -- entrenched power must constantly anticipate and contain potential threats. But even as power seems more secure, this capacity can be blinded by hubris and isolation.
--Daniel Brandt, NameBase NewsLine, Journalism And The CIA

So it naturally follows that the robber barons and their fourth estate business partners should indeed benefit from the puppet they all worked so vigorously to enthrone.

Corporate Interests merged with State Interests

The corporate interests of America are now almost entirely at one with the political interests of America. The people are either relegated to the outskirts as unimportant bystanders or are caught in the cross-fire as casualties of a hostile corporate takeover by American and even foreign corporations. We "the people" do not matter in a country where corporate profits are tied to state policy, which then uses those same corporations to tell us what is real and what is fabricated, what is true and what is false.
--Laura Alexandrovna, Our Cold Civil War

The CIA is symptomatic of a militarized society, in which the CIA and the military play important roles in a circular self-justification. Much is made of the fact that the military provides opportunities for high school dropouts, the disadvantaged who might not otherwise get an education or a job. What is to be said of a society for which the export of death and destruction becomes essential to its economic well-being?
As Gore Vidal argued persuavesively in his "The Decline and Fall of the American Empire",

the military/industrial complex is a drag on the economy. The Pentagon budget, he argues, is an economic black hole. He sites, as an example, the construction of a 'tank'! Once built, the economic life of the tank if finished! From that point on, the tank becomes a net drag on the economy. It produces nothing, adds noting! Moreover, the Pentagon soaks up monies that might have been budgeted for truly productive programs like education and training. What is to be said about a society that finds it necessary to send young people off to die in immoral wars in order to get them employed and off the streets?
Eisenhower saw Big Brother's approach but could not have known how it might have been avoided. The revolution, decades in the making, is like a slow boil. We did not even know when we were "done", but cooked we are! We are like one of many puzzles that originated in the mind of the ancient Megarian logician, Eubulides of Miletus.
The puzzle is called "sorites", from the Greek for "heap." The question is whether or not a single grain of sand is a "heap"? The answer is obviously "no". But, if we add grains one at a time, the question arises: at what point have we made a "heap"? At what point have we made of the Military/Industrial complex a Frankenstein monster, Moloch, a Big Brother? At what point have we sacrificed our souls to ol' Scratch? At what point did MIC become the Owl god?

How CIA Became 'Praetorian Guard' to America's Fascist Right Wing

While Americans in general opposed involvement in foreign wars, American industrialists were not inclined to turn down a quick buck

On December 20, 1922 the New York Times reported that automobile manufacturer Henry Ford was financing Adolph Hitler's nationalist and anti-Semitic movements in Munich. Simultaneously, the Berlin newspaper Berliner Tageblatt appealed to the American Ambassador in Berlin to investigate and halt Henry Ford's intervention into German domestic affairs. It was reported that Hitler's foreign backers had furnished a "spacious headquarters" with a "host of highly paid lieutenants and officials." Henry Ford's portrait was prominently displayed on the walls of Hitler's personal office:
--Henry Ford and the Nazis

Opposition to US involvement in World War II is most often linked to Charles Lindbergh.

However, most AFC supporters were neither liberal, nor Socialist. Many simply wanted to stay out of the war. Since many also came from the Midwest, an area never as sensitive to European problems as the east coast, isolationist arguments was soon buttressed by more traditional prejudices against eastern industrial and banking interests. (Almost two-thirds of the Committee's 850,000 registered supporters would eventually come from the Midwest, mostly from a radius of three hundred miles around Chicago.)[13] Many AFC supporters were certain industry and the banks wanted war for their own profit.[14] Many other supporters were Republicans who flocked to the AFC for partisan political reasons. Still others were covertly pro-German. Some were German-Americans whose sentimental attachments had not been diminished by the crimes of the Nazi regime. Others, whether of German origin or not, were attracted to Hitler's racism and anti-Semitism.
--David Gordon, America First:the Anti-War Movement, Charles Lindbergh and the Second World War, 1940-1941, History Department, Bronx Community College / CUNY Graduate Center

Ideologically, Bush and Lindbergh have much in common. It is no stretch to imagine this faction welcoming a Hitler victory in Europe, perhaps plotting a Nazi coup d'etat in the US had that happened.

Lindbergh wanted Hitler to destroy the Soviet Union, and was willing to accept Nazi domination of Europe as the price.[118] His protests to the contrary are not convincing.[119] Long before most Committee members, he had come to believe the existence of the Soviet Union had made Hitler's dictatorship necessary. The German invasion of Russia in June 1941 made the need to keep America out of the war greater than ever. As a result, the efforts of America Firsters to keep America neutral became more frenetic as German successes in Russia mounted, and Roosevelt's efforts to enter the war increased.
--David Gordon, America First:the Anti-War Movement, Charles Lindbergh and the Second World War, 1940-1941, History Department, Bronx Community College / CUNY Graduate Center

Lindbergh opposed US entry into WWII for the same reasons the Bush family continued to do business with Hitler and the Nazis' *after* war had begun. The Bush family were Hitler's trading partners.

The debate over Prescott Bush's behavior has been bubbling under the surface for some time. There has been a steady internet chatter about the "Bush/Nazi" connection, much of it inaccurate and unfair. But the new documents, many of which were only declassified last year, show that even after America had entered the war and when there was already significant information about the Nazis' plans and policies, he worked for and profited from companies closely involved with the very German businesses that financed Hitler's rise to power. It has also been suggested that the money he made from these dealings helped to establish the Bush family fortune and set up its political dynasty.
Three sets of archives spell out Prescott Bush's involvement. All three are readily available, thanks to the efficient US archive system and a helpful and dedicated staff at both the Library of Congress in Washington and the National Archives at the University of Maryland.
The first set of files, the Harriman papers in the Library of Congress, show that Prescott Bush was a director and shareholder of a number of companies involved with Thyssen.
The second set of papers, which are now in the National Archives, are contained in vesting order number 248 which records the seizure of the company assets. What these files show is that on October 20 1942 the alien property custodian seized the assets of the UBC, of which Prescott Bush was a director. Having gone through the books of the bank, further seizures were made against two affiliates, the Holland-American Trading Corporation and the Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation. By November, the Silesian-American Company, another of Prescott Bush's ventures, had also been seized. --
British Guardian: How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power,12271,1312540,00.html

By now it is common knowledge, verified in the public record, that in October of 1942, Prescott Bush was accused of "Running Nazi front groups in the United States". He was charged under the Trading With the Enemy Act as the US government shut down the operations at New York's Union Banking Corporation.
Bush's actions might have been considered high treason. They are interesting by virtue of the myriad connections about what is commonly referred to as the "Bush Crime FAmily" --Avril Harriman, the Rockefellers, Allen Dulles, James Baker III, Gulf Oil, Pennzoil, and Osama bin Laden. The connections are labyrinthine, involving a host of corporate connections, high ranking Nazis, the CIA and Allen Dulles.
Certainly, opposition to the US entry into World War II was not essentially "leftist". It was, rather, the right wing that overtly supported Hitler's adventures in Europe. Their opposition was, in fact, an ideological opposition to the US opposition to Hitler. There is a stunning picture of American Nazis giving the Nazi salute as they filed past the coffins of German Nazis killed in the crash of the airship Hindenburg at Lakehurst, New Jersey.
Some recent history may be in order. Before their resurgence amid delicious vindication, the Dixie Chicks were vilified by the same crowd that attacked dissenters for daring to compare Bush with Hitler. In Europe, by contrast, the similarities were clear and irrefutable, quite beyond the power of Fox to spin or lie about.

============================================ woman who is a translator and teacher of German-language literature -- a woman who lived in Germany for ten years and has immersed herself in the German culture for twenty years said that among the people in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, and among Holocaust survivors in the United States, she hears the parallels between Bush and Hitler and the similarities between the United States now and Germany in the 1930's all the time. "She writes:"
"It's almost like this knowledge is a given--a basic assumption shared by everyone I know who is intimately familiar with the Nazi era (that is, 90% of my professional colleagues, clients, collaborators, etc.). It is like the unspoken known. Unspoken, and unspeakable"
--Lonna Gooden VanHorn, America's Hitler: Part V

The most recent right wing variation about WWII peaceniks had its origins in Bush's run up to war against Iraq. It goes like this: the allies had already done all the hard work because US "Peaceniks" did not want to go to war. However, it was not "leftist peaceniks" who wanted to keep the US out of the war; it was the fascist right. It was Charles Lindbergh and Prescott Bush, who led domestic opposition to US entry into World War II. Prescott Bush, later charged with treason, and Charles Lindbergh, an avowed fascist, were the most notable figures in a movement that most certainly included Nazis, sympathizers and other admirers of Adolph Hitler
Keeping the US out of WWII had been a ring wing goal when goal when Prescott Bush, the Shrub's Grandfather, conspired to overthrow the legitimate government of the United States and replace the administration of FDR with a fascist dictatorship.

The conspirators were operating under the umbrella of a front group called the American Liberty League, which included many families that are still household names today, including Heinz, Colgate, Birds Eye and General Motors.
Butler played along with the clique to determine who was involved but later blew the whistle and identified the ringleaders in testimony given to the House Committee on un-American Activities.
However, the Committee refused to even question any of the individuals named by Butler and his testimony was omitted from the record, leading to charges that they were involved in covering the matter up, and the majority of the media blackballed the story."
-- BBC: Bush's Grandfather Planned Fascist Coup In America

In 1936, William Dodd, the US Ambassador to Germany, wrote a letter to President Roosevelt in which he stated:

"A clique of US industrialists is hell-bent to bring a fascist state to supplant our democratic government and is working closely with the fascist regime in Germany and Italy. I have had plenty of opportunity in my post in Berlin to witness how close some of our American ruling families are to the Nazi regime.... A prominent executive of one of the largest corporations, told me point blank that he would be ready to take definite action to bring fascism into America if President Roosevelt continued his progressive policies.

Certain American industrialists had a great deal to do with bringing fascist regimes into being in both Germany and Italy. They extended aid to help Fascism occupy the seat of power, and they are helping to keep it there. [ed. treason!] Propagandists for fascist groups try to dismiss the fascist scare. We should be aware of the symptoms. When industrialists ignore laws designed for social and economic progress they will seek recourse to a fascist state when the institutions of our government compel them to comply with the provisions."
Prescott Bush's role in helping finance Hitler's Nazi War Machine is a fact, a matter of record. Clearly, then, the elder Bush was a part of a criminal, treasonous enterprise that sought to overthrow the elected government of the US and impose upon it a fascist dictatorship.

The most tantalising part of the story remains shrouded in mystery: the connection, if any, between Prescott Bush, Thyssen, Consolidated Silesian Steel Company (CSSC) and Auschwitz.
Thyssen's partner in United Steel Works, which had coal mines and steel plants across the region, was Friedrich Flick, another steel magnate who also owned part of I.G. Farben, the powerful German chemical company.
Flick's plants in Poland made heavy use of slave labour from the concentration camps in Poland. According to a New York Times article published in March 18 1934 Flick owned two-thirds of CSSC while "American interests" held the rest.
--How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power [See: BBC: Bush's Grandfather Planned Fascist Coup In America] Also: Bush's Grandfather Planned Fascist Coup In America. Certainly, this treasonous gang of right wing insurgents, bore little resemblance to the broad-based, often leftist coalition of peace activists who opposed US action in Viet Nam upon broader, philosophical principles.
In 1980, Stockwell said that "if the Soviet Union were to disappear off the face of the map, the United States would quickly seek out new enemies to justify its own military-industrial complex.",12271,1312540,00.html

CIA and Iran/Contra


The Speech that may have motivated the murder of Sen. Paul Wellstone

In the middle of tough re-election campaign, Sen. Paul Wellstone announces his opposition to Bush's Iraq war resolution. His speech to the US Senate, entitled "Regarding Military Action Against Iraq" was presented on October 3, 2002. By October,
Mr. President, as we turn later today to address our policy on Iraq, I want to take a few minutes to outline my views. The situation remains fluid, and Administration officials are engaged in negotiations at the United Nations over what approach we ought to take, with our allies, to disarm the brutal and dictatorial Iraqi regime.
Our debate here is critical because the administration seeks our authorization now for military action including possibly unprecedented, pre-emptive, go-it-alone military action in Iraq, even as it seeks to garner support from our allies on a tough new UN disarmament resolution.
Let me be clear: Saddam Hussein is a brutal, ruthless dictator who has repressed his own people, attacked his neighbors, and remains an international outlaw. The world would be a much better place if he were gone and the regime in Iraq were changed. That's why the US should unite the world against Saddam, and not allow him to unite forces against us.
A go-it-alone approach, allowing for a ground invasion of Iraq without the support of other countries, could give Saddam exactly that chance. A pre-emptive go-it-alone strategy towards Iraq is wrong. I oppose it.
I support ridding Iraq of weapons of mass destruction through unfettered UN inspections, which should begin as soon as possible. Only a broad coalition of nations, united to disarm Saddam, while preserving our war on terror, is likely to succeed. Our primary focus now must be on Iraq's verifiable disarmament of weapons of mass destruction. This will help maintain international support, and could even eventually result in Saddam's loss of power.
Of course, I would welcome this, as would most of our allies. The president has helped to direct intense new multilateral pressure on Saddam Hussein to allow UN and International Atomic Energy Agency weapons inspectors back in to Iraq to conduct their assessment of Iraq's chemical, biological and nuclear programs. Saddam clearly has felt that heat, and it suggests what might be accomplished through collective action. I am not naive about this process, and much work lies ahead. But we cannot dismiss out-of-hand Saddam's late and reluctant commitment to comply with UN disarmament arrangements, or the agreement struck Tuesday to begin to implement it. We should use the gathering international resolve to collectively confront his regime by building on these efforts through a new UN disarmament resolution.
This debate must include all Americans, because our decisions finally must have the informed consent of the American people, who will be asked to bear the costs, in blood and treasure, of our decisions. When the lives of the sons and daughters of average Americans could be risked and lost, their voices must be heard by Congress before we make decisions about military action.
Right now, despite a desire to support our president, I believe many Americans still have profound questions about the wisdom of relying too heavily on a pre-emptive, go-it-alone military approach.
Acting now on our own might be a sign of our power. Acting sensibly and in a measured way in concert with our allies, with bipartisan Congressional support, would be a sign of our strength.
It would also be a sign of the wisdom of our founders, who lodged in the President the power to command US armed forces, and in Congress the power to make war, ensuring a balance of powers between co-equal branches of government. Our Constitution lodges the power to weigh the causes for war and the ability to declare war in Congress precisely to ensure that the American people and those who represent them will be consulted before military action is taken.
The Senate has a grave duty to insist on a full debate that examines for all Americans the full range of options before us, and weighs those options, together with their risks and costs. Such a debate should be energized by the real spirit of September 11: a debate which places a priority not on unanimity, but on the unity of a people determined to forcefully confront and defeat terrorism and to defend our values.
I have supported internationally sanctioned coalition military action in Bosnia, in Kosovo and Serbia, and in Afghanistan. Even so, in recent weeks, I and others including major Republican policymakers like former Bush National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft, former Bush Secretary of State James Baker, my colleague on the Foreign Relations Committee Senator Hagel, Bush Mideast Envoy General Anthony Zinni and other leading US military leaders have raised serious questions about the approach the Administration is taking on Iraq.
There have been questions raised about the nature and urgency of Iraq's threat, our response to that threat, and against whom, exactly that threat is directed. What is the best course of action that the US could take to address the threat? What are the economic, political, and national security consequences of possible US or US-British invasion of Iraq? There have been questions raised about the consequences of our actions abroad, including its effects on the continuing war on terrorism, our ongoing efforts to stabilize and rebuild Afghanistan, and efforts to calm the intensifying Middle East crisis, especially the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And there have been questions raised about the consequences of our actions here at home.
Of first and greatest concern, obviously, are the questions raised about the possible loss of life that could result from our actions. The United States could send tens of thousands of US troops to fight in Iraq, and in so doing we could risk countless lives, of US soldiers and innocent Iraqis. There are other questions, about the impact of an attack in relation to our economy. The United States could face soaring oil prices and could spend billions both on a war and on a years-long effort to stabilize Iraq after an invasion. The resolution we will be debating today would explicitly authorize a go-it-alone approach.
I believe an international approach is essential. In my view, our policy should have four key elements. First and foremost, the United States must work with our allies to deal with Iraq. We should not go it alone or virtually alone with a pre-emptive ground invasion. Most critically, acting alone could jeopardize our top national security priority, the continuing war on terror. The intense cooperation of other nations in matters related to intelligence-sharing, security, political and economic cooperation, law enforcement and financial surveillance, and other areas has been crucial to this fight, and enables us to wage it effectively with our allies. Over the past year, this cooperation has been our most successful weapon against terror networks. That -- not attacking Iraq should be the main focus of our efforts in the war on terror.
We have succeeded in destroying some Al Qaeda forces, but many of its operatives have scattered, their will to kill Americans still strong. The United States has relied heavily on alliances with nearly 100 countries in a coalition against terror for critical intelligence to protect Americans from possible future attacks. Acting with the support of allies, including hopefully Arab and Muslim allies, would limit possible damage to that coalition and our anti-terrorism efforts. But as General Wes Clark, former Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe has recently noted, a premature go-it-alone invasion of Iraq "would super-charge recruiting for Al Qaeda."
Second, our efforts should have the goal of disarming Saddam Hussein of all of his weapons of mass destruction. Iraq agreed to destroy its weapons of mass destruction at the end of the Persian Gulf War and to verification by the UN and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that this had been done. According to the UN and IAEA, and undisputed by the administration, inspections during the 1990's neutralized a substantial portion of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, and getting inspectors back in to finish the job is critical. The prompt resumption of inspections and disarmament, under an expedited timetable and with unfettered access in Iraq, is imperative.
Third, weapons inspections should be enforceable. If efforts by UN weapons inspectors are tried and fail, a range of potential UN-sanctioned means, including proportionate military force, should be considered. I have no doubt that Congress would act swiftly to authorize force in such circumstances. This does not mean giving the UN a veto over US actions. No one wants to do that. It simply means, as Chairman Levin has observed, that Saddam is a world problem and should be addressed in the world arena.
Finally, our approach toward Iraq must be consistent with international law and the framework of collective security developed over the last 50 years or more. It should be sanctioned by the Security Council under the UN Charter, to which we are a party and by which we are legally bound. Only a broad coalition of nations, united to disarm Saddam, while preserving our war on terror, can succeed. Our response will be far more effective if Saddam sees the whole world arrayed against him. We should act forcefully, resolutely, sensibly with our allies, and not alone, to disarm Saddam. Authorizing the pre-emptive, go-it-alone use of force now, right in the midst of continuing efforts to enlist the world community to back a tough new disarmament resolution on Iraq, could be a costly mistake for our country.
--Paul Wellstone, Speech to the US Senate regarding US military action in Iraq, 2002

The CIA has enabled a right wing dictatorship in America, and, in doing so, has inspired generations of 'terrorist' antagonists who might never have found cause until given it them by the CIA's ham-fisted approach to empire. The CIA has been called a new 'Praetorian Guard', as apt a description as any I have found. Certainly, the CIA is to Big Brother what the 'Praetorian Guard was to the Emperors of Rome. The CIA does not merely exercise absolute power via the apparatus of the police state, it marshals the resources of the monolithic state to rob the individual of person hood. Big Brother literally changes what it means to be "human".

In Goethe's version of Faust, Mephistopheles tries to grab Faust's soul when he dies but is frustrated by a divine intervention. Can the people of the US afford to wait passively for divine intervention? No! We have the power to deny to the state its power to define us. Challenged by aristocrats who demanded to know just who he thought he was, Voltaire said "I have no name but the name that I have made for myself!" Big Brother's lies have made of us our own worst nightmares, but only if we buy into the scheme. It follows, therefore, that Big Brother is finished when we make Voltaire's existentialist choice, when we take responsibility for what we have become, when we dare to define ourselves. The seeds of revolution are born when each individual chooses to be free!

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